Bio-Medical Human trafficking–Body Area Networks- Hydrogel – Graphene (Sh P Video, 7/28/22)

Bio-Medical Human Trafficking–Body Area Networks- Hydrogel – Graphene (Sh P Video, 7/28/22)

Epigraph Quote From ShP:

You too can make Money in human trafficking… In LifeSciences

All it takes is some semi conductors in a needle, software, and pals telling you how to get past the human ethics research board I. Canada, there is none.. Just pick a country fudge some (and get your own slave!)…

(Referencing book: In Vivo Communication in Wireless Body Area Networks, by Hadeel Elayan, Raed M. Shubair, & Nawaf Almoosa, 29 November 2017)


The emerging in vivo communication and networking system is a prospective component in advancing healthcare delivery and empowering the development of new applications and services. In vivo communications is based on networked cyber-physical systems of embedded devices allow rapid, correct and cost-effective responses under various conditions. This chapter presents the existing research which investigates the state of art of the in vivo communication. It focuses on characterizing and modeling the in vivo wireless channel and contrasting it with other familiar channels. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in vivo is also considered in this chapter since it significantly enhances the performance gain and data rates. Furthermore, this chapter addresses in vivo nano-communication which is presented for medical applications to provide fast and accurate disease diagnosis and treatment. Such communication paradigm will be capable of operating inside the human body in real time and will be of great benefit for medical monitoring and medical implant communications. Consequently, propagation at the Terahertz (THz) frequency must be well understood as it is considered the most promising band for electromagnetic nano-communication models.

Transcription of Sh P’s Video Modern Human Trafficking, Body Area Networks, and Bio-Medical Slaves

Video Narrator (Sh P):

“So looking at this book, “In Vivo Communication in Wireless Body Area Networks”…..

Body area networks, including with graphene oxide vibration, is a factor with engineers. Let’s see who is quoting this book in the citations…. biologists, business owners, because Mimo In Vivo can be used commercially in research and development.

So you can use different products, one is called Med-64, where you can collect the body signals of an individual, hit them with directed energy weapons, etc., and call it a disease process, whether it’s Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etc.

These implants are called nodes. Tetra Hertz. You get a lot of exposure to wifi, radio frequencies if you have these non-consenting devices in your body. And they are super small now.

These body area networks implants can be purchased for animals and humans. There is no regulation on them. I think the Bureau of Land Management uses these to keep track of particular animals.

Here’s a reference: “In-Body Path Loss Model For Homogeneous Human Tissues”– look, “IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility.” The key word is electromagnetic. There are exposure limits to these things that aren’t being governed by the different countries.

This is the most modern-day human trafficking system that nobody knows about, nobody talks about, and nobody tests. Why? Because even in a socialized society, it’s more lucrative to free-lance with a bio-medical slave, someone you implant, someone you can work with.

This would be done by military contractors, former police, or straight up organized crime that can spike a person’s drink and put in the implant that can be size of a grain of sand. The semi-conductors today that are also injectable, also known as RFID, are about the size of the led tip of a pencil head. So it can heat up the tissue, cause a lot of pain and destruction, and if there are many of them in different parts of a human body, it can cause cancer, because wifi is radiation.

Let’s look at all these business models for IEEE and bio-medical slaves. We see where you can be wrapped up in a trust account which can be revocable and irrevocable. So if a person is not allowed to see all of the data and they are a victim of international identity fraud, the police don’t investigate it in Canada or apparently in the United States unless money has gone missing from your account.

So these people can have someone double up as you under your ID in a different part of the globe and actually own all of your assets.

So I and several members of my family are victims of identity fraud with known terrorist organizations and you are listed in, as in social security/social insurance numbers in the United States and Canada, which are unique tax IDs for every citizen of the US and Canada.

So you can look those up to see the different investors.

Who is doing this? It sure looks like employers, it sure looks like specialty radio communications systems, because the majority of this is working on low RAN (Radio-Access Networks), i.e., BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), low emission devices, which can cause huge damage in human bodies.

(RAN: A radio access network (RAN) is a major component of a wireless telecommunications system that connects individual devices to other parts of a network through a radio link. The RAN links user equipment, such as a cellphone, computer or any remotely controlled machine, over a fiber or wireless backhaul connection.

BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a low power wireless technology used for connecting devices with each other. BLE operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band, and is targeted towards applications that need to consume less power and may need to run on batteries for longer periods of time—months, and even years.)

In Canada, there is no minister or public agency body that is responsible for looking into this newest form of bio-medical human trafficking. So if you have a little anomalous calcium deposit on x-ray or an anamolous artifact and you have 290 property developers on your property and the doctors won’t address it… well, if you found military contractors in your computer system such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, or others, they are really heavily invested in this. This is a $40 billion dollar industry that is not regulated.

Because in Canada, there is no human research ethics board or tracking of economic transits or tracking of information of individuals who could possibly be sold into a bio-medical international trafficking system because the research and development contracts are worth tens to hundreds of billions of dollars anywhere in the world… Because it is now a borderless world.

So do yourself a favor, look into body-area networks. Order some of the text books. You too can get licensed to become a body-area network expert. You too can own a slave. Have a good day.”