Bigger Than Snowden: Neuro Weapons Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control Targeted Individuals 5G

Bigger Than Snowden: Neuro Weapons Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control Targeted Individuals 5G

Webmaster Comment: In this film, microwave weapons expert, Barry Trower, attributes the ongoing global microwave holocaust (a major part of global gangstalking operations) to the World Health Organization and a few other governmental agencies. In all, he states, this is controlled by about 20 people who are above the law.

Dialogue from the film:

Ex-NSA whistle-blower, William Binney: “It becomes a question of money, control, and power… And it’s not a question of human rights anymore…. They need their day in court instead of doing everything in secret. They are cowards. They are hiding behind a secret interpretation applied with a secret court in secret by a secret government.”

Barry Trower, British microwave expert: “Low-level microwaves were causing an enormous amounts of cancers and leukemia and ill effects. By then, everybody was jumping onto microwaves as stealth weapons and they go from there, which was the 50’s, right up to and including the present day.

… For the last forty years, the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, Canadian, and Australian governments have been lying to protect industry profits and to protect themselves from lawsuits.

I believe that this industry and the part of the government which is encouraging them will be responsible for more civilian deaths and suffering than all the terrorist groups in the world, ever. With the growth of the industry over the past 15 years, I would say now that these people are probably going to cause more death and suffering than the entire second world war.
Is that genocide? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt. And are they going to get away with it? Yes, because they are untouchable, they are outside the law.

Scientists at the end of World War II were hanged for doing what our government scientists are doing today and getting away with.

Sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a doubt. It’s the same people. They sit on Ignat Certificate. They sit on our governments, Health Protection Agency. Sit on the World Health Organization. It’s the same people. There’s probably no more than 20 of them. But yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known. Not just people, but plants and animals too. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war and in several hundred years time people will look back, whoever survives, and look at what we tried to do to stop them.”

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  1. this criminals use electronic Harassment,v2k to keep their crimes hidden and unpunished, we need to bring it to the light and make public awareness…..
    Hidden Terrorism,Corruption, Extortion, organized crime,drug trafficking, sex trafficking,child sex trafficking, terroristic harrassment ,electronic harrassment, use of energy, acoustic,sonic weapons,devices ,occurring in Sturgis Michigan and lagrange Indiana by police,public safety departments and a company called Morgan Olson located in this areas.Electronic Harassment, Voice to Human-Skull,Hearing, the forcement 24/7 of projected noice,voices to a individual’s head,hearing, for sleep deprivation, Extortion, Manipulation, torture,terrorism, inflict mental disease. harass, inflict pain,false imprisonment, death.similar to the sonic attacks that occurred to the American diplomats in Cuba,China.A systematic campaign … to emotionally and psychologically terrorize.

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