Alan Watt on Long-Term “Plan” & Global Government “Matrix,” Maurice Strong, UN Global Privatization of Water Resources, and UN Agenda 21 (Interview on TruthQuest With Melodee, Oct. 30, 2007 with Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Melodee Hallet)

Alan Watt on the Long-Term “Plan,” Global Government “Matrix” and UN Agenda 21 (TruthQuest With Melodee (Melodee Hallet and Dr. Eric Karlstrom), Oct. 30, 2007 interview)

Webmaster Comment: This is an brilliant summary of the “big picture” behind Operation Crestone/Baca and Maurice Strong’s “water-play” in the San Luis Valley. I have re-listened to this interview on June 3, 2021. This is and excellent summation of what is going on.