Why is the CIA spraying us with toxic aluminum and barium particles from planes?

ETK (webmaster’s) Note:

The CIA “modus operandi” includes using a series of cover stories to conceal programs that the American people would reject if they understood. Hence, the “man-caused global warming fraud” serves as cover story/pretext for two US/UK/UN objectives as outlined in numerous government publications, including the National Academies of Sciences 1992 publication, “Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming; Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base.”

In order to combat “man-caused global warming,” we are told, we need to adopt Plan A or Plan B or both.

1) “Plan A” is imposition of carbon taxes or “cap and trade” schemes on all burning of fossil fuels (hence, most economic activities.) In turn, this plan is a cover story for consolidating control of nations’ economies in the hands of the United Nations, as prototypical world government, and allows Wall Street-City of London financiers to profit off of various “climate trading” schemes.

2) “Plan B,” as articulated in the below video, is to reduce alleged greenhouse warming of planet earth via “Solar Radiation Management,” which is accomplished by aerial spraying of Al and Ba oxides, etc. Again, this narrative functions as a cover to conceal what is really happening, which is that the US military/Air Force is controlling the weather for military purposes. Thus, the concealed reality of our modern world is that the US military conducts weather warfare/geoengineering to advance tactical objectives.