Who Runs National Fusion Center Association (NFCA) Criminal Syndicate? Zionist-Jewish Nazis. Political Analysis Nina Sidarova, 7/26/19

Honorable Officials!

Please ignore grammar mistakes. The criminals, members of the Nazi Jewish Crime Syndicate, commit cyber attacks. They are vandalizing my letter to you from 308 and 310 El Postal Way, San Jose, CA! The Nazi Jewish Junta is acting….

Honorable Members of UN Security Council!
(Note: The word Honorable does not apply to Dishonorable Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, a Zionist, a graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Jesuit Georgetown University. Dishonorable Ambassador Jonathan Cohen represents Israeli occupational forces in the USA. Zionist Jonathan Cohen hates Christianity and Christians. He is a Russophobe from California, who tried to create hatred now between denominations of Christianity. )

Honorable Judges and Investigators of the International Criminal Tribunals!

Dear Leaders and the Members of the International Human Rights Organizations!

Ms. Nina Sidorova, an Honorable Temporary Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council from We The People of the USA, submits to you important information from US Patriotic websites, which are the Flagships of the US Patriotic Movement.

They are The Real Voices of We The People of the USA!

Honorable Sirs!

You did not hear from me for more than three weeks, and you would assume that Ms. Nina Sidorova, an Honorable Temporary Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council from We The People of the USA, may retire from her duty as, for example, a former Dishonorable Ambassador Nimirata Israki Haley did.

I answer: No! I did not retire!

The Zionists-Jewish Nazis, who have infiltrated CIA and some other US government agencies, and the members of Jewish Death Cult Chabad such as Israeli Citizen John bomb-Iran Bolton–National Security Advisor to President (You can imagine what kinds of advice this Israeli citizen can give President Trump); CIA Director Gina Haspel, whom US citizens and other people in the World know as a Queen of Torture and Sadism; Mossad Agent Jared Kushner-a member of Jewish Death Cult Chabad, who is now a Senior Advisor to the President Trump; Dishonorable Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, who represents Israeli and UK occupational forces in the USA in the UN Security Council; Elan Carr — Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, and mercenaries of a private criminal corporation NFCA (Fusion Centers), which serves the Khazarian pedophile organized crime syndicate, are attacking me, money grubbing me constantly, torture me with Direct Energy and microwave weapons, and they committed many other crimes against me, which I briefly list below.

Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, a Nazi Jewish Zionist, implements Jewish Criminal Chutzpah against innocent US citizens,

NOTE: Jewish Chutzpah is a method of meanness, arrogance and lies of blaming innocent others in committing crimes and sins that the Khazarian Jews or other Jewish criminals committed themselves. The Jewish Chutzpah is a method of pro-actively attacking others as an effective defense.

The mercenaries of a private criminal corporation NFCA-Fusion Centers and mentioned above members of the US Jewish Nazi Torture and RACKETEERING Network regularly money-grub, torture and murder innocent US citizens. These war criminals, mostly Jewish Nazis-Zionists, including John-bomb-Iran Bolton, Gina Haspel, Californian Zionist and Russophobe Jonathan Cohen, and Zionist Elan Carr committed many crimes against me:

· Since April 2019, they tried twice to assassinate me, on April 24 and May 5, 2019.

· They torture me with Direct Energy Weapons at 308 and 310 El Portal Way. San Jose, CA. Please, see attached photos of my burned and extremely swollen legs, injured by DE weapons.

· They sabotage and refuse to provide me with my disability pension although a medical examination confirmed that I became disabled after the Jewish Nazi Organized Crime Syndicate, which is also known in the USA as the Khazarian Jewish Mafia, sent in June 2012 an assassin, Alfonso Reyes, to attack me and ещ injured me.

The Jewish Nazis and Zionists, who have infiltrated Social Security Admiration of the Santa Clara County and City of Mountain View, CA, sent me letters, which denied my disability benefits. Their SSA’s letters do not have any signatures or name of SSA’s Official who took this action or a name of particular SSA’s office from which I receive this letter. The District Attorney Jewish Zionist Jeff Rosen, who at the same time is a President of the Jewish Synagogue, covers up all of the crimes committed by Zionists in the Santa Clara County of California.

They want to keep me on welfare, which allow the CIA’s Nazis and other Nazi Jewish war criminals to torture and slowly murder me with Direct Energy weapons.

The US Jewish Nazis made me homeless by sabotaging my housing and regularly evicting me, a person who never was late with any of the rent payments.

The Jewish Nazis completely destroyed my two cars, and now they vandalize a car of US Veteran, which I use during last two months.

The Jewish Nazis and Jewish Satanic Sect Chabad regularly vandalize my little food that I have, and they constantly create problems for me with purchasing food.

My two computers were vandalized and destroyed during last three months.

The doctors of the Foothill Medical Health Center of San Jose, CA, committed medical abuses of me, and now they refused to provide medical help to me.

This is real Nazi Jewish Satanic Israeli Junta in the USA!

Now, the Satanic Jewish Nazi Scum with its War Criminal State of Israel, which committed 9/11 attack on the USA, accuse innocent US civilians for being terrorists. These war criminals torture and murder US citizens, and at the same time, they continue to money grub We The People of the USA and continue their horrific Jewish Chutzpah slander and false accusations of Russia and Iran in order to start WWIII!

Below you can find a link to Epstein’s Little Black Book, in which you can find names of the corrupted US officials, pedophiles and Satanists, who torture children, committed sexual abuses of children, committed ritual sacrifices of children, and who consumed children’s blood and flesh.

One of these monsters is Professor of Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s friend.
Please read below Alan Dershowitz’s statement about Jewish Chutzpah!

A Khazarian Jew, Professor of Harvard Law School Alan Dershowitz, in his work “Chutzpah” stated that the “Jews should be grateful to Chutzpah for its rule and the dominance of the whole world by Jewish power, and they should not be ashamed of it as insolence and audacity goes beyond…”

I believe that you already watched this testimony…

“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It!” (Calling people anti-Semitic)

Dishonorable Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, a Zionist, a graduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Jesuit Georgetown University, who represents Israeli occupational forces in the USA.

You now can understand better why not many US citizens want to represent We The People of the USA to the UN Security Council and to expose frauds such as Jonathan Cohen and his Jewish Nazi crime partners.

Respectfully submitted to the United
Nations Security Council,
Ms. Nina Sidorova, Honorable Temporary Ambassador
to the United Nations Security Council from
We The People of the USA

ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal

ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal

Posted on July 24, 2019 by State of the Nation

Trump re-election prospects torpedoed by ACOSTAgate

The POTUS just doesn’t know it yet unfortunately for the Right

State of the Nation

How does a POTUS appoint a former US Attorney — Alex Acosta — to the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Labor, who illegally offered the most lenient plea deal in American history to serial sexual offender Jeffrey Epstein?

“President Donald Trump nominated Acosta to be Labor Secretary on February 16, 2017….”[1]

Who did not know that Acosta was totally unfit to occupy such a high office, or any office in any administration?! So why did Trump ever appoint him in the first place? Who demanded such an obviously dangerous and politically “radioactive” appointment?

Acosta was unfit to be a public servant | Editorial

What’s even more damaging to Candidate Trump is that it was only the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein that triggered the forced resignation of Acosta. And Trump avidly defended and praised his DoL Secretary throughout the entire squalid affair. See: Acosta Forced to Resign in Disgrace—Why and how was he ever appointed?

Why is this scandal so radioactive?

Because during the 11 intervening years since that infamous deal was offered and accepted, it appears that convicted pedophile Epstein continued the same criminal activity with authorities now investigating new evidence of a child exploitation racket that never ended. As follows:

EPSTEINgate Blown Wide Open, Pedogate Control Mechanism Exposed Like Never Before (Major Updates)

Just what does that mean?

That means President Trump knowingly promoted an individual to his cabinet — Alex Acosta — who was effectively an accessory to what is perhaps the most egregious series of pedophilia crimes ever to rock the nation.

Not only did Acosta grossly abuse his power as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida to let a notorious child trafficker skate, he attempted to justify his repugnant behavior to the American people during prime time.

Listen to Alex Acosta justify in his own words the dirtiest plea deal in Florida history, Under-aged girls were terribly victimized (Video)

What does this reality do to the Q narrative?

What’s quite interesting is that the ongoing Q narrative, a highly sophisticated psyop of epic proportions (read CIA black operation), has always presented President Trump as the savior of the sexually abused, trafficked and exploited children. This new twist is completely lost on the Qtards. That Trump appointed a protector of one of the very worst abusers of all time is completely ignored by the Q movement—WOW!

And, Q continues to talk about new arrests and raids of pedophile rings as if ACOSTAgate never happened.

How about the MSM?

What’s also quite interesting is that the Mainstream Media has yet to really take Trump to task for boldly enabling such a global crime syndicate. By appointing Acosta, didn’t Trump bless the whole plea deal that permitted Epstein to continue his crime wave?

Maybe the MSM is waiting for the right time to rightly demand Trump’s immediate resignation in light of such a profound breach of his presidential responsibilities. (EPSTEINgate: Mainstream Media poised to pounce on Trump for Acosta appointment) After all, there is simply no excuse or explanation whatsoever for putting the fox in charge of the hen-house as Trump did with Acosta at Labor.

KEY POINT: The single most significant data point to have emerged in this sordid saga is that Acosta quite deliberately attempted to invoke ‘national security’ to vindicate himself for this unparalleled fiasco. Isn’t that exactly how the C.I.A., MI6 and Mossad always get away with justifying their incessant and heinous crimes against humanity?

Added a quote: US Hero Judge Anna Von Reitz:

Everyone clamoring for immediate relief and restitution must remember that this System has functioned on a “need to know” basis, often falsely claiming that these criminal activities were issues of “National Security” — without, however, explaining which “nation” and whose actual “security” was the cause of concern.

It appears that Acosta and Trump really thought they could use the “Epstein was an intel asset” explanation to justify the real workings of what is truly a stone-cold international crime syndicate and Deep State blackmailing operation. See: Did Acosta just reveal claims of Epstein being an ‘Intelligence Asset’? Whose asset?

Blackmailing & Bribery Operation

It doesn’t get more radioactive than EPSTEINgate of which Acosta himself helped blow wide open. How often does the CIA or FBI or DIA or ATF or other intel agencies far more secret than these offer up classified information as they have regarding Epstein? The whole world now knows that Epstein’s own airplane — the Lolita Express — was a CIA asset used by the State Department and associated with DynCorp—a major MIC company on perennial contract with the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Epstein’s Private Airplane Had Official ID # Shared with the State Department, C.I.A. & DynCorp

Of course, it was the blackmailable and criminal conduct by VIPs the world over which took place on the Lolita Express that has been suspiciously outed. Once filmed in a compromising tryst with underage girls, any government leader or elected representative can be coerced to follow the dictates of, say, the Mossad. Likewise, vulnerable state and corporate officials can easily be bribed with sexual favors, especially when cruising 30,000 feet above the Atlantic with no where to go.

This Mossad MO has always been common knowledge within the intel community, but now the whole world knows since anyone with digital access can scan Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book. Not only that but the Little Black Book is not so little and it is, in fact, 97 pages long. Of much greater import is that it reads like a “Who’s Who of Planet Earth” during this Third Millennium. See: Redacted Version of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

The critical point here is that forces well above even the Very Deep State have apparently decided to expose highly classified “sources and methods” like never before in U.S. espionage history. That Acosta would reveal to a global audience that “Epstein was an intel asset” means there is something very BIG going on here and that Trump, more than anyone else, is being seriously manipulated to act however his true masters want him to act until the end of his term.

Regardless of how heavy the hidden back story is, this explosive situation does not bode well at all for Trump. Not only has he been dramatically uncovered for the Pedogateplayer he has always been, his 2020 candidacy has been irreparably damaged.

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was


Let’s be very clear: Trump’s appointment of Acosta was a shockingly disastrous move. It reveals a POTUS who completely lacks discrimination, a sense of presidential responsibility, or any degree of moral authority.

If Trump has an obvious Achilles’ heel that will torpedo his re-election in a New York minute, ACOSTAgate is it. See: Trump digs a deeper grave by defending DoL Secretary Alex Acosta (Video)

Therefore, it’s better for the Right to expeditiously seek a candidate who is not such seriously damaged goods as Trump.

Truly, the Patriot Movement would be well-served to jettison Candidate Trump before it’s too late in the campaign season to do so.

Surely, there is a real nationalist waiting in the wings to pick up the conservative mantle in time for 2020. The continuity of the American Republic greatly depends on it.

State of the Nation
July 24, 2019

Special Note: Alex Acosta was approved by the Senate by a vote of 60-38 as Secretary of Labor. Because every U.S. Senator at that time knew of Acosta’s direct participation in the Epstein scandal, he should have been rejected 100-0. (However, the DEMs did cynically give themselves an out since 37 in their caucus voted against Acosta’s approval.) Hence, the only rational explanation is that the Democrats did not fight it like they fought against Brett Kavanaugh because they knew they could use the future scandal to take down Trump…which they’re doing at this very moment.

Source: Deep State goes after President Trump


Alexander Acosta

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FLASHPOINT 2019: Neocon Warmongers Pushing the USA Into Another War for Israel
Posted on July 21, 2019 by State of the Nation

The United States and Great Britain Collude with Israel to Force Iran into a Regional War

FLASHPOINT 2019: Neocon Warmongers Pushing the USA Into Another War for Israel

Neocon Zionists Determined to Foist Regime Change on Tehran Even if it Starts World War III.

The Millennium Report

The Trump administration has already committed several acts of war against Iran by way of illegal and offensive economic sanctions designed to cripple their economy.

This highly aggressive behavior is nothing short of warmongering and President Trump knows it. In point of fact, he appointed a war cabinet specifically to prosecute an illicit war against Iran.

Mike Pence — Vice President

John Bolton — National Security Advisor (United States)

Mike Pompeo — Secretary of State

Gina Haspel — Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Dan Coats — Director of National Intelligence

Steven Mnuchin — Secretary of the Treasury

Mark Esper — Secretary of Defense (Nominee)

Jared Kushner — Senior Advisor to the President

Elliot Abrams — United States Special Representative for Venezuela

Elan Carr — Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism


Jonathan Cohen—Ambassador to the United Nations’ Security Council

Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was)

What few understand is that the Trump administration is covertly working with London and Tel Aviv every step of the way on this deliberate path to war with Iran. See: UK, US and Israel Collude in Setting Up Naked Provocations to Justify Attacking Iran

MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

Posted on July 17, 2019 by State of the Nation

Trump has only ONE metric by which he measures his success…