Who Gang Stalkers are, and how they are trained.

Who Gang Stalkers are, and how they are trained.

Who Gangstalkers Are and How They Are Trained
Targeted I.

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Most people know what a Targeted Individual (“TI”) is, but I will define a TI, before I define Gang Stalker. A Targeted Individual is a person being anonymously harassed by an organized crime group because the organized crime group wants something from the individual.

Now, a Gang Stalker can be defined as: A targeted individual that has been broken down, corrupted, and conditioned to respond to RF signals to perform various criminal tasks for the organized crime group.

Gang Stalkers start out as targeted individuals who are harassed in numerous ways, until they give in to the “Modern Mob,” the term I use for the organized crime group carrying out these assaults. Gang Stalkers are broken down and trained in the following ways:

1. Gang Stalking: This is used on gang stalkers in training. At first, to break them down and get them to comply, and then it’s used to train them by showing them what to do to others when they become gang stalkers.

2. Pyschological terror: RF weaponry, like the microwave auditory effect a/k/a the Frey Effect, is used to constantly badger the individual, insult him, keep him sleep deprived, keep him from thinking, keep him terrorized, and keep him dependent on the mobsters hitting him with RF weaponry. It is exactly what destructive cults, like the “Moonies” do to their trainees to brainwash them, but RF weaponry is now used. These techniques are used to make the individual obedient to the modern mob.

3. Pavlovian conditioning: Gang Stalkers are put through endless drills to condition them to respond to orders automatically. They are conditioned in these drills, by creating positive feelings with the RF weaponry when they do something right, and negative feelings with the RF weaponry when they mess up in a drill.

Once a Gang Stalker has been sufficiently trained, then the Modern Mob can start using him or her when needed, on demand, to harass others and perform various criminal tasks. Here are some major ways the Modern Mob communicates with its Gang Stalkers:

1. RF Weaponry: RF weaponry can be used to direct the Gang Stalker’s attention to cues in the environment meant to convey a message, it can be used to direct his or her attention to electronic messages, and it can be used to direct his or her attention to the intended target as well. The Frey Effect can also be used to convey a message directly, but it is not very efficient for lengthy sentences.

2. Cues in the Environment: The Gang Stalkers are trained to respond to and interpret cues in the environment in certain ways. Their attention is directed to these cues through RF weaponry. For example, the color yellow means hurry, the color blue means go, orange means toughen up and get with the program, the color silver means go forward, red means stop, the color black means don’t go forward, the color white means the coast is clear. A nose means “no,” a right angle or right foot means “yes.” A fire alarm or sprinkler means an emergency response is need. A jet sound or a tree leaf, means get out of your current environment. The list can go on endlessly, and the drills are repeated ad infinitum over months, if not years, to instill the proper responses in the Gang Stalkers.

3. Electronic Cues: A major RF cue given to Gang Stalkers is to check their cell phones, and to specifically check the open WiFi hotspot list. The organized crime group puts remote access software on all Gang Stalkers phones. This allows them to create fake WiFi SSIDs on the gang stalkers phones to convey messages. Why do they do this? Because when you create a fake SSID, it conveys a message that leaves no record or trace, and can be changed or removed instantly without raising suspicion — in case the gang stalker’s phone falls into the wrong hands. An example a WiFi network placed into the Gang Stalkers phone, to convey a message, might be Orange_Jacket_911_API. The gang stalker would be trained to know that this means: run in and follow, or say something to, a target in an orange jacket.

Once the Gang Stalker been properly broken down, brain washed, and conditioned to automatically respond to orders sent out by the modern mob, they have him perform a number of tasks on the Mob’s behalf. If the individual has a legitimate position in society, in which the mob might find it useful to have him, then the gang stalker will continue life in that position. The modern mob has many uses for doctors, dentists, police officers, judges, politicians, and lawyers, which will be discussed in future articles, and all of the aforementioned people can be conditioned like gang stalkers to respond to the Mob’s cues. However, the modern mob often does not let a targeted individual, turned gang stalker, return to his normal life, at least for a few years. These unlucky individuals are employed in number of tasks to help the mob recruit others, subjugate others, and extort money. These major tasks include:

1. Harassment / Gangstalking: Many times the gang stalker will be called upon to follow, or say something random to an individual, to harass them or help the mob instill fear in them, as part of their larger and continuous extortion/subjugation campaign. 99% of the time, the gang stalker does not know who the target it is, why they are being targeted, and never finds out. That’s why I prefer the term “Temporary Automaton” or TA for gang stalkers, — the vast majority were coerced into doing this against their will. Other harassment, might include basic thuggery like breaking out a targets car window, to intimidate them, or even just honking in front of their house.

2. Extortion: A major task of gang stalkers is to convey over and over to business owners, in sly clever ways, how much extortion money they owe the Modern Mob. For example, if a store owner is being extorted for $3,000, then countless gang stalkers will enter the business and buy three of an unusual item, ask for three business cards, wear a jersey with the number three, or carry three bags with them. This can go on for months, and the clever means of execution are endless.

3. Theft of keys: There’s even a key Icon on most TMobile phones and Intel PCs, where the gangstalkers attention is focused by RF cues time and time again. The modern mob likes to supplement its anonymous harassment and RF weaponry assaults with the ability to break into the targeted victim’s home. This allows the mob to instill an extra sense of terror in their targets in order to bend them to their will. Most often times a gang stalker will simply be directed to steal small items, like deodorant, from a targets car or home to just send a message of terror, to break them down, and make them sound crazy if they report it as stolen.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the Modern Mob, and the system they have in place to keep and spread their power.

Juan Carlos R.

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Thank you

A former member

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you call it modern day mob, are they not just Luciferians? My youngest sister and some “friends” fits the description of gang stalkers completely where they staged a separation of My middle Sister and I who was tortured to death by them and My youngest sister. My youngest sister “normally” could not have done a heinous act of torturing our middle Sister, but she did. Manchurian candidate makes sense and shes a monster now.
Targeted I.

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There are evil people in the world, there are corrupted people in the world, and there are people conditioned by mind control tactics, but I do not know what a Luciferian is. The world is ruled by physical phenomena. The tactics used to corrupt and condition people are based on scientific principles. The science behind frequency weaponry is based on controlled studies and proven by multiple peer reviewed journal articles. Therefore, I cannot comment on Lucifer. However, I am certain that what I’ve written is a fact, and for some people it requires a shift in thinking because the science this program is based on is so complex, and kept so hushed up.
Elvin L.

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Im a TI most of the thing you list i never payed any attention to but also they say you can detox from it i have pic. but idk…if its true.

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But what can be done about this violation of our human and civil rights. Nobody had the right to abuse or molest me. Nobody has the right to deprive me of sleep and health. Nobody has the right to ruin my life. Yet these narcissistic sociopaths derive onesie from feeling line they are above the laws of God and man. It isn’t right and until the blessed day that I die, i will work to expose this evil for what it is, the praddle of the dead and godless.
Keith l.

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If I lived the days for you
And each night love was anew
As a flower in the sun
Such sweet beauty for everyone
Would fall still leave me dead
To live my life in spring instead

If I awoke and found you absent
And the days followed the night
As if children running swiftly
In a race against time itself
Would time gently catch up to me
If only long enough to let me see
That our love was not meant to be

If I dreamed and found you present
As the moon follows the sun
In its journey in the night
Could I capture you in a moment
Hold you forever in that time
When your love was still mine

If the nights were spent together
As a tree blown to the ground
The best life yet that it had found
Would we grow again
If so I might ask when
A new struggle to begin

If true love did not die
And to your love I never said bye
As if the past was not the present
As if the future was not where we went
Would you be someone I knew
Would you ever love me true
Knowing all that we now do


Days rolled by in waves
Crashing gently to the shore
Eating away the weeks
Weeks and months
Months and more

Slowly taking from me
Another year another life
Struggling to remain free
From this world so filled with strife

I find myself now drowning
I find myself now free
I find calm and peace at last
As the last wave washes over me
© 2 months ago, Keith Lankford

I live for my country
Yet I die for you
I die for my Country
As I live as I do

I love for my Country
Yet my love feels blue
I cry for my Country
Yes I cry for you

I look for my Country
To be strong and true
I look at why its not
I now look at you

I long for my Country
To stand up as one
Yet I find myself alone
I guess my battle has begun
© 2 months ago, Keith Lankford

From Anchorage Alaska

Take my hand
Lift you up
From where you stand
Slowly twirl you round
Gaining smile leaving frown
Pull you close to me
As I whisper in your ear
Lean in close your eyes
Please now girl have no fear
Let your body hear the sound
Turning slowly round and round
Hold on whats that music
Whats that music
Whats that sound

Take my hand
Wont you look me in the eyes
Come on here now girl
Rest upon my leg your thigh
Move your body slowly
Let it twist deep in the night
Dancing baby dancing
I know your feeling right
Its not to hard to see
What your doing to me
If it feels all right
Maybe we’ll dance all night

Take my hand
I hope you’ll understand
As we now leave the floor
Not as we came before
Sweat dripping from your body
I could not ask for more
Dancing take my hand
Let me now be your man
Twirling you around
As we lay upon the ground
I pull you close to me
As we dance endlessly

Ba Ba Ba
Billie Billie Bopper
Want you bounce on over here
Were driving a Ford
Dont want to take it out of gear
You too Bush
Let Billie bounce dont let him steer
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Hes the one thats got the beer
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Hands on dash keep beat with feet
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Were not stoppin there
Kennedy did
where he messed up his hair
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i must be lost I swear
Back and to the right
Thanks were almost there
One two three fish
Say were stopping where
Pull the cat from that hat
Stoppin to get nixon
Richard not Pat
Just a little ride
Down memory Lane
Wheres Cheney Duck
No hes out hunting game
Id offer you some peanuts
Bag each for the ride
But Carters building houses
And all that jive
So what now boys
what you want to talk about
Lets go get some Rummy
Should loosen up your mouths
Is that a bird a plane
Yo daddy just jumped out
Room for one more Bush
Billie Bopper dont you pout
Oh that hill
Was she in did she drop out
That was a tough one I see
What cha talkin bout
She couldve had my vote
Would I have a piece of mine
Id stop and get the Gipper
But you know I think we’d flip her
Johnsons down south
You know Space we did run out
I guess Ill be goin
About that time cars Stolen
I know its not mine
Dont worry its in low time
Besides fear theres not much here
Were just shiften gears
As we roll
Roll on through the years

Targeted Individual

Government steals work!

For all the children
No food on their plate
You are what
Makes this Nation great

For all the children
We left behind
You are always
On my mind

As you sit
No new clothes to wear
It does not matter
For that is not where

You will be judged
For who you are
You are a child
You are of God

You are special
As any night breeze
And you are loved
By so many

So never please
Take it to heart
The looks you receive
For who you aren’t

Anything more
Then all you can be
In a World so much harder
Then it ever was for me

Open Box
I open you up
And I look inside
Trying to find the love
That you try to hide
I pick you up
And spin you around
Trying to figure out
What I have found

Cause your not exactly what I wanted to see
I look back in the box and find it empty

I set you down
I look around
I push on the buttons
The ones that I found
You just don’t work
I don’t know why
I guess Ill have to think
Of something else to try

Cause your not exactly what I wanted to see
I thought you would work but your broken indeed

I look at you hard
And find it easy
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Just what you need
I pick you back up
Again with a spin
And I bang on you baby
Wondering just where you been

Cause your not exactly what I wanted to see
Ill play with you baby but I bore easily

I look at you now
I hold you in my hand
You still don’t work
I don’t understand
I lay you down
I don’t know what to do
I’m getting tired
Of playing with you

Cause your not exactly what I wanted to see
I dont have the time to work on you endlessly

Targeted Individual.
State Sponsored Terrorism USA


Keith Lankford Follow
a month ago
Tie a Ribbon

If you live in a land
Where your government
Has taken and stolen
Your right to be free
Tie a yellow ribbon
One for you and one for me

If you live in a world
Where the crimes are theirs
They are not yours
Come with me be free
Tie it and lets see

If you find its time
Stand these criminals in line
Not just yours and mine
We pay for our crimes
It is well past time
To tie steal from the blind

The ribbons now yellowed
Trickle down effect
Where did that come from
Who did we elect
If we’ve lost the bet
Tie that ribbon Yet

If you saw in the past
The executions of mass
Let us not be the fools
To kill more Jewels

They had ribbons too
Tie one for them
A star for them too
Tie one for you
Tie one lets do

I wrote 250 poems and songs over 33 short stories in one month, online content manipulated and stolen, banned from facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, etc
A former member

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Some speculate so called gang stalkers are surveillance role players working for intelligence contractors. They use tradecraft terminology and methods. So a target will be called a rabbit. Google classified adds for surveillance role players.