Who and What Are Behind the New World Order´s Lies, Terrorism, Wars, and Global Organized Stalking Operations (aka GOG´S GESTAPO or Global Organized Gang Stalking Groups´ Electronic Surveillance, Torture And PsyOps Operations)?

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, Stanislaus, May 2017

ETK Introduction: Of course, the simple answer to the question posed by the title of this post is that the CIA/NSA/DIA/DoD/FBI/Mossad/MI6 nexus of military-intelligence agencies and their corporate cutouts execute the directives of the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute for International Affairs/Round Table Groups/Committee of 300, who, in turn, formulate plans and policy on behalf of the world´s ruling international financial elite. But, as usual, it´s more complicated than that and the roots go far deeper than that.

This post features quotes and excerpts from key sources that, in the opinion of this researcher, expose the roots of today´s global organized stalking operations. These statements indicate that global organized stalking operations are part of what Preston James, Ph.D., refers to as the ¨Israel-American Terror Machine,¨ i.e., the U.S.-led Global Military-Intelligence-Police Terror State that serves the Jewish New World Order/Jewish Utopia fascist state and its world takeover project. Indeed, innumerable statements and documents by scholars and world leaders, some featured here, indicate that the Jewish rabbinate/leadership has been working toward this goal of world dominion for at least 3,000 years. Most non-Jews are handicapped by their complete ignorance regarding the murderously violent history, deceitful stratagems, and draconian, megalomaniacal goals of the Jews, Satan´s ¨Chosen People.¨ I hope this post helps provide the perspectives and understanding needed for ¨Goyim¨ (non-Jews) to combat and defeat this mortal and dire threat to humanity.

The sources quoted here include:

1) ¨America- The New Babylon¨ (preface to ¨The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme; Inside the Rothschild Empire, the New Pharisees¨ (Michael Collins Piper, 2010)
2) ¨The Truth is Our Country¨ by Paul Craig Roberts, 2015 (In ¨Neocons Unmasked¨ by Cushman Cunningham)
3) ¨Holy Serpent of the Jews: Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbi´s Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Domination¨ (Texe Marrs, 2016)
4) ¨Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance¨ (Hugh Akins, 2012)
5) ¨The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme: The Rothschild Empire: The Modern-Day Pharisees and the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of the New World Order¨ (Michael Collins Piper, 2010)
6) ¨Real Reason For ISIS and the War Against Assad¨ (Preston James, Ph.D., in ¨Neocons Unmasked¨ by Cushman Cunningham (2015)
7) ¨Under the Sign of the Scorpion¨ by Juri Lina (2002)

I: From ¨America- The New Babylon¨ (preface to ¨The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme; Inside the Rothschild Empire, the New Pharisees (Michael Collins Piper, 2010)

Television evangelist Tim LaHaye´s ¨Left Behind¨ series describes the ¨New Babylon¨ as…. the seat of global power- of media, of commerce, of government, of the base of a one-world religion- reigned over by the Anti-Christ: the capital of the New World Order. Although… LaHaye´s theological foundations are dubious at best, LaHaye´s contextual assessment of the New Babylon as the center of the New World Order is on target. While LaHaye and his ilk would have us believe that the rulers of the New Babylon are the enemies of the Jewish people, in fact, the truth is very much the opposite. And while the old Babylon of history was located in what is now the Arab world the New Babylon is somewhere else entirely and is already in place.

The rulers of this very real New Babylon are the forces of International Jewish Finance, a tightly-knit elite operating in the sphere of influence of the Rothschild Dynasty. They are the elements that are working to bring the New World Order – Jewish global rule – into place.

Babylon is central to not only Jewish history, but is central to Jewish theological teachings…. It was in Babylon that the foundation of Judaism as we know it today – emerged… (the Babylonian Talmud).

…. (Today) American Jews are the modern-day equivalent of the princes in the tales of the Arabian Nights… their combined wealth certainly rivals (or most likely, surpasses) that of the non-Jewish elite.
This Jewish elite operates in the direct sphere of the Rothschild Dynasty, the financial colossus- first based in Frankfurt, which then expanded its influence into Britain and across Europe and then around the globe.

While the British Empire first rose as the mechanism for Rothschild imperial reach, the United States – as history evolved – has now emerged as the central engine of Rothschild power. And Rothschild power was the culmination of the generic rise of International Jewish Finance. It is no mistake, no frivolous choice of terms, that in ¨Jews, God, and History,¨ Max Dimont referred directly to the United States, in an entire chapter, as ¨The New Babylon.¨…. Dimont asked: ¨Will it be the historic role of American Jewry to usher in…. the universalist phase (of Judaism)?

The Jewish people have no borders. The world belongs to the Jews. As the words of the popular song asserted: ¨The years will come. The years will go. Kingdoms rise and fall. The time has come to take control. The world belongs to us.¨ And that is the philosophy behind the New World Order.

II. From ¨Truth is Our Country¨ Paul Craig Roberts Speech to Press Club of Mexico Awards PRC International Medal for Journalism Excellence (2015)

In the United States journalists receive awards for lying for the government and for the corporations. Anyone who tells the truth, whether journalist or whistleblower, is fired or prosecuted or has to hide out in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, like Julian Assange, or in Moscow, like Edward Snowden, or is tortured and imprisoned, like Bradley Manning. (ETK comment: or is placed on the ¨terrorist watch list¨ and gang stalked until death.)

Mexican journalists pay an even higher price. Those who report on government corruption and on the drug cartels pay with their lives.

The United States government has been, and still is, invading, bombing, and droning seven or eight countries on the basis of lies told by Washington and endlessly repeated by the media. Millions of people have been killed, maimed, and displaced by violence based entirely on lies spewing out of the mouths of Washington and its ¨presstitutes.¨

We know what these lies are: Saddam Hussein´s weapons of mass destruction. Assad of Syria´s use of chemical weapons. Iranian nukes. Pakistani and Yemeni terrorists. Terrorists in Somalia. The endless lies about Gaddafi in Libya, about the Taliban in Afghanistan. And now the alleged Russian and annexation of Ukraine. (ETK note: Let´s not forget the colossal lies of 9/11 and the phony War on Terrorism and the man-caused global warming fraud. See my websites, www.911nwo.com and www.naturalclimatechange.org).

We can safely conclude that the only honest journalism that exists in the United States is provided by alternative media on the Internet.

Recently, a young American, Barrett Brown, was sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of $850,000 for linking allegedly hacked documents posted on the Internet. Barrett Brown did not hack the documents. He merely linked to an Internet posting, and he has no prospect of earning $89,000 over the course of his life. The purpose of the US government´s prosecution, indeed, persecution, of this young person is to establish the precedent that anyone who uses Internet information in ways that Washington disapproves, is a criminal whose life will be ruined. The purpose of Barrett Brown´s trial is to intimidate. It is Washington´s equivalent to the murder of (more than 100) Mexican journalists (in the 21st century).

It is the nature of government and of technology to establish control. People everywhere face the threat of control by government and technology. But the threat from Washington is much greater. Washington is not content with only controlling the citizens of the United States. Washington intends to control the world.

Washington´s drive for World Hegemony, based as it is on a lie, makes necessary the obliteration of truth. As Washington´s agenda of supremacy is all encompassing, Washington regards truth as a greater enemy than Russians, Muslim terrorists, and the Islamic State. As truth is Washington´s greatest enemy, everyone associated with the truth is Washington´s enemy.

Latin America can have no illusions about Washington. The first act of the Obama Regime was to overthrow the democratic reformist government of Honduras. Currently, the Obama Regime is trying to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina.

As Mexicans know, in the 19th century Washington stole half of Mexico. Today Washington is stealing the rest of Mexico. The United States is stealing Mexico via financial imperialism, by subordinating Mexican agriculture and self-sustaining peasant agricultural communities to foreign-owned monoculture, by infecting Mexico with Monsanto´s GMOs, genetically modified organisms, seeds that do not reproduce, chemicals that destroy the soil and nature´s nutrients, seeds that leave Mexico dependent on Monsanto for food crops with reduced nutritional value.

It is easy for governments to sell out their countries to Washington and the North American corporations. Washington and North American corporations pay high prices for subservience to their control. It is difficult for countries, small in economic and political influence, to stand against such power. All sorts of masks are used behind which Washington hides US exploitation- globalism, free trade treaties….

But the world is changing. Putin has revived Russia, and Russia has proved its ability to stand up to Washington. On a purchasing power basis, China now has the largest economy in the world. As China and Russia are now strategic allies, Washington cannot act against one without acting against the other. The two combined exceed Washington´s capacities.

…. In the final years of the Clinton administration, the government allowed six mega-media companies to consolidate 90% of the media in their hands. The mega-companies that control the US media are GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. (ETK note: these are Jewish-owned corporations.)

Ninety percent control of the media gives government a Ministry of Propaganda, and that is what exists in the United States…. Today there is a massive propaganda campaign against the Russian government. According to polls, 62% of the US population now regards Russia as the main threat….. There can be no greater media failure than to bring back the specter of nuclear war. And that is what the US media has achieved.

III: From ¨Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbi´s Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Domination¨ (Texe Marrs, 2016)

On Gang Stalking As A Jewish Enterprise

¨American Jews are actually trained since childbirth to interact with non-Jews in a deceitful and arrogant manner. They actually coordinate with each other to emotionally destroy non-Jews and Israel critics. This is actually deliberate, wicked, planned behavior by a narcissistic, self-righteous fury. The Jew doesn´t care how much he or she hurts others. Jews only care about what´s good for the Jews.¨

Karen Friedman, Jew, in her Internet blog

¨There is a commandment pertaining to the killing of strangers, who are like beasts. This killing has to be done in the lawful Jewish method. Those who do not ascribe themselves to the Jewish religion must be offered up as sacrifices to the High God.¨

Dr. Eric Bischoff, Jewish Scholar of the Zohar (Kabbalah)

¨Their (the Jews) altars smoked with human blood from the time of Abraham to the fall of the kingdom of Judah and Israel.¨

J. Kitto, ¨The Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature¨ (1895)

¨On the Jewish Utopia/New World Order/Messianic Age, Jewish Supremacism, Judaism as Satanism, and History of the ¨Serpent People¨

When the New Reality (Jewish Utopia/New World Order) arrives our planet will change its physical dimension, enlarging…. The borders of the land of Israel will extend and include the entire planet and all its people.
However, the Messiah arrives only when individual people achieve a personal state of Messiah within themselves. Once a critical mass and specific threshold of people achieve this personal, individual state, only then will the global Messiah appear as a seal and not a savior.

The Messiah is a seal that confirms that we, the people, have achieved true transformation of our own nature, and the turn the planet.

After this state of Messiah is reached, there will be one thousand years of paradise on earth, according to the Kabbalah…. This is the true Super Earth.¨

(ETK note: I agree with Texe Marrs that the Jewish Messiah is the Antichrist foretold in the Bible).
Billy Phillips, Jewish teacher of the Kabbalah (Zohar)

¨The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolishment of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews everywhere excise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.

The Governments will pass with the formation of the universal republic effortlessly into the hands of the Israelites (Jews). It will then be possible for Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the State.

Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the world in their hands.¨

Baruch Levy, letter to Karl Marx (1888) published June 1, 1928 in La Revue de Paris.

¨The Messianic Age will be marked by the triumph of Jewish exclusiveness, in which the reign of justice means the strict observance of the Law of Yahweh… in a word, Jewish law…. The nations will be converted to Judaism and obey the law or else they will be destroyed and the Jews will be masters of the world.¨

La Verite Israelite, vol. V, p. 74, France

¨Jerusalem aspires to become the spiritual center of the world….. In Jerusalem, the United Nations will build a Shrine to the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be scene of the Supreme Court of mankind, to settle all controversies… as prophesied by Isaiah.¨

David Ben-Gurion, Pole, Jew, and Israel´s first Prime Minister, 1962

¨Best results in governing are attained by violence and terrorism. Freedom of the press, the right of association, freedom of conscience, the voting principle, and many others must disappear forever from the memory of men.

…. Today, I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people. (Protocol 3)¨

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

¨We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-World, which it is not in your nature to build.¨

Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles

¨The customs of the Jews are base and abominable and owe their persistence to their depravity…. Toward other people they feel only hate and enmity. As a race, they are prone to lust, among themselves, nothing is unlawful.¨

Tacitus, Roman historian

¨The god of the Jew is money, and Rothschild is his prophet.¨
Heinrich Heine (German Jew)

¨All of creation was created soley for the Jews……. The very existence of non-Jews is inessential.¨
Hatayna (fundamental Jewish book)

¨The non-Jew is an animal in human form, and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night.¨

Midrash Talpiah 225

¨To communicate anything to a Goy (gentile= about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all the Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.¨

Talmud (Libbre David 37)

¨All non-Jews are evil by nature. The Jews are the crown of creation, the non-Jews are the scum of the earth.¨

Rabbi Shneur Zalman

¨According to the Talmud, one may kill any Gentile.¨

Rabbi Ido Elba

¨The goal for which have striven so concertedly for 3,000 years is at last within our reach….. Our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king, and every Gentile a slave.¨

Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich (1952 address to European rabbis)

¨The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and in a universal brotherhood of nations- a greater Judaism, in fact- all the separate races and religions shall disappear.¨

The Jewish World, Feb. 9, 1883 (Texe Marrs adds: All races and religions shall disappear, of course, except the Jewish race and the Jewish religion (Talmudic Kabbalism.)

¨We are in fact…. entering a period of Jewish-Christian reconciliation in which the world will ultimately adhere to a form of Judaism and call it Christianity.¨

Mel Ziegler, editor, Amen:

¨Creative destruction is our middle name, within our society and abroad. We tear down the Old Order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity which menaces their traditions(whatever they be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace…. We must destroy them to advance our historic mission.¨

Michael Ledeen, Jewish ¨neocon¨ (¨The War Against The Terror Masters¨)

¨The oneness of the human race, the goal toward which Judaism and Freemasonry work hand in hand… is the unification of the world under Jewish law…. The nations will be converted to Judaism and will obey the law or else they will be destroyed, and the Jews will be the masters of the world.¨

De Poncins, The Vatican and Freemasonry

¨Judith Weil, a professor of Jewish mysticisms, stated that magic is deeply rooted in Jewish religion, but the Jews are reticent to acknowledge it…. Gersham Scholem, Professor of Kabbalah at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, admitted that the Cabala contains a great deal of black magic and sorcery, which he explained involves the powers of devils to disrupt the natural order of things… Professor Scholem also stated that there are devils who are in submission to the Talmud. In the Cabala these devils are called ¨Shedim Yehuda ´im.¨¨

Edward Hendrie, 9/11 Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

¨Judaism is a rabbinical cult. It is not based on revelation but on a combination of skewed human reason and rampant human fantasy. Both the Talmud and the Kabbalah are authored by biased Jews who have rejected the truth of Jesus Christ.

The Kabbalah is derived from the Mystery Religions of Babylon, Persia, Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other pagan cultures. The rabbis simply borrowed from these ancient writings. This is the reason for its similarity to other New Age cults and religions, which are also based on Mystery Teachings.

Virtually every New Age organization is founded and led by religious Jews. The Jews tell only half-truths. Once fully within the system, the initiate discovers that godhead, higher consciousness, and of course, unity and diversity, etc. are all subject to his acceptance of the requirements of the Judaic tradition. The New Age Gentile must be ¨converted¨ by Judaism according to the Noahide Laws spelled out in the Talmud…. Or else he will be killed.

…. Is America destined to replay and repeat this sad, torturous history as Satan´s Zionist, Communist agents once again crank up their funeral engines of death and ignite with demonic passions their long pent-up, jack-booted Red Terror?¨

Texe Marrs, Holy Serpent of the Jews (2016)

¨The Old Testament prophets described Jerusalem and Israel as a ¨whore¨ and as ¨Babylon¨ and castigated her for her abominations, fornications, and whoredom….

As the ¨Mother of Harlots¨ the Whore of Babylon (Judaism) apparently has daughters and has birthed many other whorish religions and cults (Revelations 17:5).

History documents that virtually every New Age group and every satanic cult, satanic secret society, and satanic church had and have as their foundation the Kabbalah of the Jews. Freemasonry, Theosophy, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Church of Satan, Aleister Crowley´s Thelema teachings, Mormonism, and countless other groups have their doctrinal origins in the Kabbalah. The Hindu religion and Judaism have many striking parallels, including the concepts of holy sex, many gods and goddesses, idols, talismans, charms, racial castes, reincarnation, karma, and communication with spirits and with the dead.¨

Texe Marrs, The Destroyer, The Antichrist is at Hand (2017)

¨Yes, (the Egyptian God) Osiris does live in the darkness and shadows of the Masonic lodges and temples… He was the God of Solomon and is the reason God tore the Kingdom of Israel from Solomon´s throne. Solomon died serving the God of Egypt.¨

Reginald Haupt, Jr., The Gods of the Lodge

Sergius Nilus, first publisher of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, in its 1905 introduction:

¨According to the records of secret Jewish Zionists, Solomon and other Jewish learned men already, in 929 BC, thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion.

As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated in this question. These learned men decided by slyness of the Symbolic Snake (aka Oroboros, the devouring serpent, as representative of the Jewish race or nation), whose head was to represent those who have been initiated into the plans of the Jewish administration, and the body of the Snake to represent the Jewish people- the administration was always kept secret, even from the Jewish nation itself.

As this Snake penetrated into the hearts of the nations which it encountered, it undermined and devoured all the non-Jewish power of those States. It is foretold that the designated plan, until the course which it has to run is closed by the return of its head to Zion and until, by this means, the Snake has completed its round of Europe, and has encircled it- and until, by dint of enchanting Europe, it has encompassed the whole world. This it is to accomplish by using every endeavor to subdue the other countries by an economical conquest.

The return of the head of the Snake to Zion can only be accomplished after the power of the Sovereigns of Europe has been laid low, that is to say, when by means of economic crises and wholesale destruction effected everywhere there shall have been brought about a spiritual demoralization and a moral corruption, chiefly with the assistance of Jewish women masquerading as French, Italians, etc. These are the surest spreaders of licentiousness into the lives of the leading men at the heads of nations.

A map of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: Its first stage in Europe in 429 BC, in Greece, where, in the time of Pericles, the Snake first started eating into the power of that country. The second stage was in Rome in the time of Augustus, about 69 BC. The third in Madrid in the time of Charles V., in 1552 AD. The fourth in Paris about 1790, in the time of Louis XVI. The fifth in London from 1814 onwards (after the downfall of Napoleon). The six in Berlin in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian war. The seventh in St. Petersburg, over which is drawn the head of the Snake under the date of 1881.

All these States which the Snake traversed have had the foundations of their constitutions shaken, Germany with its apparent power, forming no exception to the rule. In economic conditions England and Germany are spared, but only till the conquest of Russia is accomplished by the Snake, on which at present (i.e., 1905), all its efforts are concentrated. The further course of the Snake is not shown on this map, but arrows indicate its next movement towards Moscow, Kieff, and Odessa.

It is now well known to us to what extent the latter cities form the centers of the militant Jewish race. Constantinople is shown as the last stage of the Snake´s course before it reaches Jerusalem.¨

Sergius Nilus, 1905

Texe Marrs commentary: The symbol of the oroboros, the devouring serpent, represents the Jewish people who encircle and conquer all other races. At the end of their successful journey, Tikkun Olam (repair or reinvention of the earth) is achieved and the Jew becomes King and Ruler of all.¨

From the Bible:

When the LORD, your God, brings you into the land which are to enter and occupy, and dislodges great nations before you…. And when the LORD, your God, delivers them up to you and you defeat them, you shall doom them.
Make no covenant with them and show them no mercy.

This is how you must deal with them: Tear down their altars, smash their sacred pillars, chop down their sacred poles, and destroy their idols by fire.

For you a people sacred to the LORD, you God, he has chosen you from all the nations on the face of the earth to be a people peculiarly his own.

You shall consume all the nations which the LORD, your God, will deliver up to you….

Root them utterly until they are annihilated.

He will deliver their kings into your hand, that you may make their names perish from under the heavens.

No man will be able to stand up against you, till you have put an end to them.

Deuteronomy 7

When you go out to war against your enemy…. First offer it terms of peace.
If it agrees to your terms of peace and opens its gates to you, all the people to be found in it shall serve in forced labor.
But if it refuses to make peace with you and instead offers you battle, lay siege to it, and when the LORD, your God, delivers it into your hand, put every male in it to the sword.
But the women and children and livestock and all else in it that is worth plundering you may take as your booty, and you may use this plunder of your enemies which the LORD, your God, hath given you. That is how you shall deal with any city at a considerable distance from you, which does not belong to the people of this land.
But in the cities of those nations which the LORD, your God, is giving you as your heritage, you shall not leave a single soul alive.
You must doom them all….

Deuteronomy 20

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Jesus Christ, John 8:44

Ye serpents, ye generation (race or nation) of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?
Behold, your (Jew´s) house is left unto you desolate.

Jesus Christ, Matthew 23:33

For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men….. Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition….

Jesus Christ, Mark 7: 8 &13

This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they might be sound in the faith: Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.

Titus 1:13-14

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not Jews, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
Jesus Christ, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

(Jews) Who both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God, and are contrary to all men.¨

Apostle Paul, Thessalonians 2:15

Gather unto me all the elders of your tribes, and your officers, that may speak these words in their ears, and call heaven and earth to record against them. For I know that after my death, ye will utterly corrupt yourselves, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands.

Moses, (Deuteronomy 31: 28-29)

….. he (Antichrist) shall work deceitfully; for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.
Daniel 11:23

Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.
Isaiah 5:20

Wherefore hear the world of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.
And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand, when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.


Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Apostle Paul, Colossians 2:8

Geo-Politics and History of the Jewish New World Order

IV. From ¨Synagogue Rising: A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance¨ (Hugh Akins, 2012):

Revolutionary Jews have not just been prominent but dominant in such deplorable enterprises as abortion, slave trade, prostitution, pornography, secular psychology and the various New Age, pantheistic and Luciferian counterparts, such as Charismatic renewal, Pentacostalism, Eastern mysticism, cosmic consciousness, evolution, spiritism, Scientology, goddess worship, wicca, wizardry, Yoga, numerology, astrology, transcendental meditation, psychic healing, psychosynthesis, Zen Buddhism, spirit channeling, earth worship manifested in radical environmentalism, and of course devil worship and other satanic occult practices such as found in the Bohemian Grove and other such brotherhoods of the occult, all of which have their roots in Rabbinic Gnosticism. ¨The Revolution is inspired by Satan himself,¨ says Bl. Pius IX. Ïts goal is the destruction of the building of Christianity, to reconstruct upon its ruins the social order of (crypto-Judaic) paganism.¨

…. In the unfaithful and unconverted Jew, Lucifer and the demons who schemed with him in hell on the day of the crucifixion found their best henchmen. Throughout history, in fact, no other force was as preponderant behind all the engines of theological, socio-political and geo-political disorder and upheaval, as that of the Masterplanners of Talmudic rabbinism.

Jewish Masterplanners were behind the five most destructive revolutions of the past 500 years, each of which delivered, in its own turn, a staggering blow to Catholicism (the Church always partially recovers, but not without heavy losses- sometimes whole nations apostatizing or thrust into schism). These were the revolutions in England of 1688, in America of 1775-76, in France of 1789, in Russia of 1917, and in Rome with the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65- as real a revolution as any other, even if less openly bloody.

…. There are strong indications of yet another universal revolt underway, the Latter Day Revolution: a Final Phase Revolution, if you will; it likely began where the previous five revolutions left off, and is being carried along by the gathering stormwinds of World War III and the intensifying onslaught of International Judaism, now bolder in its antichristianism than ever before.

… What is the Final Phase revolution? Our best research has it that it´s characterized by an international coalition of well-organized anti-supernatural forces deployed on a multiplicity of fronts and all converging as a single mass-mobilization for the construction of the New Tower of Babel…. Crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism and the Universal Satanic Republic.

¨…. From 1640 to 1689 the Elders of Zion…. Planned the English Revolution…. (They) loaned money to the many splinter parties.¨

Jan Udo Holey (penname Jan Van Helsing), Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century (1995)

¨Not only in France (the French Revolution) did the Jewish people play a predominant role, but with all revolutionary movements. ¨The revolution that shook central Europe in the year 1848¨writes Lambelin, [was spread and supported by the Jews, as the countless facts and documents prove.¨

Archivos Israelitas, 1864, quoted by Yves Dupont, Dossier on the Anti-Christian Revolution

¨Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy- Christianity…. This goal will be very soon attained.

Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews (beyond the profiteering factor), since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews´ harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.¨

Notes on ¨The Discourse of Rabbi Reichorn of 1869¨Fr. Vincent Miceli (Dossier on the Anti-Christian Revolution)

¨The Jewish race ´Jerusalem´ intends to establish its reign over the entire world, éast and west,´ by establishing its authority upon the ruins of all existing powers, ´Caesars and Popes.´ All authority must disappear in order to make way for the domination of Juda, which will take the place of all the existing powers in the spiritual order as well as in the temporal.¨

Msgr. Henri Delassus, Americanism & the Anti-Christian Conspiracy, 1899, translated by Daniel Leonardi, 2007.

¨Sons of Israel!….. after we have marched over ruined and broken altars and thrones, we shall advance further on the same indicated path…. The hour of our ultimate victory is near. We stand on the threshold to the command of the world.¨

Ä Protocol of 1919,¨ Appendix, The Protocols of Zion: With Preface and Explanatory Notes

¨The United Nations is Zionism. It is the super government mentioned many times in the ¨The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,¨ promulgated between 1897 and 1905.¨

Harry Klein, Zionism Rules the World

¨Of the 1,800 executives employed at U.N. headquarters in New York City, over 1,200 are Jews. In its current report in the American Jewish Yearboook, the American Jewish Committee labels opposition to the United Nations as anti-Semitism. David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of the state of Israel, told American newsmen in an interview in 1948, ¨the United Nation´s ideal is a Jewish ideal.´

…. For twenty centuries the Jewish nation has toiled to destroy in the world the Kingship of Jesus Christ. And to seal this destruction, the Jews have plotted a World Jewish Empire, dominating all the nations of the earth, so that the message of Christ the King will be forever stifled…. The U.N. is not a peace movement which failed. The U.N. is a sinister design for governing the day-to-day activities of the peoples of all nations. The U.N. is a world revolution…. (And) the U.N. is now poised to accomplish the ancient Talmudic purposes of the Jewish nation: the crushing of the Catholic Church and the establishment of a central Jewish World Control.¨

Fr. Leonard Feeney, 1955

¨We are not denying and we are not afraid to confess, this war is OUR war and it is waged for the liberation of Jewry…. Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based… .We are the Trojan Horse in the enemy´s fortress.¨
Chaim Weizmann, 1942, New York City

9/11, the phony War on Terror, the ¨Jewish World Order Police State,¨ and Organized Stalking!

The so-called ¨War on Terror¨ is a false and artificial construct that has been designed by Zionist right-wing extremists from the highest levels of the Israeli government and military. It is based on a series of ¨false flag¨ terror attacks which began in the 1990s, including the first bombing of the Oklahoma federal building, and attacks on U.S. targets abroad.

The ¨War on Terror¨ concept is the cornerstone of an agenda that has been actively promoted and articulated since the mid-1980´s by (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu (See Netanyahu´s own book, Terrorism: How the West Can Win, 1986).

…. Corrupt or gullible government officials have been spoon-fed the fraudulent Zionist explanations and agenda, which are based on an utterly false ¨ínterpretation¨ of 9-11…. While there is abundant evidence that Israeli intelligence agencies were involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, this line of investigation is taboo in the Zionist-controlled mainstream media and so-called ¨truth movement.¨ (Akins)

The phony media stories ring hollow now. The government´s version of the 9/11 story has such as smell to it that nobody believes it. Yet it lingers on in the rancid voices of plastic anchormen and the bought-off congressmen who pretend to hunt imaginary Arab terrorists that were created by CIA-Mossad strategists who work for Jewish bankers. (Akins)

¨It´s pretty clear now that the war in Iraq was not for oil, which remains in the ground, but for Israel, which now wants to nuke Iran. Yes, all these Americans and Iraqis are dying for Israel and its Jewish plan to conquer the world, which it already pretty much has accomplished, at least financially. Iraq and Iran are no threats to America, but they are to Israel, that bandit state established by London bankers to keep the world destabilized on a perpetual basis.

Still the bombs keep falling. Mercenary hit teams trained by Israel´s Mossad but paid for by American citizens continue to stir up trouble all over the world (ETK note: read US SOCOM or US Special Operations Forces that are now destabilizing some 134 nations), but especially in Iraq, where they pretend to be Sunnis and Shi´ítes when they blow up the mosques of both sects. Just like they do in the world- divide and conquer: support both sides, and profit from the violence. You´d think the world would have learned that from the Iran/Iraq war, and dozens of other calculated Jewish depredations that have sabotaged prosperous (and once Christian) societies.

Today they call it the ¨War on Terror,¨ and it has pretty much destroyed the United States of America, not to mention dozens of other countries around the world. Worst of all, Americans still don´t realize the real scam that is sucking the life out of their once-vibrant society. Their own country has morphed into the worst terror state in the history of the world right before their eyes, and most people still don´t think anything is wrong. An unprecedented blindness.¨

John Kaminski. ¨Revolt of the Goyim,¨ JohnKaminski.info

¨Only the Jews have benefited from the War on Terror. The Jewish neocons within the Bush Administration promoted it to serve their Zionist agenda. The War on Terror has served to only destroy our liberties at home and to push us into unnecessary wars abroad where no Jewish soldiers fight.¨

Brother Nathanael Kapner, RealJewNews.com (2008)

Jewish convert Br. Nathanael of RealZionistNews.com (formerly RealJewNews.com), identifies four of the heavyweight Zionists that headed up what he identifies as the ¨Jewish Police State¨ under the Bush administration )little changes from administration to administration except for the names and faces, everything else remains the same, other than always going from bad to worse). They are Michael Chertoff, then Secretary of DHS; Paul Schneider, Deputy Secretary of DHS; Fred Schwien, Secretary of Operations at DHS; and Jay Cohen, Secretary for Technology at DHS. Of Jay Cohen Br. Nathanael writes: ¨This Jew is the one who will embed a micro-chip into your wrist or forehead.¨

New World Order Military-Police State

A National Police Force was the one major missing ingredient in America´s communization. That is now in place, developing at a frightful pace, and fully endorsed by conservatives no less than liberals, is a fact most Americans remain completely oblivious to, recognizing no danger in such totalitarian initiatives as ATF (now BATFE), DEA, FBI, FEMA, the U.S. Marshal´s Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, the NDAA of 2012, and the vast increase in the use of heavily militarized SWAT teams to handle even the most routine of police functions.

This is the American Police State under construction right now under our very noses. It si by the far the most deadly dual aspects of the bogus War on Terror (foreign and domestic), what amounts to the New York/Tel Aviv/Washington DC Axis of Evil´s homefront application of its phony War; it´s the more deadly of the two because it targets not true-to-life terrorists who are allowed to stream across our Southern borders or who are granted dual U.S./Israeli citizenship and allowed to control the topmost levers of power in politics, finance, business, national defense and American security, but rather, as we shall yet make clear, the ones to be targeted are American Christians, ordinary good citizens and patriots, especially those of the Catholic and Christian persuasions.

The onset of police state powers and the creation of a full-blown Police State in this no-longer-land-of-the-free is currently going forward at break-neck speed.

We have already shown that another motive for 9/11 according to Zionist designs goes beyond Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the phony War on Terror focused on the Middle East. Talmudic Jewry also sought to impose on internal America the despotism of Police Powers under the pretense of homeland security. Recall what the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion disclosed about Judaism´s use of domestic and global police agencies to tyrannize Christian peoples. Protocol 15 speaks of ¨the most secret political plots¨ and of Masonic membership consisting of ¨almost all the agents of international and national police since their service is for us irreplaceable….¨

…. We have been brought to the very threshold of the TOTAL STATE, which translates to zero liberty, not just for men but the Church, and that this has long been an objective of our would-be slavemasters. ¨We shall abolish every kind of freedom,¨ say the Zionist Elders seeking to impose their Rabbinic Captivity upon the whole world. (Protocol 16). ¨We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community…. Our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who oppose us by word or deed….¨(Protocol 5).

….. the consolidation and expansion of America´s police forces under the behemoth totalitarian Department of Homeland Security has been a Mossad operation from the start. James Corcoran´s book Bitter Harvest quoted a patriot, marked for death by secret government orders, by the name of Gordon Kahl, as saying, ¨The CIA, U.S. Marshall Service, FBI, Secret Service and all but the smallest police departments were under the influence of the Mossad.¨

…. Israel was behind all four fronts in 9/11, that momentous event in our nation´s history: 1) The actual terror attacks themselves; 2) the subsequent cover-up; 3) and both ¨the U.S.-led military invasions overseas¨ and 4) the ¨domestic security state apparatus.¨

….. PressTV.ir put out its own bulletin titled ¨FBI, Mossad Turn U.S. into Police State,¨ dated Dec. 22, 2010. The new U.S. government espionage plan, which will transform the country into a police state, is being carried out in close cooperation with Israeli Mossad…. The federal agencies that are putting together these police state tactics are working hand-in-hand with Israeli intelligence and… the Anti-Defamation League of B´nai B´rith here in the United States,¨ former U.S. Senate candidate Mark Dankof said in his interview with Press TV.

Dankof pointed out that …. The new massive espionage system is aimed at linking the intelligence in the United States to the Israeli Mossad. Elsewhere in his remarks, Dankof warned that U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to convince the Federal Court that the commander-in-chief can resort to any extrajudicial action – including killing U.S. citizens – under the pretext of suspicion of their involvement with terrorist organizations.

A Washington Post investigative report indicates that the U.S. government is using the largest and most technologically sophisticated system in the country´s history to spy on its citizens.
With the help of every state and law enforcement agency, the system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of U.S. citizens and then sends that data to the FBI….

At least 95 organizations – each with its own counterterrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions – have been created or become involved in counterterrorism efforts since the Sept. 2001 incidents in New York and Washington.¨ (Akins)

Akins: Call it counterterrorism, national defense or homeland security if you want. It has little to do with these legitimate concerns. Something more appropriate, we think, would be the radicalization of our police and the communization of our country. The ADL and B´nai B´rith are not alone in this treasonous work. Nearly as fanatical in its Jewish supremacism and hatred for Christianity, the Southern Poverty Law Center similarly admits to having undertaken the ¨training¨- i.e., indoctrination and radicalization – of America´s police forces, helping transform these agencies of law enforcement into future instruments of tyrannical repression. According to an interview with the director of the SPLC´s ¨Intelligence Project¨ Mark Potok by American Free Press, the SPLC trains anywhere between 2,000 and 8,000 police officers a year… in everything from hate crimes training to…. Training in hate groups and domestic terrorism.¨ (Dave Gahary, ¨SPLC Admits Defining ¨Hate¨ is Purely Subjective,¨ American Free Press, Jan. 31, 2011).

Another recent article confirms the ongoing process of U.S. police militarization, the strategic empowerment of America´s police departments enabling them, not to more efficiently handle crime and terrorism, but to better bludgeon Christian Americans who are prone to morally resist State Totalitarianism and World Government. ¨The U.S. military has some of the most advanced killing equipment in the world that allows it to invade almost wherever it likes at will.¨

¨We produce so much military equipment that inventories of military robots, M-16 assault rifles, helicopters, armored vehicles, and grenade launchers eventually start to pile up and it turns out a lot of the weapons are going straight to American police forces to be used against U.S. citizens.

Benjamin Carlson at the Daily reports on a little known endeavor called the ¨1033 Program¨ that gave more than $500 million of military gear to U.S. police forces in 2011 alone.¨ (Robert Johnson, ¨The Pentagon is Offering Free Military Hardware to Every Police Department in the U.S.¨ Business Insider, Dec. 10, 2011). The article adds, ¨Now it all makes sense why (the Zionist) New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he has his own army with the NYPD.¨

¨The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has become the world´s most powerful Gestapo; the brain center of a vast spy network and the intelligence unit of a vast number of Jewish organizations. Their secret agents spy on American citizens. Extensive files and dossiers are compiled on those whom they dislike… Throughout their multitudinous controls of the media…. They are capable of destroying reputations and silencing all rebuttal. Our imagination is staggered by its apparent control of the avenues of communication.¨

Senator Jack Tenney (1971)…

Since the United States first started handing out U.S. taxpayer dollars to Israel, the tiny Middle Eastern country has received more than $10 trillion….

… Before this multi-theatred phony War on Terror is over, which again is Israel´s war not ours, it could cost the working class in America, who can barely keep afloat as it is, as much as 15 trillion dollars or more. $10 trillion plus $15 trillion comes to $25 trillion! (Akins, 2012).

The nearly seven-decade long Jewish-communist holocaust against Christians (as well as fellow Jews=- from Russia to East Europe to Asia, Africa and South America – is estimated at a staggering 160 – 180 million people. (See Malcolm Muggeridge´s Winter in Moscow, The Black Book of Communism by six French scholars and Voices of Loss and Courage compiled by B.U. Neary and H. Schneider-Riggs.)

¨The Jewish Utopia¨ is the title of a most revealing book authored by university professor Michael Higger and which was uncovered by Robert Williams in the library of the University of Texas during extensive research on the communist menace. ¨The Jewish Utopia¨ was published in 1932 by the Lord Baltimore Press of Maryland. ¨The Jewish Utopia¨ is, according to William´s published commentary that goes by the title of ¨The Ultimate World Order- An Analysis of ¨The Jewish Utopia¨ ¨the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination.¨ The Jewish Utopia and New World Order are one and the same beast-in-the-making. Zionism and the New World Order are one and the same thing. The New World Order is where Zionism intends to take all the peoples and nations of the earth, and Zionism seeks nothing less than a Universal Satanic Republic under Talmudic Rule.

¨Israel has a stranglehold on America. Their lobby AIPAC has pushed and manipulated America into wars of little or no interest to our national security…. Our sons and daughters are being shipped home in body bags,. These wars have now bankrupted America and no one- no one- has even whispered a warning from our nation´s capital (other than Congressman Ron Paul)…. Our one-sided foreign policy in the Mideast favoring Israel on every issue has turned the Arab world against us and has exported to America the terrorism, violence and danger resulting from these misguided policies…

Yes, American kids are being shipped home in body bags to grieving parents who have lost their jobs and pensions due to these ¨Israeli wars.¨ That´s right, ¨ISRAELI WARS!¨- Wars of expansion for Israel, at the expense and pain of the people of the U.S.A.¨
Congressman James Traficant, Ohio

¨This tyranny is also the first in history which cannot be mentioned for fear of being banded ¨anti-semitic¨ and a ¨hater.¨ Trust me, the hatred is entirely on the (Jewish) Cabalist side.¨

Henry Makow, ¨Illuminati- The Cult that Hijacked the World¨

V. From ¨The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme: The Rothschild Empire: The Modern-Day Pharisees and the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of the New World Order¨ (Michael Collins Piper, 2010)

On the Importance of the Talmud

The hateful philosophy of the Jewish Talmud – which, as we shall see, is the primary foundation of Judaism today and certainly a virtual guidebook for the Jewish goal of a global imperium- is something that few ¨goyim¨ know about. But they should.

Dr. Auguste Rohling, a professor at the University of Prague in the late 19th century was a student of Hebrew and assembled a translation of the Talmud. This is what Rohling described as the basis of the Talmud:

1) The soul of the Jew is part of God himself; the souls of the other peoples come from the Devil and resemble those of brutes,
2) Domination over other peoples is the right of the Jews alone,
3) Awaiting the coming of the Messiah, the Jews live in a continual state of war with other peoples,
4) When the victory of the Jews is won, other peoples will accept the Jewish religion; however the Christians will not be given this privilege, but will be exterminated because they belong to the Devil.
5) The Jew is the substance of God; a Gentile who strikes him deserves death.
6) Non-Jews are created to serve Jews.
7) A Jew is forbidden to show mercy to his enemies.
8) A Jew may be a hypocrite to a non-Jew.
9) To despoil a non-Jew is permitted.
10) If anyone returns to a Christian something he has lost, God will not pardon him.
11) God has ordained that the Jew shall take usury from the non-Jew in order to injure him.
12) The best of the non-Jews should be exterminated; the honest life of a Gentile should be the object of hate.
13) If a Jew can deceive a Gentile by pretending to be a non-Jew, he is permitted to do so.

(Judaism and Zionism) reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to a simple and handy division into two countries, and two nations, Jews and Goyim (the non-Jews). Goyim are the enemy and the Jewish clergy and the Israeli Zionist regime, in effect, put the non-Jews outside the law and create a state of interrupted enmity between Jews and all other peoples, justifying a religion of misanthropy and hatred toward people of other religions to serve the global strategy of Imperialism

Yevgeny Yevseev, Fascism
On the Jewish-English Alliance and the Jewish-British New World Order

The English government is only the British facqde for the Jew in the background. The English statesmen are the well-paid dummies of the Jewish-English finance-capitalism.

The British Empire is the highest capitalistic concern which exists. It is an enormous corporation, whose principle shareholders are Jews. The aim of this company is the exploitation of the people who live within the British Empire and in the states under British hegemony, and the ever-increasing accumulation of untold wealth, which only benefits, and is enjoyed by, the ruling Jewish-English plutocratic clique.

In England we therefore find on the one hand excessive riches and on the other hand dire poverty and destitution of millions of the English people. The Jewish-English capitalism, the Jewish-English plutocracy is not satisfied with merely exploiting the inhabitants of the colonies in the most shameless way; in its insatiable greed it in no way shows a sense of responsibility towards its own nation.

German information agency, World-Service

It was the late Cecil Rhodes who dreamed of a planet ruled by Britain, with the former American colonies reunited as an integral part of that empire: in many respects, quite parallel to the concept of a Jewish Utopia.
While Rhodes talked of Anglo-Saxon domination of the globe, he was referring to the power elite of the British Empire but we do know well now that the British Empire was hardly in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon people of England. Rather, it was held firmly in the grip of the Rothschild Empire. And Cecil Rhodes himself was, in reality, only a very highly influential and well-paid asset and agent of the Rothschild interests.

While Rhodes is recalled today as the ¨eminence grise¨ of the British imperial dream, British historian Niall Ferguson´s book ¨The House of Rothschild: The World´s Banker 1849-1999¨ provides the reader with the specific data that demonstrates beyond any question, that, as Ferguson put it, the Rothschilds had a ¨substantial financial hold over Rhodes,¨ who was indubitably a creature of their making.

…. In regard to the ¨British¨ elite, it should be noted again, at this juncture, that – in fact – many of the ancient aristocratic families of Britain had increasingly begun to mix with members of the Jewish banking elite. As English writer Hillaire Belloc noted:

Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled to countries where the gentry had not yet (intermarried with Jews).

…. Jewish – and, of course, most especially, Rothschild Empire influence, was well-entrenched even in the great global corporate institutions that were synonymous with the ¨British¨ Empire- quite notably even the famed British East India Company.

American author L. B. Woolfolk, in his classic (and little-known) work, ¨The Great Red Dragon,¨ published in 1890, described the fall of the East India Company into the hands of International Jewish Finance:

In 1764, the British East India Company was the grandest and richest corporation in the world. It was the only corporation which ruled a territorial empire. It was enriched by traffic, by the extension of its trade through the conquest of the trading stations of its Continental rivals and by the wholesale plunder of India.

It had been from the first the best investment of capital to be found in the British Islands. Its stock was eagerly taken by all who had the means. The mercantile class took as much stock as they could afford; but, as we know, merchants usually have little more capital than they need for their regular business.

…. But the great capitalists of that age were the Jews. They were the money holders. They subscribed largely to the stock…. And thus it came to pass that the greater part of the stock of the East India Company, and of other companies afterwards organized out of the dividends of that great company, fell into the hands of the Jews. The Jews became the great Money Kings of the world.

E.C. Knuth pointed out, this grand dream of what we now refer to as the New World Order had one problem: its advocates failed to see that there were going to be gigantic wars of the future stemming from what he called ¨the opposition of powerful races who would decline to recognize a fantastic doctrine of the racial superiority of the Anglo-Saxon (people) and of its preordained destiny to rule all the races of the earth.¨

In fact, this doctrine was an integral part of the ¨secret ideology of international finance.¨ But, if truth be told, this secret ideology- masked in some ways by Rhodes´ dream of Anglo-Saxon rule – was, of course, the age-old Talmudic dream of a global imperium.

In this instance, the agenda of achieving The Jewish Utopia was hiding behind the image of Anglo-Saxon England which, by the time of the 20th century, was an integral (perhaps the central) mechanism by which the Rothschild Empire (as the royal house of the ruling Jewish elite) was working through the City of London to establish its New World Order.

…. The Jewish-English alliance originated solely and simply through the inseparable bond between Jewish Imperialism and British Imperialism, and in the fact that Jewish finance-capital is identical with British finance-capital. (WorldService)

… Today, the great colossus known as Russia – free of the grip of Communism and Capitalism, two heads of the same dragon – stands in the way of the New World Order. Even as this is written in 2009 we see agitation for confrontation with Russia arising in the Rothschild-connected spheres of influence in the West, particularly in the United States, with the Zionist ¨neo-conservatives¨ effectively banging the drum for war against Russia. (This authors works, ¨The Golem¨ and ¨The Judas Goats¨ explore this phenomenon in some detail.)

….. Scion of another great German-Jewish banking family, (Paul) Warburg was the principle architect of the Federal Reserve System, brought into being in 1913, which consolidated control over the American monetary system into the hands of the Rothschild Empire and International Jewish Finance.

… As we have noted, (Cecil) Rhodes was an instrument of the Rothschild Empire from his very entrée into the world of global finance and industry, but the same can be said for Carnegie, titanic figure though he was. The ¨organization¨ to which Knuth specifically referred, in this particular instance, was the so-called Pilgrim Society which promoted British-American fellowship. The Pilgrim Society was founded in London in 1902 four months after the death of Cecil Rhodes and, of course, as noted, the Rhodes concept was to return the United States to the direct and open control of the British Empire. And there are many Americans of wealth and influence who were active in this organization.

The New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (which interlocked closely with the Pilgrim Society) was, nothing more than an American off-shoot, a junior cousin, so to speak, of the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), itself a foreign policy arm of the Rothschild Empire which used the RIIA as its base of operations for directing the official foreign ventures of the ¨British¨ Empire. And the RIIA was based in ¨The City¨ of London.

On Judaism as Sole World Religion in the New World Order

The rabbis proclaim: ¨The people of Israel will conquer spiritually the peoples of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory.¨ Note the concept of conquer, as in battle. Note the concept of Israel raised above all others- as in supremacy and superiority. Violence and racism toward the non-Jews: as simple as that.

…. Many Jewish writers and philosophers of consequence have said that there will eventually be global religion and, in fact, we have seen efforts to infiltrate all of the religions of the world, to move theme closer to one another, and this, Higger (¨The Jewish Utopia¨) related, has been part of the prophecy: ¨The nations would first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord to serve him.¨

In other words, there would be a world government and one global religion, and as Higger and others have noted, that international religion would be Judaism. That would be the ¨spiritual conquest¨ of the world.

…. Indeed, it will be the Jewish power, seated in Jerusalem, headed by a descendent of the House of David- referred to as ¨the Holy One¨ – who will divide up the property of the world.

VI. ¨Real Reason for ISIS and the War Against Assad¨ (Preston James, Ph.D., 2015)

The real reason behind ISIS and their war against Assad and Syria is a secret 995 year old Blood Feud of the Khazarian Mafia (ETK: the Jews) against the Persians and the Russians. The Khazarian Mafia Bolsheviks (ETK: aka Jews) stripped mother Russia of billions in gold, silver, jewels, and artwork, while beginning a bloodbath of rape, torture and mass murder of about 100-200 million non-Khazarian Russians (ETK: overwhelmingly Christians). This Blood Feud against Russia is based on the Khazarians unmitigated inter-generational rage against the Russians for helping the Persians (now Iran) destroy Khazaria in about 1020 AD because it had become a criminal nation of robbers, murderers, and identity impersonators and had not heeded its warnings to clean its house from top to bottom.

…. This plan involves destroying Syria then using it as a staging area for the destruction of Iran. Iran is an essential step in the construction of Greater Israel (Eretz Israel= which will engulf the whole Mideast for the Khazarian mafia (ETK: Jews) and Israel its main action-agent.

This plan also involves using NATO and the US Military to surround the Russian Federation with offensive missiles and missile defenses while making international manipulations to destroy Russia economically.
The plan always is to use false-flag terror to serve as a trigger to justify the deployment of the American military as the Khazarian Mafia´s enforcer. Once the targeted nations governments are destroyed and the citizens uprooted and driven from their lands, the Khazarian Mafia (ETK: Jewish) associated large corporations come in and cheaply acquire any and all natural resources in order to make massive profits.

….. The Russian Federation has seen all this coming and has now taken major steps working with most of the World to set up major financial and economic firewalls against the US Petro Dollar which is actually owned and controlled by the Khazarian Mafia Banksters working out of the City of London.

All the recent Mideast war beginning with Iraq1 by Bush1 are actually part of an elaborate Khazarian Mafia (Jewish) plan to use the infiltrated and hijacked American Military to fight proxy wars for the Khazarian Mafia and its Cutout Israel in order to institute its ¨Greater Israel¨ (Eretz Yisreal) expansion plan designed to eventually destroy Syria, Iran and then surround and destroy the new Russian federation.

…. This Khazarian Mafia Blood Feud is also based on the Khazarian Mafia´s extreme and unmitigated hatred of Russia for twice aiding America in its resistance to her private City of London Fiat-based central Banking System, the first time blockading England from America in the Revolutionary War and the second time blockading England in the Civil War.

They used the Cold War to try and set off a nuclear WW3 that would have totally destroyed Russia, but this was stopped by President Reagan using his personal Secret Agent Lee Wanta, who negotiated a win/win settlement which has resulted in a new Russian Federation. A new Russia which is a non-communist, non-fascist nation has been restored economically.

The leaders of the Khazarian Mafia are part of a ¨bloodline family¨ system that never forgets when any group or nation thwarts its evil empire agendas. When the Khazarian Mafia is blocked in the attainment of any of their goals or blocked by any nation or group, they harbor continuing revenge and plots against its enemies (secretly referred to as ¨Goyim¨ – ETK: Hebrew word for cattle or beasts) forever until they are completely infiltrated, hijacked and preferably destroyed after being completely asset stripped.

…. In about 780 AD the Russians and Persians warned the Khazarian King (Bulon) that his road warrior behavior of murdering and robbing travelers and stealing their identities must stop. (King Bulon) was given an ultimatum, make one of the three Abrahamic religions their official national religion or else they would be dealt with and destroyed.

The Khazarian King declared that he selected Judaism as the Khazarian national religion, but in the upper ruling circles secret Baal worship was continued. Baal worship is also known as High Babylonian Talmudism (secret Luciferian Black Magic) and involves the sacrifice of children to Lucifer as well as the use of Babylonian Money-Magic which is ¨making money from nothing.¨ This is done by charging pernicious usury lending folks private money which should have been their own in the first place. This inner Khazarian circle of rulers began to function as a large national organized crime group, a type of organized crime which has gained control of a nation´s rulership.

…. They were eventually able to create a significant money-changing empire in Germany and then used trickery to manipulate the English stock market and take it over. This allowed the Rothschild banking family to take over the City of London and assume leadership over the British Empire which was beginning to decline.

Once the Khazarian Mafia infiltrated and hijacked British City of London Banking and could manufacture all the money it wanted and distribute it to whomever they wanted, they became the largest and wealthiest Organized Crime syndicate in the world. The Rothschild Khazarians came up with a very crafty plan to transform the waning British Empire into a secret worldwide Khazarian Mafia Banking Empire based on central fiat banking franchised out of the City of London. Once this Khazarian Mafia private FIAT based central Banking system was franchised to America in 1913 by the illegal, unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the die was set. The Khazarian Mafia was then able to buy, bribe, and human compromise almost every single elected official and USG official and federal judge in America.

Right now every member of Congress except one, Rep. Walter Jones, R-NC, has apparently signed an AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place Israel first even before America. Apparently, AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) has rewarded each signer with massive campaign funding and very large perks. Signing such an AIPAC agreement is Treason and Sedition because AIPAC is an espionage front for the Khazarian Mafia which has proven itself to be an active enemy of America.

They attacked America on 9-11-01 with the help of Israeli-American ¨Israel-first¨ Dual Citizen Traitors in PNAC (Project for a New American Century think tank), top NeoCons, and Traitors in the Administration, JCS, USAF, NORAD, and the FAA. Last time I checked Treason as defined as aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States of America. Certainly taking an AIPAC loyalty oath to place Israel first is a direct and clear violation of one´s Oath of Office for any member of Congress.

Once the Khazarian Banksters used their endless supply of money (they can print or issue all they want and have no oversight at all) to gain control over Congress, the Administration, and the Pentagon, it was then easy to deploy the CIA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia-trained, supplied, and paid mercenaries to create Mideast terror to start wars. Once this Terror Machine was deployed and used to create chaos, death, and destruction of innocent civilians in the Mideast and in America on 9-11-01, it was easy to motivate the American masses to support the deployment of the American Military to fight these wars for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

…. Right now Putin and the Russian Federation have created a complete checkmate against the Khazarian Mafia´s ISIS and the Israeli-American Terror Machine and has fully exposed America, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as those who created, supplied, and paid the mercenaries making up ISIS (aka the Islamic State which is anything but that.)

Bottom line…. The Israeli-American Terror Machine…. Has deployed mercenaries hired, trained, supplied, and paid by the CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to attack the nation of Syria. These mercenaries are labelled as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nursra, Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA Duh= and the like but they are all part of the Khazarian Mafia´s Israel-American Terror Machine.

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, then uses the US military to fight its proxy wars for Israel and to earn massive profits. The Khazarian Mafia uses UK, Israeli, and American Intelligence factions and especially the Pentagon to traffick in massive quantities of illegal narcotics to generate massive ¨off the books¨ money for black ops and payoffs to politicians and government officials they ¨own.¨

The big question remains: Was the true cause of leaders of the Khazarian Mafia´s incredible evil and savagery toward the human race a byproduct of nature or nurture? (Preston James, Ph.D., veteranstoday.com)

VII. From ¨Under the Sign of the Scorpion¨ by Juri Lina (2002)

As revealed in Lina´s ¨Under the Sign of the Scorpion¨ (1999), Jewish Bolshevik revolutionary and first Prime Minister of the U.S.S.R., Vladimir Ulyanov (aka Lenin), stated:

¨May 90 percent of the Russian people perish if 10 percent will experience the world revolution,¨ and

¨The people must be taught to hate. We shall begin with the young. The children will be taught to hate their parents. We can and must write a new language which sows hatred, detestation and similar feelings among the masses against those who do not agree with us,¨ and

¨Dictatorship is a state of intensive warfare,¨ and

¨We must utilize all possible cunning and illegal methods, deny and conceal the truth.¨
Lina (1999) states that (Ulyonov/Lenin)… ¨introduced logocracy (power through the use of barefaced lies), which became a political weapon.¨

Under the subheading ¨Lenin´s Terror,¨ Lina (2002) states:

¨In 1975, a collection of documents was published in Moscow, ¨Lenin and the Cheka,¨ which explains that Lenin had adopted the terror methods of Maximilien ¨de¨ Robespierre (a leader of the French Revolution)… The Vice Chairman of the Cheka, Martyn Lacis (actually Janis Sudrabs, a Latvian Jew) wrote the following in his book ¨The Cheka´s Struggle Against the Counter-Revolution¨ (Moscow, 1921, p. 8): ¨We Israelites must buid the society of the future on the basis of constant fear.¨ Lenin wrote a letter in 1918, in which he commented upon the critical nature of the situation. It is apparent that Lenin managed to mobilise 1,400,000 Jews, the majority of whom worked for the Cheka. They were given free rein.

Here are some examples of Lenin´s ¨mild¨ telegrams in 1918: ¨A troika of dictators should be established and mass-terror should be begun at once… Full speed to the mass arrests. Execute weapons owners! Begin the mass deportation of the Mensheviks and other suspects.¨ The executions should be increased! (Collected Works, Vol. 35, p. 275.)

….. Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka´s weekly newspaper. In this way it can be proved that 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-1919. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters. According to official Soviet reports from May 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January, 1921 to April 1922. Among these victims were bishops, professors, doctors, officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers…. Their crime was ¨anti-social thinking.¨

Here it must be pointed out that the Cheka was under the control of the Jews, according to documents now available. Much of this was known already in 1925. The researcher Larseh wrote in his book ¨The Blood-Lust of Bolshevism¨ (Wurttemberg, p. 45) that 50 percent of the Cheka consisted of Jews with Jewish names. 25 percent were Jews who had taken Russian names. All the chiefs were Jews.

Lenin was well informed about all those serious crim ¨Put more force into the terror…. Shoot every tenth person, place all the suspects in concentration camps.¨… Lenin incarcerated people without any sentence.

Lenin and his accomplices did not arrest just anyone. They executed those most active in society, the independent thinkers. Lenin gave orders to kill as many students as possible in several towns…. The role of Russian intellectuals in society was taken over by the Jews.

The terror was co-ordinated by the Chekist functionary Joseph Unschlicht. The Jewish Chekists flavoured murder with various torture methods. In his documentary, ¨The Russia We Lost,¨ the director Stanislav Govorukhin told how the priesthood in Kherson were crucified. The archbishop Andronnikov in Perm was tortured: his eyes were poked out, his ears and nose were cut off.

Compare these crimes with the Old Testament account of King David´s massacre of the entire civilian population of an enemy (¨thus did he unto all the cities of the children of Ammon.¨) He ¨cut them with saws and with harrows of iron¨ and ¨made them pass through the brikkiln.¨ … The Jewish extremists´ serious crimes in Russia were committed in the true spirit of the Old Testament (King James´ Bible):

– The god of the Israelites demands the mass murder of gentiles (i.e., goyim = non-Jews), including women and children
(Deuteronomy, 20: 16)
– Yahweh wishes to spread terror among the Gentiles (Deuteronomy, 2:25).
– Yahweh demands the destruction of other religions (Deuteronomy 7:5).
– The Jews may divide the prey of a great spoil (Isaiah, 33:23)
– The Jews may make Gentiles their slaves (Isaiah, 14:2).
– Those refusing to serve the Jews shall perish and be utterly wasted (Isaiah, 60:12)
– Gentiles shall be forced to eat their own flesh (Isaiah, 49: 26).,

….. In Deuteronomy 20:10-17 we are informed that all other nations must work for the Jews if they come into the Jews´ dominion. If they resist, they must be killed and their property robbed. All goyim must be exterminated where the Jews already live. In Deuteronomy 7:16 (King James Bible), one can read the following: ¨And thou shalt consume all the people that the LORD thy god shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity on them.¨

…. As can be seen, Judaism is an extremely racist doctrine. This is confirmed time after time in both the Talmud and the Torah. ¨Humanity is blessed soley for the sake of the Jews.¨ (Talmud, Jebamot 63a.) ¨All Jews are born the children of kings.¨ (Shabbat 67a.) ¨The Jews are more agreeable to God than the angels. (Chullin 91b.)… ¨Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are called animals.¨ (Baba Batra 114b,Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a).

Returning to the Bolshevik terror…. In the beginning of the 1920s there were already 70,000 prisoners in 300 concentration camps, according to ¨The Russian Revolution¨ by Richard Pipes at Harvard University, though in reality there were probably many more. It was in this manner that Lenin built his GULAG archipelago.

….. Lenin´s primary goal was to exterminate the most intelligent part of the Russian population. When the giants are gone, the dwarves may revel. The Chekists usually invented the charges against the intellectuals…. Lenin began the persecution of intellectuals immediately after his rise to power. He made them starve to death or forced them to emigrate, or jailed or murdered them. Thus he gave orders to murder hundreds of thousands of intellectuals…. In this way, Lenin drained the country of its finest minds. Eventually, Lenin managed to purge Russia almost entirely of educated, wise and free-thinking people. The worst began to rule the best of those who were still left. What had been regarded as wrong for centuries now became a virtue…. And Russia was turned into a bandit state.

….. The great author Mkhail Bulgakov… stated… ¨All has been forbidden. I am crushed, persecuted and totally alone,¨ he wrote in a letter to Gorky. 13 of Bulgakov´s 15 critics were Jews.

…. The Bolsheviks began manipulating history precisely as it suited them in order to hide their crimes. They presented their ¨history¨ precisely as they wished the world to perceive it. That was why the greatest threat to Communism, which was entirely based on lies and fear, were those who bravely dared to speak the truth. Speaking the truth was regarded as anti-Soviet agitation and punished accordingly. During the Glasnost period 1986-1991, such truthfulness pierced the very ¨heart¨ of Communism and destroyed it.

Does this hellish environment not sound a lot like the hellish environment that has been created for America today? And for ¨TIs in particular?

There is a good reason why these words and ideas are considered ¨politically incorrect¨ ¨hate speech.¨ The reason is that our Jew-controlled American ¨totalitarian democracy,¨ just like the Jew-controlled Communist system of the Soviet Union, cannot withstand the light of truth. Thus, our Jew-own government-propaganda system must criminalize any and expressions of the truth and criticism, just as they did during their criminal Soviet regime.

ETK Conclusion: Let us not forget that the ¨neoconservative¨ faction that has formulated the main foreign and domestic policies of the Clinton, Bush II, Obama and now, the Trump Administrations, is mostly comprised of Jews, many of whom are dual Israel-American citizens. Their intellectual and spiritual ¨godfather¨ is Leo Strauss, the German Jewish-Nazi University of Chicago professor! His main mentors, in turn, were crypto-Jew Nicolo Machiavelli, author of ¨The Prince,¨ and the German Jewish philosophers Hegel, Frederich Nietche, and the Nazi, Carl Schmidt.

Hence, the term ¨Zionazi¨ seems to be an apt description of our criminal leadership and GOG´S NeW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups´ Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operations) is an accurate description of their criminal global organized gang stalking system.