“SHADOW GOVERNMENT GESTAPO’S” (CIA/NSA/FBI & BRITISH MI6/GCHQ, etc.) Criminal, Unconstitutional Targeting Of American Citizens AND COUP AGAINST CANDIDATE/PRESIDENT TRUMP Explained by Ex-CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer, Kevin Shipp (2/20/19 youtube)

“Where Are the Whistleblowers?” (Soft Coup, Program 1) Youtube presentation by Ex-CIA Counter-terrorism Official and Whistleblower, Kevin Shipp

Ex-CIA, Kevin Shipp: “Any federal agency or agency employee that violates the Constitution is committing a felony, or multiple felonies. And that’s what’s happened in the case of the CIA.”

Webmaster’s Introduction: This is a very small part of a much larger story…… Let us hope this scandal will lead to the exposure of the entire CIA-NSA-DOD-DHS-FBI-NASA-NATO mind control-targeting system.

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