Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers (by Ramola D, October, 2018)

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked U.S. Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

By Ramola D

In 2018: Illegitimate programs of targeting Americans and others worldwide are being run by Fusion Centers in local US communities (& UK and Australian and European and Asian and other American communities): people are being “put under Surveillance” wrongfully by CASUALLY and CRIMINALLY naming them terrorists, extremists, secret spies, mentally ill, and troublemakers.

Image: https://www.factinate.com/things/37-devastating-facts-gulags/ http://www.veritasintezet.hu/en/

Once watchlisted or terror listed, surveillees are trafficked by local fusion centers and city and county and State governments into lucrative military and Air Force/other Fed agency Directed-Energy Weapons-testing and neuro/social sciences experimentation contracts, where they are subjected to extreme, inhumane, barbaric, terminal 24/7 assault with radiation or Spectrum neuroweapons (often coupled with covert implantation), in tandem with extremely persecutory and provocative organized stalking or COINTELPRO which includes Psy Ops and echo-stalking in a variety of persecutory actions designed to

elicit the diagnosis of delusional/paranoid/schizoid and eventually psych-commit or utterly destroy the target’s life, and
provoke the target into self-incriminating reaction so they can be arrested and incarcerated, or, significantly, pushed into suicide.

The intention appears to be the incarceration, pushed-suiciding, or Psych-committing of all “people of interest” who exhibit signs of any or all of these: integrity, conscience, high accomplishment, spiritual anchoring, deep faith, a religious outlook, outspokenness, morality, principles, natural leadership, charisma, independence, talent, personal power, psychic powers, community-mindedness, and civic-mindedness, who speak out against corruption, who whistleblow about corruption, fraud, injustice, distinguish themselves as intellectuals and activists, and who cannot be manipulated.

These people are being Character-Assassinated as pedophiles, prostitutes, drug traffickers, drug addicts, child-molesters, porn frequenters or makers, troublemakers, “conspiracy theorists,” “violent extremists,” “terrorists,” “gravely mentally ill,” having “severe untreated mental illness,” and other unsavory lies, libel, and slander in their communities via Outright Lies, Fabrications, and Falsified Records handed out by employees of the FBI, DHS, and Fusion Centers to their neighbors and local businesses.

These people are being named Targets and Subjects and Threats and being given “Threat Assessment” allocations as High Threats.

“Targets” are blacklisted and bullied and harassed out of their jobs and careers.

Targets are lied about to their own families and suffer social ostracizing.

Targets are shunned by neighbors, family members, and treated in hostile fashion by utter strangers.

Targets are monitored by neighbors on arrival and departure from their houses; neighbors are set up to noise-harass the target when he or she works outside; to “watch closely” and to overtly surveil and stare at in hostile fashion, to mock and echo and ridicule when outside.

Targets are pre-empted wherever they go—to local gyms, cafes, restaurants, retail stores, community centers, bookstores, museums, bus stations, train stations, airports, schools, colleges, Universities, churches, temples—by Fusion Center personnel or contractors “notifying” staff at these places of the “High Threat Assessment” of the target, who is now required to be “watched closely.” Psy Op abusive scripts—usually involving thwarting the target in some way, refusing his or her requests, or delaying them, or creating problems for them or some such—are also being handed out.

Targets are swarmed in grocery and retail stores, bumped into, cut off continuously, subjected to street theatre inside and outside stores—as well as being hit with monitoring radar pulses.

Targets are stalked in traffic on the roadways with excessive traffic, hazardous driving, absurd and often continuous cut-offs, brighting, winking, one-headlight stalking, EXTENDED TRAFFIC LIGHTS (so local Law Enforcement is FULLY INVOLVED), OBSTRUCTIVE AND DANGEROUS PARKING on streets—close to corners, out in narrow streets where people used to park in their driveways, vans and SUVS and trucks parking half on sidewalks on extremely busy thoroughfares and main roads, bottle-necking on many streets (so Local MAYORS, SHERIFFS, POLICE are all clearly involved), zooming up and down target neighborhoods, excessive and unprecedented traffic in target neighborhoods, massive noise harassment from vehicles, small-airplane stalking, commercial airplane stalking, and helicopter stalking and flyovers.

Much of this co-ordinated Target Assault is being contrived, probably on AI networks, via Citizen Watch, Neighborhood Watch, Infragard, Home Guard, and other groups set up by the Homeland Security and Intelligence Community War on Terror initiatives post Patriot Act and post 9/11. Some of this is also being pulled off by “Participatory Research” conducted on Public Behavior and Social Engineering Project Minerva projects run by the DOD and Universities, rolled into COINTELPRO and Psy Ops (the latter now being permitted by a treasonous Executive Order permitting Psychological Warfare on American citizens); in other words Psychological Terrorism and Gangstalking is being hidden by abusive, invasive, but legitimacy-seeking University and DOD programs. This is also being pulled off by Public-Private Partnerships where DHS or fusion centers engage in “partnerships” with local and Fed businesses both—so targets can be “electronically surveilled” (meaning pulse-shot with tracking radar) and mistreated by the local pizza parlor and UPS/FEDEX both.

Targets are also attacked extremely with Directed Energy/RF/microwave weapon assaults when outside, in efforts it appears to force them to stay at home—where also, however, they are being hit on a nonstop basis, daily.

Targets are prevented, thwarted, or attacked from volunteering, working in gainful employment, or engaging in normal social interaction.

Targets are therefore SET UP to be named “lone wolves,” “anti-social,” “unproductive members of society”, with no social connections.

The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, CIA/NSA & FBI is responsible for these illegal actions of wrongful targeting, wrongful character-assassination, and wrongful social isolating of targets: this is Social and Psychological Terrorism.

Targets are subjected to harassive, provoking COINTELPRO fully run by, known to, and condoned by local fusion centers and the FBI: this too is Social and Psychological Terrorism.

The Department of Defense self-permits the character-assassination and social isolation of targets in order to freely victimize and exploit targets. This too is Psychological and Social Terrorism.

While laws against discrimination, hostility, sexual harassment in the American workplace, and stalking exist, people being targeted by the FBI/DHS are treated like SUB-HUMAN COCKROACHES WHO NEED TO BE STAMPED OUT OF SOCIETY with EXECRABLE AND CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR LEVELED AT THEM FROM EVERYONE IN SOCIETY—WHO ARE BEING TRAINED BY FBI/DHS TO TREAT THEIR FELLOW HUMANS LIKE DIRT. This is not American, not legal, not normal, and not human.

Targets are USED and ABUSED in deadly neuro/bio-experiments and DEW tests where (as per testimonial, photographic and video evidence, meter recordings and radiographic/forensic toxicology evidence) different parts of their bodies are being burned, bruised, contused, irradiated, day after day; their brains are being remote—EEG’d, BCI’d, and pulse-shot to degrade brain power and processes (Yes Harrison Bergeron is in the house); they are being continuously irradiated with low-level, low-power streams and pulses of microwaves from satellites, celltowers, installed and portable emitters designed to induce cancers and organ/joint damage; they are being attacked with nanotechnology weapons, bioweapons and chemical weapons; they are being sleep-deprived nightly with disruptive RF-wake-up frequencies sent to their brains during REM sleep cycles, so their bodies cannot heal from the daily onslaught of DEW assaults, Neurotech abuse, high-stress COINTELPRO and Community-Wide Psy Op assaults they are subjected to, day after day after day. This is classic MK ULTRA TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL as exposed in the ’70s and TORTURE. The US Department of Defense, the US Air Force, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, and other agencies working with them via Fusion Centers are absolutely and fully engaging in actions of TORTURE—fully prohibited by all international human rights conventions, treaties, agreements, and declarations including the Nuremberg Treaty, the Geneva Conventions, the Rome Statute, and others—on the bodies of American citizens and people worldwide.

This EXTREME TREASON and PERFIDY being visited on Americans by the US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and CIA and FBI and DHS should be known and condemned worldwide.

The use of people’s bodies and brains, NON-CONSENSUALLY, and CRIMINALLY, in these DOD/CIA/NSA/FBI projects run as undercover black operations while pretending to ensure that targets are “under surveillance” and run on Luciferian Human Sacrifice notions of Sacrifice of the Few for the “Good” or “Benefit” of All, hidden under cover of the whopping BIG FAT LIE of “National Security,” is an act of Predatory Targeting and Terrorism by utterly IMMORAL, AMORAL, UNETHICAL, INHUMANE, SADISTIC BARBARIANS in the US GOVERNMENT engaging also in MASSIVE FINANCIAL FRAUD, TRICKERY, PIRACY, and RACKETEERING—while running SECRET TORTURE and SATANIC RITUAL TARGETING and ABUSE operations on citizens for their PRIVATE OCCULTIST PURPOSES of creating PAIN, TERROR, TORTURE, HORROR, BURNS, SLOWKILL in human populations.

These actions of targeting people not merely innocent of any criminal wrongdoing but outstanding, upright, and in the middle of productive, meaningful lives and careers, or preparing for or in the middle of a restful and well-earned retirement—which are utterly destroyed by all the many diabolical aspects of this targeting– are criminal and illegal and should be widely and openly named as such.

Further, the CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN of these people, now known as Military TARGETS are also being targeted in exactly the same ways. Yes, American children – and children worldwide – are being assaulted with these stealth weapons.

What must also be mentioned is that these Americans’ & others’ brains are being monitored, scanned, read, inflenced and modified with sophisticated neuro technologies, Remote Neural Monitoring programs, covert BCI implantations, and wireless remote signal transmissions. This is being done both experimentally and operationally in programs for DOJ and DOD in Neuro Surveillance, Pre Crime, Countering Violent Extremism, Neuro Modification and Behavior Modification, as well as the DARPA/DOD/CIA testing of covert technologies whereby inner voices and willpower are being hijacked, brains are being downloaded into supercomputers, memories being removed, reworked, modified, neural circuits modified, synthetic images and sensations across the five senses being pumped into brains, other people’s brainwaves or EEGs heterodyned or mixed with yours, other people’s words being pumped out of people’s vocal chords (forced speech), other people’s thoughts interjected into one’s brain, then harvested as emanating from their own thinking in classic NEURO-FRAMING, and so on. Highly invasive, non-consensual neuro and brain hacking—EXTREMELY UNETHICAL and COMPLETELY NON-CONSENSUAL—is being carried out by crooked and amoral Intelligence agencies on targets—who, remember, are not even criminals, but good people of integrity that the NWO TROJAN ZIONAZI LUCIFERIAN CRIMINALS wish to utterly destroy.

Terminal Programs and Termination: The deadly programs of assault and non-consensual experimentation and weapons-testing being reported by “targets” as well as confirmed by US Government whistleblowers appear to be terminal; they do not stop, over years and decades, and those targeted are also being terminated with cancers–induced by radiation weapons–strokes, heart attacks–also induced by radiation weapons. There are many websites online with more information on targets who have been killed, soon to be published here as well. Many have also been pushed into suicide; note that all feelings of depression–like any human emotion, and intentions to suicide can be induced by radio frequency weapons. (Patents and whistleblowers confirm this.)

Psychiatry and Mainstream Media Complicity: A primary intention behind discrediting and dismissing all target testimonials and complaints and public notice of these crimes appears to be Sanctioned Social Abuse and Sanctioned Removal of Human and Civil Rights and Liberties so that targets can continue to be egregiously used openly in their own neighborhoods and communities as Military Industrial Community and Intelligence Community TEST SUBJECTS for TARGET PRACTICE with deadly new weapons. To this end, a massive and ongoing Government Propaganda campaign is being run, using co-opted and unethical psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, journalists, and editors of major mainstream newspapers such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Daily Beast and A/V media such as VICE, The History Channel, and Hollywood filmmakers supported by such channels and others to persuade citizens that all reporting victims or “Targeted Individuals” are “gravely mentally ill, delusional, paranoid, and troubled individuals with grandiose delusions of being stalked, echoed, implanted, and attacked by the government.”

The fact is, reporting victims speaking of being hit with radiation weapons, neurotechnologies, and being covertly implanted are not suffering from “grave mental disorders” and “severe untreated mental illness” but reporting grave criminal behavior by Intelligence agencies, fusion centers, Defense and Security contractors, the DOD and the DOJ.

Abject Failure & Refusal of ACLU, Amnesty International, International Committee of the Red Cross, American Red Cross, Other Big Human Rights Groups to Help: Essential to note as well is that all the big human rights and civil rights groups named here and others have FAILED TO HELP. John Finch, an early and tireless publisher of these crimes from Australia, whose lists of Targeted Individuals have been published by Wikileaks, has reported that thousands have contacted these groups and received no support or assistance. Many have reported to me they have contacted these groups and received no assistance. I can personally report I contacted ACLU Massachusetts in Boston in Winter 2013-2014 and was treated extremely rudely, with mockery, ridicule, hostility, and avid confrontation by front-office staff, and sent a brusque letter of information later by a senior attorney there stating ACLU Massachusetts could not help me, since I was an individual, and not a group, they said; I had gone in to report the sudden amounts of vehicular surveillance, multiple-car and multiple-person stalking all over Quincy, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham, and Boston, as well as 24/7 EMF radiation assaults on my body I had started to experience and first experienced starting November 2013. (More information on my experience is published at Washington’s Blog, and at World Beyond Belief, also at Ramola D Reports; to be collected here soon.) Basically, the fact is, these large groups are TURNING A BLIND EYE to notice of these deadly crimes against humanity–which, to me, points to their complicity in these crimes. Does the Globalist Khazarian ZioNazi Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros Mafia and Global Crime Syndicate–hiding like ROACHES inside the US GOVERNMENT–who appear to be running these MASSIVE Crimes on Humanity OWN these human rights groups? It certainly seems like it!

These are the reasons why these flyers for public education are very important, and why people all over the USA and worldwide need to be informed to understand the TRUTH of the EXECRABLE AND ATROCIOUS TARGETING AND TORTURE OPERATIONS that are being carried out, criminally, by the US GOVERNMENT on its own citizens, and on all people worldwide, under cover of SURVEILLANCE, NATIONAL SECURITY, and THREAT DETERRENCE.

Basic ethics, conscience, and morality calls for all of us to wake up and start listening to “Targeted Individuals,” and start acting ethically to save their lives.

Source: The information in this statement accrues from reading, research, reportage, my own first-hand experience, and other first-hand accounts offered in both private and published print, audio, or video interviews that several US Government whistleblowers, scientists, and reporting victims, both from the USA and internationally, have had with me–as a science and technology journalist, writer, and human rights advocate who has also been illegally targeted–at The Everyday Concerned Citizen or Ramola D Reports on Youtube/Vimeo/Bitchute. Several writers, researchers, whistleblowers, and journalists have contributed to our current global understanding of the truth of targeting, and their work continues to be recognized, featured, and honored at The Everyday Concerned Citizen, where I have been covering these issues for close to five years now.

Please read the reports, articles, and op-eds here at Ramola D/Reports and the whole site for more information; lists of links and sources are forthcoming.

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