Synonyms and Descriptors of “The Program,” including Related Programs, Technologies Involved, Symptoms Experienced, And Primary Perpetrators<

Epigraph Quotes:

“Dr. Ross Adey has found out that by using 0.75 milliwatts per square centimeter intensity of pulse modulated microwaves, at a frequency of 450 MHz, it is possible to control ALL aspects of human behavior!”

Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

“The integrated global surveillance grid is actually part of the holy grail of weapons and human control systems misused by corrupt government, especially in my beloved country (U.S.). The “Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate” has Skip Green on the governing board. (He is) one of my old colleagues at a technology think tank in Cambridge (MA, home of MIT and Harvard Universities) partly in charge of the radio frequency weapons testing for neurological disruption now torturing and killing people worldwide.”

Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Computer Scientist, “The Matrix Deciphered”

“We have been trying to concentrate evil as humans understand it to create weaponry that attacks the information systems of the brain and body. I didn’t know what we were fully doing at the time I served. I regret what I did.”

Former DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Program Agency) Scientist

155 Synonyms and Descriptors of “The Program,” including Related Programs, Technologies Involved, Symptoms Experienced, And Primary Perpetrators

1) COINTELPRO torture: government infliction of “cruel and unusual punishment” without due process of law.
2) Government-sponsored Counterterrorism (military-intelligence-government term for gangstalking-electronic torture)
3) state-sponsored terrorism
4) Cyber-terrorism (UN’s latest (2019-20) term for gangstalking)
5) global CIA’s Phoenix Program (civilian targeting, torture, and terrorism program developed by CIA during Vietnam War that involved “electronic battlefield” elements now deployed against TIs)
6) FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) Version 2.0- covert program to covertly neutralize political enemies of the state in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s (and thereafter as well).
7) CIA’s MHCHAOS (illegal covert program to monitor and neutralize political enemies of government that ran concurrently with the Phoenix Program and COINTELPRO)
7) Zersetzung (“decomposition”) of enemies of the state used by East German political police (STASI) against civilians
8) Similar programs run by Soviet Cheka, German Nazis, and other totalitarian nations
9) A cleverly disguised torture and murder program
10) Masonic Murder
11) Political Control Technologies
12) Secret DHS-FBI “Watchlisting” and total active surveillance & abuse
13) Ongoing CIA’s MKULTRA mind-behavioral control program and experiments from 1953 to today
14) MONARCH Program (U.S. military’s operational use of CIA’s MKULTRA mind and behavioral control and torture technologies)
15) “man-hunting business” (term used by Dr. James Canton of Globalfutures Inc. (government contractor/consultant) at SOFWERX-USSOCOM (Special Operations Command) in 2018)
16) Using “Dark Network Supply Chains” (term used by Dr. James Canton of Globalfutures Inc at SOFWERX-USSOCOM professional meeting: these secret supply chains are probably provided by Jeffrey Epstein-Mossad-CIA human trafficking-sex blackmail-“weird science” network as well as Canada’s (Bronfman) NEXVIUM and CIA Finders Operations and others)
17) cybernetics (man-machine integrations, historically utilizing implants- the unstated policy of US government since the 1940s)
18) non-concensual human biomedical experimentation- in violation of the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention and a host of other national and international laws
19) “Stalking to Ruin:” A Jewish Cultural Phenomenon Known to All Jews Above a Certain Age
20) Silent-Slow-Secret Dagger (Masonic terms for gangstalking program)
21) “White Glove” (Masonic term for gangstalking program)
22) Fair Game (Scientologist term for gangstalking: Scientology is UFO cult created by British and American intelligence)
23) electronic concentration camp
24) electronic battlefield
25) Unconventional/hybrid warfare against enemies of the state (military term that includes global Phoenix-stalking operations) aka Fourth Generation, asymmetrical, electronic, cyber, information, economic, net-centric, psychological, and neuro warfare, state-sponsored terrorism, low-intensity conflict, military operations other than war (MOOTW), use of regular, special, and irregular (civilian) forces, etc.)
26) Targeting and tracking of civilians by U.S. Space Force at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO, funded by CIA-Denver Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), including 7 satellite constellations, 190 satellites, 9 weapons systems, 1300 operations personnel
27) “Contract stalking” by citizen vigilante groups (Neighborhood Watch, Citizens on Patrol)
28) “Counter-intelligence stalking” by private security companies such as FBI-affiliated InfraGard
29) Biomedical Slavery
30) group bullying and psychological abuse on steroids
31) Covert government watchlisting, torture, and murder of dissidents, whistleblowers, enemies of the state, retirees, veterans, Christians, “white supremacists,” “potential terrorist threats,” “enemy non-combatants,” patriots, Consitutionalists, etc.
32) brain-to-computer interface
33) brain-to-brain interface
34) shunning (Jewish cultural method for destroying individuals unacceptable to the power elite)
35) swarming (Jewish cultural method for destroying individuals unacceptable to the power elite)
36) stoning (Jewish cultural method for destroying individuals unacceptable to the power elite)
37) no-touch torture using soft-kill, slow-kill, silent kill psychological harassment and “non-lethal” directed energy and neuroweapons
38) Remote Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB)
39) Remote Neural Monitoring
40) Remote Neural Manipulation
41) Bio-telemetry
42) 24/7 active surveillance as part of NSA’s “total population control”
43) HUMINT (human intelligence)
44) SIGINT (signals intelligence)
45) Revolution in Military Affairs (current US military doctrine derived from Soviet Armed forces in the 1970’s and 1980’s that features predominant use of directed energy weapons and the electronic battlefield.)
46) punitive psychiatry
47) the psychiatric reprisal (used to discredit and institutionalize TIs in Soviet Union, communist East Germany, fascist Germany, the US, UK, etc.)
48) pharmacovigilance (global, UN and US COVID medical martial law term for active 24/7 surveillance, monitoring, and manipulation…. i.e., globalization of gangstalking)
49) through the wall microwave and acoustic weapons attacks
50) street theatre (note British spelling of this word; Tavistock?)
51) secret standing armies
52) Citizens on Patrol/Neighborhood Watch, etc.
53) surveillance role players
54) crisis actors
55) gas lighting
56) house break-ins
57) workplace mobbing
58) poisoning of targets, their pets, etc.
59) chemical attacks
60) tracking by cell phone apps based on C4ISR technology (Command, Control, Computer, Communication Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
61) state-sponsored terrorism
62) abuse; abuse of power
63) systematic harassment
64) 5 D’s of the United Kingdom’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). (Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, Destroy)
65) JADE HELM 15 (2015 “civil warfare” drill run by US military in which Artificial Intelligence plays central role in decision making)
66) “Mastering the Human Domain” (Jade Helm 2015 logo)
67) UWEX 16 (US military’s Unconventional Warfare exercise on 2016 which simulated civil war in America – run by AI)
68) “full spectrum dominance” (US military’s stated objective for world hegemony)
69) “total population control” (NSA’s stated objective to attain world hegemony for Anglo-American-Israeli Empire)
70) “Total Information Awareness” (Totalitarian surveillance and monitoring system rolled out in 2003, rejected by the American people in 2003, and re-introduced as COVID Medical Martial law
71) subliminal messages
72) cell towers
73) 5G
75) hive mind
76) satellite tracking
77) technological possession
78) medical murders
79) suiciding
80) Lockheed GPS satellites
81) Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Neuralink, Neuralace, Open AI
82) (Conscious) Supercomputers
83) Deep State/The Organization/The Brotherhood/The Firm
84) Scalar microwave beam
85) high treason
86) 78+ Department of Homeland Security/FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Fusion Centers
87) Department of Homeland Security/FBI Terrorism Watchlists
88) TIs (Targeted Individuals) classified as “non-investigative subjects”
89) standard nomination form by FBI, DHS, CIA or other government agency
90) “remote activation (i.e., electronic control) of the human subject” -from MKULTRA subprogram 119 (1959)
91) Dr. Norbert Weiner (MIT mathematician) “auto-correlator” of 1955.
92) EEG (electroencephalagram) Cyber Hive Mind
93) EEG Heterodyning
94) MEG (magnetoencephalogram)
95) fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)
96) ESR (electron spin resonance)
97) CIA/DIA (medical doctors and neuroscientist) Hive Mind Teams
98) Robert Malech’s 1974 patent: Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves (Grant US-3951134-A)***
99) Infragard (privatized FBI spinoff terrorist organization)
100) Main Core list of 8-20+(?) million names
101) National Defense Authorization Act
102) USA PATRIOT ACT (H.R. 3162, Oct. 24, 2001)
103) Citizen Corps (terrorist organization; death squads; secret army)
104) US Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual (FM 3-39.40)
105) Over 900 FEMA camps in US
106) FEMA’s plans for “Emergency Detention Program”
107) Continuity of Government (COG)
108) SSSS: Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
109) National Security Enterprise
110) National Security Racketeering Network
111) Neural Network Association
112) (Brain) De-patterning and Psychic Driving (re-patterning)
113) CIA/MI6 Operation Pandora
114) Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
115) International Zionist Criminal Network (IZCS)
116) microwave Vircator
117) psychobombs
118) Manchurian Candidates (programmed assassins)
119) chemtrails
120) nanotechnology
121) financial sabotage
122) NSA hacks of phones and electronics
123) NSA collection and storage of (all) “big data”
124) family relations destroyed
125) isolation
126) ISR (military term for “Isolate and Remove” the enemy)
127) brain mapping
128) brain printing
129) Obama’s BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) Initiative of April 2, 2013.
130) The Human Brain Project (HBP) initiated in 2013- with these components:
131) Neuroinformatics (access to shared brain data)
132) Brain Simulation (replication of brain architecture and activity on computers)
133) High Performance Analytics and Computing (providing the required computing and analytics capabilities)
134) Medical Informatics (access to patient data, identification of disease signatures)
135) Neuromorphic Computing (development of brain-inspired computing)
136) Neurorobotics (use of robots to test brain simulations)
137) World Revolutionary Movement (WRM)
138) Low Intensity Operations (British Commander, Frank Kitson)
139) Subversion Insurgency
140) technocracy
141) Organized Gang Stalking Manual of MI6, CIA, NATO used in Operation Gladio and western Europe’s post-WWII secret standing armies
142) citizen-based agents (CBA)
143) Targeted killings of Israeli Defense Forces and US military Special Operations Forces (SOFs)
144) Britain’s TETRA (Airwave) Communications System
145) 18 US Code 2331; which outlaws organized gangstalking
146) bullying on steroids
147) induced suicide
148) induced insanity
149) death of a thousand cuts
150) coordinated defamation of TIs (R-2, “receive and repeat” (manufactured rumors/lies concocted by:
151) (military and private) Psychological Operations Groups
152) destroy family relationships
153) geoengineering/weather warfare
154) merchants of souls
155) Project Soul Catcher (cyber and cybernetic warfare)

Appendix II. *** Robert Malech’s 1974 patent: “Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves” (Grant US-3951134-A)


Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.


Medical science has found brain waves to be a useful barometer of organic functions. Measurements of electrical activity in the brain have been instrumental in detecting physical and psychic disorder, measuring stress, determining sleep patterns, and monitoring body metabolism.

The present art for measurement of brain waves employs electroencephalographs including probes with sensors which are attached to the skull of the subject under study at points proximate to the regions of the brain being monitored. Electrical contact between the sensors and apparatus employed to process the detected brain waves is maintained by a plurality of wires extending from the sensors to the apparatus. The necessity for physically attaching the measuring apparatus to the subject imposes several limitations on the measurement process. The subject may experience discomfort, particulary if the measurements are to be made over extended periods of time. His bodily movements are restricted and he is generally confined to the immediate vicinity of the measuring apparatus. Furthermore, measurements cannot be made while the subject is conscious without his awareness. The comprehensiveness of the measurements is also limited since the finite number of probes employed to monitor local regions of brain wave activity do not permit observation of the total brain wave profile in a single test.


The present invention relates to apparatus and a method for monitoring brain waves wherein all components of the apparatus employed are remote from the test subject. More specifically, high frequency transmitters are operated to radiate electromagnetic energy of different frequencies through antennas which are capable of scanning the entire brain of the test subject or any desired region thereof. The signals of different frequencies penetrate the skull of the subject and impinge upon the brain where they mix to yield an interference wave modulated by radiations from the brain’s natural electrical activity. The modulated interference wave is re-transmitted by the brain and received by an antenna at a remote station where it is demodulated, and processed to provide a profile of the suject’s brain waves. In addition to passively monitoring his brain waves, the subject’s neurological processes may be affected by transmitting to his brain, through a transmitter, compensating signals. The latter signals can be derived from the received and processed brain waves.


It is therefore an object of the invention to remotely monitor electrical activity in the entire brain or selected local regions thereof with a single measurement.

Another object is the monitoring of a subject’s brain wave activity through transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.

Still another object is to monitor brain wave activity from a position remote from the subject.

A further object is to provide a method and apparatus for affecting brain wave activity by transmitting electromagnetic signals thereto.


Other and further objects of the invention will appear from the following description and the accompanying drawings, which form part of the instant specification and which are to be read in conjunction therewith, and in which like reference numerals are used to indicate like parts in the various views;

FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the interconnection of the components of the apparatus of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing signal flow in one embodiment of the apparatus.


Referring to the drawings, specifically FIG. 1, a high frequency transmitter 2 produces and supplies two electromagnetic wave signals through suitable coupling means 14 to an antenna 4. The signals are directed by the antenna 4 to the skull 6 of the subject 8 being examined. The two signals from the antenna 4, which travel independently, penetrate the skull 6 and impinge upon the tissue of the brain 10.

Within the tissue of the brain 10, the signals combine, much in the manner of a conventional mixing process technique, with each section of the brain having a different modulating action. The resulting waveform of the two signals has its greatest amplitude when the two signals are in phase and thus reinforcing one another. When the signals are exactly 180° out of phase the combination produces a resultant waveform of minimum amplitude. If the amplitudes of the two signals transmitted to the subject are maintained at identical levels, the resultant interference waveform, absent influences of external radiation, may be expected to assume zero intensity when maximum interference occurs, the number of such points being equal to the difference in frequencies of the incident signals. However, interference by radiation from electrical activity within the brain 10 causes the waveform resulting from interference of the two transmitted signals to vary from the expected result, i.e., the interference waveform is modulated by the brain waves. It is believed that this is due to the fact that brain waves produce electric charges each of which has a component of electromagnetic radiation associated with it. The electromagnetic radiation produced by the brain waves in turn reacts with the signals transmitted to the brain from the external source.

The modulated interference waveform is re-transmitted from the brain 10, back through the skull 6. A quantity of energy is re-transmitted sufficient to enable it to be picked up by the antenna 4. This can be controlled, within limits, by adjusting the absolute and relative intensities of the signals, originally transmitted to the brain. Of course, the level of the transmitted energy should be kept below that which may be harmful to the subject.

The antenna passes the received signal to a receiver 12 through the antenna electronics 14. Within the receiver the wave is amplified by conventional RF amplifiers 16 and demodulated by conventional detector and modulator electronics 18. The demodulated wave, representing the intra-brain electrical activity, is amplified by amplifiers 20 and the resulting information in electronic form is stored in buffer circuitry 22. From the buffers 22 the information is fed to a suitable visual display 24, for example one employing a cathode ray tube, light emitting diodes, liquid crystals, or a mechanical plotter. The information may also be channeled to a computer 26 for further processing and analysis with the output of the computer displayed by heretofore mentioned suitable means.

In addition to channeling its information to display devices 24, the computer 26 can also produce signals to control an auxiliary transmitter 28. Transmitter 28 is used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject 8 by the antenna 4. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the compensating signal is derived as a function of the received brain wave signals, although it can be produced separately. The compensating signals affect electrical activity within the brain 10.

Various configurations of suitable apparatus and electronic circuitry may be utilized to form the system generally shown in FIG. 1 and one of the many possible configurations is illustrated in FIG. 2. In the example shown therein, two signals, one of 100 MHz and the other of 210 MHz are transmitted simultaneously and combine in the brain 10 to form a resultant wave of frequency equal to the difference in frequencies of the incident signals, i.e., 110 MHz. The sum of the two incident frequencies is also available, but is discarded in subsequent filtering. The 100 MHz signal is obtained at the output 37 of an RF power divider 34 into which a 100 MHz signal generated by an oscillator 30 is injected. The oscillator 30 is of a conventional type employing either crystals for fixed frequency circuits or a tunable circuit set to oscillate at 100 MHz. It can be a pulse generator, square wave generator or sinusoidal wave generator. The RF power divider can be any conventional VHF, UHF or SHF frequency range device constructed to provide, at each of three outputs, a signal identical in frequency to that applied to its input.

The 210 MHz signal is derived from the same 100 MHz oscillator 30 and RF power divider 34 as the 100 MHz signal, operating in concert with a frequency doubler 36 and 10 MHz oscillator 32. The frequency doubler can be any conventional device which provides at its output a signal with frequency equal to twice the frequency of a signal applied at its input. The 10 MHz oscillator can also be of conventional type similar to the 100 MHz oscillator herebefore described. A 100 MHz signal from the output 39 of the RF power divider 34 is fed through the frequency doubler 36 and the resulting 200 MHz signal is applied to a mixer 40. The mixer 40 can be any conventional VHF, UHF or SHF frequency range device capable of accepting two input signals of differing frequencies and providing two output signals with frequencies equal to the sum and difference in frequencies respectively of the input signals. A 10 MHz signal from the oscillator 32 is also applied to the mixer 40. The 200 MHz signal from the doubler 36 and the 10 MHz signal from the oscillator 32 combine in the mixer 40 to form a signal with a frequency of 210 MHz equal to the sum of the frequencies of the 200 MHz and 10 MHz signals.

The 210 MHz signal is one of the signals transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject being monitored. In the arrangement shown in FIG. 2, an antenna 41 is used to transmit the 210 MHz signal and another antenna 43 is used to transmit the 100 MHz signal. Of course, a single antenna capable of operating at 100 MHz and 210 MHz frequencies may be used to transmit both signals. The scan angle, direction and rate may be controlled mechanically, e.g., by a reversing motor, or electronically, e.g., by energizing elements in the antenna in proper synchronization. Thus, the antenna(s) can be of either fixed or rotary conventional types.

A second 100 MHz signal derived from output terminal 37 of the three-way power divider 34 is applied to a circulator 38 and emerges therefrom with a desired phase shift. The circulator 38 can be of any conventional type wherein a signal applied to an input port emerges from an output port with an appropriate phase shift. The 100 MHz signal is then transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject being monitored via the antenna 43 as the second component of the dual signal transmission. The antenna 43 can be of conventional type similar to antenna 41 herebefore described. As previously noted, these two antennas may be combined in a single unit.

The transmitted 100 and 210 MHz signal components mix within the tissue in the brain 10 and interfere with one another yielding a signal of a frequency of 110 MHz, the difference in frequencies of the two incident components, modulated by electromagnetic emissions from the brain, i.e., the brain wave activity being monitored. This modulated 110 MHz signal is radiated into space.

The 110 MHz signal, modulated by brain wave activity, is picked up by an antenna 45 and channeled back through the circulator 38 where it undergoes an appropriate phase shift. The circulator 38 isolates the transmitted signals from the received signal. Any suitable diplexer or duplexer can be used. The antenna 45 can be of conventional type similar to antennas 41 and 43. It can be combined with them in a single unit or it can be separate. The received modulated 110 MHz signal is then applied to a band pass filter 42, to eliminate undesirable harmonics and extraneous noise, and the filtered 110 MHz signal is inserted into a mixer 44 into which has also been introduced a component of the 100 MHz signal from the source 30 distributed by the RF power divider 34. The filter 42 can be any conventional band pass filter. The mixer 44 may also be of conventional type similar to the mixer 40 here before described.

The 100 MHz and 110 MHz signals combine in the mixer 44 to yield a signal of frequency equal to the difference in frequencies of the two component signals, i.e., 10 MHz still modulated by the monitored brain wave activity. The 10 MHz signal is amplified in an IF amplifier 46 and channeled to a demodulator 48. The IF amplifier and demodulator 48 can both be of conventional types. The type of demodulator selected will depend on the characteristics of the signals transmitted to and received from the brain, and the information desired to be obtained. The brain may modulate the amplitude, frequency and/or phase of the interference waveform. Certain of these parameters will be more sensitive to corresponding brain wave characteristics than others. Selection of amplitude, frequency or phase demodulation means is governed by the choice of brain wave characteristic to be monitored. If desired, several different types of demodulators can be provided and used alternately or at the same time.

The demodulated signal which is representative of the monitored brain wave activity is passed through audio amplifiers 50 a, b, c which may be of conventional type where it is amplified and routed to displays 58 a, b, c and a computer 60. The displays 58 a, b, c present the raw brain wave signals from the amplifiers 50 a, b, c. The computer 60 processes the amplified brain wave signals to derive information suitable for viewing, e.g., by suppressing, compressing, or expanding elements thereof, or combining them with other information-bearing signals and presents that information on a display 62. The displays can be conventional ones such as the types here before mentioned employing electronic visual displays or mechanical plotters 58b. The computer can also be of conventional type, either analog or digital, or a hybrid.

A profile of the entire brain wave emission pattern may be monitored or select areas of the brain may be observed in a single measurement simply by altering the scan angle and direction of the antennas. There is no physical contact between the subject and the monitoring apparatus. The computer 60 also can determine a compensating waveform for transmission to the brain 10 to alter the natural brain waves in a desired fashion. The closed loop compensating system permits instantaneous and continuous modification of the brain wave response pattern.

In performing the brain wave pattern modification function, the computer 60 can be furnished with an external standard signal from a source 70 representative of brain wave activity associated with a desired neurological response. The region of the brain responsible for the response is monitored and the received signal, indicative of the brain wave activity therein, is compared with the standard signal. The computer 60 is programmed to determine a compensating signal, responsive to the difference between the standard signal and received signal. The compensating signal, when transmitted to the monitored region of the brain, modulates the natural brain wave activity therein toward a reproduction of the standard signal, thereby changing the neurological response of the subject.

The computer 60 controls an auxiliary transmitter 64 which transmits the compensating signal to the brain 10 of the subject via an antenna 66. The transmitter 64 is of the high frequency type commonly used in radar applications. The antenna 66 can be similar to antennas 41, 43 and 45 and can be combined with them. Through these means, brain wave activity may be altered and deviations from a desired norm may be compensated. Brain waves may be monitored and control signals transmitted to the brain from a remote station.

It is to be noted that the configuration described is one of many possibilities which may be formulated without departing from the spirit of my invention. The transmitters can be monostratic or bistatic. They also can be single, dual, or multiple frequency devices. The transmitted signal can be continuous wave, pulse, FM, or any combination of these as well as other transmission forms. Typical operating frequencies for the transmitters range from 1 MHz to 40 GHz but may be altered to suit the particular function being monitored and the characteristics of the specific subject.

The individual components of the system for monitoring and controlling brain wave activity may be of conventional type commonly employed in radar systems.

Various subassemblies of the brain wave monitoring and control apparatus may be added, substituted or combined. Thus, separate antennas or a single multi-mode antenna may be used for transmission and reception. Additional displays and computers may be added to present and analyze select components of the monitored brain waves.

Modulation of the interference signal retransmitted by the brain may be of amplitude, frequency and/or phase. Appropriate demodulators may be used to decipher the subject’s brain activity and select components of his brain waves may be analyzed by computer to determine his mental state and monitor his thought processes.

As will be appreciated by those familiar with the art, apparatus and method of the subject invention has numerous uses. Persons in critical positions such as drivers and pilots can be continuously monitored with provision for activation of an emergency device in the event of human failure. Seizures, sleepiness and dreaming can be detected. Bodily functions such as pulse rate, heartbeat reqularity and others also can be monitored and occurrences of hallucinations can be detected. The system also permits medical diagnoses of patients, inaccessible to physicians, from remote stations.

From Dr. Robert Duncan’s “Robert Malech was an employee of Dorn & Margolin Inc., a major defense subcontractor in radar design now owned by EDO Corporation an even larger all defense contractor in electronic warfare, invented a fairly simple_radar device that could read whole
brain electrical activity at a large distance ._ It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface. He discovered and perfected a way to use some simple*electromagnetic oscillations *anywhere from _100 Mhz to 40 Ghz to read brainwaves by “illuminating” the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal. The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain.

Appendix III. From Dr. Robert Duncan’s “The Matrix Deciphered:”

How they found you — mind reading radar (The Matrix Deciphered)
(The Matrix Deciphered)

Duncan – paraphrasing: mind reading radar by heterodyning two powerful beams of microwaves where one beam mostly cancels out the effects of the other… near scalar radar beam almost undetectable due to low intensity reading (of the brain)… this is the secret to mind reading radar._*
“…map(ping) exactly the subjective experiences of *consciousness* to the physics of *organic intelligence*s’ informational signal processing including *biochemical and electromagnetic*

My current research involves finding a cure for the *mind control directed energy weapons *fiasco.* The integrated global surveillance grid is actually part of the holy grail of weapons and human control systems.*

(It is) misused by *corrupt government *especially in my beloved country. I was wrong. The *Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate* has Skip Green on the governing board. One of my old colleagues at a *technology think tank in Cambridge partly in charge of the radio frequency weapons testing for neurological disruption now torturing and killing people worldwide.*

EEG Cyber Hive Minds

In order for us to proceed in our understanding of a *_revolutionizing technology and its capabilities as a weapon*, we need to define some concepts and vocabulary. EEG stands for electroencephalogram. It is a representation of the brain’s electrical activity. Traditionally, electroencephalograms are gathered through probes placed all around the head. They measure minute electrical differences from each other that are representative of the brains activity near the probe. A brain map can be inferred from these voltage sensors. EKGs, electrocardiograms work in exactly the same way to measure the electrical waves from the heart. MEG stands for magnetoencephalogram and similarly measure the magnetic fields created from ion flows in the brain. They have different tradeoffs in terms of measuring and locating brain activity. A functional MRI is an active scanning technique used to also measure brain activity in real time as well as its structure. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It uses magnetic resonance to create photons that are representative of the types of atoms and bonding states they are in. Another sister technology, is called*_ESR, electron spin resonance_*. I have not seen any hospitals which make use of this technique by creating images from electron spin resonance. Electromagnetic waves are created by a perturbation to electric or magnetic fields that carry information about the states of angular momentum. There are many more b*rain imaging technologie*s but these are the traditional ones.

(DUNCAN) I have been studying the human mind for a good portion of my life, from *_neuroscience, to cognitive modeling, to artificial intelligence_*.

Here is secret #1 that has been suppressed by the forces of ignorance in the government. There was a patent that I will keep referring to throughout this book because of the importance of the work. It is published in the appendix. In 1974, Robert Malech, an employee of Dorn & Margolin Inc., a major defense subcontractor in radar design now owned by EDO Corporation an even larger all defense contractor in electronic warfare, invented a fairly simple_radar device that could read whole brain electrical activity at a large distance ._ It has the major advantages of no wires and full brain electrical activity analysis, not just points on the skull surface. He discovered and perfected a way to use some simple* electromagnetic oscillations *anywhere from _100Mhz to 40 Ghz to read brainwaves by “illuminating” the brain and its electrical conductance then reading the return signal. The imaging method observes the changes of frequency resonances, amplitude, and phase which represent the states of neuron depolarization throughout the brain. _

Secret #2. But more profoundly, he discovered that he could influence brain waves if precisely timed with a return training signal. He had no idea that at this moment in history, he had accidentally destroyed democracy as we envision it to be. The military and surveillance community immediately picked up on the patent and within two years had reprogrammed their communications and surveillance satellites and terrestrial phased arrays with the new concepts. The rapid deployment of this technology occurred because it only required software changes in already existing radar, imaging, and communications’ terrestrial dishes and satellites. Many additional spy satellites have been launched since to bolster the system. So in 1976, on the bicentennial of this great nation, a system called TAMI was born. TAMI is an acronym for “Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface”. A more invasive “Big Brother” technology came about before George Orwell’s prediction of 1984.

Secret #3. *Stealth RADAR* techniques were first recorded by observing the Russian bombardment of the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves. Using_*high powered steered phased arrays and focused directed energy from two sources next to each other, one can create a nearly undetectable “scalar” wave, or destructive interference at the point of interest. *_With just a minor energy interaction,_*the interfering beams bounce back with strong signal to noise ratio to be resolved at the sources again. This allows for any imaging technique to be done from extremely large distances. In effect, it makes distance irrelevant to the detection feature, be it RADAR, MRI, or ESR imaging.*

The research and capabilities have come a long way in the last 30 years. Even if one didn’t have direct access to the knowledge of

*_capabilities, one could project out in time 30 years knowing
technology developments increase at an exponential rate. At that time the military demonstrated the capability of
_*reading automobile license plates from satellite images*_.

In order to cover up and not draw attention to _*mind reading radar*_, the whole field of psychic phenomena and paranormal psychology was invented to deceive the civilian populations of what was occurring. The Russian’s showed their hand when they started bombarding the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves in the late 60’s, and then with the Russian Wood Pecker transmitters that began operation in 1976 pointed at the U.S.

Appendix IV. The groups, institutions, and people thought to be leading the global Targeted Individual program (from

David Rubenstein – Chairman, Federal Reserve,
Dick Cheney – USAP programs (Black Projects), TI Program Director
Elizabeth Kimber – CIA Operations
Gina Haspel- Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
General John Raymond – Air Force Space Command
John Ratcliffe – ODNI (Office Director of National Security)
William Barr – DOJ (Department of Justice)
General Robert Ashley – DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)
David Glawe – DHS Intelligence & Analysis
Russell Travers – NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Center)
Jay Tabb – FBI National Security Branch
Charles Kable – FBI Terrorist Screening Center
Peter Highnam – DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency)
Bruce Tromberg – NIH (National Institutes of Health)
Chad Wolfe- DHS- Department of Homeland Security
Peter Gaynor- FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency
Bill Clifford- WAC- World Affairs Council
Mossad – Israel
Owners of the Federal Reserve

Microwave Attacks on U.S. Citizens

Col. James E. Smith, U.S. Air Force, 50th Wing, Colorado, Operates many satellite weapons and R&D satellites
Lt. Col., Bryan Bell, U.S. Air Force, Squadron 1, GPS Tracking Satellites that track all Americans
Lt. Col., Stephen Toth, U.S. Air Force, Squadron 2, Relay satellites that rely signals to Schriever Air Force Base (AEHF, WGS, DSCS)
Lt. Col., Armon Lansing, U.S. Air Force, Squadron 4
Maj. Sunil Amin, U.S. Air Force, Squadron 22, Daily Tasking Orders (Assign tasks to fulfil space duty orders)
Lt. Col, David Gallagher, U.S. Air Force, Squadron 50, OSS Space Duty Orders, determines which satellites are available for operations today.

Women of the 2nd Space Operations Squadron, Schrieber Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

1st Lt. Alexis Thuli, 2nd SOPS Assistant flight commander
1st Lt. Kelley McCaa, 2nd SOPS Satellite vehicle operator
1st Lt. Mary McLaughlin, 2nd SOPS Payload system operator
1st Lt. Mikayla Roberts, 2nd SOPS Mission analyst
Staff Sgt. Kelly Malone, 2nd SOPS Crew chief
Senior Airman Joelle Schritt, 19th SOPS Mission planner
Airman 1st Class Gillian Clover, 2nd SOPS Satellite systems operator
Airman 1st Class Larissa Contreras, 2nd SOPS SSO.

Senior Officers that are involved:

Brig. Gen. Traci Kueker-Murphy, Director of Operations
Lt. Col. Michael Schriever, 2nd SOPS Squadron commander
Maj. Lucia White, 2nd SOPS Assistant director of operations
Capt. Angela Tomasek, 2nd SOPS Flight commander

Webmaster’s Conclusions II:

Evidence presented in this post, especially the many elements of gangstalking “concealed by omission” in the “International Targeted Individual Day video but revealed by the list I compile in Appendix II, supports the contention that the video comprises an effort to obfuscate and misdirect TIs and the public as to the true nature and scope of “the program.” It does this by using half truths and misdirection techniques. It appears that in this case “half a truth is worse than a whole lie.” And the result of this planned deception can be summarized as: “A false friend (in this case Dr. Matt, Ella Free, and FFTI (Derrick Robinson) is far worse than an open enemy.” I speculate that these prominent “spokespersons” for TIs are probably CIA subcontractors, possibly paid through contracts granted to universities and/or private security companies.

In this case, as indeed, in the case of the Covid-19 fraud, the goal is to control people by pretending to help them. This also indicates that the government’s ongoing cover-up of this “crime against humanity” is truly vast…. and far more extensive than most TIs could even conceive. I have strongly suspected that these individuals, their call-in shows, and associated websites and activities are “controlled opposition” for quite some time. Now I am more convinced.

To me, as a TI, this conclusion also reinforces my conviction that the US and other major nations are Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) ruled by the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate and that the power structure behind this “hidden hand”/Shadow Government is ultimately ruled by Satan, his Powers and Principalities, and his human agents, minions, and representatives (Judeo-Masonic-satanists, etc.)- which is to say “Satan’s kids” (John 8:44).

Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) are committing “the perfect crime” against their internal enemies, who, generally speaking, are truth-tellers and innocent civilians. Zionists are comprised of World Jewry, the neocon Jews, the international bankers, the nation of Israel embedded in America, and the nation of Israel proper. Evidence suggests to me that this collectivist group is already subsumed in a hive mind, with Satan as Queen Bee. These Jews, Masons, etc. are the world’s “managers” who believe that they constitute a different species. Indeed, they believe they are a species of gods, and that all “goyim” (non-Jews) are cattle, beasts, insects, etc. This, in my opinion, is the Mystery of Iniquity…. The Synagogue of Satan controls not only global gangstalking operations and most of the world’s nations, but also the apparent opposition to global gangstalking operations.

As with coordinated government efforts to sabotage the “9/11 Truth Movement” in the 10 or so years following the state-sponsored, false flag terror attacks of September 11, 2001, there is now an extremely well-coordinated, government-sponsored effort to manage, manipulate, and suppress the TI community and control public opinion regarding the TI phenomenon. The goal, of course, is to keep the “movement” ineffectual. The method is to infiltrate all aspects of the phenomenon using so-called “experts” (for example, Aaron, Free, Robinson, etc.) who claim to represent the interests of TIs. In both of these false-flag, state-sponsored terror operations, cover-up of the operations comprises an essential and ongoing component of these military-intelligence operations themselves. We may presume at least four essential phases of such operations would include planning, coordination of “partners”/relevant agencies, execution, and cover-up.

The poisonous grip of this Shadow Government (CIA, U.S. military, intelligence agencies, corporate military and security contractors and the Federal Reserve, City of London, UN, World Economic Forum, World Jewry and Masonry that they serve- the “serpent people”) must be broken by the sword of truth, as aided by the “armor of God.”

The true perpetrators of these heinous crimes are traitors of the highest order and they must be identified, tried for mass murder, and punished accordingly (death penalty) if the Satanic-Jewish-Masonic (Serpent Seed) New World Order is to be thwarted.

Not all communist revolutions succeed. This satanic-judeo-masonic-fascist-communist revolution must be crushed and its leaders in government, the corporate sector, media, the military, intelligence, etc., must be wiped off the face of the earth. Well, ironically, this would constitute the mass depopulation event that these eugenicist devils have so longed for.

America and the world are now run by this criminal syndicate… by rampant fraud, deception, and force. President Donald Trump has stated that when fraud is involved, the rules change. Hang ’em high!