Targeted Individuals: US General Brown On “Multi-Domain Operations” Warfare, Perception Management (2019 Video)

US General Brown: “Multi-Domain Operations” Warfare, Perception Management (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS) (youtube, March 3, 2019)

Webmaster’s Introduction: The following statement helps to explain the relevance of this video to targeted individuals:

“Since the 2001 September 11 attacks and Bush’s so-called “war on terror,” there was a soar in the number of Targeted Individuals reporting covert assaults by black operatives, thugs, extremist cells, “stalkers.” Some TIs are reporting assaults with remotely applied, military grade, lethal weaponry. These reports have been from both overseas and U.S. self-identified targets. In early August, 2010, Sharon Weinberger explained the reason for the escalated reports:

“After the attacks of September 11, the Pentagon began a shift away from its Cold War-era “two war strategy,” premised on maintaining the ability to conduct two major military operations simultaneously, and began focusing instead on “irregular warfare against individuals and groups.”

Weinberger, S. 2010, “Black Ops: Secret Military Technology in the Age of Terrorism;” quoted in “Covert Technological Murder; Big Brother Approved” by Renee Pittman M. (2013)

Furthermore, the “Multi-Domain Operations”-“Perception Management” system referred to in this video is the “Interagency’s” total war-“Full Spectrum Dominance”-“Mastering the Human Domain” system that incorporates innumerable weapons systems and virtually all elements of society. This “total war” system comprises “hybrid warfare,” Fourth Generation Warfare, Irregular Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Asymmetrical Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Weather Warfare, Net-Centric Warfare, Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Neuro-Warfare, Civilian-Military Operations, CIA “no-touch torture,” soft-kill/slow-kill/silent-kill, Military Conflicts Other Than War, Low-Intensity Conflict, Counter-Terrorism, Peace-Keeping Operations, Peace Operations, “Counter-Insurgency,” Counter-Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Social Engineering, and can be generally described by the word, “terrorism.” (See: “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” by Mark M. Rich, 2011). Indeed, war and terrorism are America’s chief activities and products. Because virtually everything and large segments of society are now weaponized, this system has thousands of faces.

When the most powerful military in history wages war against innocent civilians within the very nation it is charged to protect, its members, especially its leaders, break their oaths to defend the Constitution and are reduced to the level of criminals, cowards, bullies, and traitors.

Description of Video on Youtube: The Critical Media Channel

Interview of 4-star Army general Robert Brown in 2018/2019 about future warfare known as “Multi-Domain Operations” a.k.a. Cyber Warfare, Phase 0 Warfare, Perception Management, & Online Psychological Operations/Warfare – ALSO explains “Empowered Individuals” in “Chaos Situations”. General Brown goes into using the human element (i.e. society a.k.a. “human domain”) in these operations/warfare which is exactly what T.I.s are subjected to – community-based harassment & stalking (Gang Stalking) with citizen informants GLOBALLY – it’s not only in the U.S. It’s all about “influence” or “Gray-Zone Effect”. Actually, general Brown says the “Human Domain” is the most important for influence through cyber warfare (online PsyOps) in phase 0 warfare. THEY create chaos in a T.I.’s life on purpose. Is Deep State behind it?

The propaganda about Sci-Fi weapons such as DEW, V2K & RNM is only deterrent, as General Brown states about videos online being weaponized a.k.a. propaganda. Please read for further understanding of their operational aspects: “Online PsyOps and Perception Management in the Targeted Community” here:…

Webmaster Statement: The statement above by A.K. Forwood that “DEW, V2K, & RNM” are “Sci-Fi weapons” and propaganda is erroneous. These and other neuroweapons are commonly deployed against targeted individuals.


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Online PsyOps and Perception Management in the Targeted Community:

(Excerpt) “Before you believe anything you might ever read, hear, or see in the media (including TV, radio, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet), or from anyone else (family, friends, acquaintances, employers, strangers, etc.), you need to read this very important information. You, and the public as a whole, are constant targets of extremely well-planned and executed psychological operations (PsyOps), and there are any number of these media-facilitated programs taking place at any given time. They are so numerous and varied that you and those around you are bound to fall prey them sooner or later. They can target an entire population, an identified group within a larger population, or even a single individual. Being aware of what PsyOps programs are, how they’re executed, and how to detect and avoid them is crucial to maintaining an accurate perception of reality in today’s world, so as not to become misled about your situation as a targeted individual and drawn deeper into the clutches of those who seek to take advantage of you.” Source:

The Critical Media Channel

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Q and anons. God bless and protect America

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@SmarterEveryDay is who created this video and should get credit.

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Let’s add a grey filter to make it super scary -clown who made this.

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yes……he’s part of the problem. was the point of the interview to just have him confirm what you already knew? they aren’t human. they’re helping to destroy Creation. he truly thinks that all that he does is right/well/good. he is a programmed humanoid run by demons. i’m guessing you just wanted to show that for others. stroking him at the end was a bit too much to stomach though. i can’t believe that you voluntarily got that close to one. i’d vomit or rips his eyeballs from their sockets.

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With this New Way of fighting they all are no Match with God Himself and His Army of Angels and Christians being Targeted and killed. The Dead TIs and Future ones WILL COME BACK to fight this new Warfare Equipment and all that are in this Stalking Program. Most Important with one breath from God could take this new war fare system and all its Equipment down in a Mil Second. God has the ultimate Power. Thank You God for Letting Defend You My Father in Heaven Tough You don’t need it and thank You for Your Son Jesus Christ and the Cross, Amen…

Webmaster’s Concluding Remarks: Interesting comment by spiritnphysical above. Is General Brown is a “programmed humanoid?” What is a “programmed humanoid?” Is it a human whose humanity has been programmed out of them? Can we regard MONARCH/MKULTRA mind-control bio-robot slaves-Manchurian Candidate-super soldiers-sleepers as “programmed humanoids?” Fritz Springmeier and others estimate that there are millions of such programmed sleepers in America.

Regardless, Brown is a common Jewish name. Is General Brown Jewish? I have no evidence that he is, just a hunch. Jews could also be described as “programmed humanoids.” Jesus Christ pointed out in John 8:44, Matthew 23:33, Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 and elsewhere that the Pharisees, the equivalent of today’s Orthodox Jews, are a race of serpents, Satan’s kids, serpent people.

Much evidence, including their “holy scriptures,” the Talmud and Kabbalah, and many of their own statements throughout history, suggests this group, or at least the leaders of this group, are permanently at war with all God’s creatures and his creation. This group certainly seems to control the US military as well as most of the U.S. today. I suppose we could refer to them as “programmed humanoids” because this group collectively sold their souls when they committed deicide. Innumerable writers have observed they have subsequently demonstrated the psychological characteristics of psychopaths, which is to say they lack a conscience. One explanation is that collectively they have committed themselves to serving their Lord, Satan. Observation suggests they may function as a “hive mind” as well.

So yes, it is possible that this man, even while thinking he is doing right, is run by demons. In “People of the Lie, The Hope For Healing Human Evil” (1983), psychiatrist M. Scott Peck suggested that America needs to metaphorically “exorcise” its military institutions, in particular.

Eleventh World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer, of Jewish parentage himself, stated:

“My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people. That Jews completely control the United States. And that Jews are using the United States to conquer the world for them.”

Interestingly, even this ostensibly candid statement should be regarded as a half-truth because: 1) Jews are much more than a criminal people. They are a race of serpents and Satan’s kids as noted above, and 2) Jews are using the U.S. not only to advance their collective interests, but also to usher in Satan’s Antichrist kingdom on earth. Indeed, they are ushering a post-human world. Their stated goals include attaining god-like status for themselves via digital enhancements and genociding or transforming all non-Jews into transhuman-robot-slaves.

This objective, I believe, may be the true context and explanation for the global black and black market operations commonly referred to as organized stalking, contract stalking, and gang stalking.

And if my hunch is correct, General Brown’s primary allegiance is not to the U.S.A., but rather to Israel and to the cause of Jewish world dominion. And when America has fulfilled that purpose, it will be destroyed by its Jewish overlords and fifth column traitors.

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