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  1. Hi there my name is Stephen Shellen and have been a T.I. for close to 24 1/2 years. Now I’ll get right down to it. In 94 -95 I was busy optioningg screenplays and writing scripts and TV ideas for a company I was starting. I was at the time an actor who worked primarily out of Los Angeles. I had a fairly good career and some cache as my name could help get a picture made. A lawyer I knew through a mutual friend wanted in on this production company. His name is John A Hardy and he expressed interest and told me he knew and worked with many heavy hitters and people on The Vancouver Stock Exchange. To give you an idea of when I started forming it, I had taken some meetings back in 1992 shortly after filming ‘A River Runs Through It’ with Redford and so I was very motivated to meet with some stock brokers and Venture Capitalists in Vancouver. Hardy came on board after all of this. I also had taken Hardy around L.A. and introduced him to writers directors and producers I knew. I was anxious to introduce him to a man that distributed Superman, the film with Christopher Reeves. It was my plan to also have a built in distribution arm of our film company. Distributing a film is very important as many great little films are made that never see the light of day or very poor distribution. The goal is to make good product and make money, after all, it is the film business, or so I thought. During one of my trips to Vancouver (too lon to explain all of this but suffice to say hardy had planned it) he told me we should call the company Lionsgate. I had wanted to call it Rockland Pictures as I had grown up on Rockland avenue in Victoria and liked the ring to it. By summer of 95 I had agreed to cave in and call it Lionsgate. Hardy claimed to have a venture capitalist group he put together( 3 million). Late that summer I had come back from a trip to LA (we were living on a farm outside Orangeville Ontario with 2 small children. I noticed my wife wearing quite a bit of makeup(something she never did on the farm) and looking closer I saw bruises on her face.,I asked her about the bruises, imagining it could be from a wooden board in the barn or maybe the dogs jumped up on her or my children’s colouring book was thrown and hit her, in other words I wasn’t prepared for what happened. When I asked her she suddenly went into a tantrum accusing me of being paranoid and crazy and on and on. “What the hell?” I thought to myself. Shortly after this she decided to move to New York on her own and advised me that I should raise the children. Very shocking as it all came at once and also while being investigated by IRS, which my business managers had no answer for as all my finances were handled by them and everything was by the book. After she had left (for how long I didn’t know) my children told me of men hitting mommy. She did return, just suddenly appeared in the kitchen one day. I didn’t confront her until one night washing her back in the tub she started crying and told me she was a hooker and had 50,000 in a private bank account.That was the beginning of my targeting and when I called John Hardy to tell him he insisted it didn’t mean anything. My children also told me of mommy with men at a trailer at a nearby gas station. I drove them both there for clarity, where was the trailer and they pointed it out.They went on to tell me that they were under the blankets inside the trailer when mommy was with the men. Okay now this was getting serious yet Hardy continued to tell me it meant nothing. One day I took my daughter to get a DNA test done in Toronto bute my voice agent, who was supposedly looking for a lab I could go to, suddenly became irrate and told me I must go back to Orangeville and visit Children’s Aid. IU did that, as I was becoming unglued, didn’t know where to turn. The police came and i asked them to follow me back tot the farm and ask my wife what was going on. They did just as she was leaving with a suitcase which contained the children’s birth certificates plus a hand written paper in French (which I didn’t speak or read yet, that came later) and I pocketed that piece of paper. Much later I had it translated and it was about collecting a spouse’s inheritance and life insurance and reinvesting the money so as not to pay very much in capital gains tax. Yeah, scary. Around this time I started to see an array of different personalities coming out of my wife.
    Sorry this is long, didn’t plan on going on like this. I will try to cut to the chase

    Cars began following me and I would see cars parked at the end of the drive and when I approached them they would race off. Many many strange things started happening. An attempt on my life etc etc.
    Yet Hardy remained aloof. He had faxed me papers to sin, which I did, listing a numbered shell company and using LionsGate as our soon to be new name. Hardy worked as an insurance lawyer and had many friends that owned mining companies listed on the VSE.The law firm he worked for was Guild Yule LLP . Hardy’s mutual friend had told me Hardy’s father had run CSIS and when I asked Hardy he said it was true but I have never found out any real proof of this, but keep in mind, they didn’t always list the directors apparently.
    The fireworks were upon me! Tons of targeting, the wife now is an expert in deception and hiding anything of any value. The scripts started disappearing as did papers on LionsGate.My 4 years old son was threatened to be hurt if he talked to his daddy. I was forced into a film in France and not until I was there did I realize I was playing a child trafficker. It was made by a film company out of Vancouver that I don’t think has ever made another film. They all had ties to the Vancouver Stock Exchange. In France, it was even worse as far as constant phone calls in the hotel room, death threats, breakins and gas lighting. I would leave my trailer, circle around and catch people on the film crew rummaging through all my belongings,as if looking for something.Calmly I would ask then what they were looking me and they would not answer but run off. After filming I visited Paris and went to the hotel (Residence du Roy) where my wife had worked when I met her. The night manager Jean Absy sat with me and remembered me from when I had stayed there while working on a terrible TV show called ‘Counterstrike’. He told me they had learned that Florence(my wife) would almost always say the opposite of everything and that they learned to just ignore her responses and assume the opposite. He also told me that she was known to have slept with wealthy guests (mostly from Arab countries and people very powerful such as diplomats etc) for money and or jewelry. Wow!! Finally some confirmation!!
    I then flew to New York but did not feel comfortable going back to the farm as in, I felt a set up coming and did not want to be suicided.While in New York I received a message from a friend I had reached out to,Elizabeth Luestig. She was a casting director and the best in the world at that time. I left for LA, met with another friend of sorts, Jack Healey, who had run Amnesty. Well he couldn’t or wouldn’t help. I hired a lawyer in Orangeville to register something with the courts to prevent my wife from taking the children out of the country. Her name was Judith Burchell ands she was the wife of MP David Tilson.
    Hardy still has nothing much to say other than his friends hire call girls and what’s the big deal. I return home to the farm and the children, wife are gone. Turns out Burchell claims to have filed in the wrong county (Guelph) although she knew perfectly well where my farm was!! Targeting was intense at this time. Constant, ever red lasers on my chest in the middle of the night. Breakins everytime I left etc etc. Stayed at a guy’s place that mysteriously appeared at my storage locker one day.Had not seen him in years., His name was Christopher Harriman and he was business partners with (drum roll) wealthy Arab princes and knew scumbags like Khashoggi. Yes, he was leaving for Kazakhstan and assured me I would be safe staying at his place while he was away. Hahaha, you already probably know how well that worked out. INSANE targeting there.
    Jump cut to May 96 I meet with Hardy at a coffee shot in the middle of a small but tall (maybe 5 floors) mall in Gastown. Hardy keeps looking looking up. Later I suspect he had agents on the lookout as when I was young I was a bit of a scapper, not afraid of anything. Well doing that coffee Hardy tells me we have no company, his father can’t help me (reason given he spent his whole life killing people, had no friends) and then the cheery on top, that I should “keep your mouth shut about your ids or you’re dead”.

    He picked up his briefcase and left. I sat there stunned as if punched in the solar plexus.
    My life was officially over from that point on. Hardy left that law firm and went independent for a while. Now then , this is what I want you to know about. Hardy became CEO of a company he started called Versatile Systems. Around 2008 on the website it talks about RFID chips for locating and monitoring products for large stores like Walmart etc. Now, if you find their website it is all changed around and it now appears to be part of an American company whereas before that was not the case. No mention I don’t think about RFID chips. He left Versatile and now is Chief Executive Officer & Director of Equus Total Return Inc.since 2011. It is an investment company. He also is involved in shipping container companies. Yes, obviously he knew Guistra and I was told (99?) that he was the lawyer that set up all paperwork for Frank and Lionsgate. Random 2 men I met at a funeral that were from Vancouver. Geez, God is great, little nuggets like this

    I can only imagine what else he had or has his hands in. Sorry for the long read but both my girlfriend and myself are a little concerned as, besides targeting and being vocal about that I have also been yelling from the rooftops about child trafficking and ritual abuse.
    We discovered back in 2008 that Florence was partners in a orphanage in Sihanoukville Cambodia called Books With No Borders (not to be confused with Books Without Borders).
    I mentioned it in a radio interview I did and others picked up on it, going to the website. In the late 2000’s that area of Cambodia was the number one spot for child trafficking. Over 90% of all orphanages are trafficking fronts. Their website was a joke, almost no money raised but tons of children and lots of buildings, one even called Florence House, or Happy House. Yeah, I couldn’t make this up. Within a week of that interview their website was taken down, never to be seen again. So for this and other reasons I feel compelled to get this out. I don’t want to die in vain. I had recorded my son when he taled of men threatening him. I made about 200 copies. All have been stolen, even had 3 safety boxes in banks that somehow they got into. My girlfriend witnessed the last time this happened at a main branch in Toronto at Bloor and Bay. That particular time, the safety box was “evaporated”. Yeah, after that I never had to convince my woman that strange targeting followed me around.
    Much more to the story but I already overwhelmed you I am sure., My children, never got them back, seen them for 10 days over the last 25 years.

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