Top-Secret Neuroweapons Torture Exposed by Celeste Solum; July 10, 2020

by Celeste Solum July 10, 2020

Electromagnetic harassment with torturous patterns (electromagnetic torture, cybernetic torture or cybertorture): “the crime that people complain most about on the internet/social media”

Relevance to neuroweapons as well as “Health Attacks” or “Health Incidents” of U.S. and Canada diplomats

Dynamics conducive to corruption and torture: Neuroweapons having top secret status similarly to “weapons of mass destruction “are expected to be subject to limited or non-existent parliamentary/congressional supervision

Electromagnetic harassment with torturous patterns has been referred to as the “crime that people complain most about on the internet/social media”. It is argued that the “health incidents” or “health attacks”, according to the terms of the U.S. State Department, which affected the U.S. Embassy diplomats in Cuba and China (and similarly the Canada Embassy diplomats in Cuba) are linked to this phenomenon [*]. A precedent is found in the microwave irradiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (1953–1976)[*].

Many thousands of people internationally complain of being electromagnetically harassed with torturous patterns (electromagnetic torture, cybernetic torture or cybertorture). Health attacks are currently the object of an inter-agency investigation of the U.S. government coordinated by the “Health Incident Task Force” created by the U.S. Department of State [*].

Three scientific publications present evidence of brain damage of the diplomats [*][*][*]. A U.S. Congressional hearing reiterated the diagnosis of brain injury as a result of the attacks [*]. The U.S. Government Accountability Office assessed the response of the State Department, published a report [*] and presented its findings to Congress [*].

Given the neurological nature of the attack, the technological means that would have been used are defined as neuroweapons.

A group of experts, including the first physician who examined the U.S. diplomats, gave presentations on the health attacks at a neuroweapon event held by SOFWERX and the U.S. Special Operation Command [*].

A briefing of the Pentagon Chiefs of Staff was conducted by the same group of experts [*].U.S. victims of electromagnetic harassment have provided comment to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (created by President Obama) in March and May 2011 [*][*].

In Europe, the Ministry of Defense of Poland conducted a geographical analysis of complaints of Polish victims for electromagnetic attacks in 2016 [*]. Following correspondence with the Ministry [*], Polish victims have been heard by the Inspectorate of Innovative Defense Technologies of the Ministry of Defense.

Among different protests against electromagnetic harassment/torture, two international rallies have been held on the 29th August in 2019 and 2018 [*].
Victims of electromagnetic harassment, often called “Targeted Individuals” or “TIs” report:

Torturous routines such as head and body electromagnetic stimulation e.g. intense sudden contractions of (surface) muscle fibers equivalent to painful stimulus of being hit, different stimulation patterns generating miscellaneous effects e.g. pain, tingling, pins-and-needle effect and also intense heating, burning or itching sensations.

Artificial tinnitus, hearing voices and mental manipulation i.e. mental content presentation/insertion and extraction (personal thought content being repeated to them in an interval of a few seconds).

Manipulation via brain-to-brain interface: A remote human operator exerts a dominant cognitive influence determining certain functions (e.g. a motor function such as moving a limb).

Targeted Individuals are being tortured silently while certain phenomena such as “hearing the global Hum” which affects 4% of the world population [*] may be indicative of the fact that the effects are being experienced by a much larger population than that of targeted individuals.

Given the extremely advanced nature of the symptoms reported, e.g. mental manipulation, the associated neuroweapons, also termed “weapons of mass disruption” should be considered equivalent, in terms of national security, to “weapons of mass destruction”. It is expected that these would be top secret, would be handled only by few people in the highest military ranks, and would probably be subject to limited or non-existent parliamentary/congressional supervision (cf. generic reporting citing indispensable covert national security operations). This setting would cancel institutional controls, thereby creating environments conducive to corruption.

It is important that society addresses electromagnetic harassment with torturous patterns or electromagnetic torture (cybernetic torture or cybertorture). It constitutes a significant human rights issue with severe risks on the health, well-being and the life of individuals.

It is also important to comprehend the implications, as the complaints of the targeted individuals referring to both torture as well as mental manipulation may be indicative of a future where mental interference may be performed in large scale with imperceptible nuances and nudging of thinking towards certain directions e.g. for political or economic interference. It is urgent to address this phenomenon. Link

There is more from Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. The Special Rapporteur’s annual interim report to be presented to the General Assembly at its 75th Session in October 2020.

Links* (See below):

1) Electromagnetic Torture (
2) Energy weapons (

3) Military grade

4) Mind control technology

5) Harassment techniques

6) OAS

7) WW

Unfortunately, as neuron-interface increases so will the torture of average people, just like you. The Public-Private Partnerships engaged in this science, research, and mission are very open and brazen about their accomplishments.

Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

Incident Command
Integrated EM: Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation
Emergency Plan Design including all Emergency Support Functions
Principles of Emergency Management
Developing Volunteer Resources
Emergency Planning and Development
Leadership and Influence, Decision Making in Crisis
Exercise Design and Evaluation
Public Assistance Applications
Emergency Operations Interface
Public Information Officer
Flood Fight Operations
Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Incident Command (ICS-NIMS)
Multi-Hazards for Schools
Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
Logistics, Operations, Communications
Community Emergency Response Team Leader
Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Links Provided

1) Electronic Torture


Inputs for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment report

Note: Kindly request confidentiality of my report
Date: 20thJune 2020Respected


Myname is Mr.Ganeshbabu Govindasami, aged 37 and I am from India. This statement is with respect to the inputs requested for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment report (To inform the Special Rapporteur’s annual interim report to be presented to the General Assembly at its 75th Session in October 2020)

This is an URGENT public interest petition to STOP the illegal and unauthorized abuses of advanced military-grade weapons that are being used for Torture Programs. Torture comprises of Mind-Reading, Mind control, Central Nervous System control, 24/7 anywhere tracking, Organized Gang-Stalking, ‘Voices-To-Skull'(‘V2K’), Physical Injury/harassment through Directed Energy Weapons. This has been going on in India for past 15 years at least (I am getting attacked/tortured for many years now, Voice to skull started in2016)All these attacks are ‘no-touch’ / ‘Covert ‘and are remotely operated -and so leave the minimum evidence (if at all) thus making all available laws ineffective and powerless to help the targeted innocent civilians. The people targeted and subsequently tortured systematically are termed as ‘Targeted Individuals’ (or ‘TI’). There are several hundreds of ‘TIs’ defending and fighting for justice in India and globally across many countries now.

1. TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, MIND-READING, BODY-MIND CONTROL, DREAM MANIPULATION -USING NEUROWEAPONS -REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING MODULE (‘RNM’)-Using this, harassers can view ALL the innermost thoughts of the targeted person on a screen -as clearly as one reads a newspaper. The eyes of the target become a live camera for the trackers. Whatever the targets view is recorded on the trackers’ computer or viewed by the trackers’ brains using a brain-to-computer interface (BCI)/ Brain-to-Brain interface (BBI)! These satellite-based technologies result in gross by-passing of fundamental human rights such as personal privacy, health, safety, data security, family security, etc. Pre-packaged dream sequences are routinely downloaded to TIs’ brains and harassers interact with the victims while they are dreaming. Stressful traumas/shocks are also induced via artificial dreams (completely wirelessly -without any chip implants, electrodes etc.)

2. INVISIBLE PHYSICAL HARASSMENT: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS (‘DEW’): Any of our body-parts can be targeted and attacked by these directed energy weapons. These weapons may use Microwave/EMF/ELF waves and can cause a wide range of diseases including cancer, heart failure, kidney disease, vertigo, hands/legs paralysis, internal decay, memory losses to name a few- all at the touch of a button from anywhere, traceless -just by using the unique ‘brain fingerprint’ (brain frequency) of any victim anywhere. Also, many fatal heart-attacks/palpitations that struck the victim when asleep may have been induced/catalyzed by these weapons.

3. DISRUPTION OF THOUGHT FREEDOM BY ‘VOICE-TO-SKULL’ (‘V2K’):This patented technology is also known as ‘Microwave Hearing’ / ‘Synthetic Telepathy’ / ‘Voice-of-God weapon’ and is being used for
traceless mental harassment. Using this, the harassers beam-in abusive voices directly into skulls of the Targeted Individuals by-passing their ears. Harassers interrupt and censor the victims’ normal thinking when travelling anywhere in society by beaming in abusive voices into the victim’s head constantly -hence spoiling work-tasks completion.

(Victims also get wrongly labeled as mentally-ill when reporting about this, not many are aware about novel neuro/electromagnetic/bio weapons and its capabilities) V2K is also used for Deception (causing confusion by beaming voices inside skull in-between talks when TI is talking to other people) and Impersonation of voices of close persons (whenever close persons are talking to TIs, these perpetrators intertwine their own voices along with the close persons voices by a technology named ‘EEG Heterodyning’)

TOTAL LOSS OF PRIVACY:Surveillance is usually carried out first unannounced secretly for years -without the targets ever being able to detect that their innermost details had been collected and stored -and that their own eyes themselves are made to act as cameras giving the latest details about themselves and the places and persons they visit. These devices are suspected to be authorized to access government satellites and are linked to supercomputers for data analysis and harvesting purposes. Victims have no privacy anywhere on the planet (bathrooms and bedrooms included).

HARMFUL EFFECTS: The targeted people’s physical health, hygiene, peace of mind, career and social credibility, family, friends and other relationships -all these get seriously downgraded and systematically made to fade out via the above torture program. A primary goal in these ‘slow-kill’, ‘no-touch’/’soft-kill’ programs is to remove TIs from the job workforce -so that they are in range at home for longer times to facilitate more testing, refining of weapons and for training more operators and neural programmers. The combined impact of all these together -physical wounds, 24×7 psychotronic warfare, career systemically made to vanish IS DEVASTATING to TIs, to say the least.

WORLDWIDE ISSUE: Dr. John Hall, M.D. (Doctor and Author, USA) who has analyzed the above phenomenon personally -calls this as ‘Satellite Terrorism’ and the greatest threat to humanity as a whole in the near future. Finally, there are hundreds of victims in India currently and many hundreds across the world as well (myself included -I am still facing ALLTHEABOVE no-touch torture)-as long as the public are unaware of the above secret surveillance on mass scale by these secretive operators, more innocent civilians could be targeted in future as well. All these NO-TOUCH torture with Directed energy weapons and Voice-To-Skull are remotely-controlled.

Thus, this full protocol (Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment -‘OSEH’ in short) leaves the least physical evidence of any wrong-doings and has become strongly prevalent inside many nations. This leaves us with a very rudimentary question of a dignified human life, What is more worse in this world than your body, brain and mind getting hacked and harassed covertly and illegally? We humbly request UNHRC to take due cognizance of the above issue and include all non-consensual experimentation/covert torture programs of these remote monitoring/influencing systems and weaponized technologies as severely punishable human rights violations and a life threatening Cyber-Crime, which needs urgent investigation, legislation and MOST IMPORTANTLY due justice given for Targeted Individuals who are severely affected by this NO-TOUCH torture perpetrated by covert criminals.

Also, request world countries through UNHRC, to safeguard our dignity to human life with immediately stopping this crime, provide monetary compensation for the loss of productive life and provide MIL-grade shielding which will protect us from getting attacked by such energy weapons! PLEASE REFER the below sources for Proof of existence of such weapons:

When neuroscience leads to neuroweapons army developing synthetic telepathy mind reading technology Psyops to

Neurowar: What Are the Dangers? of perception: neuroscience and mind-controlled weapons


Kindly request confidentiality of my report———————————————————-End of Report———————————————————–

2) Energy Weapons

Inputs for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment

Thousands of innocent civilians are tortured worldwide by means of directed energy weapons. The torture can be psychological, physical, or both. The advances of military technologies, particularly neurotechnology and artificial intelligence, mean that it is now feasible to target the population even remotely, by means of stealth technology. Such weapons are not only in the hands of criminal organisations, but also in the hands of the States and states’ contractors, who test them and deploy them on the population without leaving any trace. Countless people worldwide report being subjected to severe trauma and suffering through cybertorture. Yet, lack of proof means that all personal accounts fall in the realm of speculation and expose targets to a double victimisation, as most are considered delusional, or part of a conspiracy theory.

Fear of stygmatisation and lack of information leads to silence: most targeted individuals suffer in silence. These weapons are the almost exclusive monopoly of the secret services, who have been granted carte blanche in the name of national security, and since ordinary police forces do not have the information or access to classified military technology they have no means to protect the public. Citizens become playthings, involuntary test subjects, and since these programs are allegedly life long for fear of leaks, they are literally held captive, even though they may be geographically remote in their dwellings.

Once “brain-tagged” through their own individual brain resonance signature they are followed, harassed, subjected to behavioural modification programs anywhere on earth.

Experimentation on citizens by the States is not a new phenomenon, some programs are in fact well documented, and although officially condemned, they have been tolerated and kept secret in the past in the name of national security. The stealth nature of existing military technologies mean that we may never be able to prove that they are still ongoing, let alone defend the population. The secret services and military contractors cannot continue to operate above the law-police forces must have access to the technology to protect the people. Military circles are ruled by obedience, and the compartmentalisation of their work means that some staff may either not know enough to blow the whistle, or may willfully want to remain ignorant in order to avoid personal responsibility and risk.

The subcontracting of work to military contractors can also lead to the creation of grey areas in terms of responsibility. Indifference cannot be tolerated. Apart from military staff and contractor workers, experimentation programs historically have involved specialists from across all disciplines, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, linguists, etc. and some academics, too. It is not possible then to believe that such ignorance and indifference about cybertorture and directed energy weapons exist in the medical profession and in society at large. Various morally flexible, highly educated professionals provide their services to the states most probably lured by utilitarian gains and acting not only against the law, but against any moral value, their Hippocratical oath and other professional ethics. Willful justification, diffusion of responsibility and utilitarian moral disengagement may all play a role in this. And fear, I would add, since any unchecked power represents a threat for anyone who dares to oppose it. You can either be on the right or wrong side of the technology. We need the States to challenge the unchecked power of their secret service and military contractors, investigate on what is being done and grant the police the power to protect the people from their own governments. The police forces have no information and no access to these technologies.

4) Mind Control Technology

Dear Nils,

I am writing to you as a Life Coach who is generally very well educated in human behaviour, psychology and in promoting effective change on the base of this. I am also a victim of remote neuro-weapon abuse. Also called electromagnetic weapons, microwave weapons, mind control technology or ‘cyber torture’. This therefore makes me a credible witness therefore to what I am about to say…In the case of mind control technology the core issue is that it is even being used in the first place as it is against the UN and EU charters of human rights. No one should have the right of ‘freedom of mind’ itself taken away from them. It is quite frankly an atrocity and is pure psychological torture. Relating to the aim of your report, the predominant psychosocial dynamics which in this instance are completely paralysing institutional checks are the following…

4)Societal brainwashing
5)Government brainwashing
8)Beliefs of limitation both within individuals and what they believe to be their ‘model’ of the world.
9)Time –although some may argue that this is not a psychosocial dynamic in itself It is seen by many in psychological and spiritual circles of expertise as a part of the human psyche just as much as the ego itself. Time and the ‘rush’ and ‘pressure’ of modern day society has become one of the biggest barriers to taking an interest in our human rights.
10)Oppression through psychological manipulation, threatening behaviour, blackmail or force.
11)Untruthful or biased mainstream media.

These factors consist both of what we are doing to ourselves and what is being done to us. Really they are two sides of the same coin in the effect of paralysing institutional checks. All of the above factors are generally true on the levels of the average citizen, the government oppressors, the innocent government bystander and most shockingly even those that are supposed to help and therein lies the problem. This has been the case very much in the case of victims of mind control technology aiming to expose the truth. The evidence has been there all along with credible whistle blower testimonies, scientific patents, victim testimonies, measurement of attacks, leaked and de-classified government documents pertaining to mind control and much more, but it is a subject that takes a bit of investment to learn the distinctions that gives one the confidence to join the fight against this severe human rights abuse.

In addition to fear and time the other biggest barrier is the barrier of belief in what is possible (i.e. no 8). For some people it is just too big a leap of belief to take (and too fearful) to even desire to start to go down the path of self-education.
Their beliefs are built in a very permanent and fixed way with a lot of ego investment meaning that it is very hard for them to ‘stretch’ their ideas of what is possible (even if it is true!).

To quote your own words…

Relevant phenomena include patterns such as ‘system justification’, ‘willful ignorance’, ‘bystander apathy’, ‘diffusion of responsibility’, ‘obedience’, ‘utilitarian moral disengagement’ and ‘group based moral disengagement.’ These are all factors that strongly play into the minds of the people who give the commands for neuro weapon torture as well as the next in line who actually operate the weapons. The ‘excuse’ is that it is done in the name of national security whereas in reality it is just torture with the aims of control and devastation (and I will confidently say slow murder). It breaks the majority of UN and EU charters. People as we know have a hard time due to fear in standing up to authority and we still live in a society where whistle blowers are not protected.

Another key psychological ‘driver’ is that our need to stay consistent with what we see as our identity (or who we are) and is the strongest psychologically driving force in the human psyche. As an example, If we see ourselves as someone who always sees the best in people, for example, we may have already made the decision to reject anything that shows the dark side of what human beings are capable of. On the opposing side this can be used as a manipulating force to keep people in the dark by manipulating them based upon the idea of their ‘identity’ or even changing the nature of that identity itself. The need for ‘power’ also as history has shown has always been a driving force behind human behaviour for ‘self’ and ‘other’ recognition. These above principles of course (1-9) could be applied to any aspect of psychological torture or reasons why institutions/ government institutions undermine, circumvent or paralyse their checks to stop these abuses.

On an everyday level it is true generally that something we cannot physically see with our own eyes therefore deceives us into thinking that somehow it must be not true. In simple terms this is what we are dealing with: microwave weapon assaults. This again is used to the perpetrators advantage for maximum denial as it is challenging to prove and the victim sometimes may wrongly come off as mentally unstable (which of course is their goal- to discredit them). I also feel the need to talk about the mind control technology or ‘cyber torture’ as you have described it. The psycho-social dynamics that stop institutional checks are the very symptoms of the mind control within the targeted individuals themselves…

(please look fully at this symptom list of electronic harassment and the links at the bottom of this link–they are all very informative!)

For a more in depth look at the symptoms of electronic harassment and ‘gang stalking’ please take a look at the following affidavit template which labels all of the possible symptoms of these 2 aspects of psychological torture that Targeted Individuals typically face (the template was based upon all symptoms the author had heard of in the field or experienced herself).

(I am asking you again politely again to please also take the time to look fully at this list –it is very informative and will give you a better idea of the dynamics that make up this cyber tech crime including all the psychosocial dynamics you wish to know) I also recommend contacting Kathrine Horton as she would be an excellent contact and is currently undergoing a court case against the UK intelligence agencies regarding all this.

In regards to why people would have a hard time understanding mind control technology is because people generally will only believe more readily those parts of life that fit in with their pre-existing belief. That is how such distorted perceptions of reality are allowed to continue which relates strongly to points 1-9 above.

Like always we ‘backwards’ rationalize our actions that were performed to fit in line with our belief about reality. Again this ‘filtering’ through our beliefs has been used as a societal brainwashing through mass media and government propaganda for many decades. Again, two sides of the same coin are relevant to psychosocial dynamics– personal and societal. On a practical note how could governments start to recognize and stop ill treatments of psychological torture (and its components) and start to bring about policy to stop these abuses??

Well first and foremost it is a matter of course of education and awareness. If government organizations are firstly educated about the technical knowledge of the wrong doings of their governments and intelligence agencies then that will go a long way. But if people in the top levels of government are aware of the psychosocial dynamics they can pass laws that prevent psychological abuses with intent. They can also then take measures to not only stop these aspects in themselves in the initial phases of learning about this subject but also be aware when teaching others of the natural barriers to learning about challenging subjects of this kind where psychological barriers can become obstacles.

With new laws they can also be aware of how oppressors are using these psychosocial aspects against victims to get away with it as they understand the psychology of it. They can then enforce these policies with independent oversight to counteract these psychosocial abuses. Eventually, teaching the history of government abuses with full transparency is the best way to really learn from the past and move forward. New legislation is always best brought in after any atrocity fully comes to light to the vast majority of the population. This is the best way to stop psychological torture and all its associated forms of psychological manipulation (transparency).

Accurate history gives people a basis with which to learn and accept new information perhaps about mind control weapon abuses and how they have been used wrongly against society.

Looking at the positive….That said, we are now at the stage where we can start the process into many positive changes in the area of neuro-weapons abuses to bring about the end of these abuses once and for all. We can as a society start the process of disarmament just like it is the UN’s goal of disarmament for all other weapons of mass destruction and I would classify Mind control weapons (or directed energy weapons (DEWS)) as just that. As a side note -it is my understanding that directed energy weapons (in which microwave weapons are a part) have the power to destroy buildings, assassinate individuals and even take out large parts of cities in electromagnetic pulse attacks (EMP) therefore it is important to be aware of the capabilities of various types of DEW in general.

As we look around us people are now more willing to change and work on all aspects of themselves and there are a lot more open minded and aware people than there were 30 years ago. We just need to look at the boom in the personal development and truth movement industries to see this. People generally are now more willing in my opinion to look into the ‘uncomfortable’ aspects of society and the recent peaceful and genuine protests show that people are fighting for their human rights more than ever.

Here are some goals that I put together that stand as a common set of collective goals that I believe are needed as we start the process of passing laws to protect innocent civilians from mind control assaults…

In summarise the above, acknowledgement by governments needs to occur and they need to be held accountable. Specific laws needs to be passed to protect innocent civilians from microwave attacks. Frequency police need to be established to track and trace perpetrators. We must move collectively towards full disarmament as a society of mind control weapons. Lastly, in the interim at the very least proper watch listing procedures need to be put in place. These need to be established so that at least it is only true terrorists who are put on these lists who are a real and genuine danger to national security. Innocent civilians, those who just have an opinion, those who speak out about corruption and those who have not broken any laws should NOT be watchlisted. Currently this is not the case, hence the case of ‘Targeted Individuals’. Regular assessment of watchlist status needs to be introduced with regular independent oversight and surprise visits to locations.

Currently there is not enough review. How do I know this? Because I have only ever come across two cases where microwave weapons abuses stopped for an individual and neither of them was a ‘regular’ citizen (both were ex intelligence agency workers). Perhaps even a shutting down of venues/institutions that continue to reoffend is needed.


Essentially US citizens are being placed on their national watchlists and international citizens (and some US citizens) are being placed on the international ‘terrorist’ watchlist called Terrorist identities datasmart environment or more simply called the international TIDE watchlist. watchlist on Wikipedia…

Here are 500 testimonies of microwave weapons and ‘gangstalking’ victims in the link below. Electronic harassment and ‘gang’ stalking (as the latter name for modern COINTEL pro operations is commonly known) are the two crimes most often used by governments often together to completely take down an individual’s life and demobilize them usually to the point of despair and quite commonly suicidal tendencies. These testimonies will give you a much better idea in itself of the psychosocial dynamics that are limitations to institutional paralysis and corruption (not just from the point of the victim but also from the point of the oppressor who uses the mind control technology and all the psychological operations that come with that (which includes most of the psychological aspects from 1 -9 above).

Part of the problem is due to ‘Targeted individuals’ having to battle the effects of the mind control daily and so not having the strength or ability to speak out in the midst of the strong counterprogramming effects of the technology. This counter programming is the real issue alongside the more ‘normal’ psychosocial barriers discussed earlier for the victims themselves personally alongside the psychosocial barriers being imposed on them through the mind control technology.

Note: Intelligence agencies are also well known for disinformation, slander, stalking and harassment campaigns –all part of psychosocial torture. They need to be recognised in order to stop this.

(please note you will have to download the file in order to see it)

In summary, the normal everyday psychological aspects like fear, time, belief, apathy and government/ society programming in combination with the sheer force of the mind control itself on the victims is why this has been the most likely one of the most challenging cases of suppression of individuals the world has ever known. We must put an end to these abuses now to make sure that our children always retain full use of their own mind and faculties and that these weapons are not potentially used for the psychological enslavement of mankind. Many thanks for your time as always. I and all the victims of mind control technology really genuinely appreciate your help in starting to bring about an end to the abuses.

In gratitude and sincere thanks,Mark Williams, BSc, NLP

5) Harassment Techniques

Harassment techniques include:

1. Surveillance (being followed, electronic surveillance, computer and phone hacking, monitoring all online activities, and bugging of home)

2.Profiles are built to identify any and all weaknesses and insecurities to be used later. Information often obtained through sexual partners or trusted people in their lives.

3.Conditioning where victims are sensitised to certain stimuli such as everywhere you go someone will cough as they walk past you. The goal is to make you self police and then think anyone who coughs is involved in the harassment. People report of conditioning to include hand gestures, an overt use of colour in peoples clothing (like everyone you see wearing red) or cars a certain colour or with headlights on (also known as brighting).

4. Anchoring where someone will provide false rationales for the harassment. Often many possible rationales are planted to keep the victim confused and the focus of the harassment cycles from one possible reason to another round and around so as to keep the victim guessing in a self perpetuating guessing game where every scenario you are to blame and causes self doubt, fear, intimidation, and ultimately a cycle of destructive thoughts.

5. Mobbing (or true gangstalking) where everywhere you go you will see an overt display of people following you and often use words you have been conditioned to or your name to draw your attention

6. Street theatre where a group will “perform” an overt activity like a fake confrontation or scenarios designed to test your reactions. Often takes the form of a couple who position themselves near you and then have a conversation using many of your conditioned words or pertaining to your particular situation and sensitivities.

7.The use of directional speakers which have the ability to direct sound to a single individual in a crowded room. This particular item is ultimately the most used and is often referred to as V2K or Voice to Skull and is used extensively in the psychological breakdown of the victim. The use initially is to cause the victim to doubt their sanity and drive them into the mental health system, and later to just torment and never give the victim a moment of privacy or peace. If they do enter the mental health system, then harassment escalates dramatically as the victim has now been “discredited” and can be labeled as someone with a mental problem if they do speak out about the harassment.

8.The use of electronics to effect your eyesight and balance which was originally developed for the military and police crowd control called “dazzling” and even the ability to make you vomit.

9. Sound campaigns which is a community harassment technique where abnormal levels of sound are directed at the victim and their home. This includes cars deliberately breaking or accelerating when they pass, people talking excessively loudly at all hours of the night, amplification of sound using directional speakers so that external sounds that previously couldn’t be heard now can, garbage trucks and other heavy vehicles, and countless other deliberate tactics.

10.Sleep deprivation -this is perhaps one of the most insidious tactics used where victims are woken multiple times a night and can be kept awake for days at a time. The effects are dramatic and completely debilitating effecting concentration, mood, irritability, appearance, and significantly impacts all areas of their life -job performance, relationships, and significantly aids in discrediting the victim as they appear unorganised, disheveled, and sleeping patterns alter so they may sleep during the day (where noise campaigns are more effective) and be awake at night (where they can be painted as the one making noise and being a disruptive member of the community).

11. Baiting or entrapment where victims are harassed to the point that they lash out and commit a crime such as assault, break and enter or vandalism, as they try and locate the source of the harassment. Harassers will actively try to provoke verbal and physical confrontations especially after a period of sleep deprivation. Or they are prompted into an activity which can then be used as leverage such as affairs, sexuality, drug use, or other criminal activity.

12. Gaslighting which is a form of psychological abuse where someone will actively try undermine victims and to make them doubt themselves so that they lose all self confidence and self esteem and are therefor easier to manipulate and push toward the mental health pathway. It can be as simple as being told something which they then deny, then telling them how silly they are for thinking they said it, and turn the lie around into an attack on the person. It can be incredibly effective coming from a trusted person and before the victim understands what is happening to them.

13. Blackbag jobs is a term when a harasser breaks into a victims property and places something or deliberately moves something. The purpose is to cause self doubt, and fear that their property is being accessed which harassers try to then sell as paranoia.

14. Propaganda and disinformation is also the other key element to suppress knowledge of this practice as its effectiveness initially requires the victim to be unaware of the existence of gangstalking, gaslighting, or the electronic technologies such as directional speakers so huge amounts of time are devoted online to creating disinformation sites which attempt to discredit victims by pushing the mental health agenda. They achieve this by posing as victims and actively trying to sound crazy so that all victims are are treated as such. Also by creating websites claiming to help victims and being a resource for victims to come together and then harassing them to the extent that they lose hope and no longer reach out for help causing further isolation.

15. Further to the above, gangstalkers rely on disbelief and discrediting and as such much of the harassment is designed (at least initially) to mimic mental health issues. They also rely on their abuse being so extreme, so pervasive, so fundamentally immoral, as to be disbelieved and victims subsequently resort to photographing, videotaping, and sound recording their everyday encounters to disprove the countless unfounded claims made against them -especially in relation to gaslighting, which gangstalkers try to turn around and paint the victims as paranoid or irrational. Victims are made to feel helpless as every attempt to defend themselves is used against them and when they seek help they are met with disbelief or open hostility.

6) OAS

Inputs for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment report: Ciudad Juárez, Chih. México

MSW Edwin Eric Urízar Rodas1*.

Insecurity is one of the main and distressing concerns of the population in Latin America, including Mexico, barely achieved by unemployment, inflation and corruption as measured by The Latin barometer Corporation (Data & Line, 2007, 100)…. The transformation of Security in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Center (2001) as prevention of asymmetrical and/or multidimensional threats defined by the OAS, which include political, economic, social, health and environmental aspects (OAS, 2003,1), which has generated a process of securitization (this policy, the authors argue, is based on the belief that undocumented international migration is a threat to national security), and externality of borders security.

As a derivative of this US policy (USA), The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was formulated: “Advance in our common security”

According to the Report on Torture (Look, Agencies, System, & United, 2016),The crisis of public insecurity, together with organized crime, and its components of this crisis is a great challenge for our society, including the authorities and the population. Measures have been implemented to combat this type of crime and it is as well as since 2006 and under the so-called “war against drug trafficking”..

Since the government of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012), organized crime, and in particular the activities that revolve around drug trafficking are the fundamental threat to Mexican national security, a situation that severely affects the integrity, health and permanence of the Mexican State2

These situations have allowed and encouraged expressions or metaphors that we could generically refer to as criminal populism “war on crime”, “combating crime”, “war on drug trafficking”, “zero tolerance”, “combating criminality” cfr. (Dammert, L., Zuñiga, 2007,37). In the various strata of civil society and in government sectors there are people who actively or passively support the practice of serious acts of violating human rights, such as torture and the enforced disappearance of persons, with various motivations or supporting speeches such as combating crime and seeking security and effective combating organized crime. This justification or similar discourse even traps relatives and the nearest social circle of victims. Arguments sustained and disseminated with complicity of social media, through the criminalization of many especially young and poor people.

“Reasons” to justify torture still seem to persist today. The twentieth century and what we have been carrying from the 21st century have shown that, from time to 1* Lic. In Sociology, Master in Social Work. Human Rights Center “North Passage,” City Juarez, Chih.2
time, in some countries in our own cultural environment, reasons are woven for exceptional treatment of certain groups of people, based on threats, dangers, risks to our culture, societies, or countries, which may be the breeding ground for a number of rights restrictions in general, and of ill-treatment and torture in particular. The old doctrine of national security is constantly transmuted into concepts such as citizen security, effective justice, etc. ultimately ignore people’s rights for the sake of a common assumption. (Zúñiga, 2007). Mexico, like other countries, sharing this process of securitization, a breeding ground for restriction of law and multiple abuses, including abuse and torture, have implemented constitutional changes and thus institutions, programs that lead to torture and impunity for it, consolidated and permeate society as a whole. The most recent and profound thing that has been carried out is the militarization of Public Security, which, in fact in the past years in our society, was the source of many acts of torture, today it is already constitutional, this favours to a great degree, the impunity and tacit acceptance of the mistreatment and torture in society to overdo security authorities.

The process of the militarization of the Public Security in its internal dimension is a process where the task, command and training of the police forces at the three levels of government namely: municipal, state and federal is in charge of the armed forces h is the point of total control with the establishment of the so-called National Civil Guard, after the failed attempt to

3achieve it by establishing the Internal Security Act, declared at the time.

4Mexico has a federal government regime although many public safety policies and guidelines are developed at the national level. The responsibilities of police work are divided between the federal, state and municipal governments; police forces are organized by both competition and function. With the National Guard (GN), the strategies applied are of a military rather than a police type, therefore, they are aimed at achieving territorial control of the areas in which they are being implemented through the massive expansion of troops and aerial reconnaissance, which can have a temporary effect, because their impact is constrained to the duration of the face-to-face operation; because it porque only intervenes on the operational and logistical aspects of having thousands having of military personnel active in action outside. Militarization of Public Security in Mexico in this work takes up the sense that it consists in giving constitutional powers of public security to the Armed Forces, even though no other (Western) democracy is used to prevent and investigate crimes..This model of militarized Public Security was implemented in Ciudad Juárez in the government of President Calderón (2006-2012) included the deployment of the armed forces (army and navy), in addition to federal forces (Federal Police, PGR)


7) WW:

William S. Witte, Previously a Captain in the United States Air Force; 6+ Years of Active Service; 11+ Years of Total Service

Psychosocial Dynamics Conducive to Torture and Ill-treatment

Background:-Since 2016, I have been subjected to Counterintelligence Disruption Campaigns. These operations have little separation from domestic terror activities and operations. In fact, they seek to create illicitly defined “enemies” for the express purpose of justifying their own existence and ever-expanding budgets. These disruption campaigns directly involve sleep deprivation, noise harassment, invasion of privacy, psychological /no-touch torture, 24/7 surveillance, constant stalking, and “mobbing.”

The relevant psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment:

-Much of what occurs is because the perpetrators have a sense of being above the law due to their activities being covered under the guise of absolute secrecy, non-disclosure agreements, and national security. They exert a perverted form of patriotism, in which they “are the law” and civil society is subverted into enemy combatants.

Those involved see themselves as being above the law and not accountable to the Constitution because they are serving the “greater good.”

Recommended normative, institutional and policy measures of prevention and mitigation:

-All programs operated against the public and citizens of their own nations must be disclosed. If national blacklisting, neighborhood watch programs, and disruption campaigns are to occur, then the public they “service” must be aware of these activities.The morality and legality of their existence whatsoever is beyond question, especially considering the torture apparatus they utilize when exerted en-masse, however oversight of non-partisan individuals outside of the industries in which their subordinates operate is crucial in assuring a return to the “rule of law” by those most sworn to up hold it. The formerly incarcerated must also be free of the binds of their former punishment, fully-abled to seek freedom of employment and upward mobility having served their “debt to society.” Western prisons of a medieval nature must also be destroyed, with a renewed focus on actual corrections and return to productive civil society.