TI’s (Targeted Individuals) & “Political Control Technology:” Videos With H. Michael Sweeney, Private Investigator/Security Consultant

Webmaster Comment: H. Michael Sweeney is a top expert on gangstalking; specifically, “political control technology,” which is another name for the same phenomena. Below are the only interviews with Sweeney that I can find online. All are well worth listening to.

Sweeney’s concludes that some 2 to 12 million innocent civilians in America are secretly targeted with political control technology. The purpose of “the program” is to reduce the victim to a complete “social, psychological, economic zero” so they will have no credibility or influence whatsoever in society. Sweeney explains that this is why they go to such extraordinary lengths to create the impression that TIs are crazy. He notes that of the some 2,000 TIs he has worked with, all were able to trace their targeting back to their association with individuals in the military-industrial complex, which he terms MIIM, for Military-Intelligence-Industrial-Media complex. He also describes “the program” as the extreme abuse of power.

Sweeney’s chief conclusions are consistent with others’ conclusions that gangstalking-electronic torture is:

1) “a cleverly disguised program of torture and murder” ( From Mark M. Rich’s “The Hidden Evil, The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Domestic Population”).
2) “S.A.T.A.N.” for Silent Assassination Through Adaptive Networks, as stated by ex-CIA mind control expert, Dr. Robert Duncan (“Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare”).
3) COINTELPRO Version 0.2 where COINTELPRO stands for the FBI’s Counter INTELligence Program of the 1950’s -70’s that targeted and eliminated perceived domestic political threats to the status quo.
4) a globalized CIA-Phoenix Program to torture and murder civilians
5) carried out by the US and global “interagency” to eliminate political enemies of the New World Order and or test exotic (directed energy and neuro) weapons and/or used against nonconsensual human test subjects.

On a more personal note, regarding Sweeney’s comment below that Freemasons are behind the gangstalking conspiracy, I can add that my early targeting (in about 2003 or 2004) may be related to a group of “friends” I had in Cottonwood, Arizona. These “friends” include an old high school “friend,” David Dean Dumas, and Freemason, Dr. Nitton Patel, a cardiologist of Indian (as in India) descent.

At about that time, Dr. Patel “generously” offered to give me a free cardiac workup at his new Cardiology clinic in Cottonwood. He was most hospitable, enthusiastic, and magnanimous about it. To try to say thank you, I invited him over to another friend’s house for some Swedish pancakes, a family specialty. During breakfast, Dr. Patel recommended I watch the movie, “The Game,” starring Michael Douglas, which depicts the nightmarish world of gangstalking from the victim’s viewpoint.

Ever wonder what Freemasons actually do? Well, apparently, gangstalking is high on their list of “public outreach.” We also see that Scottish Rite Freemasons were among the early funders of mind control research, as well as the Rockefeller family, etc. Dr. Ewen Cameron, infamous CIA-MKULTRA researcher and torturer of his patients at McGill University in the 1950s and 1960s was a 33rd degree Freemason. We may speculate that Lucifer-worshippers execute this program in order to destroy decent people and recruit them into their satanic club, i.e., send them to hell. Cameron’s goal was to erase and then re-program human minds.

I) H. Michael Sweeney Interview on Coast to Coast


II) TI’s (Targeted Individuals) – A talk with H. Michael Sweeney Part 1

III) TI’s (Targeted Individuals) – A talk with H. Michael Sweeney Part 2

Michael Sweeney is a author, lecturer and consultant for many TI’s (Targeted Individuals) This is a must see video with a lot of incredible and invaluable information on targeted people, who, why and how. This video contains important information for people who need to know details about TI’s.

If you’re a TI victim you can get help through Michael Sweeney security consultant. His website:


Michael confirms that Freemasons are behind this #gangstalking conspiracy.

IV. H. Michael Sweeney Interview (2012)

TruthConnectionRadio: Michael Sweeney Interview 2012


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Without a doubt, one of the greatest experts on the subject of Targeted Individuals and the technology used to harm and disrupt our personal freedoms, H. Michael Sweeney — author, lecturer, consultant — aka ‘The Professional Paranoid’ joins Truth Connections to tear it up and break it down. Michael will be providing us with an enormous amount of must hear facts — much of which he sees occuring repeatedly throughout his work in helping others to deal with this destructive targeting in their lives.


Michael not only provides information about how to recognise all types of mind control and physical trauma using directed energy weaponry, but he also takes us through the very history of why it occurs, the science behind the technology, its political agenda and who are using and promoting it, as well as how to detect and document attacks using a video camera.

Something as obvious as stalking, and other visible scare tactics still occur, but microwave and HAARP technologies are increasingly being used to rattle individuals like you and I, and shatter our rights for privacy and security. Many have been called schitzophrenic, paranoid, mentally confused, conspiratorial, crazy, and delusional, and the wrong ‘treatment’ has been pushed onto perfectly sane people, believing that drugs and containment will ‘make this all stop’. Only awareness and correctly acknowledging these factual activities being run by alphabet agencies and secret progams world-wide will begin to uncover solutions. By making our experiences public, or at least sharing them with those who can help, it’s hoped that this will eventually minimise and prevent these horrific technologies from being abused any further.

Michael offers an abundance of resources for those who need assistance in determining what is actually occuring to them and/or others. His website, PROPARANOID, found here: http://www.proparanoid.net/​ describes just what it means to be placed into a category of paranoia, and the true meaning of the term:

PROPARANOID? What does it mean?

1) paranoid — a medical term applied to someone who mistakenly fears being persecuted by others . . . followed, spied upon, stalked, threatened, etc.

2) opposite of paranoid — sorry, there is no medical term in the English language for someone properly reacting to ACTUAL persecution. Some say ‘cautious’ is the word, but ONLY the victim seems to use that word, usually in self defense against suggestions of being paranoid. Why? Our civilization, certainly as exemplified by professionals within law enforcement, the courts, and medical institutions, simply does not want to believe in conspiracy or bogeymen. If you ask for help, you are simply dismissed as being paranoid, even if you have proof to the contrary — they don’t want to hear it, and the victim is victimized a second time in a whole new way.

On the other hand . . . METANOIA is an illness defined as ‘the belief that everyone is good/benign and the world/universe only wants to help you’ regardless of the reality. This is the TRUE opposite of paranoia but represents an inverse illness. Excuse me for saying it, but this would seem to be the state of mind of all law enforcement, media, and medical professionals who, by failing to consider that not every bump in the night is imagined and instead prefering to believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy or boogyman, are deluding themselves; thus by their behavior, it is THEY who are mentally ill!

3) proparanoid — someone who wishes to aid and support those accused of being paranoid, especially when help has been denied elsewhere; a concatenation of ‘professional paranoid’

Michael has published a number of highly regarded and recommened books that cover a wide range of topics such as those mentioned above as well as dis-information, mind control, implants, and much more. These are available in soft cover, on disc, or in downloadable ebook format at Paranoid Press, here: proparanoid.wordpress com, hard copy is from paranoia publishing com

Visit Michael’s blog site here: http://www.proparanoid.wordpress.com​

Email Michael here: proparanoidgroup gmail com

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Didi Love
9 years ago
Great show, ty very much…
Thanks for the program! It was so informative.

The Boogeyman is clear: us greedy humans!

Thank you for your calm, dispassionate and unbiased hosting. It’s one thing to have a good guest, and another to have good questions asked and good conversations lead!

H. Michael Sweeney
8 years ago
Thank you for letting me talk too much… and run away at the mouth 20:1 to your own commentaries. IMO, that made it one of the bet deliveries of topical content I’ve been able to impart to date. Appreciate you!

7 years ago
I heard a guy online say it’s done for life insurance they take out on you from abroad. What do you think of that?
Please reply I would like to discuss hiring you

Xander Taylor
6 years ago
I am a Targeted Individual & I have the misfortune to be born with Pyroluria, which is a type of Porphyria & causes mental/emotional symptoms. I’ve had it all my life. But, in 2007, I ticked off a supermarket manager from a large chain & became a TI for that. Indeed, just because you happen to have “mental” issues doesn’t mean you can’t be put on the List as a T.I.

H. Michael Sweeney
8 years ago
I’ve been advised I need to issue a kind of retraction or correction: when speaking about bloodline families and RSA (ritual sexual/satanic abuse) I indicated victims of sexual abuse as children tend overwhelmingly to themselves become abusers… I should have avoided misconception by further stating that applies generally to Men, and applies even less to victims of RSA in mind control project applications, who are hardly ever subject to the possibility for various reasons.

guy potter
4 years ago
My opinion there is no implant just eeg readings maybe done at a psyche ward. or called brain signature I have been in foreign countrys and this stuff can follow great distance.

V. H. Michael Sweeney Interview Jan. 4, 2014, Talk Shoe

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Weston Bloom
7 years ago
Hi man, Down here where I live in Arizona, My psychiatrist seem to have decided I’m not Schizophrenic. Brave people like you are awesome its hard to challenge the world I am so happy people like you can help us with your intelligence.

7 years ago
I disagree with him on the ocular implant point. He doesn’t know how the perps knew the exact amount she was planning to deposit either, yet he states it as though it is a fact that there is no ocular implant, but instead an overhead camera in her bedroom. That is not a reasonable statement. Even if he examined her eyes (which he does not claim to have done) he does not have the expertise to come to that conclusion. Also, while a camera in the eye is a disturbing thought, it is a much more likely location than cameras being set up in every home she moves to. Most TIs have moved several times. The idea that perps are entering every new home setting up cameras in every room seems much more expensive than injecting the chip one time and monitoring remotely. The injection of the implant may not be as difficult as one might imagine, and we know there are drugs that can render someone unconscious and leave them with no memory of the event. Ever fall asleep at a friend’s house? Ever live in a shelter or with roommates you didn’t know very well? It’s a horrifying thought but I don’t doubt for one second that it is occurring.

Gary Long
6 years ago
What you’re describing in the case of the woman in the bank falls squarely into the description of “gas lighting.” With the proper assets and tools gas lighting can be done very effectively, the result of which leads a “common” observer to conclude that the target is “mentally unstable.”

AsYLuM of GhoSTs
7 years ago
you should make new video bro.

7 years ago
I don’t really know what to say at this point

AsYLuM of GhoSTs
7 years ago
so,anything you say is quite crucial,note worthy & you shouldn’t undervalue your opinion.

7 years ago
Well I think they can actually see through people’s eyes. It just depends on their situation because people are going through different things. RonPaulOrDie did your eyes change color or tone or anything when you started hearing things? Cuz for me, my eyes turned sort of pale. If you look at actress Fairuza Balk’s eyes they’re sort of a pale color too and I’ve watched a video where she said she claimed to be hearing things, but she thought the house she was in was haunted.

Paskell Paris
7 years ago
we need chucks files destroyed before they fall in the wrong hands

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  1. The proparanoid especially please please consider Chng.it/PgsdqrRyW2

    Targeted Individuals Demand Formal ODNI Probe Into Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism


    Petition ‘Snapshot’: Tell Director of National Intelligence Avril Danica Haines she must not omit ‘Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism’ from the “comprehensive threat assessment” of Domestic Violent Extremism the White House appointed her—we learn Jan. 22 from Psaki—to oversee (and tell SHSA you need a PIN).

  2. You’re spot-on! In 2021 your blog is very relevant! I also found it to be interesting and informative. We are living in a guard-gated community in Las Vegas and guards are not enough. We were robbed living in a gated community, and the people wanted in, so they got in. I wrote our story in a blog last week – https://homesforsale.vegas/benefits-gated-community/ and can never instill into my clients how important cameras and security systems are. I tell them to talk to a security consultant before they move!

    Kurt Grosse

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