Tips For Targeted Individuals and Perps From “The Cult”

I. Identify Cult Operatives-Defenses

Identity Cult Operatives- Defenses

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Know your Enemy

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”!

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Note: 2017/4/7 T*A*G*S were found to have been stripped; the blog is hacked in every way possible!

Details on sayanim can be found HERE, straight from the horses mouth, followed by several examples of both public and private sector layered attacks.

Infiltration and corruption at all levels are key methods: in addition to military, police, and churches, don’t forget social circles, down to and including neighbors, as detailed in deep studies of Jewish supremacist ‘communism’ and their “Targeted Individual” programs reveal! Pedophiles,many homemade others sought and promoted for control, infest all levels of government and military.

Keep in mind cult members are multi-generation, subjected to torture, murder and incest. While empathy needs to be a factor, these ‘little old ladies’, and their cute children are conditioned to kill you without a second thought. This is likely why the Shardana and other “circumcised sea people pirates”, of which Ramses [Egypt] spoke, took their entire family to war.

Executive Summary

Who: Sayanim of the “Lost” Tribe of Dan are the ‘snakes’ deeply feathered into all cultures, governments, businesses, religions, schools, churches, temples, forums and key, if not all, neighborhoods. It’s likely the tribe(s) originally using these symbols, including numbers, were overthrown, their teachers killed allowing the philosophical inversions of today’s ruling cult.

Ritual Abuse survivors consistently report their murderous and incestuous parents are respected business leaders, city managers, etc., in their local communities.
Moles: sayanim are a military operation with the requisite layered intelligence community as used in the CIA.
Deep moles establish themselves as “pillars in the community”, which could also be a religious institution. This perception is used in sponsoring forums, high level smearing confirmations in whisper campaigns, or introductions to other lower level and expendable agents via their forums, community, local businesses, volunteer organizations their spouses lead appearing as “community volunteers”, generous with their time. (Difficult if not impossible to replace due to requisite reputations take years to establish.)

‘Snake’ level moles are “Here today Guam tomorrow”, after “injecting their poison”, revealing even suspicions, resulting from an op; often after hand off by deeper mole posing as a ‘friend’. (See journals on cloud drive for more detailed examples using counselors, teachers, and peers, at school.)

Why: Contract Risk Management Hit Squad Svcs. (Cult, public or private.)

Targets include those with information of detrimental impact, desired wealth, or property, people like rock stars, actors, authors, former cult victims and others aware of criminal operations.

Even those with blogs or YouTube channels have been targeted with the stalking level terrorism until the violating information is removed.

Cult’s business targets include those with blood types in demand for wealthy customers in need of organs, to highly attractive children used in prostitution, pedophile setups and ritual murder kidnapping operations.

How: Standard Intelligence Operation M.O. via international Masonic/media network!

Best Defense is a good offense!

#Hegelian dialectics are key: Thesis->Antithesis->Synthesis

Simpler: Problem->Reaction->Solution:

Problem: Sayanim targets are gathering friends/credibility;
Reaction: Infiltrate with ‘crazy talking’ cult actors;
Solution: Non-targets believe ‘communist’ crazy tactic;

Problem: Public is armed making Jewish supremacism dangerous;
Reaction: Stage gun massacres to trigger public outcry;
Solution: Original goal is then proposed to ‘assuage’ public fear.

Money machines, ground based terrorism and murder, insure control of politicians, police and gang members. Cult police and gangs are used in drug dealing and assassination ops. See #TCMil playlist for examples of police sayanim operations. (Censored by the oxymoronic so-called “ADL” TRAITORS!)

Ground based terrorism and assassination operations of American “intelligentsia” exposed:

Jewish playlist: Patriot Chuck Langenbergs’ database of “Targeted Individuals” with Hegelian “Crazy talking” cult shills carefully filtered. Chuck’s last words in his later interviews were, “they’re going to have to kill me to shut me up.” They appear to have done that very thing and then ritually smeared him as “crazy”; RIP Chuck!

The embed had to be removed due to our Jewish player started ignoring the “autoplay=0” [NO]parm.

The first clip from a longer interview is of great importance due to it reveals how cult cops in control are facilitating the distribution of fully automatic weapons to gangs while the other branch is attempting to remove semi-automatics from normal people!

Key interviews from Chuck’s archive have been restored HERE.

Efforts proportional to the target’s potential wealth, audience or damage.

Higher value targets and/or their children, are mind controlled, and phones monitored for general intelligence, refreshing mind-control(MC), psyops, ‘suicide’ setups and/or murders.
Contexts for MC are setups by ‘friends’ who could be MC victims themselves, doctors and hospital procedures facilitated by bogus labs, deliberate sports injury; no pain, no sex, no mind control. Qabala MC can be short circuited with small amounts of electricity for 5-6 hours a day from sources like this: This should be required for all military, police, teachers and government leaders; it will also help free cult members.

“Brain Fingerprints”, on demand, should be used on government or other employees having access to children flagging pedophiles or other known cult traits.

Identify, ingratiate, neutralize via circles of target;

Identification by sayanim at any level: agents at school, [peers included], church, police, Internet and other forums. Naturally, the degree to which the cult will go depends entirely on the risk value of the target.

Tasks: local smearing operations isolating the target/children limiting friends to cult, facilitating deeper smearing directly or indirectly via similar operations against target’s children.

Subtle influence of friends/neighbors and/or target via various psychological operations, including assassination of pets or targets.

Children will be assigned to cult teachers,[usually ranking] or coaches if they’re athletes; both were used to setup the bad-jacketing picked up by cult kids in mobbing operations leading to serious psycho-social situations and clear symptoms of OCD in one daughter and ex-wife.

Keep in mind cult children are raised with torture, forced killings of animals and other children. The resulting psycho-pathologies can include a killer ‘alter’ along with others to establish and maintain friendships.

Sayanim troll like fishermen with appropriate baits like the opposite sex, intellectual material, child-to-child, business or a specific breed of pet to allow potential ‘catches’ as they walk/display theirs. If the target is unavailable, their circle is entered via their children, adult or otherwise; sayanim tag-teams are on forums blowing smoke luring targets. One mistake with a glass, food or drink and your theirs.

Target proximity is key, next door neighbors will be forced out to facilitate; two methods are eviction or children harassed by teachers.

Interests, forums or groups to which the target belongs, not already staked out, will be infiltrated, or existing agents activated for deeper penetration.

All churches of any size are infiltrated; members, priests and elders.

High value targets, like Paris Jackson, will have agents in their social circles, and are mind controlled to allow ‘chaos’ triggering should they become an acute threat. (This happened with Paris and she programmed to make statements reducing credibility.)

Medium value threats will have sayanim close enough to be invited in when randomly showing up at their door.

Damsels in Distress are a key bait used on “Idealists”.

Lower value threats can be entered by trolling with acquaintances established earlier in school, and other forums.

True friends and children can be used via forums, including school, that lead to their being Qabala mind controlled.

e.g.: IA, long time boss, who became a respected friend, once introduced her daughter K who was very sweet, coy and likable, who later meets someone on-line. After taking a trip to his home, K returns different; characterized as ‘brainwashed’ by mom, later capable of child neglect and caught abusing her infant via an ice bath to induce trauma, detected by its screams.

IA, after being tortured in a colonoscopy procedure, manifests the same OCD symptoms as my ex-wife, including being a total B. Said ‘friend’ of K is later found with several key cult markers confirming the IA was likely literally correct.

e.g.: Cousin Osborn was told of my sister and I having “missing time” at parties, and reports her friends had similar events; shortly thereafter she stops returning calls. I’m convinced her friends were used to compromise/MC her.

Know OCD symptoms; they appear to be a side effect of mind control and ritual abuse. Less well known include:

Severe outbursts/anger when ‘improper’ sequences,expectations or dust particles are found;

Uneven haircut triggers leaving room when seen on TV; needs for perfect symmetry suggests a ‘serpent’ is installed.


Pairing plastic knives, spoons, & forks wrapped in a napkin as if a party is imminent, but one is not;
Taking Doritos from their sealed, labeled bag and putting them into a Tupperware container with a new label; having stacked containers in their garage with similarly organized items.
When learning of your addiction to fine chocolate s/he buys 25 crates, giving the impression of using it as a lethal weapon; it could be Legos or anything found in warehouse quantities.

Wander around their garage and spare bedrooms; carefully labeled and stacked containers or similar boxes is a flag.

Drug or sex obsessions to medicate anxiety;

Avoid sodomy, as Coatilcue clearly warns. Even when doctors claim their ‘serpent’ is ‘for your protection’.

Detailed Targeting Methods (journals on cloud.)

Social Circles

Infiltration being the number one tactic, they’re ALL smooth as silk with great social and acting skills engendered as children. While common physical traits are a short stature, poor zipper/dress control, eating disorders, “Goth” or other dark facades, these generalizations are shadowed by alters and the cult intermixing with ALL cultures, colors, shades and eye shapes.

Smear attacks at school, church, neighborhood, ‘friends’, and even store level sayanim use gossip like:

Store/neighbor, “You know what I heard from [fellow cult] about [target]?”, or “That girl/guy[target] said [insert damaging lie] to me yesterday?!”;

Teacher[finals] “I’m going to have you[target] move over here today.”

Church, “Did you hear [target] is having an affair?”

To a real/non-cult friend, “Your friend [target] made a pass at me.”

Whisper campaigns of propaganda, often easily defensible, are an important tool to protect deep moles identity, patterns of the tactics secret and target’s credible response nonexistent. The true audience, esp. permanent members, would otherwise learn the patterns.

Know your Triggers: Repel targeted information by leveraging emotion, ridicule or fear triggering words, well established in mass media.

Think “Pavlov’s Dogs”, identified by an emotional fear twinge of being poorly characterized, or ridiculed or threatened with ad hominem attacks. Best examples in a ‘blue’ media state are “racist”, and “anti-semite”, or in a ‘red’ state media, ‘conspiracy nut/theorist’; terms designed by their top level UK cult fed through the CIA to US media operatives.

Dismiss as “crazy”, smart researchers and targets of their military grade psyop stunts that include a facilitating ‘medical system’. This model, perfected under Jewish communism, is detailed in many books like Stasiland by Anna Funder, Gulag Archipelago, and Under the Sign of the Scorpion.

TIP: Methods and patterns herein are how one identifies likely cult neighbors, businesses, church members, fellow employees, etc.

All Levels

Damage Control: Internet or other forums:

Fake Leaders: ID controlled opposition by their:

Avoiding coverage of Talmudic/Qabalist #ExtremePedophilia;
Insisting it’s the Vatican proven to be a Jewish front;
Insisting it’s ‘THE Jews”, et. al.;

Insisting the holocaust never happened after educating them on the Hebrew meaning of “Burnt Offering”; (ritual sacrifice/goyim);

Distractions: seed with various garbage like ‘aliens’; create ‘haystacks’ of disinfo to waste time, bury/hide key ‘needles’ and their blogs.

Flood: search engines with websites giving staged distractions.
Infiltrate all forums with several cult members, crazy talkers and sock puppets to allow:

Apparent consensus of ‘fellow skeptics’ and multilevel spins of a targets point so that the easily mislead, busy or lazy, will be swayed: number one target is the greater audience.

Guilt by association using ‘crazy’ actors against cult targets;
Taint evidence by re-framing to allow, “You don’t really think I’m going to believe ____?!”
#ExtremePedophilia, ritual abuse, and MK Ultra [Qabala] mind control:
Claim victims say, ‘ALL government investigators are ‘Satanists’!’
Dress up as witches/devils and say ‘hail Satan’, once or twice.
Make children see/do batsh** crazy things like “dancing with skulls”.

Call yourselves ‘Satanists’ to give a level of misdirection to the Jewish cult, allowing victims and opponents to be dismissed as ‘religious nuts’.

Always attach ‘nuts’ to dismiss those “with the eyes to see”; gun nuts, conspiracy nuts, or of high intellect, “Beautiful Mind” nuts.

Make “impossible scenario” statements to sexually abused employees like, “I can give you double pay checks if you allow it.”; which, of course audits would reveal.

IR viewable orbs, aka spirits re-framed as reptilians or ‘aliens’.

Double-talk is used to minimize lying; keep Europeans learning of the holocaust inversions and lies needlessly breaking “denier” laws: holocaust in Hebrew means ‘Burnt offering’, or ritual sacrifice, of which there were and are, numerous.

Jews are killed in the initial holocaust to allow those larger of Gentiles.

Never undermine the “holocaust denier” meme or laws!
Folder with related ritual abuse and holocaust
Folder: #PlayLists/ExtremePedophilia
Google search PDF w/hot links; search content can change based on user id: Click/see:
Folder: #PlayLists/GoogleSearches/ExtremePedophilia.pdf

Evidence got your ‘Serpent’ down? Attack the target with fallacy:

When truth stands against you the messenger must not be heard!

Argumentum: Ad hominem: Crafty attacks of the person;

Call targets racists even though Israeli DNA experts debunked that concept, along with other Jews exposing Judaism’s previous open enrollment tactics. There is only one human race, with many ‘flavors’!

Express ‘concern’ they should see a doctor for any targeted beliefs as in Jewish ‘communism’.

Ad populum: “Everyone knows ___!” [Hint/’meta-communicate’:“You’re dumb if you don’t agree!”]

Ad verecundiam: Never waste cult academic or medical tripe!

Professor muckity muck, PhD in ___, wrote,”___!”; [Hint:you nit wit!]

Use widely available academic tripe as ‘evidence’; it costs money to fabricate all those books and players! ie:The first president was not Washington?! “How many days in a year? 52*7=364 until you add your “Serpent”. [DAN(19/10/1)]. What made you think otherwise?

Other hasbaRat tactics to use in comment forums:

Make your opponent angry. If he responds in kind to your endless taunts, change the subject to his anger, and accuse him of name calling. If he accuses you of provoking him, then you have changed the subject of the debate. If he stays on topic, keep the heat up.

The Believers in the audience will forgive the worst verbal attacks you use, but they will think even the mildest replies he makes to you are personal attacks that undermine his argument.

Ask questions to make it look as though you’ve done some thinking. Ignore answers. Keep asking the same questions. Write, “LOL”. It’s easy to write, “LOL” and induce fear of peer laughter or further ridicule. (Don’t forget sock puppets for ‘consensus’.)

Have apparent confidence with your fallacies and, as always, ignore evidence. “All the structural engineers in the world are wrong, but I know the TRUTH”.

Never engage people who respond politely and factually. Only engage those who are clearly irritated with having rebutted the same tripe over and over. Then complain that they have resorted to taunts and insults because they can’t rebut your claims.

Never post on topic – when backed into a corner change, or re-frame, the topic. This prevents any subject from being resolved and allows debunked material to be recycled. Bring up previously debunked material as ‘evidence’, or insist their facts were ‘debunked ages ago!’.

Your job is to ask, but never answer, questions. In the spirit of Lenin’s ‘controlled opposition’, this allows framing the debate to prevent the house of cards from falling in. Ban anyone who asks too many logical questions from the forums.