TI Testimonial Letters Re: Anti-Tinnitus CD To Inventor, Dave Case

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I would like to update every one on my jammer CD. It has been studied by a neurologist in the United Kingdom . it has been found that the sound file produces 2.8mhz of ultra-sonics when played on koss ktx-pro1 headphones. It is stopping tinnitus, stopping hyperacusis, stopping TTTS, stopping the hearing of voices, gives deeper sleep. This CD is causing neuroplasticity (neural healing) , this is why it jams v2k and targeting equipment. The jammer CD has now helped over 1000 people stop electronic torture and is still free at antitinnitusv2k.com

Testimonial letters from TIs (Targeted Individuals) to Inventor, Dave Case, on the Effects of his Anti-Tinnitus CD.

Compiled by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, August, 2017

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1) Dear Dave, I want to thank you for creating this CD it has given me back my life. I am a targeted individual, and was for 8 months not able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time, then would be under attack by voices calling my names and screaming in my head. I was suffering terribly. I did no know much about what was happening in the beginning and thought I was losing my mind.

Before all this happened to me and my husband, I had prophetic dreams. I had felt blessed all my life. In these dreams I was being forewarned of things to come, after being placed in the AI program I was no longer receiving these dreams. They were being replaced with scary stuff. The handlers were able to make me feel as though I were trapped. In my dream I couldn’t get out. It caused extreme stress.

My blood pressure would rise and I would wake up with an extreme headache and high blood pressure. For months I prayed God would end this terrible attack on my mind. I kept researching for anything I could do to end this terrible situation. And I came across a radio interview where you came on and talked about your countermeasure CD. At that moment, I knew I needed that CD.

I received the CD and began using the CD immediately. It was amazing… the very first night I used it I was able to sleep all night with no attacks for the first time in 8 months. I was amazed and knew this was a God-given gift. As the nights followed, I noticed that the perpetrators were trying to continue their attack but they could not get in. The AI system is still actively attacking me, but the CD blocks it and I am sleeping again.

I do believe that every home will have your CD, it will be the only thing that will defeat this takeover of man’s mind. I cannot thank you enough. You have given me back my life. There is no price that can be put on that.

2) Dear Mr. Case, 12/2/08

I have been experimenting with different kinds of shielding and other countermeasures for electronic harassment for the past couple of years and have been using your CD for the past 8 months. I play it at night while in bed using the KOSS KSC75 headphones at a comfortable volume level. I find it indeed helps significantly in reducing the effects of electronic harassment at night and like other countermeasures allows me to sleep better, thus leaving me with more energy during the day. I used to wear metal head shielding at night but with the CD I find I no longer need to. Although I never had a serious problem with tinnitus I find the CD reduces the perps’ ability to brainlock with me or for whatever other reason results to a more peaceful rest. I anticipate it being a permanent part of my arsenal of countermeasures and I highly recommend it to other TIs!


3) Dear Dave, 6/19/10

I listened to your compact disk that reduced mind control (mind kontrol) torture. It was fantastic. The squelching binaural sounds and especially the train wheels gaining momentum immediately and preciously calmed me. While listening, I experienced huge benefits. Between listening sessions, I am healthier, happier, smarter. It’s kind of funny that the CD makes you feel happier, because it sounds like being in a car wash at the beach during a terrible storm, where someone left the radio on but it’s so late that all the stations are dead- with a train nearby!

When I first put on your CD I had an immediate mood lift. My head felt like it was free of a dead weight. One of the first things I noticed was that my breathing came back to normal, and was expansive and rhythmic. It was fantastic to be able to breathe naturally, since stress makes people forget to breathe right. After an hour, my motor skills came back to normal.

I started to laugh in happiness that a target should have to listen to such squelching and squealing in order to feel peaceful. After 30 minutes, I had a huge improvement in eyesight use. While outside I saw an object that visually reminded me of I needed to do which was in the house. This little realization might not sound like much, but for a target it was huge because it involved fast, intuitive visuals. NO WORDS, no recitation, no lists, no dry-erase boards… It was a recovery of conceptual thought. Also, the realization became something I knew by heart, as evidenced by the fact that when I returned home later, the first thing I did was finish the task- although I had not had one reminder in over half an hour.

After listening to your CD, I now remember the date of the month

Your CD helped me understand why I frequently turn the radio to static or have 2 radios on different channels at once. Evidently it provides a relief from entrainment, so now I will have more confidence when I do that.

I want to thank you for sending the CD and for offering to help me more when I had trouble getting a headset. This is a wonderful aid that you have provided. My favorite part is the sound of train wheels gaining momentum. It gives me such relief on the spot.

4) Dear Dave, 7/11/2010

Your CD has helped to survive during the last few weeks since I’ve been able to listen to it. It’s crossed my mind many times that you may have saved my life, either directly from direct healing, or indirectly from allowing me to handle my health with better ideas and a clearer mind. I had been having very serious health concerns that most people only get when they are elderly.

Your CD has allowed me to have a clearer mind, and I was able to pinpoint a serious, progressive auto-immune food allergy that doctors mis-diagnosed when I was young.

In the past 20 years, I considered this particular food allergy by reading about it but I didn’t have the clarity of mind to learn more.

But your CD helped me use both sides of my brain, to come out of family of origin mind-controlled fallacies about food allergies. I immediately went on an allergen free diet and now my body has unprecedented peace.

5) Dear Dave,

I am 32 years old. I have been having my thoughts read broadcasted on a frequency that only I am able to hear. About three months ago I began to start receiving a high pitch ringing in my ears, particularly my left ear. The ringing was so bad that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at night. I would be attending class and the ringing would be so loud that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what I was hearing said because my attention would be diverted to the high pitch ringing. I mean I felt I was in agony, very upset and feeling terribly harassed.

Since meeting Dave on talk shoe and hearing about the CD that you created, I asked for a copy. I have been using the CD for almost two weeks now and literally the fake tinnitus/high pitch ringing has almost completely went away. Also, hearing voices has dimmed down about 50%, sometimes even more.

Without your help and making the CD I would be in a world of hurt and pain. Because of you Dave I am able to go on with my life and succeed at what I do. They say God works in mysterious ways and I believe God is working through you to help other individuals being wrongfully targeted.

I am truly grateful to you Dave and I am in your debt indefinitely.

6) Dear Dave, 8/26/16

Thank you for the cd electronic countermeasure for tinnitus. I found it to be helpful during the times that I used it, either with head phones or with high or low speakers. I have also recommended to several others who may be calling you. Take care,

7) Dear Dave, 9/11/16

Thanks for your great CD. The second night I used it, I had a unique experience. I had my radio set to AM static. It wasn’t getting a good signal and I was getting a faded volume. When I climbed into bed and started listening to the CD, my radio went crazy shortly after… The static became very loud. Then it started pulsing. Then it became a steady static again. And it was a full steady volume.

The perps are going nuts. Lol. I know that this CD works. It’s great. I have also noticed that when I am not using it the attack is greater on my head. Everything goes through the ears. I will update you when I am free from the heaviness in my head which I believe will be soon.

God bless you and keep you.

8) Hello Dave, 9/23/2016

Just a quick note to say thank you for taking the time to develop a defense for a painful problem. My head pain, ear ringing felt like it was turned on by a switch in 2010. I had a surgery where I know I had something removed, miraculously, my earringing, among other horrible symptoms, were literally cut in half. Now I have 50% of what I used to have but it’s still horrific. Enough to keep me up all night.

I tried your CD where I have to admit I was unsure it would work, but after my first time all the way through my heartbeat decreased. The high pitched noise in my head can speed up my heart and this can last for days. I have to keep calm among this because I do work. At night the ear-ringing usually increases. I use your CD and I don’t hear the noise (cause I hear yours, ha). But…. my heart beat slows down and I can become calm, for real, and can sleep.

Thanks again,

9) This email is a review of Case Electronics Anti-tinnitus CD 10/10/16

I went to see an ENT doctor and he cleared me of any mechanical issues. The CD does work as an effective therapy for neurological tinnitus. At first it was a little jarring with all the noises, but it soon became a lullaby compared to the tinnitus. I haven’t slept as well in months as I can with the CD. I use it in a Walkman. During the day I have used it as well.

So far my symptoms have reduced and I have been sleeping a lot better. I look forward to either being completely cured or continuing a much more manageable life with reduced symptoms and improved sleep. I highly recommend his product and would give it 6 out of 5 stars. Unbelievably helpful and by a very compassionate individual.

10) Mr. David Case, 10/18/16

I have been listening to your CD continuously for only a few days. I am seeing this great disconnection take place. I am plugged into it inside and also outside in my car. I was able to go grocery shopping in peace. What a great feeling that is. I am grateful to you and quite overwhelmed. Thank you for your help. I know God has disconnected me 100%. I am so thankful. I do have a story. Thank God I am free I will never be bound again.

11) Dave, 10/20/16

First and foremost I wanted to Thank You for sending the CD. I wanted to get back to you with some feedback and questions.

I got the CD and immediately started using it. Tinnitus gone within 48 hours. Got worse then gone. About a week in, noticed better resting and less urination. Messing with my biologics stopped (abdomen and cheek gurgling, head and back pain….

12) Hi Dave, 11/4/16

I just wanted to write to you and tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I don’t know exactly what you put into the CD or how it works but I noticed I immediately felt better after listening to it one time and after a week I feel amazing!!! I have less fear/anxiety, less body aches, less fatigue, and I’m just feeling better in general and the community harassment part doesn’t really phase me at all anymore.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the t.i. community it has been such a blessing and I thank God for you and what you have done for us. I’m thinking this would help ALL people, not just T.I.s, but what a great thing for us. I hope you are doing good and God bless you.

13) Hi Dave,

I want to thank you for the CD. After years of unimaginable pain throughout my body and brain. The CD has helped me tremendously. The pain has subsided at least 70%. I just wanted to acknowledge that you are a real PATRIOT. Much needed in our broken system that allows the worst tortures and murders known to mankind.

Thank you,

14) Dear Dave, 1/12/2017

Well, here goes. Waited till I was sure before I wrote this.

It has taken me more time than many probably because I wanted to be sure I was not experiencing a placebo effect.

As of several days ago (my four year anniversary of targeting), my symptoms almost completely disappeared. I would say 90 to 95% gone. GONE!!
First time in four years!!!

Amazing. I waited till today to write you to be extra-sure I am experiencing a reduction, almost a complete reduction, in symptoms.

Still have minor tailbone pressure and mild tinnitus (least of my worries), but burning and confusion gone. Am sleeping without medication for first time in a long, long time. Am very relaxed. No torture…..

Thank you!!!! May you be engrossed and submerged in God’s blessings.

15) Dear Mr. Case,

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for the anti-tinnitus CD you sent me.

I had experienced a very distracting and painful tinnitus for many years. The sound was a high-pitched vibration, almost like radio static. The intensity ranged from a mildly distracting sound in my ears to one that seemed to vibrate my entire body. It was often so severe that it resulted in overall body pain and nausea.

When I began to use the CD, to my amazement, it actually did stop. And as I used it consistently at night with a good headset I was free of the tinnitus during the day.

Thank you so much for doing the research, for creating such a marvelous resource, and for bringing me welcome relief. It has been life changing for me.


16) Dave,

Wanted to write you a letter letting you know how much your CD has helped me. Within the first 2 days of using it the high pitch sound went away and my attackers ability to give me headaches and hurt my chest with Remote Nueral Manipulation.

I use the CD when I have free time and when I sleep. If my CD player stops while I’m sleeping or the batteries run out I will wake up sore because my attackers will start entraining me again and attacking my nervous system. Even though my targeting has not completely stopped, the CD has decreased my external targeting and has somehow messed up the harassment by people that I receive on foot. After about 2 and half weeks of using it I hav started to to notice the V2K being buffered out.

My attackers ability to make me use the bathroom has disappeared. They have moved to another frequency that seems like it puts pressure on both sides of my head but does not seem to be working.

The triggers and remote neural manipulation of my visual cortex has also decreased because of using your CD. And this happened about 2 days after I started listening to it. Thank you so much for creating this counterfrequency. I have gained much of the freedom back in my life that my attackers have taken from me.

Thank you so much,

17) Dave,

This disc does help to lessen the intensity of the ringing. Thank you.

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  1. Dave Case’s CD works; dramatically lessens the pain; stops gangstalking and brings peace back to your life meaning no more V2K,, no brain mapping, no attacks from direct energy weapons, whatsoever. However, you have to stick with it all night, every night, even during the day, till it starts to take. If not, you’re going to suffer in this horrendous New World Order Zionist created worldwide genocidal sentient simulation (depopulation) run by SKYNET A.I. that placed all of us into a worldwide cybernetic hell using the mind war papers; into what Dr. Duncan refers to as a neural network. They’re finding us with out brain’s frequency signals signature, citing Dr. Robert Duncan who worked on the development of this democide much to his demise . That’s why I believe it works. It proves, gangstalkers are also targeted into the system turning all of us against one another.

    Using the CD, you’ll suddenly find that drones will no longer find you, nor satellites, nor cell towers and no more synthetic thoughts. But as I said, you have to be persistent and stick with the CD program.

    Copy it onto an MP3 to listen in the car, etc., while reading; on a laptop; listen before running errands; it helps you think clearer, as well.

    Its nothing short of a miracle.

    You can get the CD here: https://antitinnitusv2k.com/.

    Peace to all and Best of luck,

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