TI Statements to Webmaster From 8/2016 to 8/2017

TI Statements on Gang stalking August, 2017

ETK Introduction: Here is a sampling of the emails I have received from individuals claiming to be TIs. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between real TIs and those who make false claims of being a TI for purposes of espionage. Generally speaking, I have not edited these email messages.

1) 8/28/2017: Help me please!!! I dont know how much more i can take before i end it… My name is Kristen Fristoe, for the past 8 months could longer and i just happened to realize it one day… I am fully 1000% being gang stalked and i have tried moving towns, jobs and fuck i cant even keep a job because im so in fear for my life. The man i fell in love with turned out was part of this all i cant sleep hardly eat im so scared they even have my children my own children in on it and when i confront my oldest he tells me he cant tell me and cries. I need help i hate feeling like im crazy and o promise im not i have pictures videos voice recordings i have people watvhing me 24/7 they want me to kill myself i cant keep up with the panic attacks im so alone please help me 541-636-6979

2) 8/24/2017 Re: I was stalked by a gang cult that said they were aliens. Need resources. Please help.

Hi, My name is Kelly Petersen. Six years ago I was stalked by a gang of people of what appeared upon further inspection to be a small cult with a base of 6 people and a larger resource of about 50 people. I did see government garb, but just on one person that I wasn’t supposed to see.
This group moved into a house right off my work route right above my favorite bike shop in Madison, WI. One pretended to date me. Then they drugged me for about a week. I had an out of body experience that convinced me to stay after the drugs wore off.
They told me that they were aliens and that I was the key to saving the planet. They told me to pray, so I started praying. I prayed for 76hrs straight. All hunger and thirst left me (I refused to ask them for food or water.) I finally saw a Pentacostal dove while I was reading a Sumerian text that I’d found in the house. They gave me access to their library. Then I was released. They held me for a total of 21 days. Which is the exact amount of time that it takes to reinforce a behaviour.
They instilled different fear triggers. Such as the color blue (like the color of this send button), airplanes, bars of soap. They told me they were my friends over and over. I think the point was to make me completely non-functional in society. I have a 120 page document about what I remember. The police won’t accept my statement. The detective put on my case won’t return my calls. I’ve only contacted her a handful of times when I have new info. She stopped responding to me four years ago.
In the time since my detainment I’ve been relentlessly working on getting rid of my laundry list of triggers, with much success. It basically became me new life purpose. I travelled out west visiting friends and telling them in person about what happened to me. I moved to New York City (where I made a very nice life for myself in a new environment) to hide in a sea of people (but it proved too stimulating).
I’m now with extended family and trying to find a way to nail these motherfuckers. I know they’re doing this to other people. My main theory is that I’m a high vibrational being and they were trying to disable me. I’d been meditating for two hours a day for two years just previous to my kidnapping and had just come back from a goodwill trip to Nicaragua to visit a community of women and try and help them figure out how to feed themselves through the winter.

I’d love to send you my document or talk to anyone that would be interested. I’m at a new location that is desolate and I’ve started seeing UFO’s every night. I thought they were drones at first, but they fly so smoothly together. They call me out of my apartment every night and I wait a few minutes and they all fly over me. It’s quite beautiful, but they never contact me.

Please help me.

Kelly Petersen.

3) 8/24/2017 T.I. in The Netherlands asking for help

Dear Dr. Eric Karlstrom,

I am a 41 years old Italian man who is living in The Netherlands. I am a T.I. and victim of covert electronic harassment. I would like to send a letter to inform the U.S. Congress and/or the U.S. President that I am a victim of attacks perpetrated through the use of electronic weapon for electronic warfare and asking to have the program ceased.

Can you please provide me with a letter template I can use? Can you please give me the address (physical address and/or email) where I can address my message? Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

Alberto Abaterusso

4) 8/23/2017 I am target victim

Hello Mr. Karlstrom, I have been victim of this disgusting crime. For 4 years I have kept record of what I’m dealing with, contact authorities and ic3.gov and ask people I knew what site I’m on. No help!! I was for government employee. Possibly this where this night mare came from. Please help? I want justice and not sure what else to do.

Thank you

My email [email protected] or [email protected]

Fake Friends Believe in Rumors
Real Friends Believe in You.

5) 8/22/2017 Brain Implant.

Hello, my name is Malyuta Alexander. I’m from Ukraine. I found your email from the Internet, maybe you can help me. I have a brain implant in my head. I secretly inserted it, I think with the help of an injection. I hear the voices of people I know. They observe me 24 hours a day. They read my thoughts, see my dreams, they have access to my memory, they know what I have done in my life since the day of my birth! Any people with the same implants as I can (and watch me) can connect to me, they can broadcast the signal for long distances, and even beyond my country. In all countries, a lot of people with chips (implants) in the head. They create “games” for people like me, for profit. Their “games” are based on the sexual rape of people. Some people become invalids of other people tortured and killed. Voices tell me that they want to rape me, and then kill me a very long time ago. While these are international “games” in which there are rules. They buy people for money, and then rape them as slaves. This is very difficult to prove. I think that even as they bind people to the exchange rate. Many people are brought to suicide. Abuse many people. Send to the mental hospital. Doctors know everything. We are called Targeted Individuals. I think they even have a satellite that tracks people like me. In all countries there are special centers where such people with chips in their heads are controlled and even raped, they call it a way out of their games. Many politicians from the government and famous people are involved in this (even presidents have implants in their heads). Everyone is kept a secret. My body can be blocked and maybe even controlled by me. Do whatever they want with me and then erase the memory! It looks like a fantasy, but I’m afraid it’s true. These chips are very dangerous and violate all human rights. I bought a powerful neodymium magnet on the Internet, but I doubt that it helps. I can not prove that I have this chip. Prove the presence of a chip in the head is very difficult. The microchip is very small. In Internet there is a scan for the presence of chips in your body for $ 1600, but the address, I could not find out.
Tell me what to do? What do you know about this? Can you find out whether there is a way to deactivate it (chip) or delete it by doing the operation?
If I do not answer you maybe I was already killed.

6) 6/15/2017 Mindcontrol – Re: aslORI email

Dear Mr. Mozer,

thank you very much for your information.

As i am actively assaulted by such technologies, i just can inform you,
that ongoing violations of human rights occur. These assaults are
occuring since i was an participant at “Berufsförderungswerk München”,
Ridlerstr. 55, 80339 Munich, at a project called “Chance für München”,
which was for longterm workless people. There was an psychologist called
“Zheni Arnaudova”, an former student of Prof. Bäuml and Prof. Greenlee.
She did not receive training for psychotherapy, although in my opinion
only proper trained people are feasible for handling long term workless
people. The project was to get disabled people back to work, so the
official clause, but it is also very possible that it is an task taken,
to put discard disabled long term workless people, because very hard to
integrate into new work. So to possibly put them into suicide
(Geschäftsmäßig geförderter Suizid – See StGB).

As i have read many documents on abuse cases, mainly those originate
from the USA, like originating projects from DARPA/DoD/CIA. As Bäuml was
at Stanford university it is highly suspicious.

There are documents regarding of usage of LORETA, which may possibly in
use in an modified manner by secret services. It is feasible, that the
jobcenter of munich is working together or that “Berufsförderungswerk
München” did provide services to dispose disabled workless people.
Possibly also an secret project initiated by those people at university
of regensburg, to commence research on artificial intelligence, then put
them into disposal, like psychiatric clinics etc.

See documents, like:


Notice that in the followin document the usage for “Computer Brain Link
Interfaces” is mentioned.


Further affiliated persons:


It is known that international research is taken place at secret
services and that international contracts exists for keeping the
research secret. Possibly is taken as IARPA (Intelligence Advanced
Projects Activities)

Also see my posts at:

There also is literature, like “Military neurosciences and the coming
age of neurowarfare” by Armin Krishnan. There is an hint, research is
taking place on CT2WS, Cognitivie Technology Thread Warning System.


Also keep an eye on those projects “Decision in motion” from Prof.
Greenlee and also “Visuo-spatial cognition” both are possibly using
LORETA in an built in system, like GSM or Iridium-Satellites (little
more latency than GSM).

Also see documents, like:

Keep in mind, that also Prof. Greenlee is involved into imagery
technologies. And it occurred, that i also had contact to Prof. Sybille
Ziegler at TUM Klinikum Rechts der Іsar, even with entrance into
radioactivity control area without any governmental permit, for no know
reasons except possibly the requirement to invite disabled applicants to
jobs due to laws.

I have an documented tinnitus since 1994, which is interesting due to
LORETA development since 1994 according to the PDFs, severe abuse occurs
since the mentioned participation at the project “Chance für München”,
especially extreme since 25th december 2016 (24h/7d without breaks, like
psychic driving).


Sebastian Kricner

7) 6/9/2017 my name is Audra & I really need help. I love to listen & look to you. I want to think you are one of few true man left in this creator forgotten place. In some sweet illusive way you already helping me to survive in this brain dead zombies butchery, thank you that you are. I’m targeted, hacked, manipulated, deceived, nobody to trust, no one true human being alive around very long time. I lost fate in humanity, hope for better change. I can’t do anything nothing make any sense. I’d love to talk to somebody sincere & compassionate, I wish would be you.

I hope you’ll get my message, they doing whatever wanna w my computer & phone.

Thank you so much & Peace, Love & Bliss to you & yours. Sincerely Audra

8) 7/29/2017 My name is Audra, I’m targeted 10years or more. I don’t like this TI label, that’s not who we are. I’m Infinite loving Soul-True Human being, just landed in wrong place in online dating. I met some men & I’m old enough to see them intentions so wasn’t impressed with them creepy games, so why soulless so called men united & were so exited to find sincerely naïve victim to satisfy them sick creepy desire to torture & kill innocent women & appears even get paid, how creepier can be???!!! My big mistake was that I went to 4 dates with a cop & didn’t want to go to 5th & after this was hard not to notice increased attention of police wherever I go, all kind street theaters, nothing harassing, at first somehow creepy-funny, later started all kind of civilians theaters & gang stalking. Birds theaters, I was enjoying. All kind unusual things was happening to me, I was thinking they want to be mentalists & I’m object of training for them, I was thinking they doing some black magic or what, only last year understood where they put me in.

Very early, still being on dating site, I understood that my computer was hacked, they killed my computer & I get free used comp from perp-handler, at the time I didn’t know who he really is, I was grateful & thinking how nice & with this “gift” they sure showed me very clear that can do whatever they want w my comp.
Suddenly started all kind health problems: severe lower back pain, heart problems, asthma attacks, stroke symptoms, sudden vision disappear, fainted 2times, 1st time falling down break my hand, my thyroid suddenly lost lots of weight, my eye-lashes & eye-brow fell out, was loosing hair, severe pain chest & lower stomach, was trying to induce depression & suicide, all kind of bruises over nights, 1time rapped remotely & sexual stimulations day & night. Honey traps, perhaps was trying to make me sexofender, surveyed all over, completely isolated, everybody around & far away became perps. It’s really sad & sickening to see how people so fast, like over night, loosing souls, hearts & becoming brainless zombies some of fear & some really enjoying torturing innocent people.
I grow up in society w different priorities & values & 1st couple years in US California, even before this creepiest experience of all my life times, was questing: WHY humankind so scrod up?? & I was thinking nothing can surprise me anymore, so how wrong I was & got my answer in this sick way, thank you so much.

Broke ins in my home & car, tires was slashed, phone hacked, lots of perps calls 1 w death threat, online credit card robed. Last year when I understood that my mind is read, they nicely let me know about TIs & since 11-16-16 started electronic harassments 24/7. mostly attacking my brains, eyes & everything down from lower back hips, legs& feet. Sometimes really severe, 2 mornings get up w swollen head looking good w no wrinkles & 1 time in the middle of day was cocking me some 1h no cover helped my face was yellow-grey & was looking like 100y or more so life is full of joy & surprises.
Some good happened in all this. I got my speed-up spiritual education, I got out of victimhood, I’m getting to know who I really am, I find all kind of ways to protect & heal myself. I think that our power & way to survive is Unconditional Love, Knowledge & Unity, coz we are LOVE so why those stinkers of the Universe killing Love from 1st steps they put on our beautiful planet & we nicely allowing & helping them to do this & now we have results.

I love you all, Peace, Love & Bliss.

I hope you will get my message, I never know where my emails going & who is answering me.

Thank you so much. Love Audra

9) 5/21/2017

Subject: Targeted Individual


I stumbled upon your website in an attempt to get some information out that I have figured out during my targeted attack. This attack started on me in January of this year and has not stopped since. It started on me the week my website took off in the organic searches and my revenue almost doubled. I not only started being attacked in my personal life with EMF Radiation, but I started being attacked online to my website. After trying to block this attack in my personal life and online, I was able to get some information about my attacker. He was using cloud servers to run the attack and I kept blocking them. When they went to a specific cloud server, I was able to get the whois information on the ip address and link it to a person. After investigating, I found this person was an employee for http://www.patriotllc.net/

There is absolutely no reason at all this company should be attacking me and I believe this is the front for the system in place. I’m not sure how to investigate who or what they do. But I am 100% positive Eric Zarnosky is the person responsible for my attack.

I reached out to Patriot LLC and did not even get a response.


I hope this information reaches you and maybe you could include it on your website to help others start to find the links!

Have a great day and I look forward to any response.


Steven Payne

10) 5/20/2017 Help me!!!!

My name is Mathieu Herve Pierre Barnabe DIRAISON, and I have a 6 years old son.
I live in Cambodia for more than 7 years and I am victim of a Gang Stalking using psychotronic weapon.
The entire expats from sihanoukville town where I live took me as a target because I refuse to use social media networks particularly Facebook ; it s against my philosophy; my way of thoughts.
I tried to escape them with my son. We went to the capital Phnom Pehn, but they were still after us. Then I decided to flee to Bangkok, but they were still after us.
I suppose that it may be the french authorities that covered the manipulation.
Without any credit card I had to go back where everything started: Sihanoukville.
I am still targeted by those gang stalkers. I will be soon out of ressources, because I spent too much money trying to escape them while I was in Thailand.
I feel like an animal in a cage.
Please help me.
I need a lawyer
I want to testify I got no proof but I think I may remember important information about their equipment.

11) 5/12/2017 Just Another TI. Hello Eric

Thank you very much for your work, I’ve been following your work for a while. I’m sending you my blog for reference. There are a few blogs in my b profile; Code White is my disclosure story. Electromagnetic Being is my EHS / mind control blog; I can’t survive without shielding now.

Best Regards,



12) Currently being assaulted electronically while at work and under surveillance illegally, Organized stalking by my neighbor and others that reside on my block where i live. I believe i have been implanted with an RFID chip of some sort that allows these perpertrators to eavesdropping on me and family members in my household. I have been conspired against and exposed to (DEW) Direct Energy Weapons, Gangstalking and seeking legal aid. I need an attorney that can assist or referral to an attorney Civil rights or Human rights.

13) 5/12/2017, To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Leacroft Witter I have been Exposed and a victim of organized secret society gangstalking, Electromagnetic Assaults, Electronic Harassment, Internet hacking of my cell phone and home electronics, Eavesdropping tactics etc for 3 yrs. The Harassment is very real and is being carried out every day by these perpertators for reasons of hate, jealousy, revenge, and insecurities. I was conspired against because of a relationship i left with a girlfriend and her daughter which, lasted 6 yrs. I became classified as a Targeted Individual immediately right after, which is a person being targeted by a group of individuals in society known as Perpertators or “Perps”. The Known perps that I am certain of is my next door neighbor and his neighbors and others that live along the same block of the neighborhood. i know that i am being plotted and conspired against. Some
of these houses look abandoned and I am positively? sure about their wherabouts. I have been watching these Perps for 3 plus yrs, which is the length of time this assault began now and i know there routines, and I have names and addresses of some of the perpetrators also. I can give descriptions and you could almost tell The way the houses are setup on the block including my home that they are staged to Harassing, stalking, as well as eavesdropping on people with hidden cameras and sound devices in the homes.

I am a us citizen and I have come to understand through research that I have been covertly been bugged with a chip inside my body, a Bio chip of some sort and RFID implanted where I can hear these predators voices and they can hear and see my every move. I am constantly being harassed 24/7 everyday with intimidation tactics, voice to skull wanting me to move away from this area where these perps live carrying out these acts on citizens violating civil and human rights. I believe that this area was being used for years covertly even before me and family members moved here by these perps to carrying out the Harassing of citizens in the neighborhood that they don’t want living there. They are constantly Harassing me with microwave magnetic tracking devices and much more technology. This all began 3yrs ago after leaving a 6 yrs relationship I had with my Ex girlfriend and her daughter which I feel has something to do with my harassing, because immediately after i separated from my Ex i was attacked by these perps in attempt to make me move away from my Mother’s house where the Baby father and his relatives also reside. I have come to understanding that I am being Conspired against by my Ex-girlfriends Baby father and his relatives that are employed with Homeland security involvement and other secret agency covertly with the stalking, internet hacking of my personal electronics and info , electronic Harassment which deals with Electromagnetic, phychotronic radiation from Satellites and powerlines set up on these houses and government Satellites towers with by my Ex girlfriends baby father and his relative also other associates that could be ex-military, police, and government involvement of some sort.

These perps are always watching me and listening and Harassing me electronically with radiation because of the magnetic chip tracker inside of my body. I want to take legal action by issuing a lawsuit and would like to know how to begin the process. One of the Perps which is my next door neighbor which identity is a Neal Manning he is the relative of the baby father of my Ex girlfriend address 1011 East 223rd St in the Bronx, NY 10466, also 1009, 1005, 1007, I am positively sure that he and others at these addresses are some of the main suspects in my harassing and their neighbors along the whole block of East 223rd street, Bronx, Newyork 10466 area, between Paulding and Laconia. I have been subjected to (OSEH)- Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment, which are methods used by Perps in targeting a specific person for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death (DEW)- Direct Energy Weapon such as microwave pulp frequencies etc, (V2K)-Voice to skull device which is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. I would like to report this urgent matter to the appropriate? authorities and agencies to get feedback on how proceed legally

thanks. Also still ongoing currently being exposed and harrassed while working occupation fulltime Residential maintenance porter a citizen electronically, mind hacking, able to reading my thoughts as i think of anything, they are controlling metabolic activities in my body, uses of energy weapons, Satellite and Microwave devices giving off magnetic flux force beams to my fore head, frying brain cells and controlling my bathroom usage as well as psychology tactics to intimidate my overall well-being, indeed a violation in many ways of my amendment rights, civil liberties, human rights etc.

Best regards,

Leacroft Witter
1013 East 223rd sreet
Bronx, NY 10466

14) 9/16/2016

(My experience by Melanii Diva)

It all started when my daughter and I moved into a 3 bedroom house on the corner of Vardon street and Adrian street in Springvale, Melbourne
Australia. It would make sense to settle into your new abode, but for me it was the signs of being stalked and watched in the home my daughter and I so longed for. So many windows around the house and so many times I spotted one of the neighbours spying in. Encouraging me to pry into the matter i took note. The first incident noted was a couple peering through my bedroom window and the male telling his female partner to keep her head down low. Many times I would catch my
neighbours in my yard peering through one of the windows. The first suspect is a male in his 30’s. tall and black hair, his girlfriend or partner in crime has shoulder length bleach blonde hair and was seen driving a silver car on her plates, The 3rd suspect is a young male, tall, slim and black hair and heard his name is Nick. He may be a computer repairman. They rented the garage from the neighbours on the left of me to stalk me. They rented the garage from Mr. Kunal Prashar. I believe they are connected to the neighbours that were on the right to me where they had a large satellite dish so large it was bolted to the back wall of there house almost positioned where it can’t be seen. I saw an asian man at one point hanging what looked like a microphone over their back fence into my yard. They even went as far as approaching my friends Craig and Elle in the front of my house to question them about me face to face. Even other surrounding neighbours
witnessed these individuals renting the neighbours back yard. The names and numbers of these many witnesses had been handed into the
Springvale Police Station, Melbourne. It was around this time I started to recognise the strange happenings. The beginning of my Electronic harassment.

When ever I had my lights off they had a light turned on into my house so they could see my shadow. Every time my daughter, her friends and I used the bathroom they would be staring in through the bathroom, When my daughter’s friend Candice was changing I spotted one of the neighbours staring in. This is an act of Pedophillia. I would notice funny lights always directed into my bedroom and could always hear them talking about me. Even my daughter and her friends kept on saying they could hear the neighbours talking as if they were in the house. I soon started to feel each day as if something was directed on me and cooking my organs. My body would heat up inside causing an abnormal wind problem in my stomach. My glands started to get blocked. I started to hear a popping noise in my brain. Yet I had been to the doctors and had everything tested and even a cat scan to show there was nothing wrong with my brain, Because they cooked my organs I had to have my heart monitored several times. I am a fit dancer and never had health problems, Only a year before I had my heart x-rayed at my
local doctors only to be told it was very healthy and strong. Electronic harassment, or psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation, radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people’s heads, affect people’s
bodies, and harass people. Individuals who claim to experience this call themselves “targeted individuals” and many have joined support
and advocacy groups.

Why i agree with this is because my gangstalkers were running through backyards of Dunbar ave. Cranbourne when they were sprung running through an elderly man’s home. My gangstalkers flashed a police badge to the elderly resident to get out of their situation. That’s how I know they are police officers or posing as police, could most certainly be associated with CIA. At one point they cooked my organs more than other times that I would loose control of my organs, The pain is something i have never felt before. I even heard at one point one suspect telling the other “that’s enough, she should have been dead with that much exposure!”

The stalking continues, they followed me and were sitting in camera view in front of the Ibis Budget Hotel in Dandenong on the 23rd of November 2015. So gangstalking and Electronic Harassment is very real and anyone of you could be a victim. Since all this started I have had my facebook hacked twice, I have had my internet banking hacked, they even made a request for a copy of my superannuation. My email accounts all hacked. Had my phone checked and it is bugged as well. Being Harassed and Terrorized by RNM Remote Neural Monitoring Private criminals or corrupt government are tapping into and somehow gaining
access to Government satellite technology using RNM Remote Neural Monitoring also known as Satellite Terrorism and terrorizing individuals. This is being done illegally to individuals across the United States and now around the world and these criminals are going unpunished. in many instances these criminals are using a Bogus illegal terroristic so called “investigation” once the satellite is locked on the individual this “investigation” is nothing more than repetitious harassment and terrorism to the victim that last for years and is meant to drive the victim insane commit suicide or have them jailed or institutionalized. Targets or victims should be aware that the definition of paranoid schizophrenia as “amended”, includes victims references to voices and the belief that someone’s reading/controlling their mind. Although, current technology allows this and illegal experiments to involve the remote causation of all these “symptoms”.

15) 4/20/2017 Los Angeles Targeted Individual In need of Immediate Help

Hello, If this message reaches please respond as soon as possible. My name is Lance. I have a twitter and youtube account both titled #TruthRISING . I have been subjected to Organized Harassment / Ritual Human Torture for over 10 years and possibly since childhood. I recently returned to Los Angeles after leaving for New York in 2014. The attacks have increased exponentially since I returned. I am currently living on the streets of Los Angeles with a Tent. I am fully aware what we are dealing with. A community of Satanic Luciferians who ritually stalk, torture, and kill people for inhumane purposes.

If you’re still in the LA area I would like to speak with you personally either by phone or face to face.

The best way to contact me is via this email.
My mobile#6463399454 usaully turned off due to the tracking systems, but You can text me or leave a voice message.

Any and All input to END these Crimes Against Humanity is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Lance Iam

16) 4/20/2017

I am ti more than 30 years. I want you to help me to understand what kinds av experiment the israel government and the Swedish Armey did on me. I wold like to tolk to you. I have much experience about it. I have many foto with electrode, Crystal, nanotechnology, chips and much more all over my boddy, from top to bottom.

Please conakt my. I listen to you on kev baker show. Thank you .
Rezina negev

17) 4/18/2017

Good morning. Residing in GREECE and I want to inform you that I receive more than 300 times attacked by electromagnetic weapon and have reported to the courts of my town.what can I do to prove to the omplaint more .I known their instigators who holds.

2 Replies to “TI Statements to Webmaster From 8/2016 to 8/2017”

  1. Please help me, regaining my human rights. I am being assaulted by
    Scientology/CIA, they are playing scientology-games with me. I am myself
    no scientologist. They are playing games, which are endangering my life.
    They make use of “modern” weaponry, abusing military synthethic telepathy.

    At least store this e-mail for proofs. Thanks.

    Please boycott any further article submissions by Prof. Greenlee and
    Prof. Bäuml of the university of regensburg.

    Both are neuroscientists, abusing children.

    They both are scientologists.

    They make use of the work of James C. Lin, “Microwave auditory effects
    and applications”, published in the year 1978. They do commit psychic
    driving like Dr. Ewen Cameron via this method. This is a severe
    violation of human rights. They are torturing me 24h since 25. december
    2016. Also they did do various brainwave manipulation. They are abusing
    me since the 1th life year.

    Proof for this is, that i can still get proofs of measurable OAE, like
    TEOAE and DPOAE. Which is very abnormal at auditory loss of more than 40
    dBHL. This is no wonder, because those “microwave auditory effects” do
    cause desynchrony in the synapses. At that time ~1985, there were no OAE
    screening protocols in use and tone audiometry with just one year old
    children is not accurate, no feedback from a one year old child is
    possible regarding its sensations of hearing. So they just fitted
    analogue hearing aids, at that time just with settings of treble and
    bass via screws. This further exacerbated the poor quality of hearing
    through damage of the auditory hearing system.

    There are definitely dilated acusticus meaticus both sides. Which is a
    definite sign of inflammatory processes ongoing, due to their abuse of
    “microwave auditory effects”.

    Prof. Bäuml studied at university of stanford, where a large set of
    students is recruited by the central intelligence agency. Bäuml has a
    gap in his CV in the years 1994-1995, where i got non-pulsatile tinnitus
    in the year 1994. See my documents attached.

    It was a tinnitus, with hum, going up and down a little in frequency.
    Which is now being abused after 23 years of introduction in my nervous
    system, to call me mentally ill, because they now link it with words
    “Ach so…”. Extreme torture.

    Prof. Greenlee studied at the wayne state university, where the work
    “Microwave auditory effects and applications” of James C. Lin
    originates. He further is committing research together with SPAWAR
    Systems of the Navy of the Department of Defense of the USA. This
    includes work on the visual cortex, by the means of the neurophone
    and nervous system “channels”.

    They also combine this research with machine speech processing with
    Prof. Bernd Ludwig of the university of regensburg. They like it to
    torture children, “It´s more fun to work with”, see “Monarch: The new
    phoenix program, edited by Thomas Marshall”. They like it to forfeit,
    that one would be a sexual assaulter, which is absolutely not the case.
    It is not explainable, that a ten year old child in the year 1994, would
    be an sexual assaulter, had no sexual experience, which is usual at that
    age. This is also not the age of youth, it is the age of childhood.

    Prof. Bäuml also recruits children and young people in secret for their
    experiments. They both like to abuse humans with auditory defects, like
    deafness of hard of hearing. Because of the findings, that otoplastics,
    common with hearing aids to minimize the rf power required. Also even
    with powered on hearing aids, the noise produced by electronics and
    ambient noise is a known effect to help hearing of microwave pulses, see
    Allan H. Frey works. These are biological and artificial earplugs. They
    also produce such occurences artificially, by abusing the auditory
    nervous system.

    It is highly suspected, that he put such persons abused into projects
    like “MiKADO”, without any permission and allthough they are not any
    criminals. This is an project to resocialize sexual assaulters. So they
    abuse this project and also even got access to data to true sexual
    assaulters, to abuse them for special usage.

    In my circle of acquaintances they did damage. Former workers and not so
    long ago workers at EADS companies were damaged. One of them is Andreas
    Golfier, who got brain damage, which had to be operated on after
    Konstantin Kohlpaintner died, at a accident on hiking, which may be
    caused also by their technologies. He worked at EADS Astrium. Also
    Markus Heller got hearing loss since after then. I am constantly
    bombarded with useless conversations, torturous interrogation techniques
    via their technologies, 24h the day. Before voice to skull occured i had
    24h hum in my ears since 1994 (tinnitus), which reveals is due to their

    They all are ham radio operators, like me. And they all used ham radio
    equipment, to listen on shortwave bands. They all were and are state
    licensed legitimate ham radio operators. NSA/CIA/DoD are torturing
    peoples, just because they were hearing some russian sounding words in
    some situations in the life. It is suspected, to be automated
    recognition, because i can not even understand russian and not speak
    russian. Especially because of the hearing damage done to me. They also
    even abuse US-Diplomats because they actually can speak russian. And
    they were on cuba, where russian of course is of significance.

    They are stupid and have too much overconfidence in their automated
    processes, this is another example like the cases of Therac-25. They
    even broke my teeth, further damaging me, just because they are so
    stupid. Broken teeth are a disgusting way of life. Also they are not
    permitted to intrude and override our constitution.

    They were already torturing and damaging my ears just because of my
    surname. But are cowards regarding torturing with voices into the head
    into the officials in my family. Like my father or sister.

    They did advance these auditory effects as a base to produce
    special brainwave signals, like cloned EEG signals onto others, signals
    to influence the visual cortex etc. And also to read signals via the
    means of so called SQUID (superconducting quantum interference
    detector), which are highly sensitive magnetometers, together with
    SPAWAR Sytems of DoD.

    There is much of documentation in the textbook called “The matrix
    deciphered”, in regard of the EEG cloning/heterodyning processes.
    See the attached document “resources.pdf”.

    Thank you for recognizing my human rights and supporting them.

    I hate these synthethic telepathy experiments by DARPA, also involving
    brain mapping, to spy on my psyche at any moment.

    The surname “Kricner” comes from bohemia, which now includes czech,
    austria and bavaria. It is not a surname coming from russia!!! The
    americans have the oppinion, as soon one is of russia, they are allowed
    to abuse them, including their children.

    They are also abusing “stay-behind-agents” of the NATO, see ham radio
    operators etc. are highly often such “stay-behind-agents”. But the NATO
    also has a “partnership for peace” running, together with non-NATO
    countries, including russia. So they do abuse “stay-behind-agents”,
    because they are in some way affiliated with russia, for the purpose of
    peace, “international understanding”. So they see them again allowed to
    abuse “stay-behind-agents”.

    Also they were doing this because of “Gerhard Häusler”, a former
    scientologist in the family, which is already divorced since 2th life
    year. Because he left scientology, this was before i was born. My
    mother got also tortured, it reveals. Because they thought, she would be
    married with an “russian” man, which is not the case. Also they still
    were cowards, tortured me instead of father, because he was an official
    and still is. I got grown up, together with my sister, who is now from
    police, with my father as an single parent. They divorced in the 2th
    life year. It is also highly suspected they like it to torture children
    and thought they were permitted to torture any “russian” children. Which
    is not the case, it is not a russian family.


    Page 36 – Kricner Max

    Kricner Rudolf, Infst., IR. Nr. 57, MGKomp. III, Böhmen,


    Please stop that shitty forfeit of any “remote viewing” with their shit
    hypnosis projects.

    This is all a violation against the nuremberg code.

    They are also torturing whole populations in villages:

    Stop playing Scientology-Games with me, i am not an Walter Sedlmeyer, a
    James Bond etc. It is not an russian family and the cold war was long

    They are working together with NSA/CIA/BND/LfV Bayern.

    Sebastian Kricner

    http://tuxwave.net — The difference to think makes it real!

  2. For the past 2 years plus I’ve been hearing voices , at first they were coming from outside my residence saying things about me that were not true all kinds of garbage , I actually recognized two of the voices . After being threatened with death on a daily basis and being told things like: we just cut your mothers f ing hands of or we’ve just killed your entire family and we raped and tortured them and oh ya your dads friend murdered him or your grandmother was not your moms mom she was adopted by relatives and saying the reasons were insestrial ,I’m actually making what they have said sound tame ,they have called me a vicious criminal that sells drugs and rapes juvinils and molests children I could go on and on. After about a year of hearing this nonsense from outside my R.V I had some dental work done and from that day on the voices have been coming from within my head ,if I use my earbuds and an app I have on my I pad I can hear it much clearer and louder , I can have conversations with these people without speaking ,they know every single thought that I have ,I know who some of these people are ,at least I know that I’m hearing there voices but I have proven to myself that the voice may be somebody you know and love but the words are NOT theirs it’s as if they tap your phone and record a voice and then speak there words into a computer and and you hear your mother or brother or sister or friend telling you that they hate your guts ! Ill give you a taste of some stuff they say over and over :this is not what you think it is….or you don’t know how much money you could have made if you just odeyed or orders ,10,000 $ a day or you just won 10,000,000 dollars and you just lost 10,000,000 $. Or this is not what you think we are computers and we are in your head ,I could go on and on ,I beileive the persons doing this to me are doing it for personal reasons , I would really appreciate some feedback and maybe some advice and maybe the name of an attorney that is familiar with this kind of torture

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