TI Statement: Paul Garton (7/28/2019)

Dr. Karlstrom. I caught a couple of your recent podcast discussions with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and can relate to much of your TI, 9/11 and Jewish Mafia revelations. I was physically assaulted in the workplace in the late 80’s by a couple of jealous Jewish (workplace) superiors, including death threats and being knocked to the ground from behind, in front of colleagues and customers. My error, I had unknowingly succumbed to the affections of a highly desirable, beautiful co-worker, who turned out to be a highly-connected crypto Jewess. I was ultimately confronted by the CEO of the company (Costco), who told me “Keep your mouth shut. Learn your place. You’re lucky to have a job.” This man was Jim Sinegal and this was how I was originally marked. Fortunately I had my recent Engineering degree to fall back on and moved on as quickly as possible. I obtained my Masters degree in I/T in the evenings while working full-time with my new wife (the crypto Jewess) and two small children. I worked my way up with Boeing, then Oracle, and was a Data Science and Enterprise Systems Architect for AT&T leading up to 9/11/2001. I saw it all, I experienced it all, including Mossad and Sayonim subversion. I (likely) finished out my career with Monsanto (Data Analytics) last year. Most, of my Monsanto colleagues were likely Chabad or Brahmin. Life became very uncomfortable for me when my wife of 27 years had an affair with a corporate executive, filed for divorce, and had Federal Reserve Banker Richard Galanti intervene against me on her behalf. My first and second-level managers at Monsanto destroyed their careers while attempting to destroy mine, and I spent almost a full year on paid administrative leave while Monsanto Legal investigated and destroyed potentially SEC-related evidence in the middle of the Bayer acquisition. At the end of two separate internal investigations, I was released without cause. Monsanto refused to show me the findings of their investigation. My boss was fired. My second-level boss was removed from the group and given a “Strategy” position. I was offered a significant severance package in exchange for signing a release, which I refused. I have subsequently been frozen out of legal representation as my issues are a direct threat to Jewish privilege. Thank you for all that you do and the hope that you bring! Paul