TI Statement: David Scott Morris M.A. (4/17/2019)

David Scott Morris [email protected] April 17, 2019

To whom it may Concern, My name is David Morris and I am the victim of a massive nationwide gang stalking group since 2010, and I’m writing to you in hopes that you may be able to help me with this very serious problem. Quick background is I’m 57, hold a Masters Degree in Community Psychology from Minnesota State University (2009), and currently reside in Virginia. I’m the son of an Army retired Lt Col and my mother is a retired child psychologist. I have a younger sister, who is a school administrator, married to an active duty Major in US Army. I was raised middle of the road protestant democrat and spent most of my life apolitical. I moved to Minneapolis for college and grad school in 2002.

I spent most of my time with my live-in girlfriend, working out at the gym and playing/recording guitar music. I wrote grants for small nonprofits and volunteered at several different community outreach centers, mainly dealing with substance abuse. Basically a quiet uneventful life. I was not, nor have I ever been, a part of any political or radical group of people in any way and I have no known enemies, nor any disagreements, lawsuits, etc against anyone. Having a political awakening in 2010, I began to follow political talk show hosts on the internet. Two extremely radical radio hosts, Mike Malloy and Alex Jones, caught my attention, and I began emailing them around April, 2010, in complete dissension to their conspiracy laden and violent ridden narrative. My tone was somewhat brittle, but I never strayed into any illegal speech, threats, or comments that would be considered anti American, as I’m a full supporter of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

By mid-summer 2010, and living alone at this point, I began to experience strange occurrences, as someone began repeatedly breaking into my Minneapolis apartment and messing with my things every time I left my apartment. Nothing was ever taken, just items moved around, especially food items. My car was also repeatedly broken into and again, nothing taken, just weird things like radio turned on full volume, rocks stuffed in my tailpipe, etc. I was also followed around town, and even when I dramatically changed habits, like going grocery shopping at 3AM in the morning, I was still followed. The stalkers appeared to be well dressed, professional looking types that I assumed were FBI. This went on into December 2010, when I finally stopped emailing anyone and the stalking stop.

Fast forward to 2014, and I again began to communicate with internet communicators I considered to be extremely radical, and the staking resumed. This time the stalkers appeared to be non professionals, more intense, and strange twists were added such as a tactic I call the knocking technique, where I would hear loud knocking noises coming from adjacent apartments that were synchronized with my movements within my apartment. When I went to the bathroom, there was a knocking noise, when I switched pages on my web browser, there was a knocking noise, when I opened a window or door, there was a knocking noise. I assumed there were hidden cameras in my apartment but could never find them.

This went on everyday for two solid years without reprieve, during which time I went to the FBI offices in the Twin Cities and filed a formal complaint. I did not know exactly who was doing this to me. Finally in January 2015, I abruptly left my apartment of 8 years, and randomly moved to Portland, Oregon alone, where I didn’t know anyone, and continued my political rants online, but was not able to escape the stalking. I was constantly followed, my car tires were slashed, cars out of nowhere would cut me off in traffic, and more unusual occurrences. After six months in Portland, I randomly moved into a small apartment in Eugene, Oregon where I didn’t know anyone, and the same tactics followed me there as well.

It was the same synchronized knocking noises coming from connected apartments, the same type of constant following, and my car was knifed up causing $2100 damage. Again I went and filed a formal complaint with the FBI there in Eugene, and even tried to hire a private detective, but couldn’t find one willing to take my case. After two years of this, I finally left Eugene in January 2017, and moved into an extremely rural home in western Virginia, owned by my parents. The stalking subsided somewhat due to the isolated location but the stalking did not stop. Shortly after moving, I registered a new car, and within two weeks, someone smashed and cracked the window of my car at 2 AM in the morning.

I began to notice the stalkers actually video taping me when I went into town to grocery shop. I’ve had strange burn marks on the property lawn, and there have been two occasions where people would come and kick my door at 2AM in the morning, and the sheriff responded to my 911 calls. I have filed several police reports with the local sheriff here in Rockbridge County and even drove down to the FBI office in Richmond, Virginia and filed a third report in person with them as well. Recently, someone removed the oil plug from the oil pan under my car, resulting in a traffic incident and car towing to the repair shop. I have contacted the ACLU with no help from them at all, talked to two local attorney’s, and even went and talked to the Commonwealth Attorney about this long running issue.

Due to the nature of my legal, constitutional beliefs, I have come to understand that my stalkers are related to people who are involved in religious extremist groups, particularly those of a Zionist persuasion, as I am highly critical of many of their pursuits. I also believe that I have been targeted by antifa type groups, immigrant rights groups and radical left-wing groups in general. These attacks involve repeated felonies of gang stalking, felony conspiracy to commit gang stalking, felony use of electronic devices to commit felonies (of which there is a record), felony breaking and entering, felony destruction of personal property, possible food poisoning and many misdemeanor state offenses as well.

In addition to violations of my civil rights, this criminal organization is operating across state lines, making it a violation of RICO organized crime statutes under federal law. I have done nothing illegal and do not personally know all these people committing these felonies against me. I am being stalked purely for political reasons that I expressed in private emails online. I use aliases and do not identify myself and do not operate a website, or facebook account. The only way these people know who I am, and what I’ve said, is by illegally spying on me.

This phenomenon that has happened to me is a threat to the free speech rights of all Americans, and is a disgrace to all the soldiers that fought in our many war defending our free speech rights, including my father, who fought against communist forces as a young Marine in the Korean War, and as an Officer with the US Army, in Vietnam. If these people are not stopped and prosecuted, then everyone’s freedoms are in severe jeopardy, and you could be the next victim of this highly coordinated, well financed and sophisticated attack. Hopefully, you can understand the serious nature of this act of war against our constitutional rights and assist me in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Sincerely, David Morris

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  1. David,
    I live in the Minneapolis area as well and this is also happening to me. I know the girl who is doing it to me. My boyfriend and I broke up but still lived together because we were good friends. My boyfriend started talking to this girl, which was fine. Well my boyfriend started blowing her off because he really started talking to her to make me jealous. The girl didn’t like that my boyfriend was blowing her off, and she took matters into her own hands because she was obsessed with my boyfriend. My boyfriend still lives with me now, however we are both victims to this girls technology. My boyfriend is forced to act like he is going to go be with her. The girl aimed a cell phone at the back of our heads to be able to get our brains unique frequency. I caught the girl doing this to me, however I thought she was taking a picture of me on my phone from behind me, so she could see what I was doing on my phone. I had no idea this girl was going to be able to control our lives like she has. My boyfriend has to hint things to me to help me get us help. I was almost fired from my job because I was accused of double charging clients accounts. My own bank account suddenly had duplicated transactions to. The girl has been torturing me for 4 years. My boyfriend told me she gets money because of a loop whole. I have also gone to the F.B.I., my doctors and authorities are able to talk without me present. I was only told to prepare for this to take awhile and it would be a quick fix. This has been going on 4 1/2 years. I reported to authorities 2 1/2 years ago. My toe nails are wavy and almost dead because of the frequency leaving my body at my toes. All my test results are normal and fine. No Dr. can medically explain what is happening to my toes. The girl has even faked her death on Facebook. My boyfriend told me she isn’t dead. Only the girls family and her close friends say something about how she is dead on Facebook. I know she isnt dead, I have seen her at my apartments about a month ago. The girls name is Kirsten Balfanz, and she has a huge family. Most of the family is also involved, from what I have found out. Good luck, stay strong!

  2. Our country is not what it seems. during wwii 1000s of nazis we’re allowed into the country, covertly. they’d go on to become the cia and from there probably created every literal thing that we perceive as government IE the nih apa etc. they had mind control figured out then merged it with a secret space program. haarp is but one, as well as cern and dwave, towers and chemtrail spraying, poisioning of our foods and waters, vacines, while dumbing us down beyond belief. as early as the late 1900s, after the federal reserve was in place, american’s didn’t know they we’re sold out to some of the most corrupt banking elite families in the world. it didn’t help that eisenhower did not realize he was shaking hands with the enemy until it was too late; IE Prescott bush, a nazi born spy, as was his son bush sr. Add the Dulles, as well as many others.

    In essence, since they assassinated JFK and his brother, and MLK as well as Lennon (all anti-military industrial complex) we we’re all betrayed beyond belief. In order to carry these things out, they would have had to had complete control of the military, and intelligence, as well… and/or their minds.

    One of the other secret weapons was Star Wars, also known as the ballistic missle system Haarp. Later cloud computing was added and the IoT (Internet of all things). According to Elana Freeland and many others, out of their own papers, they wanted full spectrum of dominance… that’s world domination. Even Dr. Robert Duncan eludes to these thinkings. The merging of all these technologies, weaponized agianst us in so many ways, has been done with willful contempt against all of humanity. The worst was when they released aritifical intelligence into the US public over 50+ years ago. This takes people over, controls their minds, injects emotions and much more. What we’re seeing (Gangstalking, organized, etc) is the complete control of humanity.

    The most dangerous weapon of all is the AI SKYET and the biological warfare weapons released onto the public altering states of minds and that includes so called gangstalkers because I don’t believe there are any, per se, rather our fellow americans taken over, including some of their own, boots in the air, and on the ground.

    What I do believe is we’re facing a major depopulation by some of the most essoteric-minded, psychopathic criminal banking families and with all these military weapons, it just doesn’t look good for any of us.

  3. David, I think you’re quite correct about all of this, and it’s so sad! I believe my own military family members, at least one of which is a Freemason, are guilty of colluding with Freemason-Illuminati-Luciferian people I used to know at work to get me targeted. I’m still not entirely sure what happened, but I think the Freemason relative sold my husband and me onto a list of “persons of interest”, which got the ball rolling. About five years after that, a very vindictive pagan-witch-anti-Christian-anti-conservative former supervisor conspired with some coworkers to get me named to the terror watch list at the Springfield, Illinois, fusion center. All these evil people have are their jealousy and lies out the wazoo, but somehow they’re getting away with it and getting paid to boot. I do hope this program actually ends and that TIs are receive just and timely compensation for all damages and losses!

  4. David, I couldn’t laugh a little while reading your personal statement as a ti, because as you believe or know that a large number of your gang stalkers are radical left-wing groups in general, I now that for me is the opposite. Most go my gang stalkers are radical right-wing groups, like anti-human rights, anti-choice etc. One thing is clear this is zionist based and whether our gang stalkers are left-wing or right-wing it does not matter, because they are all control by the zionist cartel.

    best regards,
    Olga (from nyc)

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