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Nov. 30, 2016

I’ve listened to you on Eurofolk Radio with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. I’m checking your website gangastalking mind control cults, which appears to me very good, i am a Portuguese TI, an avid reader and listener of alternative media and in my own way also a whistle blower and a resister to this satanic NWO.

I suppose there isn’t even legislation in Portugal against ganstalking. There has been created some (laws) against stalking on a mere personal level but not against gangstalking. But anyhow, i have a question, how are we supposed to bring these creeps to justice if we don’t have any evidence of their evidence? Because it apperas like they have come up with the perfect crime, did’t they? They can “beat up” or “shoot” a person at a distance without leaving evidence!

I’ve came to realize that gangstalkings (at least by my own experience) has a huge connection with drug traffic and drug gangs. Most of my perps or stalkers have been drug addicts or members of drug gangs. I suppose first and foremost because they are controlled like puppets by their dealers. Second, because they are people void or short of character or conscience and all the years of addiction have turned them into some sort of hiennas in human form.
I also believe (as you do) there is a great connection to satanism or other cults of the same nature. The obsession with numbers and the way they feed on our grief or negative emotions like soul vampires adds a supernatural dimention to all this.

But again, how does a TI, that happens to have realized what’s going on already but is completely alone and without any means nor money, protect him/herself? How can we bring them to justice when this justice belongs to the same corrupt system that promotes gang stalking?

December 2, 2016

We are dealing with something, I don’t know how should i put it (in English), that is very tricky, and something like the tip of an iceberg. The amount of information, and also counter-information that are impossible to verify doesn’t help us establishing a pattern. For example, I’ve heard this sordid history of how satanists, by some reason, target a person a turn her life into a living hell until that person quits living and commits suicide, all so that this person goes to hell! This gives you an idea of the kind of people we are dealing with.

Another story, which I can vouch for, is that they make bets as they target people. For example, you go turn a few beers with one of the false friends they impinge on you and after you get drunk or even in some cases drink-spiked then they let you get in your car and then place bets if you are going to crash or not. The same can happen with a fight. The whole thing is also like a scene of high school bullying, but for grown ups, and on a much larger and more intense scale. The bullying is always psychological, but is not always physical. If you can put up a fight they won’t touch you unless they have you out of your wits and/or completely worn out or paralized.

They gather a bunch of people who seem to have nothing better to do in their lives in a huge auditory and show photos or shooting of you plus a bunch of lies or half truths. They have an endless number of people, because they send a different one everyday, so that you can’t profile them or see them coming. This is why I also don’t have photos of any of them, not just having a camera or not. I don’t use a mobile phone because it’s the main way they track me down. But I have already verified that they can track me down anywhere, even if I don’t have anything on me.

They will never come for a fair fight, but they are constantly provoking you, to trap you into some scenario of confrontation where you will be filmed or get ganged up or what have you. They don’t have any conscience problem about provoking you and then going to press charges if you get physical, claiming that you assaulted them without a reason. If you happen to be white and they are some “minority,” you know where this can lead to. Just another example.

I know a few perps, just a few that I can identify, but I have no photos, and maybe I shouldn’t have, just in case I put one down one of these days. But on another hand, i have a lot of plate numbers! They character-assassinate you and isolate you so that they can target you even better and ruin your life. It’s a vicious circle.

Because I’ve expressed politically incorrect opinions against the present state of affairs, my targeting has a political and racial aspect to it. Most of them (perps) are antifas or Jews (and Jews are much more numerous than they say). But I’ve listened to TIs that are targeted out of no reason, or at least, they can’t figure out why. It sounds like the perps didn’t like the way they walked or something. O ne woman once told me that they were targeting people whose birthdays are on the same day of the month (I happen to be one).

I also have reasons to believe I’ve been getting targeted, or have under surveillance since my birth. I know this sounds crazy.

It seems, from what I’ve researched, that most TIs are either Christian or white people, or both at the same tme, which fits perfectly the age we are living in. The question I asked in the first mail was maybe a bit rhetorical. In the end, maybe we only will be able to beat this after WW3 happens or any other event that purveys a radical change of power. HAARP should be taken down. The mobile phone is the greatest hoax performed on us since the TV. It’s a tool that we really don’t need but is a pretext for them to fill the world with a grid of Gwen towers.

Both of us remember the times when there were no mobile phones and I’m sure you agree that life went perfectly normally and nobody needed to be constantly taking selfies or pics of everything and texting each other. There were normal telephones around if you needed to use one.

It’s thanks to the mobile phone craze that I got used to wearing a cap. I don’t want to appear on people’s photos (and especially the perps’) every time I go to a crowded place. Anytime I realize that some camera is likely pointed in my direction or I happen to be passing in front of it I just have to lower my cap to cover my face.

I would like to buy a cell phone jammer and micro cameras, but they are either too expensive or too far.

More recently I’ve learned that there is this nano technology, also called neural dust, that is being spread everywhere, through the chemtrails, the food supply, medicines, vaccines, you name it, that assembles in your brain and even self replicates forming a biologic-electronic interface to turn you basically into a walking antenna, an emitter and receptor against your own will or knowledge. We are getting into transhumanism now. In theory they would be able to access your memories as if we are computers, or see through your own eyes! At least this explains how they can follow a person that isn’t carrying any mobile phone nor any other device.

I’ve also read that they can remotely access your mobile phone in order to spy on you or irradiate you, but I simply have no way of verifying this. It wouldn’t surprise me. I do have a mobile phone but it’s always with the battery removed! I seldom use it.

There so much stuff all over the internet (about this) that it becomes difficult to select what’s good.


December 3, 2016

There’s a lot of fear out there and there’s nothing to be afraid of, but we sure have to be prudent as we are facing an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. But we should never be afraid. People can’t get too paranoid and can’t go straight to a shrink to get labeled as a nut case, or to a doctor to get false diagnoses. This is because metal and nano-poisoning and electronic harassment (and also the gang-harassment) do mimic symptoms of schizophrenia or others.

For example, years ago as I was suffering from tinnitus and I went to spend a little fortune making a bunch of tests only to find out that I have better hearing than most people. No one cured the tinnitus and only more recently I’ve learned that it comes either or both from metal/nano poisoning or frequencies being pointed at you.

Some people think that gangstalking is just about people being remotely manipulated as if they are robots against a given target. This is not entirely false, but there is actually a large number of people, a gang to whom your photos and whereabouts are shown to and known. I know first and foremost because I’ve witnessed it once, accidentally, regarding some other target. But also my experience teaches clearly that people know who you are. I’ve come across the ones that seem to be under hypnotism as well, they just can’t drop the mobile phones. They look like morons, they don’t even know what they are doing there. But these are fewer and not as aggressive.

Another way they have of targeting me is to have people giving a little whistle or coming to me talking stupid, nonsensical stuff. Its recurrent. They are not calling you any names nor assaulting you, but it’s designed to make you upset. It’s like they feed off negative energy and get off on your anger. Another aspect of the targeting is that they appear to be convinced they are teaching you a great lesson of moral and psychology, because of something that you have done, said (or thought!), that in their sick, twisted minds is very offensive. But this is only in their minds, nowhere else. It seems that the perps are very susceptible and manipulable people.

I’ve read somewhere, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all, that many times the gang-stalking is done by demand. Some powerful mMson or other nabob that doesn’t like you contracts a certain gang to make your life miserable, or to make you end up in prison or a madhouse.
I consider that a TI that doesn’t fully understand yet what’s going on and that is poisoned with neural-dust and has an important contract on his head, is pretty much a sitting duck and dead meat if he ends up in prison, and I’m not saying he is going to have to get spanked or shanked. The guy is going to get irradiated and bombarded with psychotronic attacks or directed energy weapons (DEW), in his cell, suffer sleep torture, and will be completely at the mercy of his torturers without any possibility of moving away, shielding himself, detoxing the neural dust, or having any control over what is given him to eat or drink.

They have tried to incriminate me with stuff that I haven’t done already.

TIs are often people who have or who have had an alcohol or drug problem. So the the torturers feel they have an alibi to poison or drug the target. The shrinks already have the script: it will always been blamed on some abuse the target had committed, if need be, twenty years ago! It wasn’t the perps, it wasn’t the gang-stalking, never, that doesn’t exist! – “the target is hearing things…needs group therapy” (read brainwashing!). Or “needs medication” (a legal fix!).

I caught a few guys saying, years ago, that they weren’t getting any money because the target is still sane (after all their effort!). Now what the hell is this supposed to mean? Apparently they weren’t being payed by the hour!
There’s more that I could say, and there are a few things I don’t say because it’s too personal. I will tell more as I remember anything that is pertinent.

I’m glad you are in sinc with my world view! Some TIs, a minority in my opinion, who are on a traditional left wing or alternative platfrom, many times non-white people, namely Amerindians, complain of being gang-stalked by “nazis” or “fascists” of sorts. I don’t dare call them liars, by any means, but I think I can say that they don’t have a clue of what’s going on in this world and who is actually pulling the strings. I can grant you that it isn’t any Nazis! Maybe a bunch of ashkhenazis and other rotten apples with a pathological hate for all races and all mankind, seems more likely to me.

On my behalf, the majority of my perps look like Jews or even non-human creatures to be honest. It’s the truth and I can’t put it any other way. I grant you, some of them are so weird that they don’t look even human. Their eyes is what gives them away the most. I’ve already checked it out, they tend to use shades all the time, sometimes even at night. Those eyes aren’t human!

Feel free to put this on your website as well, or parts of it. As i said, it’s great to share my experience and to help other TIs.

Thank God for the internet which is a gate of freedom in this planet turned into a prison! It was first invented by our enemies but it’s benefiting us truth seekers to short cut through borders and costumes and to dismantle the huge amount of lies constructed by the mainstream media.

Best Regards,

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