Thirty-one Questions That Help Identify The National-Religious-Ethnic (5th Column) Group Behind and Which Benefits Most From GISTAPO-666?

Thirty-one Questions That Help Identify the National-Religious-Ethnic (5th Column) Group Behind And Which Benefits Most From GISTAPO-666?

(aka “Global Intelligence-Syndicate, Satanic, Space-based, “Security-Surveillance,” Stalking, Tracking, Targeting, Torture, Terrorism, Termination, Transhumanism And Pentagon, Policing-for-Profit, Psycho-Political, Psychotronic, Psychological Operations”)

31 Questions: Which national-religious-ethnic group….:

(Creation and control of money component; creation and financing wars the most profitable business):

1) (Which national-religious-ethnic group) worships money as their God; through the practice of fractional reserve lending has long controlled international banking/lending/usury institutions and now also controls international corporations and private central banks that print currency in all but a few nations? Through control of finance, controls nations; long ago learned that war is the most profitable of all business endeavors, and hence, helps organize and instigate wars.

(Spy/intelligence component):

2) (Which national-religious-ethnic group) has historically operated international surveillance/spy networks in order to manipulate nations, events, wars, etc. through use of information, aka “intelligence”? Members of this group typically change their names in order to conceal their identities. Members of this group termed “sayanim,” or “secret agents,” are called upon as volunteers to advance the larger groups’ agenda. Members of this group employ secret methods to communicate with each other.

(Re-writing history/propaganda component):

3) …. has perfected the practice of revising and falsifying historical accounts to advance and justify their own agendas?

(Creation and maintenance of the myth of their own historical persecution component):

4) …. historically portrays themselves as persecuted victims?

(Group murder of individuals component):

5) …. historically, eliminates internal enemies via excommunication, stoning, and shunning by the group?

(Political subversion and global conquest component):

6) …. has infiltrated and subverted all nations and been officially expelled from some 107 host nations during the past 2000 years?

(_______ exceptionalism, chauvinism, and racial superiority doctrine component):

7) … considers themselves God’s “chosen people?” Their holiest scriptures (Talmud and Kabbalah) assert they are gods and all other humans are mere beasts/cattle (goyim)/insects to be defrauded, raped, and killed? Their belief system involves the worship of _______ males as god.

(Pagan/satanic, black magic, transhumanist components):

8) …. worships many gods as per the ancient “mystery religion” and regards the holy serpent as their Messiah?

9) …. has religious leaders who are black magicians who: 1) summon spirits/angels/demons (theurgy) to help them get what they want and 2) have, for centuries, tried to create their own life forms (termed “Gollum”) that they can use to defeat their enemies for them?

10) ….. has historically practiced ritual blood sacrifice and torture of their own (and others’) children and adults to appease and gain power from their pagan god(s), including Moloch? The practice of Satanic Ritual Abuse aka ___________ Ritual Abuse involves inflicting ritual trauma, including rape, on young children in order to fragment their personalities into multiple sub-parts/sub-personalities which may be triggered to do the bidding of their handlers.

This system, described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and practiced by powerful Illuminati families for centuries, produces mind-controlled slaves which are, in essence, weapons platforms designed to do the bidding of their handlers. From the mid 20th century onward, this system has been scientifically refined and adapted for use by governments, militaries, intelligence agencies, and corporations by Nazi and the CIA doctors in top-secret programs such as MKULTRA/MONARCH, etc. Authors such as Disdair (2012) estimate that worldwide, there are over 100 million mind-controlled slaves/Satanic super-soldiers/sleepers today as a result of these programs. Such biological robots can be used as assassins, patsies, spies, sex slaves, super-soldiers, couriers, and for varied other purposes. They are a formidable “secret weapon” in the arsenal of intelligence agencies, militaries, etc. Disdair (2018) asserts that they are now being used to target and neutralize those who resist the New World Order.

(Satanic murder component):

11) …. was condemned by Jesus Christ as being comprised of Satan’s children: “Ye are of your father the devil and his lusts ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and a liar and the father of it?”

12) …. murdered Jesus Christ, their own Messiah, by crucifixion? However, as per #29, manipulated the Romans into actually killing Christ.

(Transhumanism component):

13) has members, including Dr. Norbert Weiner, author of “Cybernetics,” and futurist, Ray Kurzweil, devoted to melding humans-computers-machines in order to achieve immortality for themselves and to produce programmed bio-robots to be their slaves? (This “Immortality Project” mirrors the serpent’s admonition to Adam and Eve “ye shall be as gods and ye shall surely not die.”)

(Social media/cell phone/hive mind component):

14) …. includes billionaire members who control today’s high tech communications and social media; face book, google, etc?

(Propaganda component):

15) ….. covers up most of these illegal and unconstitutional activities through ownership of the media? Today, six members of this group control 96% of the world’s media.

(Criminal syndicate component):

16) …. forms criminal racketeering syndicate that controls the most lucrative markets, including arms, illegal and legal drugs, human trafficking, fossil fuels, etc. and systematically destroys all competitors?

(Acting/surveillance role player/weaponization of society component):

17) …. controls Hollywood (book: An Empire of Their Own) and today, enlists “crisis actors,” “surveillance role players,” “street revolutionaries,” and “domestic terrorists” as civilian warfighters who operate within and destabilize the domestic “battlespace?” These operations are part of the larger “New World War” strategy that also involves deployment of “neuro-technology”/“directed energy weapons”/”nonlethal weapons,” military drills (“controlling the human domain”/ Jade Helm 15, UWEX 16,) under a new military doctrine termed: Fourth Generation/Unconventional/Civil-Military/Low-Intensity Conflict/Netcentric Warfare, Revolution in Military Affairs-use of invisible directed energy weapons and soft-kill, silent-kill, slow-kill “no touch-torture”) to neutralize internal enemies, dissidents, whistleblowers, opponents of the New World Order, etc.

(____ exceptionalism and expansionism component):

18) …. today rules a relatively young theocratic nation state after stealing the land from another religious/ethnic group? National laws of this new nation stipulate that only members of this particular religious group can acquire full citizenship.

(Political control component):

19) ….controls other nations and peoples through control of high-tech computing technology, finance, usury, political lobby groups, think tanks, private foundations, control of academia, propaganda, network of agentur/advisors, mind control, etc.? PM of this theocratic nation in 2002 stated, “We control America and the American’s know it.”

(Psychology/psy-op component):

20) …. had the dominant impact on creation of the field of psychology? Indeed, psychology was long considered the “____________ science.” The ultimate goal of the mind (neuro and cognitive) sciences is the manipulation, coercion, and ultimately, control and enslavement of other human beings, i.e., psychological warfare and remote, electronic mind control of individuals and groups to produce psycho-civilized societies.

(Enslavement component):

21) …. historically, has run the slave trade for profit?

(World conquest/one-world government component):

22) …. has a multi-millennia year-old plan (often couched as a “mandate from God”) of global conquest to “reinvent the world” (“Tikkun Olam”) and establish a universal _____________ empire (one world government) on earth, to be ruled from Jerusalem? This anti-christ kingdom dissolves nations, religions, monarchies, private property, and the family; creates a utopia for this group, and will have the means to torture, enslave, and/or genocide the vast majority of humanity. Their sacred scripture states: “When Messiah comes, all ____________ will have 2800 slaves.”

(Secret societies and world conquest component):

23) …. founded the world’s most powerful secret societies, such as the Bavarian Illuminati (Order of Death) in 1776, that developed the plan for world conquest now being implemented? American branches include Yale’s Skull and Bones Fraternity (aka Order of Death).

(World revolutionary movement and world conquest component):

24) ….. comprises the “world revolutionary movement” that fomented the French and Russian revolutions and committed innumerable genocide/holocaust events?

25) ….merged their religious beliefs with their political aspirations for world conquest and control? This international political movement is called “zionism” today. (Douglas Reed, “The Controversy of Zionism”: “____________ is a political program disguised as religion.”)

(Economic-intellectual-religious-political conquest component):

26) …. is behind the founding of “communism,” “national socialism (Nazism),” cartel-crony-monopoly capitalism, the “culture of critique” in academia, Freemasonry and nearly all other false religions and secret societies, and is the driving force behind “globalism” today?

(Religious/ideological conquest component):

27) ….. created and supports all cults and false religions in order to destroy their chief enemy, Christ, the Christian Church, and Christians?

(Deliberate degradation of social order component):

28) ….. created and supports the pornography industry in order to degrade society and destroy their main enemy, the Christian Church and Christianity?

(Murder/torture/war/”burnt sacrifice” component):

29) ….. historically manipulates others to do their fighting, killing, and dying for them? (Malaysian Prime Minister, 2003: “_________ rule the world by proxy. They get others to do their killing and dying for them“.)

(GISTAPO-666 gang stalking/electronic torture/mind control component):

30) …. developed, privatized, and controls the international system of gang stalking/electronic torture/mind control (GISTAPO-666) through their control of financial-think tank-military-intelligence-corporate-judicial segments of society? Goals are: 1) defame/discredit/destroy/neutralize designated personal enemies (for example, Harvey Weinstein), 2) neutralize opponents of the New _____ World Order, and 3) digitally map, replicate, and capture “souls” (defined as intellect, will and emotions) of “non-consensual human experimentees” in secret, extra-legal “terminal experiments” in order to convert opponents into mind-controlled slaves, and 4) usher in their anti-christ kingdom on earth in service of their Lord, Lucifer.

31) ….. regard “targets”/”victims” of GISTAPO-666 in the same manner they regard the conquered natives of their nation- as though they have no rights and do not exist?

Answer: Jews (aka Judeo-Masonic-satanists and “Synagogue of Satan”)

Statement to this researcher by TI of Jewish parentage: “Jews are behind the whole (gang stalking/microwave torture) thing.”