The Sumarian Swindle (pdf) and The Monsters of Babylon by Gregory Delaney

I. The Sumerian Swindle: How The Jews Betrayed The World by Gregory Delaney

The Sumerian Swindle (pdf)

The Sumerian Swindle Part II: The Monsters of Babylong by Gregory Delaney


Introduction. Much can be learned about any people, if you know who their heroes are. It is their heros, to whom the people look for inspiration and as examples to teach their children. The heroes of a people typify all of the qualities to which the people, themselves, aspire. So, one may ask, who are the heros of the Jews? Murderers, thieves, swindlers, rapists, child molesters, assassins, spies, hypocrites, liars, deceivers, betrayers, criminals, perverts and sociopaths of the worst sort – these are the heroes of the Jews.

You can read all about it in their main book of instruction known as the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament. Most certainly, the Hebrew Bible is a book of instruction. Every rabbi and Christian preacher will tell you that. But the rabbi is a liar and the Christian is usually his dupe. While they both tell you that the Old Testament is a book of instruction, the Christian claims that it is a foundational teaching of Jesus and the rabbi tells you that it is the very word of God given to his Holy Chosen Ones.

But the Christian preacher is a deceived fool and the rabbi is a deceiving liar. Both are wrong, as you will learn in the following pages. The Hebrew Bible is a book of instruction for a nation of criminals. Through its pages, one can learn the tricks and swindles for subverting other people; the blessings that the demon god of the Jews gives to them when they murder and destroy; and the hypocritical methods for hiding their mayhem and larceny behind a veil of self-righteousness, deceit and pseudo-religiosity. The Hebrew Bible teaches the Jews how to destroy and subvert other people and to consume the wealth and steal the land of their murdered victims.

Yet, for all of this, the Jews could easily be the world’s biggest clowns, if they didn’t take themselves so seriously in their criminality. Presiding over the fate of the superstitious Hebrews whom they had deceived, the ridiculous old rabbis and Jewish priests performed their deceptive street theater to impress the Canaanite yokels. For example, if Hymie Swartz, the goat rustler, ate a bite of goat meat and washed it down with a cup of milk, those ancient frauds would perform a chorus line of rabbinical charades.

The rabbis, sitting in judgement of poor old Hymie, would simultaneously jump to their feet, scream at the top of their lungs, rip their own clothes into ribbons, while in unison loudly beseeching the heavens to have mercy and not open the earth beneath their feet to swallow the whole city or to send down lightning bolts to blast them all into tiny little pieces. For eating a bite of goat meat and a cup of milk, the rabbis, wide-eyed with feigned terror, trembling and shaking in unison – like a chorus line of stinking, bearded, old show girls – those hairy-faced fraudsters would then point their accusing fingers at the terrified Hymie Swartz, sentence him to be flogged, or stoned to death, or strangled or molten lead poured down his throat so as to “banish such sins from Israel.”

With such terrorism did the rabbis control the Hebrews. But with such horrible punch lines to all the practical jokes played upon Hymie Swartz and the millions of other Hebrews who have been deceived by the rabbis, it is impossible for the Jews to be the world’s biggest clowns. So, instead of being the world’s biggest clowns, the Jews have chosen instead to be the world’s biggest liars, something that they take very seriously. For financing their lies, the Sumerian Swindle has provided them with limitless wealth – truly limitless wealth. And limitless wealth buys limitless power. But of what benefit is it to Mankind when limitless wealth and limitless power are in the hands of the world’s biggest liars, thieves, murderers and betrayers? No good has ever come from such a congruence.

No good has ever come from the Jews. As you saw in Volume One, the Sumerian Swindle is not a magic wand that creates money out of nothing; it is an arithmetical trick that steals wealth from its unwary victims and loots it from its unwilling opponents. The Sumerian Swindle creates wealth for the subterranean banking elite who practice it and it creates poverty and servitude for the rest of the world. Therefore, those who practice it are very cautious that their criminality is not discovered; and that the mechanism of the Sumerian Swindle remains concealed; and that no one ever learns the basic philosophy of the bankers and financiers which is: “Many must suffer and die so that a few may live in luxury.”

Volume One explained the history and the application of the Sumerian Swindle. Volume II, The Monsters of Babylon, describes who those criminals are and how they have used a veneer of religion to hide their depredations upon Mankind and to protect themselves from discovery and from justice. The Sumerian Swindle is the basis for the moneylenders’ thievery but, over the centuries, the bankers have developed many other ways to steal your wealth, to enslave you to unending toil, to betray and destroy your country and to suck your very life force into their vaults. That most of those monsters are Jews, is more than just a coincidence.

That those liars, deceivers, hypocrites and murderers, those very children of the devil, use religion to hide behind – religion, the most revered and holy of Man’s pursuits being used to conceal the vilest of creatures! – that, is the only real joke of the Jews. But only the Jews are laughing while the entire world and all of its people cry out in pain as many suffer and die so that a few Jews may live in luxury. For the Jews, this is as it should be: all of Humanity suffering while the Jews laugh and dance and sing. After all, that’s what their “holy scriptures” claim that their demon god wants for them – pitilessly devouring other people and other people’s goods and then singing and dancing on their graves.

You can read about it, yourself, in the Hebrew Bible. This is a difficult book to read because it covers such a long time span and is so varied in subject matter. But it includes everything you need to know about How the Jews Betrayed Mankind between the years 1200 BC and 1000 AD. So, if one chapter does not interest you, skip to the next chapter. The chapters are written both for the interested Reader as well as for the specialist researcher. Warning is given in some chapters so that the interested Reader may skip over them, to return later and become a specialist researcher. …