The Soul War and Directed Energy Weapons! Ex-NSA Whistleblower William Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton

The Soul War and Directed Energy Weapons! June 9, 2020

Webmaster’s Introduction: In this video, at about 28:00, Ex-NSA whistleblower, William Binney, announces he has been a “targeted individual” for many years. Dr. Katherine Horton’s discussion, which follows Binney’s, is also quite informative, useful and probably is an accurate discussion of the organized stalking/electronic torture program.

HOWEVER: To me, the most interesting of the comments on this program are the assertions by:

1) James Lico, that he believes his targeting is related to 1) NIH BRAIN INITIATIVE RESEARCH, 2) DIRECTED ENERGY BIOEFFECTS RESEARCH NAVAL WEAPONS TESTING, and 3) Covid pneumonia research. His belief is that the FBI is indirectly paying locals to keep him as a bio-medical human trafficking experimentee.

2) the author of the website, who outs both Binney and Horton as frauds-perpetrators. Incidentally, this comment has been removed, unfortunately. As I recall, this individual claimed he was an ex-FBI employee. I give his website my highest recommendation. was the most useful website on this complex topic that I was able to find during my first year as a TI.

If this assessment is correct, then this video interview of Binney and Horton, as well as their other activities, should be regarded as “limited hangouts”- that is, revelations of part of the truth designed to conceal truths that are still more damaging to the system.

In the interview, Dr. Katherine Horton states:

Horton: “This is actually targeted torture and and life destruction by the secret services who control the infrastructure.

Steel Truth: Where are most of these patients who are subject to microchip residing?

Horton: “It’s hard to do precise statistics. But I can tell you in the US is absolutely filled with victims in the thousands. There is currently a class action run by targeted They expect their numbers to double to 6,000 litigants this year. I would say that one in a hundred or maybe less is ever going to litigate.

In Europe, there were already 2000 cases in Germany alone in 2001., Since then there have been thousands more in Germany.

Overall my impression based the statistics I have is that there are a disproportionately large portion of people in the US and in Germany.

Both have been or still are more or less covertly controlled by the Crown. So if it were a Crown program, then it would effect the entire Commonwealth but pretty much the entire world because the architecture of the British Empire was never completely dismantled.”

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NSA Whistleblower and Former Technical Director, William Binney and Twitter influencer and thought provocateur, Duane Cates dropping BQMBS tonight!

A 36-year NSA veteran, William Binney resigned from the agency and became a whistleblower after discovering that elements of a data-monitoring program he had helped develop — nicknamed ThinThread — were being used to spy on Americans. In 1997 Binney became the technical director of the NSA, the geopolitical — military geopolitical analysis and reporting shop for the world, which was about 6,000 people comprised of analysts and reporters, not the technicians or the computer people. That group spent their time analyzing the data collected to figure out what was going on and report it.

Binney has partnered with Dr. Katherine Horton to investigate the latest in WMD, Directed Energy Weapons. A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy, including laser, microwaves and particle beams.

Dr Katherine Horton in an Oxford-educated particle physicist and systems analyst with a Master of Physics (1st class) and doctorate in particle physics, both from the University of Oxford.

She worked as a high energy physicists on the particle collider at the German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany, and on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva Switzerland. She taught nuclear physics and particle physics at Hertford College, University of Oxford, and conducted admissions interviews for undergraduate physics at St Hilda’s College, Oxford.Potential applications of this technology include weapons that target personnel, missiles, vehicles, and optical devices.

Are we being targeted? By whom?

Duane Cates…

William Binney

Data Made Easy

Katherine Horton

About Dr. Horton


Ann Vandersteel…… (currently removed by LinkedIn and libeled “dangerous”)


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Mikyoung Chung
5 days ago
Targeted individuals are chipped and tortured 24/7& Gangstalk, torture through Directed energy weapon . This program was developed under CIA MK Ultra mind control project .

Sally Peters
5 days ago
A microwave weapon was directed at the eyes of the judge at the military tribunal in GITMO trying the 9/11 trial. They had to send him stateside to be operated on to save his eyesight.

James Lico
1 day ago
covid pneumonia testing

in March of 2019 FBI contractors who live near me began testing what I then referred to as remote electronic waterboarding, which is directed energy induced. I am a non consensual test subject for NIH BRAIN INITIATIVE RESEARCH and


iN 2020, after the corona virus epidemic started I realized the remote electronic drowning was in fact remote induced COVID-19 Pneumonia.. Gifford Barnes and Steve Hatfield and John Clute are neighbors who enforce this bio medical human trafficking which the FBI pays them indirectly for.

I have associate degree in electronics engineering technology, an associate in biology and a bachelors in computer science, allowing me to make observations

My opinion is that millions of people are targeted with through the wall surveillance tracking radar with levels of intensity from 1 to 10 with 1 being only radar tracking and surveillance that does not hurt, cannot be shaken and which allows the operator to see and hear everything in targets vicinity Level 10 would be that which is level 1 plus operator input which is distresses the target to the point which threatens survival. My opinion is that the targeting is a psyop plus human trafficking for biomedical research.

the psyop is on the people to scare them with secret targeting which they will probably find out about and which they will self sensor themselves to avoid targeting themselves. Also, local people take jobs as fbi contractors to bring Trojan Horse surveillance tracking into their community via neighborhood watch groups. They think their MESSIAH the FBI needs their services and is willing to pay big bucks to get intelligence on apparent Terrorists, who are a psyop because they are innocent non terrorists who the useful idiots will keep under surveillance and will keep them quiet about Govt lies and corruption with electronic torture.

Are they using Directed Energy to cause what LOOKS LIKE Covid 19 VIRUS?

I have a 3min, somewhat graphic video of me being hit with emf’s and the result is obvious that I am suffering immediate Pneumonia symptoms which is exactly the same as covid 19 virus.. I would call this dissidents disease. it can be moderated in the target from level 1 to level 10. Level one is barely perceptible rattling in the lungs and slight respiratory issue to 10 being high level of lung congestion and rattling and inability to breathe resulting in death

This 3 minute video shows emf induced pneumonia

This video is my impression of how the energy beam is entering me and where it is coming from

Ashley McKemie
5 days ago
Q said the truth of what they’ve been doing to us would put 90% in the hospital

Sally Peters
5 days ago
That George Floyd was staged “murder”. Someone said George Floyd’s lawyer said Floyd died 3 years ago. The other end of the see saw is that it was staged, and he did not die, and that he’s alive somewhere.

4 days ago
Sound like the movie “the First Purge” they were mad people weren’t killing each other fast enough so they sent in militias from another country to provoke and speed up the process.

Sally Peters
5 days ago
Vaccines are too dangerous. Bill Gates wants everybody vaccinated!

Samuel Stephen
5 days ago
I’ve been targeted overtly and covertly by the divided states for my entire adult life. They’ve always made an extreme show of what they do to me, threatening me endlessly, on the road with motor vehicles, with voice to skull, and in person. Breaking and entering my home to poison my food with biological weapons, poisoning the schools I work in with biological weapons.

First they tortured me while I tried to go to school, and despite the Professors’ reassurances, I was unable to finish. Then they destroyed every career I started, with manufactured illnesses, more threats, ubiquitous insomnia and more hacking.

There’s a reason some American people want the us government, or even the entire us, destroyed.

Paying taxes is funding terrorism, and stopping that is the most destructive protest any anti-globalist or anti-fascist can take.
Stop pretending America is different than China.

Noneya Business
5 days ago
The DOD/DOJ/FBI/DHS/NSA/NIH/DOE are all directly involved in this covert torture. Victims like myself seek help from DOJ and are met with a wall of silence. A DOJ operator told me that she gets calls from people screaming at the top of their lungs about the torture. Our government has gone completely mad. Bill Barr, Christopher Wray enable these abuses by delivering national security letters to prospective employers and others about the victims. This is a war against whistleblowers and truthtellers.

Chris Barton aka Craneger
1 day ago

I’ve experienced high-band speech, sometimes time-compressed, at home and at work. I also have heard forward-masked speech, using various masking methods to hide the scripted message. And, sometimes menacing and vulgar suggestions, worded to inflict emotional distress, e.g., How do you feel when [description of an event, etc.] . . ..

Judy Young
5 days ago (edited)
The focus needs to be on uniting against the Predatory Ruling Class. As Jason Bermas says “It’s not about right or left. It’s about right or wrong.” It doesn’t help to focus on politicians because they are all just puppets of the puppet masters, the Oligarchs. It’s the Oligarchs we need to fight.

Chris Barton aka Craneger
1 day ago (edited)
My symptoms show up while in the car (WiFi in the car) and typically in the morning while in bed before rising. Makes sense, because I am static in bed, and the car can be tracked with GPS.

Barbara Guillette
5 days ago
If you look at his European speeches he coughs and thats a sure sign of targeting

Patricia Moulton
3 days ago
My God has direct energy weapons. Let’s pray to launch them!!!

Juan Garcia
5 days ago (edited)
Yup, the Vatican claims ownership of all our souls. Hail Ceasar.

The Inquisiton rides again.

Kevin Callahan
5 days ago
Thank-you for the great journalism ! And great interviews, I am also a T I of 9+ years … CANADA…..

Sally Peters
5 days ago
@ Steel Truth Please let cirstenw know about this secret implant stuff, please

Barbara Guillette
5 days ago
4-5 mm fiber optic implants a little stiffer Than hair width, implanted in my forehead hairline I was knocked out in hotel room
Two mm above skin will pick up high frequencies and pump energy in head confused thinking. Also tiny period size shiny black dot on cheek.infected with impetigo as you try to scrap it off.bioweaponized warfare.

5 days ago
His name is Seth Rich 🙏🏼❤️

Alan Colmer
5 days ago
Having scanned over 800 Tis in the Uk for RFID implants ( reading positive ) most seem to have the pain on the left hand side of the body ? TARGETED UK

Romanian TI -Targeted Individuals
2 days ago
”Gang Stalking” is a persecutory action organized against a “Target Individual” or “Targeted Individual” who perpetrates himself through a set of hostile acts not significantly attributable as crimes or explicit violence but which overall are heavily harmful to mental health. and physics of the victim. The vexatious action produces stress that, prolonged, induces maladaptation disorder (DDS), which can provoke, asociality, aggression, misanthropy, panic crisis, anxiety attacks, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and in most cases serious induce suicide or murder. The stress produced by the vexatious action also induces the syndrome of post traumatic stress disorder in its various forms, depressive and anxious (DPTS), (see Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The objectives that it sets are the conditioning of individuals, their control, “Programming” or elimination by inducing paranoia (madness) or suicide. Gang Stalking has many similarities to Mobbing with the difference that the latter is practiced in the workplace while the latter embraces every moment of the persecuted’s life.

Lynne Lawer
5 days ago
This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen! Presumably, they are rushing out the deployment of 5G to connect us all together to make one super computer or consciousness, like a man-made God. Horrific. Thank you for bringing this information to us, @SteelTruth.

Sue Meyer
5 days ago
It’s no coincidence that Pelosi held on to the impeachment papers, and then delivered them Jan 15th, the same day the first corona virus victim was delivered to the United States

Lilac wine 1
5 hours ago
Would it be possible to make an edited version of this show of just the interviews with Binney and Horton, to share with their and the cause’s regards? It would help for some of us to use to keep the info more brief/keep people’s attention and educate. Thank you.

Sally Peters
5 days ago
2 Boston cops were recorded by a cell phone taking bricks out of a police car and leaving them on a sidewalk. The cell phone owner was up above in an apartment window, and was flabbergasted.

Judy Young
5 days ago
Pallets of bricks were all made by ACME, a Warren Buffet corporation. It is worth following the money on that one.

3 days ago
my entire family is implanted.

Barbara Guillette
5 days ago
The silent Holocaust

5 days ago
YT: 1) leak project – derrel sims 2) dr hildy melinda kidder
Ben C.
Ben C.
55 minutes ago
I am targeted.

Jeff Schwersinske
2 days ago
Trump Smack down v2k ya

Romanian TI -Targeted Individuals
2 days ago
hi, I am a TI , a clinical psychologist by profession. I can help you by explaining how V2k works: V2k technology is based on a psychiatric medical technology called Neurofeedback- EEG Biofeedback (an AI software accesses brain waves emitted by the brain with Elf waves) ,the brain reacts negatively to this type of brain wave (Elf waves) V2k is an interactive psychotronic software with AI (artificial intelligence) and it tries to manipulate you psychological and emotionally. V2k ”attacks” our brain with Elf electromagnetic waves with values ​​between 6.67 and 6.26 Hz, causes confusion and anxiety, depression, tension, nausea, prolonged reaction times, desynchronizations of the electroencephalogram (EEG), accompanied by other neurovegetative disorders… Gang-stalking is a complex “brainwashing” program, it never ends, or it prompts you to kill or kill V2k , murder, etc. to get to jail! V2K technology can “clone”or ”mime” different medical pathologies, including psychiatric ones. That’s why many TIs are diagnosed with Schizophrenia or other mental illness To annihilate or stopped V2k you turn to any clinic or psychological,psychiatric practice that uses Neurofeedback therapy or you can stop with any neurogadget that uses Neurofeedback therapy .Thus the 2 technologies (V2k and Neurofeedback will interact and V2k will be annihilated)

Sue Meyer
5 days ago
Where can we go to be checked for chips?

2 Replies to “The Soul War and Directed Energy Weapons! Ex-NSA Whistleblower William Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton”

  1. Binney’s got it too. I thought Snowden wasn’t real until I asked a friend who went AWOL in the military about it. Since they are always listening now I have someone to talk to.

  2. A few years ago, I became acquainted with a former super-soldier [turned whistle blower] Wm Ross at youtube. He was trying to expose his targeting after fleeing the country as a former non-contractual (his words) employee for DARPA. He was adamant the ones behind targeting was DARPA and the NSA, CIA, NASA, NAVY, NORAD and NORTHCOM. He was adamant. This matched what former officer turned whistleblower also targeted Scott Hensler told me. Other super-soldiers state the same like Sovereign Ki (youtube) and Robert Duncan O’Finion, whom I also spoke with several times. All mentioned, in various terms, about a control / targeting machine in the sky, SKYNET AI, a cloud computing highly advanced software programs with super computers. Intelligence released the vicious thing into the public over 50 plus years ago, and its completely out of control becoming way more powerful than originally assumed. That’s the sonic sounds heard in the sky.

    Its the Trojan horse in our rooms taking people over and creating scenarios, including targeting. Half of silicon valley is involved, as well as the DOD and universities run wirelessly.

    Former and the late Jay Tuck: The AI Will Kill Us

    Regrettably, it was released over 50 years ago, on my family and I. They’re no longer here killed tragically. My eldest relative and I have been attacked destructively, and brutally and I’m suffering a horrendous death due to them releasing this from Ft. Holabird, MD no longer there. It was run by the early Military NAZI CIA NSA MI6 and probably MOSSAD for the Rothschild Rockefeller 1 percent of this world. I believe it was used to kill my husband, just to come after me for a project they named Oaktree that stands for Lucifer.

    I hope they get what they deserve, trust me.

    Threats to Enslave Planet with Weaponized AI to Prevent Exposure of Mind Control Program – Intel Sources” – Journalist John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan. Note John died strangely and terrified of ‘something’ —

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