Psychopath’s ‘New World War’ Against All Humanity; Comments by author, Mark M. Rich



Welcome to, where you’ll find information on a technologically advanced, covert program of persecution and control, that has been happening for decades all over the world, and is covered-up by our societal institutions.

What follows is a brief explanation of what is happening, starting with a description of those who influence world events. You may want to read the online book after this presentation.

What They Are

Underneath our observable personalities there is a vital set of information that contains wisdom and moral values. Also encoded on this level is an emotional content that allows us to experience high-level emotions such as empathy and love. This is the place where our conscience resides, as well as the need to want to contribute to humanity. This information is critical for the survival of the human race.

There is a group of people who exist partially estranged from the rest of society known as psychopaths, who lack this information. Although the traits exhibited by these people appear in diagnostic manuals, it is less accurate to describe them as mentally-ill than it is to say that they are not human as you know it. There is usually no curing them. By any decent person’s standards they would be considered very sick.

They are deceitful, manipulative, perpetual liars, who steadily seek positions that they think will allow them to control others. The fundamental trait of the psychopath is the need for absolute power over others.

As individuals, they spend a significant amount of energy constructing a facade to conceal themselves as they attack others, who they see as objects and prey. Because it is taken for granted that we’re all the same on a basic level, it is almost effortless for them to do so.

Although normal people are complicit in large-scale atrocities, they are often conceived and directed by psychopaths. Most of them are not in prison and do not technically break the law. Depending on the political circumstances, they may be the ones running your town.

A lack of a conscience creates a wide division in the human race between the psychopaths and the normal people. Those who have studied these people are now seriously recommending that the human race be divided into two subspecies.

Their Pursuit of Power

Psychopaths usually form alliances during a relentless pursuit of control over a society. Just as individuals use illusory displays to conceal themselves, on a larger scale a group of them constructs a frontage to hide their efforts.

Researches describe societies under their rule as having attributes similar to a biological disease. It starts at the top and ultimately infects every single city. During what can be described as a systematic and continuous pursuit of complete control, the leadership positions in every town are eventually replaced by people with psychological defects and those who are loyal to the pathocracy.

Our way of life has been under sustained attack by an active network of wealthy psychopaths, consisting of unified dynasties functioning through a variety of interconnected think tanks, tax-exempt foundations, and transnational corporations. Although their names do not appear in history books circulated in the public school system, any astute researcher knows who they are.

Through their various front groups, they have been working vigorously over a period of decades in all of the major areas that influence society, in order to setup a system of control. Observing the groups which they use to promote their agendas, we find evidence that their efforts have been notably destructive. A study of these events reveals the same names over and over again, using lies, deceit, murder, and subversion as the’ve funded dictatorships, overthrown governments, and instigated wars.

Their Existence is Confirmed

Because the groups which these people have been using to carry out their deeds are visible, many have noticed their efforts and warned the public. There have been numerous declarations by historical figures, including presidents of the United States, that lies, deceit, and secret proceedings were being used by a wealthy elite who intended to setup a global dictatorship.

Presidents Jefferson and Jackson were able to perceive attempts by this group to overthrow the US Government in the early 1800s. In the mid 1800s Lincoln noticed the same thing, as did Garfield in late 1800s. They alerted the public of what was happening. We all know that some of these people were assassinated, but it is not commonly known that they had ongoing battles with the international bankers for control of the republic.

Congressional investigations into the tax-exempt foundations during the early 1900s discovered a severe danger consisting of a wealthy elite that had attained such power that it was capable of carrying out anything it wished in any part of the country. Later, Congressman Charles Lindbergh spoke of an invisible government that had gained control of the nation’s money supply, and had therefore taken over the country.

When the think tanks and foundations used by these people were investigated again by the US Congress in the 1950s, it was discovered that they were interlocked and functioned as a single unit with the goal of creating a global government. It was reported that because this network had attained unlimited financial resources, it represented a concentration of immense power which was capable of invisible coercion.

In the early 1960s Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy were able to glimpse this network as well. Eisenhower cautioned that it was capable of influencing every city, state, and office of government.

Kennedy spoke of a common danger that threatened every area of our society. He specifically mentioned that we were under attack by a ruthless, highly-efficient machine, which had accumulated vast wealth, and was using infiltration and subversion to establish control of the entire planet.

These and many other historical figures detected this group and issued public warnings. Some of them died under suspicious circumstances while doing so. Unfortunately, this advancing alliance was never stopped. It kept expanding around the globe.

Factions of this network funded Communist Russia and Fascist Italy; placed Adolph Hitler into power and built the death camps in Nazi Germany; and made at least one attempt to overthrow the US government by force.

Now they are poisoning millions of people with psychiatric drugs for profit and control as part of what is obviously a global eugenics program that goes back to the early 1900s. They have used your politicians to pass repressive laws in order to reduce your civil liberties. It has been one deliberately created crisis after another to further their objective.

At this time the US government has been entirely overthrown. It is now run by a network of wealthy psychopaths who control your elected officials like puppets. Only the appearance of what America was remains. To conceal the system that they have established, they have taken over the core institutions that people rely on to expose macro-social injustice, such as the mass media, NGOs, and the mental health system.

What They’re After

Those using common logic would probably consider their goal of controlling the planet to be unnecessary, unlikely, perhaps even foolish. Rational people observing their consistent harmful activities might ask questions such as: What are they after? How they can do this to people? When will they have enough?

However, using a common outlook without an understanding of the nature of the phenomenon, would make it difficult to comprehend what they want. Furthermore, such an explanation has features that cross into the spiritual realm.

They seek to beat the human race into complete submission. Because the psychopaths see normal/decent people as a separate species who are a threat to their survival, the psychological and physical destruction of as many normal people as possible is absolutely critical to them. It is a matter of necessity for them to defile humanity.

They want a world where they no longer have to hide, where their vile ideas can be openly expressed and the decent people must submit to their demented minds. They have no illusions about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. They are totally aware that their goal is to have complete power over all people. The New World War is part of a larger war being waged by the psychopaths against all that is good about humanity.

They are relying on you to consider them pleasant people. They want you to trust that we all want what’s best for humanity. They want you to believe their big lie. The central mental obstacle that contributes to their concealment is that most people have trouble accepting how utterly monstrous they are.

Their Covert War

Now that they are almost finished using the US military and allied forces to conquer nations, they are focusing on groups and individual citizens who might oppose their rule. The new war-form that they’re using has been adjusted to attack people in countries which profess democratic ideals.

The weapons and methods used by the multinational force against civilians were designed by the best scientific and military minds on the planet. They leave no visible wounds and are concealed by resembling activities that occur normally in civilian settings.

Those identified as enemies are placed under persistent surveillance during indefinite bogus investigations. Rather than being used to gather evidence for a genuine legal proceeding, these investigations serve as an excuse for them to use the resources of the state against citizens.

The attacks include: recurrent noise, directed-energy weapons, psychological operations, computer network operations (sabotage, spoofing), financial destruction, isolation, weather warfare, chemical and biological weapons, microwave hearing, holograms, frequent aircraft visits, and utility disruption. These are used in combination over an extended period of time against civilians who may have no idea that they are military targets.

There have been many names for these types of wars, a few of which include Civil-Military Operations, Unconventional Warfare, Military Operations Other Than War, and what I call New World War. These campaigns are run by the military, working with NGOs, and federal agencies. It is happening in all developed countries. The battleground is no longer in some distant land. It is in your cities and towns––your homes and workplaces.

In order to maintain a dictatorship the streets must be controlled. Visible troops are not necessary to accomplish this. Since the early twentieth century a civilian security force has been working with the military to monitor people. It has grown to such an extent that it is now entirely fused into our society, similar to ones that existed in East Germany and Communist Russia. Targeted people are persistently swarmed (group stalked) by large gangs of civilians.

Instead of armored tanks and trucks, the military uses civilian and commercial vehicles as ground forces during swarm and noise attacks. Rifles and missiles have been replaced with directed-energy weapons that are silent and invisible. Although there is no obvious military presence, in reality, a powerful military force is upholding their rule in your cities.

Their media informs us that the invisible and silent weapons, which go through walls and leave no evidence of their use, will be used for humanitarian purposes. However, the predictable behavior of a typical psychopath, as outlined their personality profile, gives us an accurate indication of how the technology is really being used.

The subversive network that we were repeatedly warned about, no longer needs to use blatant methods of murder when they have traceless weapons that cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. We’ll never know for sure how many they have already killed under conditions which appear perfectly natural.

In addition, it is likely that they have been using the state’s resources to provide themselves with a type of deranged entertainment, where they identify people in your cities, place them under surveillance using advanced technology, and attack them with these weapons and methods, simply because they find it enjoyable.

So far they have been able to do this with complete impunity, partially because the type of repugnant thinking which gives rise to that behavior is inconsistent with the thought patterns of most decent people, and therefore uncomfortable for them to consider.

These are ideas that we’d all rather not entertain. The majority of decent people don’t do these things. But the psychopaths do. And the unfortunate truth of the matter is that this technology is in the hands of psychopaths. This deviant usage of the state’s resources would be a perfect reflection of their characteristic behavior. It is exactly how they would use it. And it is probably very common.

The Coverup

As part of their methodical pursuit of power, all of the leading institutions that our society relies on to warn it of such things are now controlled by the psychopaths. Their NGOs, media, and politicians will make no public announcements to accurately describe this. They will not properly expose this because they are part of the sick system.

These organizations have received many complaints from individuals and groups pleading with them to stop the torment. They all know about this. They are standing-down as this atrocity occurs worldwide.

Wall Street’s mental health system, which is all about profit and control, is providing complete cover for this.


Many people understand that such a mechanism exists, although they may not be aware of all of its features or exactly who runs it. They participate in the harassment, but don’t mention it because they are terrified of losing their jobs, having their lives destroyed, being persecuted, and attacked with technology intended to drive them insane.

There was a time when people doubted the existence of an agenda by a wealthy elite to enslave the citizens of the world. However, it has reached such a stage that concealment is no longer possible. Their intentions are so obvious at this time, they can’t be denied. They can no longer hide.

It is up to the people to stop them when the institutions that they rely on for representation have been corrupted. They are counting on you not believing that this is possible. They want you to think that the situation is hopeless.

You may want to read the book, “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” online, or purchase it in hardcopy or eBook formats from LuLu & Amazon.

This site will be updated with suggestions on what can be done based on a realistic estimate of the situation.