The Pilgrims Society Membership

The Pilgrims Society Membership

The Journal of History   Fall 2011 

Below, you will see names of members of a nefarious organization called The Pilgrims Society sometimes referred to as just The Pilgrims. Here are who some of our enemies are. The article is at

The Pilgrims Society was established in 1902 in the UK, and 6 months later in 1903 in the USA and continues today. I initially published an article in 2009 on this at

These elite’s dates of birth and death (as applicable) are just to the left of their name in this. If there is no second date listed, then this person is alive. One of them said that silver is for war.
According to Charles Savoie, who has been performing research on this organisation his entire adult life, these people are determined to achieve the One World Government, i.e. Dark Ages.

Members whose names are in red are new, who I have found in this research. You’ll see names you’ll instantly recognize. Additionally, the British Broadcasting Corporation is affiliated with The Pilgrims Society. See on page 141 of

Also National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution are both Pilgrim Society run organisations. See

Here is another link that has last names of members some of whom are not in my list: It also has the true definition of the G in the Masonic Temple organisation.

Quote: “Hey small folks! Do as I say not as I do! Don’t buy gold or farmland, stay in federal reserve dollars so we can make you poor! Hey Germany—no gold for you! Trust us, we know monetary science and all you know is bratwurst & beer! I was underling to a Pilgrims member 40 years ago. Am I a member now? He probably is Richard W. Fisher, current president of the Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

1847-Died Aberdeen, Lord 7th British Governor General of Canada
1893-1971 Acheson, Dean Gooderham
1892-1973 Ackroyd, Sir Cuthbert Lowell
1930- *Acland, Sir Antony
1834-1902 Acton, Lord
1927-1995 Adam, David Stuart Gordon
1885-1982 Adam, Sire Ronald Forbes
1910-1999 Adams, Charles Francis IV
1930-2011 Adams, George Bell
1905-1977 Adams, Gordon Vincent
Deceased Adams, Henry H.
1891-1968 Adams, James Donald
1892-1951 Adams, Randolph Greenfield
1900-1972 Adams, Robert Morton
1910-2004 Adams, Warren Sanford
1871-1935 Adamson, Robert
1886-1954 Addinsell, Harry Messiter
1910-1984 Adeane, Lord Michael E.
1905-1979 Adeane, Sir Robert
1892-1955 Adler, Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs
1849-1924 Agius, Edward Tancred (1902 member) Great great grandfather of Marcus Agius.
1946- Agius, Marcus Long time head of Barclays Bank. Married Kate Rothschild, daughter of Edmund L. De Rothschild.
-1954 Agnew, Cornelius G.
1908-1986 Agnew, Sir Geoffrey
1870-1946 *Aiken, Alfred Lawrence
1850-1942 Albert, His Royal Highness Prince, The Duke of Connaught and Strathern; son of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (German royalty)His mother was Queen Victoria of England from 1837-1901.
1895-1975 Albright, Archie Earl
1921- Albright, Archie Earl Jr.
1937- Albright, Madeleine Korbel Made the remark, “We think it was worth it” when Diane Sawyer of 60 Minutes asked her if it was worth it when millions of children were killed in Iraq. On the staff of the National Security Agency in 1978-1981
1860-1948 Aldrich, Herbert Lincoln
1907-1995 *Aldrich, Hulbert Stratton
1900-1986 Aldrich, Malcolm Pratt
1841-1915 Aldrich, Nelson Wilmarth
1885-1974 **Aldrich, Winthrop Williams American Ambassador 1953-7
1945- Alexander, Anthony Ernest
1849-1927 Alexander, Charles Beatty
1902-1967 Alexander, Henry Clay
1839-1915 Alexander, James Waddell
1951- Alexander, General Keith (Charles Savoie wrote on page 161 of , “It seems that all CIA chiefs are/were Pilgrims Society members. General Keith Alexander is almost certainly a member!”Editor’s note: Naturally since the Roman Catholic church is just as keen on establishing the One World Government as the elite is.
1838-1934 Allen, Colonel Charles US Ambassador
1865-1935 *Allen, Sir John Sandeman
Deceased Allerton, David D.
1894-1983 Alley, James Burke
1836-1912 Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
1887-1981 Altschul, Frank
1919-1996 Amery, Lord Julian
1873-1955 Amery, Lord Leopold Stenett
1909-1988 *Ammidon, Hoyt, C.B.E.
1880-1966 Anderson, Arthur Marvin
1941-2004 Anderson, Fred Richard
1882-1965 Anderson, Nils
1919-2010 Andrews, Archie Moulton
1889-1973 Angell, Ernest
1952- Angelson, Mark Alan Esq.
1942- Angle, Martin
1908-2002 Annenberg, Walter H. American Ambassador to the Court of St. James
1944- Anson, Charles Vernon LVO Press Secretary to the Queen
1941- Apgar, Mahlon, IV
1887-1966 Appleby, Sir Robert Roland
1885-1974 Appleton, Francis Randall, Jr.
1893-1924 Appleton, Sidney
1848-1916 Archbold, John D.
1887-1982 *Armour, Norman
1927-2008 Armstrong, Anne Legendre
1915-2000 Armstrong, James Sinclair
1934-1997 Armstrong, John Kremer
1912-1998 Armstrong, Willis Coburn
Deceased Arnold, Hicks
1914-1996 Arthur, George D. Jr.
1918-2011 Ash, The Hon. Roy L.
1941- Ashdown, Lord Paddy GCMG, CH, KBE, PC
1904-1991 Ashforth, Henry Adams
1928-2001 Ashforth, Henry A. Jr.
1909-1994 Aspegren, John B.
1852-1928 Asquith, Prime Minister Herbert H. KG, PC, KC
1902-2007 Astor, Brooke
1912-2001 Astor, David
1918-1984 *Astor, The Hon. Gavin Lord Astor of Hever
1848-1919 **Astor, Lord of Hever K.St.J.
1920-1999 Astor, The Hon. Hugh
1923-1987 Astor, John
1886-1971 Astor, Baron John J.
1918-2000 Astor, Major Hon. Sir John
1864-1912 Astor, John Jacob, 4th (Editor’s note: He didn’t want the Federal Reserve Bank, so they got rid of him on the Titanic. See article in 37th edition.)
1912-1982 Astor, John Jacob, VI
1946- *Astor, John Jacob, VIII
1916-1980 Astor, Hon. Michael Langhorne
1879-1952 Astor, 2nd Viscount
1891-1959 Astor, William Vincent
1848-1919 Astor, William Waldorf
1951- Astor, Viscount William Waldorf
1933- Atkins, Ronald Raymond
1904-1991 Atkinson, Frederick Griswold
Editor’s note: Beginning with J. W. Atkinson, many of the names you see in red were in attendance in London on March 4, 1903 where they were published in The London Times on page 10 to toast the King and President:
1923-2003 Atkinson, J. W. Psychologist
1925- Atterbury, Boudinot Phelps
1883-1967 Attlee, British PM Clement Richard
1910-2004 Auberjonois, Fernand
-1992 Auchincloss, Reginald L., Jr.
1900-1973 Ault, Bromwell
1918-1982 Averett, Elliott
1930-1985 Avon, 2nd Earl of
1848-1906 Babson, Arthur Clifford
1861-1944 Bache, Jules Semon
1907-1987 Backus, Dana Converse
1855-1940 Bacon, Dr. Gorham
1884-1938 Bacon, Robert Low
1933-2005 Bacot, John Carter
1944- Badman, John, III
1864-1940 Bailey, Sir Abe
1838-1913 Bailey, Sir William
1888-1947 Bainbridge, William Seaman
Deceased Baker, Edwin H.
1840-1931 Baker, George Fisher Founder of what would become Citibank in 1863 while men were dying in the Civil War. Turns out that President John Tyler opposed a central bank. Meanwhile Baker was one of the Jekyll Island gang. To understand what Jekyll Island is read George Baker probably said, “THAT ALL THE SILVER DOLLARS SHOULD BE THROWN INTO THE SEA” Charles Savoie wrote, “If I have time to follow this one of many thousands of trails of investigations, I expect to find it was George F. Baker, then president of the First National Bank of New York, who made that remark!” If you would like to read more on this scoundrel read this 41 page PDF: This man is so pompous that he had the audacity to say “None of the public’s business” at
1915-1977 Baker, George Fisher Jr.
1878-1937 Baker, George Fisher, II Grandson of George Fisher Baker
1939-2005 Baker, George Fisher III
1930- Baker, James Addison III Former White House Chief of Staff
1932- Baker, John Milnes
1922- Baker, Philip D.
1872-1955 Baketel, H. Sheridan
1931- Balding, Bruce Edward
Deceased Baldwin, O. H.
1848-1930 Balfour, Arthur
1894-1983 The Earl of Balfour, Sir John
1909-1994 Ball, George Wildman
1885-1961 Ball, Sir (George) Joseph, Esq.
1883-1960 Ballantine, Arthur Atwood
1865-1941 Ballard, Sumner
1881-1957 Bancroft, Francis Syndey
1942-1996 Band, David
1917-2012 Barber, Charles Finch
1902-1991 Barclay, Clifford H. and Clifford Henry
1916-2008 Barco, James William
1919-2012 ***Baring, Hugo
1930- Baring, Mrs. Susan Mary Renwick
1918-1991 *Baring, Sir Evelyn
1876-1949 Baring, Major Hugo
1951- **Barlow, Ian E.
1845-1945 Barlow, Sir Thomas
-1958 Barnard, J. Augustus
1912-1985 Barnett, Frank Eugene
1950- Barr, William Pelham (Charles Savoie wrote, “ex-CIA and former U.S. Attorney General (1991-1993) on the Time Warner board currently, is very likely a Pilgrims Society member.”
1912-2002 Barran, Sir David
-1944 *Barratt, John Arthur
1917-1981 Barnetson, Lord William Denholm
1910-2001 Barr, David Waddell
1861-1925 Barrett, J. A.
Deceased Barrett, The Hon. J.
1959- Barrett, Robert T.
1875-1940 Barrie, Charles C. (Baron Abertay)
1887-1973 Barringer, Paul Brandon
-1991 Barrow, Donald Fraser
Alive Barrow, Simon See
-1967 Barrows, Robert L.
1910-2008 Bartlett, Edmund
1937- **Barton, Sir Peter, Esq.
1934-2013 Bartram, Joseph Burr
1903-1956 Baruch, Sailing P. Bernard Baruch’s kid brother, and connection to The Pilgrims Society according to Charles Savoie
1970- Barzun, Matthew Winthrop
1874-1959 Bassler, Anthony
1908-1987 Bastedo, Philip
1929-1984 Bator, Peter Anthony
1925- Baxendell, Sir Peter Brian
Can’t find. Bayard, Nicholas
Deceased Baylor, A. K. General Electric executive
1908-1974 Bayne, Stephen Field, Jr.
1899-1979 Beach, Stewart (Taft)
1857-1916 Beacom, Major John H.
Deceased Beamish, Dr.
1875-1968 Beatty, Alfred Chester
1861-1936 *Beck, James Montgomery
1929-2006 Beck, James Montgomery III (above man’s grandson)
1937- Beckett, Maj.-Gen. Edwin Horace Alexander
1875-1948 Beckman, Francis Joseph
1940-2003 Bedford, 14th Duke of Esq.
1882-1962 *Beekman, Fenwick M.D.
1869-1943 Bell, Edward Price
-1983 Bell, Elliott V.
1942- Bellas, Albert Constantine
1853-1924 Belmont, August Jr.
1902-1977 Benkard, Franklin Bartlett, Esq.
1855-1937 Bennett, Sir Courtenay Walter
1918-2002 Bennett, Sir Frederick
1943- Bennett, Sir Hugh, Esq. Judge
1870-1947 Bennett, Viscount Richard Bedford, Esq.
1917-1994 Bennett, William Tapley, Jr.
1888-1965 Bentley, Robert Asa Lincoln
1934- Benton, Peter Faulkner
1900-1973 Benton, William Burnett
1963- **Bercow, John as of 2009 The Right Hon. THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS (This individual is always a member of The Pilgrims Society.)
1846-1919 ***Beresford, Admiral Lord Charles, GCVO, KCB (co-founder)
1896-1980 Bergen, Adm. John Joseph
Deceased Bergne, Sir Henry
1895-1971 Berle, Adolph Augustus
1953- Bernanke, Benjamin
1918-1990 Bernstein, Leonard (Composer and conductor of the New York Philharmonic orchestra)
1900-1989 Berthoud, Sir Eric Alfred
1865-1938 Bertron, Samuel Reading
1848-1936 Berwind, Edward Julius
1916-Died Bethke, Robert Harder
1854-1931 Betts, Samuel R.
1906-1996 Bevan, David Crumley
1848-1922 Beveridge, Alven
1879-1963 Beveridge, Sir William Director of the London School of Economics
1964- Bezos, Jeff (Amazon titan, about whom Charles Savoie wrote, “who is most likely a Pilgrims Society member, as he’s too big a wheel not to be.”
-2014 Bicester, The Lord
1862-1935 Bicknell, Ernest Percy
1897-1961 Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel, Jr.
-1949 Biddle, Col. David H.
1886-1968 Biddle, Francis Beverly
-1936 Biddle, Gen. John
1904-1967 Biers, Howard
1923-2009 Bigbie, John Taylor
1931-1998 Bigelow, David Skinner, III
1888-1971 Bigelow, Mason Huntington
1935-2015 Biggs, Jeremy
1906-1988 Bingham, Barry
1871-1937 Bingham, Robert Worth
1934-2010 Bingham, Lord Thomas Henry
1935- Birch, Sir John
1934- Bird, Mary Lynne Miller
1872-1930 Birkenhead, Earl of (Frederick Edwin Smith)
1883-1962 **Birkett, The Lord (William) Norman (The Right Hon.)
-1982 Bishop, Louis Faugeres, III
1887-1943 Bissell, Pelham Saint George
1924-2000 Black, Eugene Robert President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
1863-1930 Black, Harry St. Francis
1863-1931 Black, Richard S.
Can’t find. Black, William Moore
1882-1935 Blackett, Sir Basil K.C.B.
Can’t find. Blackwell, Harry A.
1865-1929 Blackwell, James Madison
1886-Died Blagden, Edward S.
1888-1969 Blaine, James Gillespie
1953- Blair, Prime Minister Anthony “Tony”
1867-1949 Blair, Clinton Ledyard
1891-1965 Blair, Floyd Gilbert
1892-Dead Blair, Joseph Paxton
1892-1974 Blair, Paxton
Deceased Blake, Robert H.
1911-1982 Blakenham, 1st Viscount (Created for Hon. John Hare)
1938- Bland, Sir Francis Christopher Buchan
1870-Died Blauvelt, James H.
1928-1987 Blaxill, Sidney
1833-1911 Bliss, Cornelius Newton
Deceased Bliss, Frank E. Bliss Seems to have known Mark Twain.
1875-1962 *Bliss, Robert Woods
1899-1971 Blodgett, Thurston Pon
1930- Blomquist, Robert Oscar
1893-1967 Blood, Sir Hilary
1942- Bloomberg, Michael (Charles Savoie wrote, “Bloomberg, a highly probable member of The Pilgrims, was awarded an honorary knighthood—meaning in any case, he’s on the same page with The Pilgrims—” See also what Charles Savoie wrote at Hansjorg Wyss’s entry which is at on page 106.
Alive Blount, W. W.
1899-1999 Blum, Robert Edward
1864-1948 Blumenfeld, Ralph David
1889-1970 Blyde, Lewis John Newbery
1910-1991 Boardman, Arthur G. Jr.
1885-1978 Bobst, Elmer Holmes
1912-1992 Bogert, H. Lawrence Jr.
1910-1974 Bohrer, Charles Dean, M.D.
1880-1950 Boles, Edgar Howard
1946- Bollinger, Lee (Charles Savoie wrote, “he is still under suspicion as another Pilgrims member.”)Editor’s note: And well I agree with Charles Savoie, because Mr. Bollinger states that the press is free and ought to be free. What nonsense. The press has proved not to be free for more than 100 years.
1964- Bonn, Philip Edward Leo Africa
1922- Bookout, John Frank
1921- Booth, The Hon. Gordon, CMG, CVO (H.M.’s Consul General in New York)
Alive Booth, John T. On the Board of Trustees at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc in Washington D.C. in 1974. See
-1958 Booth, Willis H.)
Deceased Borchardt, H.
1854-1937 Borden, Sir Robert
1892-1979 Borer, Harold Peter C.B.E.
1881-1965 Bossom, Baron Alfred Charles
1918-2017 Bossom, Sir Clive
1920-2013 Bottomley, Sir James Reginald Alfred KCMG; (Charles Savoie wrote, “Let’s have a brief glance at his father, Sir Reginald Alfred Bottomley (1920-2013) who as far as I can tell, wasn’t admitted into The Pilgrims. However, we have had no full lists since 1980 and other info is certainly fragmentary so; he may have become a member as early as late in 1980. I’ve yet to encounter any of their waiting lists for membership and with most of the identified ones, it hasn’t been established as to what year they were admitted. James was a career diplomat to Pakistan, USA, Malaysia, Rhodesia and finally became Ambassador to South Africa (1973-1976)…He and his wife are both under suspicion as child abusing pedophiles, see this link here ” pages 230-231 of
1944- Bottomley, Sir Peter James M.P.
1948- Bottomley, Baroness of Nettlestone, Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell Trustee of The Economist
1951- Boucher, Richard A.
1908-2000 Bouldton, Schroeder
1852-1917 Boulter, Stanley
1904-1982 Bowater, Sir Ian
Deceased *Bowdoin, G. S.
Deceased Bowdoin, Temple
Deceased Bowen, Clarence W.
1902-1961 Bowes-Lyon, David For this family, see also Strathmore, specifically Mary born in 1932. Editor’s note: I know that the Queen Mum’s maiden name was Bowes-Lyon.
1875-1931 Bowman, John McEntee
Deceased Bowring, Charles T. He appeared in the leaked 1914 and 1924 membership lists. So he is probably deceased by now.
1847-1920 Bowring, Sir Thomas
1921- Bowring, Thomas Arthur (Pilgrims London 1969) married into the Schuyler fortune, old Dutch colonial land grant holders.
1943- **Boyce, Baron Michael Cecil Lord Boyce, Admiral Boyce, Baron Boyce of Pimlico of The City of Westminster London. British House of Lords; current (2015) president of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain in London.
1927-2016 Brademas, John
1892-1959 *Bradford, Lindsay
1928-1982 Bradford, Lindsay, Jr.
1953- Brafman, Guilherme, Esq.
1904-1985 Braga, George A.
1895-1966 Brain, Sir Russell
1831-1910 Brainerd, Cephas
1870-1955 Brand, Admiral Sir Hubert
1878-1963 Brand, Baron Robert Henry
1906-1978 Brandi, Frederic H.
1905-1993 Brandt, Mortimer S.
1836-1918 Brassy, Baron of Bulkeley
1955- Brennan, John O. Director of the CIA from 2013-2017
1910-1992 Brewster, Edward Cox
1919-1988 ***Brewster, Kingman
1932- Bridestowe, Lord Thomas
1948- Bridport, 4th Viscount (Alexander Hood is his given name.)
Can’t find. Briggs, J. G.
1926-2016 Brimmer, Andrew First African American accepted
1901-1987 Brinckerhoff, Charles M.
1923-1979 Bristol, Lee Hastings
1922-2011 Brittain, Alfred III
1873-1974 *Brittain, Sir Harry E. (Co-founder, secretary & chairman)KBE, CMG, DL LL.D
1943- Brock, Charles Lawrence Esquire
1928-2015 Brokaw, Clifford Vail III
1968- Brokaw, Clifford Vail IV I would bet my last dollar that he is a member of The Pilgrims Society, because he married into the Du Pont family.
1897-1975 Bronk, Detlev W.
Deceased Brook, E. E.
1858-1926 Brooke-Hitching, Sir Thomas Henry
Deceased Brookfield, William
1898-1966 Broome, Robert Edwin
1922-2003 Bross, Steward, Jr.
1879-1952 Brow, Caxton
Deceased Brown, Edward F.
1861-1934 *Brown, Elmer Ellsworth
Deceased Brown, Flint
1862-1955 *Brown, Franklin Q.
-1981 Brown, Franklin Q., Jr.
1934-2002 Brown, J. Carter
1932- Brown, Michael John
1920-1991 Brown, Sir Raymond (Frederick)
1877-1960 Brown, Wylie
1898-1984 Brownell, Gen. George A.
1904-1996 *Brownell, Herbert
1931-2002 Brownlie, Ian G.M.
1935- Brownwood, David Owen(Active attorney at Cravath, Swaine, & Moore, one of numerous law firms The Pilgrims use)
1898-1977 Bruce, David Kirkpatrick Este, C.B.E.
1946- Bruce, David S., Jr. Trustee of The Pilgrims Foundation
1892-1980 Bruce, James Cabell
1869-1948 Bruce-Porter, Sir Bruce
1882-1958 Bruére, Henry
1904-1978 Bryan, Frederick Van Pelt (U.S. Dist Judge-So Dist of NY)
-1978 Bryce, T. Jerrold
1838-1922 ***Bryce, Viscount (The Right Hon.) OM; British Ambassador to the US
1895-Died Bryson, Elbert Clark
1928-2017 Brzezinski, Zbigniew
1943-2015 Buchanan, Sir John
1952- Buchanan, Robin William Turnbull
1859-1934 Buchanan, Walter Duncan
Can’t find. Buchanan, The Hon. W. L.
Deceased Buckingham, O. W.
Abt 1940- Buckner, Walker Gentry
1826-1909 Budd, John C.
1945- Budd, Nicholas
1930- Buffet, Warren
Deceased Bull, W. T. M.P.
1948- Buller, Baroness Eliza Manningham Member of the House of Lords
1867-1944 Bullock, Calvin
1898-1996 ***Bullock, Hugh OBE
1894-1984 Bunker, The Hon. Ellsworth
1901-1988 Bunnell, C. Sterling
1888-1972 Burbank, Reginald
1898-1978 Burdell, Edwin Sharp
1838-1913 Burden, I. Townsend, Jr.
1906-1984 ***Burden, William Armistead Moale
1905-1998 Burger, Van Vechten
1907-1995 Burger, Warren Earl (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)
1888-1980 Burgess, Edwin Haines
1889-1978 Burgess, Warren Randolph
Can’t find. Burgess, Wilfred Samuel USN (Ret.), NC, DSM
1901-1996 Burke, Arleigh A., NC, DSM
1962- Burke, Patrick J. CEO of HSBC New York (Charles Savoie wrote, “Patrick J. Burke is CEO of HSBC New York, subsidiary of the London bank run by Douglas Flint. Both men are likely as top megabankers to be members of The Pilgrims Society, a group with twin branches in London and New York which links America directly to Old World tyranny and holds the management reins of better known globalist organisations.”
1899-1976 Burkhart, William H.
1870-1940 *Burleigh, George William
Deceased Burn, M. T.
Deceased Burnand, Sir F.
1836-1917 Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley
1942- Burnham, David Henderson
1833-1916 Burnham, Lord Edward Levy-Lawson
1904-1987 Burns, Arthur Frank
1928-2010 Burns, Ward
1892-1963 Burt, Arthur Hartwell
1937- Burton, Sir Michael KCVO, CMG
1924- Bush, President George Herbert Walker
1946- Bush, President George W.
1869-1948 Bush, Irving T.
1862-1947 ***Butler, Dr. Nicholas Murray
1929- ***Butler, Percy James
1883-1951 Butler, Sir Harold Beresford
1902-1982 Butler, Lord Richard “Rab” A.
1938- Butler, Lord, Baron Robin Butler of Brockwell Life member of the Peerage; member of the House of Lords KG, GCB, CVO, PC
1938-2017 Butler, Ted
1853-1923 Butler, William Allen
1892-1956 Butterworth, George Forrest
1928-2011 Buxbaum, James Monroe
1867-1947 Cabell, Robert Hervey
1898-1994 Cabot, Paul C.
1905-1990 *Caccia, Lord Harold Anthony
1889-1982 Cadbury, Laurence John O.B.E.
-1910 Cadogan, Lord (Fifth Earl of)
1884-1968 Cadogan, The Right Hon. Sir Alexander, OM, GCMG, KCB
1937- Cadogan, Charles 8th Earl Cadogan (First cousin of Aga Khan who was born in 1936, a Shi’ite Muslim)
1836-1914 Cadwalader, John Lambert
1891-1969 Cain, Sir Ernest, Bt.
Alive Cairns, Lord Commander of the British Empire, Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, trustee of Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, founder of the Common wealth Business Council, former chairman, Overseas Development Institute; Chairman, Zain Africa, and former deputy chairman, S.G. Warburg & Company as stated by Charles Savoie in is on the board of Fresnillo, Mexico’s largest gold producer!
1892-1979 Caldwell, Arthur P., Jr.
1875-1951 Caldwell, Robert J.
1843-1918 Calhoun, Col. John Caldwell
1966- Cameron, David Former PM of the UK (Charles Savoie wrote, “The media source didn’t mention these slave holding ascendants are either Pilgrims Society members, or are connected to it….”
1841-1908 Cameron, Sir Ewen
1920-1985 Cameron, Marshal of the R.A.F. Sir Neil, GCB, CBE, DSO
1940- Camoys, Lord Thomas (Thomas Stonor, 7th Baron Camoys)
1974- Camoys, The Rt. Hon. The Lord
Can’t find. Campbell, Arthur B.
1935- Campbell, Colin Goetz President of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Can’t find. Campbell, Frederick B.
1879-1964 Campbell, Sir Gerald, GCMG
1879-1954 *Camrose, 1st Viscount
Deceased Cannon, Henry W.
1956- **The Most Reverend and Right Hon. THE LORD ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY (Justin Portal Welby is the current Archbishop of Canterbury. All Archbishops of Canterbury are members of The Pilgrims Society.)
1891-1977 Capshaw, Hulon
1930-2012 Carey, William Polk
1941- Carlson, Richard Warner Voice of America (CIA operation)
Deceased Carolan, Edgar A. Managed Australian division of General Electric
1869-1953 Carlton, Newcomb
1893-1976 Carmer, Carl
1898-1973 Carmichael, Leonard
1835-1919 Carnegie, Andrew
1965- Carney, Mark (Governor of the Bank of England)
Can’t find. Carpenter, Charles W.
1884-1954 *Carr, Gilbert Harry
1937- Carrick, Sir Roger KCMG LVO
1919- Carrington, Lord Peter Rupert
Deceased Carroll, Howard
1898-Died Carroll, Mitchell Benedict
1870-1942 Carson, William E. (Founding member)
1934-1991 Carter, John Bernard
1924-2004 Carter, John Boyd, Jr.
1941- Carter, Marshall N.
1926-2010 Carter, Peyton Franklin
1862-1944 Carter, John Ridgely
1891-1965 Carver, Clifford Nichols
1920-2006 Carver, John Amos Henry
1892-1983 Case, John Crowther
1869-1922 Cassatt, Major Edward B. (US Military Attache)
Deceased Cassatt, G. M. (Dir. of American Chamber of Commerce in London) He was in the original 1903 membership.
1879-1967 Catchings, Waddill
1912-1994 Cates, John Martin, Jr. Cates said, “I also believe strongly in international cooperation and the stark necessity of a one world society without national borders in the future.”
1881-1959 Cates, Louis S.
1896-1979 Catlin, Professor George Edward Gordon Ph.D.
1930-2011 Catto, Henry Edward, Jr.
1879-1959 *Catto, 1st Baron (Lord Thomas S. Catto)
1876-1943 *Caulcutt, Sir John
1856-1928 Cave, Viscount George
1916-2017 Cavell, Rt. Rev. John Kingsmill
1905-1981 Cecil, David George
1925- Cecil, George Henry Vanderbilt
1891-1954 Cecil, James McCosh
1973- Cecil, Lord James Richard Gascoyne (Charles Savoie wrote, “the second son of the 7th Marquess, James married Alexandra H. Issa. Little info is extant about Alexandra and this is also true of Lord James her husband. Don’t take it to signify however, that these sons of the 7th Marquess aren’t involved in more hideous Pilgrims Society subversion. Alexandra Issa may be related to California Republican Darryl Issa, allegedly worth up to $768 million mainly from an automobile electronics corporation. Issa is a fairly scarce name. Congressman Issa gets backing from Pharma interests and has been mostly negative about marijuana legislation, no doubt due to the “gifts” he takes in from beer distributing interests—they want NO competition.”
1890-1954 Cecil, John Francis Amherst
1925-2017 Cecil, Commander Oswald N. A., R.N., R.A.
1970- Cecil, Lord Robert Edward “Ned” William Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranborne
1864-1958 Cecil, Lord Robert Gascoyne (Earl of Salisbury) CMG
1913-1994 Cecil, Robert CMG
1881-1965 Cecil, Russell Lafayette
1854-1943 Cecil, Lord William
1861-1947 Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury
1893-1972 Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury
1916-2003 Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury (The reference says Cecil family, and guesses that it may be the 5th & 6th Marquesses of Salisbury, so I just shortened it, because the 5th Marquess of Salisbury has already been listed. This man’s name was Robert Edward Peter Gascoyne Cecil of whom the Guardian article remarked that he “strikingly lacked the gene of political manipulation that has marked out the Cecils for over four centuries.”
1946- Cecil, Baron Robert Michael James Gascoyne of Essendon, the 7th Marquess of Salisbury Member of the Peerage of England since 1992; Also known as Viscount Cranborne
1928- Cecil, William Amherst Vanderbilt
1882-1975 Chadbourne, Frank Merriam
1879-1964 Chadbourne, William Merriam Esq.
1842-1914 Chaffee, Gen. Adna Romanza
1919- *Chalfont, Lord Alun
1863-1937 Chamberlain, Sir Austen
1901-1972 Chamberlain, Francis Walter, CBE
Deceased Chamberlain, H. R.
1869-1940 Chamberlain, Neville
1892-1978 Chamberlain, Thomas Gassner
1870-1943 Chamberlin, Frederick
1904-1981 Chambers, Sir Paul
1894-1972 Chambers, William Ely
-1997 Champion, George
1904-1989 *Chancellor, Sir Christopher C.M.G.
1917-1991 **Chant-Sempill, Lt-Colonel Stuart W. SW, OBE, MC
1904-1983 Chapman, Alger B. The Hon.
1956- Chapman, Daniel Knowlton
1953- Chapman, Peter Herbert
1886-1970 Chappelear, Edgar Stratton
1931- Chapple, Field Marshal Sir John Lyon GCB, CBE
1952- Charles, Michael Harrison
1913-1999 *Charteris, Martin Michael Charles
1947- Chartres, Richard John Carew, KCVO, ChStJ, PC, FSA Bishop of London from 1995 until 2017 when it was announced that he would be appointed a Life Peer
-1950 Chase, John
1891-1973 Chauncey, A. Wallace
1864-1958 Chelwood, Lord CH, PC, QC (Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil) On page 128 of it says Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, same date of birth and death.
1941- Cheney, Richard VP under George W. Bush (Charles Savoie wrote, “Cheney, probably a Pilgrims Society member….”
1906-1999 Childs, Thomas Warren
1865-Died Chisolm, Benjamin Ogden Involved with the American Prison Association
1832-1917 ***Choate, Joseph H.
1876-1968 Choate, Joseph Jr. Named Chairman of the Federal Alcohol Control Administration following the repeal of Prohibition
1893-1974 Chorley, Kenneth, CBE Rockefeller agent
Deceased Christopher, F. C.
1925-2011 Christopher, Warren
1875-1940 Chrysler, Walter Percy
1872-1954 Chrystie, Thomas Ludlow
1902-1956 Chrystie, Thomas Witter
-1984 Church, Edgar M.
1881-1963 ***Church, Eliru Cunyngham
1874-1965 Churchill, Sir Winston
1940-2010 Churchill, Winston III
1904-1991 Clark, G. Russell
1916-2001 Clark, Howard Longstreth
Deceased Clark, J. T. A.
1939- Clarke, Sir Charles Mansfield Tobias Baronet (Toby) His grandmother was a Roosevelt.
1892-1982 Clarke, Gilmore David
1871-1960 Clarke, Lewis Latham
1896-Died Clarke, Robert Warner
1938- Clarkson, Lawrence William, Esq.
1892-1969 Clarkson, Robert Livingston
1939- Cleaver, Sir Anthony Brian
Deceased Cleaver, Ralph
1837-1908 Cleveland, President Grover (Charter member-1903)1859-1937 Cleveland, James Wray, Esq.
1840-1923 Clews, Henry
1869-1934 Clews, James B.
1929- Clifford, Stewart Burnett
1946- Clinton, President Bill
1947- Clinton, Hillary
1915-2004 Close, David Palmer
1846-1919 Clover, Commander Richardson (US Naval Attache)
1928- Clune, Charles J.
Deceased Clunette, George
1904-1987 Cobbold, Lord Cameron (1st Baron Cobbold)
1869-1955 Coe, William Robertson
1844-1926 Coffin, Charles Albert
1897-1983 Cohu, Henry Wallace
1869-1950 Colby, Bainbridge, Esq.
1893-Died Coldwell, E.S.
-1989 Cole, Albert L.
1902-1962 Cole, Henry L.
-1985 Cole, Henry P.
1873-1950 Cole, Howard Ellsworth
-1999 Cole, Newcomb D.
1865-1929 Coleman, Charles P.
1897-1993 Coleman, Leighton Hammond
1869-1948 Coleman, Warren
1931- Coleshill, Lord Vincent of GBE, KCB, DSO
1910-1995 Collado, Emilio Gabriel
1873-1939 Collier, Barron Gift
1842-1911 Collins, Richard Henn
1867-Died Collins, Robert Moore (Member of the Collins, an Illuminati family)
1893-1979 Collyer, John Lyon
Deceased Colmer, J. G. CMG
1898-1990 Colwell, Kent Galbraith
1964- Compton, Paul H.
1891-1951 Compton, Richard J.
1888-1964 Comstock, Louis Kossuth
1893-1978 Conant, James B.
1907-2011 Congreve, Ambrose Christian
1850-1942 **Connaught, Duke of (Prince Arthur William)(Field-Marshal H.R.H.)(In the reference as Windsor)
1931-2008 Connell, Hugh P.
1954- Connelly, Joan Breton
1947- *Conner, Bishop Rt. Rev. David John
1914-2000 Conner, John Thomas
Deceased Connick, A. J.
1914-2000 Connor, John Thomas
1869-1962 Conover, Samuel Seymour
1931-1997 Converse, Chandler B.
1875-1960 Cook, George Crouse
1903-1981 Cook, Harold Huntting
Deceased Cook, Samuel G. B.
1922-1992 Cook, William Sutton
1863-1912 Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson, Jr.
1893-1969 Coombs, William Harry (Date of birth discrepancy in reference)
1967- Cooper, Anderson American journalist; descendant of Savage Slave owner Cornelius Vanderbilt condemned for family’s unpaid race crimes
1856-1940 Cooper, Sir George Alexander
1887-1961 Cooper, Sir Patrick Ashley
Abt 1972- Cooper, Rene Clarke
1889-1976 Cooper, Sir (Harold) Stanford
1905-1983 Copeland, Lammot Du Pont
1920-2017 Copisarow, Sir Alcon
Deceased Coppell, George
-1981 **Corbett, John T.
1842-1909 ***Corbin, Lt.-Gen. Henry Clark
1938-2016 Cornelius, Jerry L.
1907-1987 Cornish, Charles Clinton
1892-1982 Cornwallis, Lord KBE
1917-1991 Correa, Henry A.
1941- Corrigan, Gerald President of NY FED
1863-1957 Cory, Lt.-Col. Evan James
1920-2010 Coster, Capt. Gerard H. Jr.
1907-1968 Cottenham, 7th Earl of
1915-2006 Cotton, Sir Robert
1914-1980 Coudert, Alexis Carrel
1832-1903 Coudert, Frederic René
1898-1972 *Coudert, Frederic René, Jr.
1922-2006 Couper, Richard W.
1915-1990 Cousins, Norman
Deceased Cowdin, John Elliot
1903-1985 Cowles, Gardner
1934-2016 Cowley, 7th Earl Garret Graham Wellesley 7th, Baron Cowley of Somerset
1944- Cowling, Peter John
1906-Died Cox, Duncan B.
1946- Cox, Edward Ridley Finch Married to Tricia Nixon, President Nixon’s daughter
1944- Cox, Hollister B.
-1989 Cox, Howard Ellis
1921-2007 Coyle, Alfred Johnson
Can’t find. Crackenthorp, Montagu H.
1906-1999 Craft, Robert Homan
1924-2017 Craig, Sir James GCMG, KCMG, GMG
1936- *Craig-Cooper, Sir Michael CBE, TD, DL
1896-1986 Craigmyle, Ronald M.
1893-1978 Crandall, Lou Revere
1896.1964 Crane, Edward Matthews
Can’t find. Crane, George F.
1881-1969 Crane, Jasper Elliot
1945- Crane, Stephen Andrew
1893-1978 Crane, Winthrop Murray 3rd
1885-1966 Crankshaw, Sir Eric Norman Spencer
1861-1940 Cravath, Paul Drennan
1917-2000 Creamer, Thomas F.
1890-1974 Cresswell, Rev. Cyril Leonard
1850-1914 Cridler, the Hon. Thomas
Deceased Crisp, C. B.
1890-1980 Crittenberger, Lt. Gen. Willis D., USA (Ret.), CB, DSM
1898-1956 Crocker, Stuart Miller
1861-1937 Crocker, William Henry
1841-1917 Cromer, The Earl of
1918-1991 Cromer, Henry The Earl of British Ambassador to Washington 1971-1974
1896-1992 Cromwell, Jarvis
1865-1952 Cromwell, Lincoln
1932- Cromwell, Roger J.K.
1854-1948 Cromwell, William Nelson Esq.
1916-2009 Cronkite, Walter
1948-2004 Crooks, William C.
1893-1961 Crookshank, Captain Harry M.P. 33rd degree Freemason
1878-Died Cross, Morton Robinson
1928-2003 Cross, William John
1899-1971 **Crossley, Sir Julian
1941- Crotty, Federal Judge Paul Austin
1925-2007 Crowe, Admiral William James, Jr.
1912-1989 Crudge, Vernon, O.B.E.
1917-2002 Cruikshank, Harold T.
1960- Cryan, John On Deutsche Bank’s supervisory board
1928- *Cubitt, Sir Hugh
1933- Cullimore, Charles Augustine Kaye CMG (Also in CFR)
1912-2004 Cullman, Joseph F., III
1890-1955 Cumberland, William Wilson
1869-1946 Cummins, Alexander Griswold
1855-1926 ***Cunliffe-Owen, (Philip) Frederick
1922-2016 Curley, Walter Joseph Patrick
1901-1984 Curry, Andrew Gibson
1894-1994 Curtin, Enos
1850-1933 Curtis, Cyrus Herman Kotzschmar
1859-1925 Curzon, Lord George Nathaniel
1870-1955 Cushing, Harry Alonzo
1895-1960 Cushing, Harry Cooke
1854-Died Cutting, Charles Sidney Judge
1852-1934 Cutting, Robert Fulton
Deceased Cyres, Lord St.
1898-1984 D’Erlanger, Baron Leo Frederic Albert
1916-1993 Dale, Colonel John Denny
-1962 Dalton, Sir Hugh
1928-2007 Daly, Donald Francis
1922-2004 Dalzell, Fred Briggs
Deceased Dana, Dr. C. L.
1912-2000 Daniel, Clifton
1950- Dannatt, General Lord Francis Richard, Baron Dannatt of Keswick, Royal Constable of The Tower of London
Deceased Darling, Mr. Justice
-1980 Darlington, the Rev. Gilbert, D.D.
1889-1955 Darlington, Henry
1925- Darlington, Dr. Henry Jr.
1849-1936 Darling, Mr. Justice M.P.
-1941 *Darrell, Edward Fairburn
1929-2016 Darrell, Norris Jr.
Deceased Dater, Henry C.
1917-2009 Davant, James Waring
1889-1970 Davidson, Sidney W. Jr. (says 1st Viscount in reference)
1916-1992 Davies, David J.
1944- *Davies, Glyn (First name: Edward)
1951- Davies, Sir Howard J.
1862-1939 Davies, John Vipond
Can’t find. Davies, Julien T.
-1990 Davies, Robert S.
1871-1944 Davis, John Marcus
1873-1955 ***Davis, John William
Alive Davis, Michael H. (Got married in 1961, so likely still alive.)
1939- Davis, Nicholas
1884-1965 *Davis, Pierpont V.
1909-1994 Davis, The Hon. Shelby Cullom
1855-1931 Davis, Vernon Mansfield
1855-1942 Davison, Charles Stewart
1896-1974 Davison, F. Trubee Esq. Director of Personnel at the CIA
1867-1922 Davison, Henry Pomeroy
1865-1951 Dawes, Charles American Ambassador 1929-32
1864-1945 Dawson, Bertrand, Viscount Dawson of Penn
1886-Died Day, Benjamin Mulford, Esq.
1898-1987 *Dean, Arthur Hobson
Deceased Dean, Herbert H.
-2009 Dean, Howard B.
1909-1994 *Dean, Sir Patrick
Deceased Dearbergh, Robert Edward Passenger on the Lusitania
1899-1990 *Debevoise, Eli Whitney
1926- De Bourbon, Michel Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma (Prince Michael Marie Xavier Waldemar Georg Robert Karl Eymar of Bourbon-Parma He attended a Jesuit school in Canada.
1930- Debs, Richard A. Ph.D.
Deceased Deerhurst, Lord
Deceased de Freise, L. H.
1893-1978 De la be re, Sir Rupert
1933-2014 De la Bere, Cameron
1893-1978 De la Bere, Sir Rupert, Bt., KCVO (Lord Mayor of London, 1952-1953
Alive Delafield, Dennis (Charles Savoie wrote, “Dennis Delafield, a managing partner at Tocqueville, is almost a 100% bet for membership in The Pilgrims.
1877-1976 Delafield, Edward Coleman Director of the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases and a trustee of the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer research. The Pilgrims Society’s interest in Big Medicine has to do with treatment—not with cure, and with depopulation of the planet’s commoners.”
1874-1964 Delafield, John Ross (Charles Savoie wrote, “John Delafield immigrated to America in 1783 bringing with him a ‘provisional’ peace treaty from the King!” See page 44 of
Editor’s note: That peace treaty had to have been due to the fact that the Founding Fathers of the United States of America signed the Treaty of Paris which gave the United States of America right back to the king despite the fact that the American Revolution was won by the colonists. See starting with
1901-1945 Delafield, Maturin Livingston
Abt 1931- Delafield, Walter Benjamin
1948- De La Warr, The Earl of (Wikipedia states 11th Earl is Wm. Herbrand Sackville. His son, Wm. Herbrand Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst b. 1979 is heir apparent according to Wikipedia.)
1904-1987 de Liagre, Alfred Gustav Etienne, Jr.
1909-1991 De L’Isle, Viscount
1862-Died De Lima, Elias
Deceased deMarcado, M. L.
1859-1933 ***Demorest, William Curtis
1890-1975 Demorest, William Jennings
1953- Dempsey, James Esq.
1873-Died Denby, Edwin Hooper
1917- Dennison, Charles P.
1945- Denny, George P. Jr.
1834-1928 *Depew, Chauncey Mitchell Esq. (co-founder)
1866-1934 Depew, Ganson
1865-1948 *Derby, the Earl of (The Right Hon.) KG (Edward George Villiers Stanley)(17th Earl of Derby-Ambassador to France)
Deceased Derby, Dr. Richard H.
1923- De Romanones, Aline Dona Maria Aline Griffith Dexter, Countess of Romanones, Countess of Quintanilla Was with the OSS, forerunner of the CIA
1916-2009 de Rothschild, Edmond L.
1855-1945 *Desborough, the Lord KG, GCVO (William Henry Grenfell)
1915-2001 Desch, Carl W.
Deceased Deshon, Charles A.
1896-1984 Desmares, Francis Arthur, M.C.
1930-2015 DeVecchi, Robert P.
1916-1990 Devine, C. Robert
1914- Devine, John “Jack” J.
1833-1908 Devonshire, 8th Duke of
1868-1938 Devonshire, 9th Duke of (Victor Cavendish)
1920-2004 Devonshire, 11th Duke of
1875-1944 Dewart, William Thompson
1909-1974 Dewey, Charles S., Jr.
1902-1975 Dewey, Thomas Edmund
1932- Dewey, Thomas E. Jr.
1849-1925 De Young, Michael Henry “M. H.”
Alive Dickerson, Warren H. (Appears to live in Hicksville, NY.)
1907-1988 Diethelm, George E.
1954- Dietsche, Andrew M. L. Current Episcopal Bishop of New York and probably a vice president of The Pilgrims Society New York (Charles Savoie wrote on page 77 of
1905-1989 Dikeman, Edwin Jay Jr.
Deceased Dillingham, Charles T.
1882-1979 Dillon, Clarence
1909-2003 *Dillon, Clarence Douglas Kennedy’s Treasury Secretary never carried out Kennedy’s EO 11110 which would have backed American currency with silver.
1916-1997 Dilworth, Joseph Richardson
1956- Dimon, Jamie
1866-1931 Dinkey, Alva Clymer
1899-1990 Disston, Harry Brig. General
1904-1962 Dixon, Edgar H.
1904-1965 Dixon, H. E. Sir Pierson, GCMG, CB, (Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations) Editor’s note: If you don’t know why the UN exists, please read It’s a small edition.
1967- *Dixon, Mark The Pilgrims Society Secretary
1928-2017 Dixon, Piers John
1894-1974 Doan Leland Ira
1898-1972 Doane, Richard Congdon
1879-1969 Dodge, Arthur Charles
1888-1982 Dodge, Cleveland Earl
1860-1926 Dodge, Cleveland Hoadley
-1938 Dodge, Edward Lane
1864-1920 Dodge, Colonel John The “Spanish” flu killed him. To understand why I put that word in quotes, please read the portion which says “Spanish” flu at
1881-1963 Dodge, Marcellus Hartley, Sr.
Deceased Dodge, William E.
1911-1987 Dolan, Patrick
1968- Dominick, Bayard II
-1991 ***Donegan, Bishop Horace WB, CBE, DD, STD, DCL
1912-1999 Donovan, Edmund P.
1914-1990 Donovan, Hedley
1883-1959 Donovan, William (Known as “Wild Bill” Donovan-created the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA)
Deceased Doran, W. S.
1876-1977 Dorr, Goldthwaite Higginson DSM, MM
Deceased Dorr, Robert E. A.
1919-1989 Dorrance, John Thompson, Jr.
1925-1997 Doty, John W.
-1973 Dougherty, Charles Gibbs
1872-1943 Douglas, Archibald Jr.
1892-1981 Douglas, Donald W.
-1983 Douglas, Edward Mills
1920- Douglas, John Hoffmann
1894-1974 ***Douglas, Lewis Williams GBE US Ambassador to UK 1947-50
1892-1976 Douglas, Senator Paul
1896-1971 Douglass, Kingman DSC, CBE
1876-1961 Downey, John Irving
1859-1930 Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
1910-1996 Drake, Sir Eric
1894-1974 Draper, Major Gen. William Henry, Jr. USAF, DSM, MM
1949- Drexel, Jacqueline Astor
1919-2007 ***Drexel, John R. III
1945- *Drexel, John Rozet IV
1902-1975 Driscoll, Alfred E.
1884-1957 Drogheda, 10th Earl of
1910-1989 Drogheda, 11th Earl of
1937- Drogheda, 12th Earl of (Known professionally as Derry Moore)
1879-1951 Drum, Hugh Alysius
1912-1963 Dryfoos, Orvil Eugene Publisher of NYTimes 1961-1963
Deceased Dudley, Dr. A. P.
1952- Dudley, William President of the NY FED
1958- Duffy, Terrence
1915-1995 *Duke, the Hon. Angier Biddle
1855-1929 Duke, Benjamin Newton
1856-1925 Duke, James Buchanan
1923-2016 Duke, Robin Chandler
1893-1969 *Dulles, Allen Welsh MM, MF Director of the CIA
1888-1959 Dulles, John Foster The Hon. (US Secretary of State)
1857-1915 Dulles, William
Deceased Dunbar, R. H.
1884-1952 *Duncan, Sir Andrew Rae
Deceased Duncan, H. J. W.
1830-1912 ***Duncan, William Butler
1922-1984 Duncan, Sir William B.
Abt 1940- Duncan, William M.
1929-1969 Duncan-Sandys, Lady Marie Claire
-1993 Dunlevy, Jerome P.
1870-1953 *Dunn, Gano
1878-1961 Dunn, Harris Ashton
1841-1926 Dunraven, Earl of K.P.
1915-2010 Duntisbourne, Lord Richardson Chairman of the Pilgrim Trust in succession to Sir Henry Fisher
1960- Dupee, Matthew David, Esq.
1918-1997 Du Pont, Coleman
Deceased Du Pont, Eleuthere I.
1838-1926 Du Pont, Henry Algernon
1863-1930 Du Pont, Senator Thomas Coleman
1920-2016 Du Val, Philip Livingston Rollin
Deceased Dyer, Dr. Louis
Deceased Eames, Edward E.
Deceased Eaton, The Rev. Dr. Charles H.
1883-1979 Eaton, Cyrus Stephen
-1975 Ebbott, Percy John
1890-1969 Eberstadt, Ferdinand A.
1904-1999 Eccles, David McAdam The Right Hon. The Viscount
1867-1964 Ecker, Frederick H.
-1976 Eckman, Samuel, Jr. C.B.E.
Deceased Edgar, James, A. James A. Edgar, III’s wife’s father was affiliated with Du Pont according to the wedding announcement in 1989.
1879-1972 Edmonds, Dean Stockett
1924- Edmonds, Dean S. Jr.
1903-1978 Edmondson, John P.
1917-1992 Eells, Richard Sedric Fox (Charles Savoie wrote, “Eells, very likely a ‘slippery’ Pilgrims Society member, was president of the Foundation for the Study of Human Organization.) See on page 112 of
1892-1987 Egbert, Lester Darling
1927-2015 Egbert, Richard Cook
1890-1969 *Eisenhower, President Dwight David “Ike”
1896-1979 Eisenhower, Mamie Geneva (Widow of President Dwight D. Eisenhower)
1928-2011 Ekblom, Harry E.
Deceased Elderkin, John
1877-1951 Elibank, 2nd Viscount
1864-1945 Eliot, Ellsworth, Jr.
Deceased Ellert, A.
1882-1972 Elliman, Douglas Ludlow
1944- Elliman, Donald M., Jr.
1899-1996 Elliott, Byron Kauffman
1864-1945 *Ellsworth, Eliot, Jr.
1854-1943 Ely, Richard Theodore
1861-1948 Ely, Robert Erskine
1898-1960 Emanuel, Victor
Deceased Emilio, Luis F.
1858-1945 Eno, William Phelps
Deceased Escombe, F. J.
1939-2015 Enslow, Robert Haven
1888-1957 Enstrom, William N.
1852-1930 Esher, Viscount Reginald
Deceased Estelle, Thomas
1953- Evans, Charles One of Britain’s leading painters, and the host of a long-running TV series. Are The Pilgrims now selecting artists to carry out their nefarious agenda? Could be.
1930- Evans, Gordon Heyd
1843-1921 Evans, the Hon. H. Clay US Consul-General
1920- Evans, James H.
-2010 Everdell, William III
1899-1966 Evershed, The Lord (Francis) Raymond (The Right Hon.)
1875-1960 *Ewart, R. H.
1901-1998 Eyssell, Gustav S.
1883-1968 Fackenthal, Frank Diehl
1835-Died Fahnestock, Harris Charles
1909-2000 *Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr.
-1927 *Fairchild, Samuel W.
1870-1939 Fairfax, Albert Kirby
Deceased Fairfax, Lord of Cameron
1896-1966 Fairhaven, Lord
-1977 Fales, William G.
1939- Farish, William Stamps, III US Ambassador to the UK 2001-2004
1888-1976 Farley, James Aloysius
1852-1930 Farnsworth, Frederick Eugene
Deceased Farquhar, Lord
1920-2007 Farr, Charles Sims
1901-1978 Farrell, James Augustine, Jr.
1914-1994 Faulkner, Sir Eric Odin
Deceased Fay, Sigourney W.
1913-1988 Fearey, Morton
1941- *Fellowes, Baron Robert, GCB, GCVO, QSO, PC Private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II from 1990 to 1999
-1985 Ferguson, Robert Monroe
1893-1974 Ferguson, Roy King
-1960 Ferguson, William
1885-1955 Fermoy, Lord M.P. Maternal grandfather of Diana, Princess of Wales
1834-1906 Field, Marshall (Charles Savoie wrote, “…very likely a Pilgrims Society member by late 1903—information gap prevents confirmation).”
1893-1956 Field, Marshall III Grandson of the original Marshall Field
Deceased Field, Thomas L.
1848-1904 Finch, Ashbel P.
1873-1965 Finch, Edward Ridley Highly placed judge in NY; ancestor of Edward Cox who’s married to Tricia Nixon
1919-2011 Finch, Edward Ridley, Jr.
1863-1940 *Finey, John H.
1965- Fingleton, John Dr.
Deceased Finlay, Sir Robert (Became Lord Chancellor-highest legal official in the United Kingdom)
1893-1980 *Finletter, Thomas Knight
1863-1940 Finley, John H.
1936- Firestone, Anthony Brooks
1946- Fishburn, John Dudley
1915-1988 Fisher, Sir Anthony George
1904-2000 Fisher, Harold Wallace
1873-1965 Fisher, Henry Johnson
1865-1940 Fisher, Herbert Albert Laurens
1867-1945 Fisher, Hugh (His first name was Alfred.)
1931-1992 Fisher, Pieter Alricks
1886-1965 Fisk, Sir Ernest
Deceased Fisk, George R.
1934- Fitzalan-Howard, Lord Mark
1900-1963 Fitzgibbon, Thomas O’Gorman
1845-1927 Fitzmaurice, Henry P.
1870-1952 Flagler, Harry Harkness
1830-1913 Flagler, Henry Morrison
-1969 Fleming, Archibald Robert Cecil
1886-1956 Fleming, Frederic Sydney
Deceased Fletcher, Austin B.
1896-1972 Fletcher, Walter D.
1850-1934 Flint, Charles Ranlett
1955- Flint, Douglas CBE
Deceased Flower, Roswell P.
Deceased Flynn, E.
1921-1981 Fogarty, Charles Franklin
1896-1981 Folger, John Clifford
1894-1970 Folsom, Frank Marion
1893-1976 Folsom, Marion B.
1925-2000 Fomon, Robert M.
1907-1990 Foot, Hugh Mackintosh
1903-1989 *Forbes, Sir Archibald
1951- Forbes, Christopher “Kip” Steve Forbes’ younger brother
1946- Forbes, Sir Ian Andrew British Royal Navy Admiral
1919-1990 Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson, Sr.
1947- Forbes, Steve Publisher of Forbes Magazine
1870-1959 Forbes, William Cameron
1885-1978 Ford, George Barry
Deceased Ford, I. N.
Alive Ford, Sir John A., CMG, MC (H.M.’s Consul General in New York 1971-1975)
1887-1966 Ford, Sumner
1913-2006 Ford, President Gerald
1906-1989 Forde, Ivo Matthew Leopold Dieskau
1927-1989 Forrestal, Michael V.
1883-1972 Fosdick, Raymond B.
1892-1944 Fox, Hugh Francis
1893-1976 Foye, Arthur Bevins
1948- Franco, Carole Ann
1924-2016 Frankland, Walter
1913-1996 Franklin, George S. Jr.
1895-1975 Franklin, John Merryman
1905-1992 Franks, Baron Oliver
1889-1945 *Fraser, Leon Succeeded McGarrah at BIS
1977- Fraser, Cosmo Alexander Raoul
1980- Fraser, Raoul Alastair Joseph
1911-1995 Fraser, Simon Christopher Joseph, 15th Lord Lovat and 4th Baron Lovat, DMS, MC, TD, JP, DL
1946- Fréchette, Louise (Guest speaker)1st Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
1862-1937 Freeman, Alden
1943- ***Freeman, Ronald M.
1869-1948 Frelinghuysen, Joseph Sherman Senator for New Jersey
1932- French, John, III
1909-1995 Frese, Walter Wenzel
Deceased Frissel, Lewis F. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University
1920-2014 Fromm, Joseph
1881-1940 Fuller, Thomas Staples
Deceased Fuller, W.W.
1916- Fullerton, Henry S.
1910-1992 *Funston, George Keith
1836-1927 Gage, Lyman Judson (Charter member)
1896-1982 Gale, Gen. Sir Richard Nelson
1894-1981 Gallagher, Harold John
1881-1952 Gallatin, Albert Eugene
1953- Gamble, Theodore Robert, Jr. (Married another member in March 1984.)
-1983 Gambrell, Charles Glann
Deceased Gambrill, Stephen V.
-1938 Gambrill, S.W.
-1978 Gander, Maclean
1912-2002 *Gardner, John W. The Hon. M.F.
1927- Gardner, Richard N. US Ambassador to Spain & Italy
1898-1964 Garside, Charles
1921-2016 Garvin, Clifton C. Jr.
1895-1976 Gates, Artemus L. The Hon.
1955- Gates, Bill (Microsoft billionaire)
1906-1983 *Gates, Thomas Sovereign, Jr. The Hon.
1902-1977 Gault, Brigadier Sir James KCMG, MCO, OBE
Deceased Gaylord, Augustus
Deceased Gaylord, Brig. Gen. Bradley USAF (Ret.), DSC In The Pilgrims 1974 roster; chairman of Madison Fund; flew in WW I.
1879-1954 Geddes, 1st Baron
1907-1975 Geddes, 2nd Baron
1879-1954 Geddes, Sir Auckland M.P. British Ambassador to Washington 1920-4
1908-1996 Geddes, Eugene M.
1937- Geddes, The Lord, KBE, DL Currently deputy speaker in the House of Lords
1886-Died Gehle, Frederick W.
1961- Geithner, Timothy President of NY FED, of which his predecessor, Volcker and successor Benjamin Bernanke, was a member of The Pilgrims, so Geithner is likely also.
1895-1955 George, William Perry
1867-1951 Gerard, James W. GCB
1961- *Gerard, James Watson 5th GCB US Ambassador to Germany
1874-1966 Gerard, Sumner
1886-1959 Gerdes, John Esq.
1929-2010 Getchell, Charles Willard, Jr.
1901-1969 Gibbs-Smith, Rev. Oswin Harvard
Deceased Gibbs, William Channing He was Robert Means Thompson’s father in law. Thompson was born in 1849.
Deceased Gibson, H. N.
1868-1949 Giddins, Howard Andrus
1825-1921 Giffard, Lord Hardinge Stanley
1893-1982 Gifford, Augustine Sands
Deceased Gifford, James M.
1885-1966 ***Gifford, The Hon. Walter Sherman
1906-1983 Gilbert, Carl Joyce
1859-1934 *Gilbert, Cass
1894-Died Gilbert, Cass Jr.
Can’t find. Gilbert, The Rt. Rev. Charles Kendall, DD
1934-Died *Gilbert, Seymour Parker, Jr.
1891-1975 Gilchrist, Huntington The Hon.
1844-1909 *Gilder, Richard Watson (Founding member)
-1982 Gillespie, Kenrick S.
1876-1940 *Gillespie, Lawrence L.
1910-2011 Gillespie, Samuel Hazard Jr.
1831-1908 Gilman, Daniel Colt
1905-2004 Gilmer, Ben Screws
1906-1996 Gilpatrick, Roswell L. Hon.
-1975 ***Gishford, Anthony
1900-1996 Gladwyn, Lord Hubert
1941-2005 Gleason, Frederick Brockway III
Deceased Goddard, Frederick N.
Deceased Goode, R. A. J.
Deceased Goode, William (Co-founder)
Deceased Goode, W. A. N.(This may be the same as the one just above.)
1891-1978 ***Goodhart, Dr. Arthur Lehman, Esq. K.B.E., Q.C.
1847-1905 Goodhue, Francis Abbott
1915-2005 Goodpaster, General Andrew US Army Supreme Allied Commander Europe
1901-2009 Gordon, Albert Hamilton
Can’t find. Gordon, C. Fitzhugh
Deceased Gordon, F. G.
1898-1980 Gordon, James Roycroft
1847-1934 Gordon, Lord John Campbell
1884-1975 Gordon, Thurlow Marshall
1931-2004 Gordon-Lennox, Lord Nicholas Charles
1909-1984 *Gore-Booth, Lord Paul
1958- Gorman, James P.
Can’t find. Gould, Bruce
1866-1933 Gould, Edwin
Deceased Gould, George J.
1837-1915 Gould, Harold Winthrop
1910-1997 Gould, Samuel Brookner
1888-1963 Gower, George Sutherland-Leveson In Charles Savoie’s work as George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower
1951- Gozney, Sir Richard British diplomat
1913-1995 Grace, J. Peter, Jr. President of the Knights of Malta of North America
1909-1992 Grace, Oliver Russell
Can’t find. Graff, Clarence
1938- Graff, Laurence
1889-1962 Graham, Kelley
1877-1963 Graham, William Joseph
1895-Died Grainger, Isaac B.
1903-2002 Granger, David
1956- Grant, Sir Mark Lyall Was British UN Ambassador
1850-1927 Grasselli, Caesar Augustin
1948- Gray, James L.
Abt 1945- Grayson, Lord Richard Stephen
1925- Greenberg, Maurice R.
1913-2000 Greenhill, Baron Denis Arthur
1926- Greenspan, Sir Alan, Knight Commander of the British Empire, by The Crown, Royal patron of The Pilgrims Society.
1943- Greenstock, Sir Jeremy Said UK was not consulted on Iraq.
1870-1948 *Greenwood, Viscount (the Right Hon.)
Deceased Greer, Rt. Rev. David Hummell D.D. (He lived at the time of the Titanic.)
1855-1945 Grenfell, William M.P. Lord Desborough, 1st Baron Desborough, KG, GCVO
1871-1941 Grenfell, Edward C.
1841-1925 Grenfell, Lord Francis Wallace (Co-founder)
1935- Grenfell, Lord Julian (3rd Baron Grenfell)
1865-1940 Grenfell, Dr. Wilfred
1855-1945 Grenfell, Lord William Henry (chairman)
1867-1945 Grenfell, Sir William (Max-Muller)
1923- Grew, Raymond Edward
1931- Grew, Robert Ralph, Esq
-1980 Grewcock, Derek D., Esq.
1851-1917 Grey, Lord Albert Henry George, 4th Earl Grey
1862-1933 Grey, Sir Edward
1921-2014 *Grierson, Sir Ronald H.
1855-1907 Griffin, Gen. Eugene Pres. & VP of General Electric, NY
1909-1979 Griffith-Jones, Mervyn Esq.
1941- Griffiths, Baron Brian (of Goldman Sachs)Lord Griffiths
1925-2014 Griffiths, Sir Eldon Wylie
1941- Griffiths Baron of Fforestfach (No typo; this is Welsh.)
1849-1927 *Griggs, John William (Founding member)
1886-1980 Grimm, Peter
1901-1987 Griswold, John Carroll
1944- Gross, Patrick Walter Aspen Institute-Homeland Security
1951-2016 Grosvenor, Gerald Cavendish (6th Duke of Westminster)Still owns much of central London.
1908-1988 Gubelmann, Walter Stanley
Deceased Guedalla, Herbert
1857-1934 Guernsey, Nathaniel Taylor
1918-2001 Guernsey, Otis Love
Can’t find. Guess, H. A.
1907-1991 Guest, Raymond R.
1941- Gunther, Jack Disbrow, Jr., Esq.
1938- Guthrie, General Lord of Craigiebank (Lord Charles)
1874-1945 Gwynne, Charles Thomas
1951- Haass, Richard Nathan-President of the CFR
1899-1987 Hacker, Louis Morton
1938- Hacking, Lord David
1946- Hagel, Chuck (Member of Bilderberg. See Former Secretary of Defense under Obama
Deceased Hagard, W. H.
1884-1969 *Haggard, Sir Godfrey Digby Napier, CMG, CVO, OBE
1822-1914 Haggin, James Ben Ali
1904-1986 Haider, Michael L.
1924-2010 *Haig, Alexander Meigs, Jr.
1860-1930 Haldeman, Donald Carmichael
1936- Hale, Charles Martin
1869-1924 Hale, William Bayard
1881-1959 Halifax, Viscount Edward Wood KG, OM British Ambassador to Washington D.C. 1941-6
Deceased Hall, Frank L.
1949- Hall, Reverend John R. Anglican Dean of Westminster Abbey (Charles Savoie wrote, “Today, the Reverend John R. Hall, Anglican Dean of Westminster Abbey, being among the high officials of the Church of England, I regard as almost certainly a member of the Pilgrims Society London.”
1962- Hall, Wallace, Jr.
1878-1961 Hall, William Edwin
1910-1998 Halle, Louis J.
1823-1921 Halsbury, Lord (Served as Lord Chancellor thrice.)
Can’t find. Halsey, Charles D.
1882-1959 Halsey, Admiral William
1897-1963 Hambro, Sir Charles Jocelyn “Pug”
1943- Hambro, Rupert Nicholas, Esq. CBE
Deceased Hamilton, Lord Claud
Deceased Hamilton, Lord Land
1918-1988 Hamilton, Sir Denis
1898-1982 Hamilton, Pierpont Morgan His great great grandfather was Alexander Hamilton who was a Rothschild agent who got the first central bank established in the USA for twenty years.
Deceased Hamlin, Conde
1855-1936 Hammond, John Hays
1871-Died Hammond, John Henry Lawyer
1910-1987 Hammond, John Henry II
1869-1956 Hammond, Ogden Haggerty US Ambassador to Spain
1881-1976 Hammond, Paul Lyman
-1947 Hance, John A.
1835-1931 Hanchett, Benton Esq. Married Susan Kimberly of Kimberly-Clark corporation.
1961- Handler, Richard B. (Top executive at Jeffries Bache, come across overmuch like a Pilgrims Society member…written by Charles Savoie)
1892-1987 Hanes, John W.
1945- Hanley, Jeremy James KCMG
1889-Died Hann, Charles Esq.
1935- Hannay, Sir David, Baron Hannay of Chiswick
1866-1947 *Harbord, James G. KCMG, DSM
Deceased Harbord, John O.
1908-1979 *Harcourt, 2nd Viscount
1899-1979 Harding, Charles Barney
1864-Died Harding, John William
1930- Hardy, Sir David Kt
1874-1940 Harkness, Edward Stephen
1918-1985 Harlech, The Lord (The Right Hon.) KCMG
Deceased Harmon, Benjamin S.
1904-1980 Harmsworth, Sir Geoffrey Bt.
1949- Harmsworth, The Hon. Vere Enjoys buying up newspapers.
Deceased Harnickell, Henri C. Esq.
-1982 Harper, Carroll G.
1936-2009 Harper, Emery Walter Esq.
1906-1982 Harrar, George
1848-1909 Harriman, Edward Henry
1867-1949 Harriman, Joseph Wright
1862-1940 Harriman, Oliver
1891-1986 Harriman, William Averell
1932-2014 Harrington, Robert Dudley
1886-1959 Harris, Charles Cuthbert
1923-1982 Harris, David Taylor
1963- Harris, John F.
1864-1926 Harris, Leverton M.P.
1943- Harris, Lillian Craig
Can’t find. Harris, Victor
1913- Harris, William Cecil
1887-1958 *Harrison, George Leslie
1895-1973 Harrison, James Leftwich
Can’t find. Harrison, Richard C. He was on the leaked roster for 1940.
Can’t find. Harrison, Richard C. Jr. He was on this same roster, 1940.
1905-1998 Harsch, Joseph C.
1913- Hart, George Arnold Reeve
1881-1962 Hart, Merwin Kimball
1882-1964 Hartfield, Joseph Manuel
1911-2008 Hartford, Huntington, III
Deceased Hartley, Marcellus
1935- Hartzell, Andrew C.
-2005 Hartzell, Harry E.
1864-1928 *Harvey, George Brinton McClellan
1908-2001 Haskins, Caryl Parker
1915-1991 Haskins, George Lee Esq.
1885-1911 Hasler, Frederick Edward
1952- Hassell, Gerald L.
Deceased Hatzfeldt, Prince Francois Charter member in London
1914-1981 Hauge, Gabriel
1898-1965 Hawkins, Dexter Clarkson
1891-1973 Hawley, Edmund Summers
1928-2001 Hay, Andrew “Anthony” MacKenzie
Deceased Hay, C. Cortlandt
Deceased *Hay, Louis C. (Elected to Executive Committee in 1910)
1910-1989 *Hayes, Alfred P.
1910-2002 Hayes, Samuel P.
1914-1992 Hayman, Sir Peter KCMG, CVO, MBE Named as a pedophile.
Can’t find. Haynes, Raymond B. He is mentioned on page 35 of this link: No date of birth is stated, however.
Deceased Haynes, Richard B.
Deceased Hazard, W. A.
1921-2007 Healy, Harold Harris, Jr.
1904-1975 Heald, Henry T.
1917-2009 Heard, George Alexander
Deceased Hearn, George A.
Deceased Heaton, Henniker, M.P.
1888-1976 Hecht, Frank Abner
1862-1925 *Hedges, Job Elmer
1844-1924 Hedges, Col Sidney M.
1908-1987 Heinz, Henry John II CEO of Heinz Company
1877-1941 Heinz, Howard
-1991 Heinz, Senator John
1946- Heisler, Stanley Dean, Esq.
1925-2012 Held, Huyler Clark
1900-1985 ***Helm, Harold Holmes
1924- Helms, Gates McGarrah
1940- Helu, Carlos Slim
1889-1966 Hemphill, Clifford
-2009 Henderson, Nicholas
1896-Died Henderson, Rupert Albert Geary
1923- Hendrickson, Robert Augustus
1898-1981 Hennessy, Sir Patrick
1857-Died Henshaw, William W.
1846-1922 *Hepburn, Alonzo Barton
1853-1934 Herbert, John Warne
Deceased Herbert, Sir Michael (no indication as to when he lived)
1902-1987 Herd, John Victor
1898-1974 Herod, William Rogers
Deceased Herrick, Dr. Everett
1897-1942 Herrick, Myron T.
1902-1975 Hertell, Hiram H.
1903-1995 Hervey-Bathurst, Sir Frederick P. 6th Baronet
1934- Heseltine, Lady Michael
1924-2014 Hester, James McNaughton
1835-1921 Hester, Col. William
1875-1945 *Hetzler, Theodore
1908-1966 Heuss, John
1917-2006 Heuvel, Stanley van den
1870-1943 Hewart, Viscount Gordon Quote: “Pharmaceutical means
1915-1998 Hewitt, William Alexander poison and Pharmacy means
Deceased Heydt, Herman A., Jr. to practice sorcery or
-1989 Hickman, Norman G. witchcraft.”
1888-Died Higgins, Charles Alfred
1920-1990 Higginson, Thomas Lee
Can’t find. High, Stanley
1916-1978 Hill, James Tomilson, Jr.
1858-1916 Hill, John Alexander
Deceased Hill, John Warren (No indication as to when he lived)
Deceased Hill, Percival S.
-1953 Hill, William B.
-1988 Hill, William Edwin
1872-1949 Hill-Wood, Sir Samuel M.P. Inherited textile fortune
1867-1947 Hilles, Charles Dewey
Deceased Hillingdon, Lord
1851-1927 Hine, Francis L.
1905-1997 Hinman, George Lyon
-1934 Hinman, Matthew
Deceased Hinsdale, E. B.
1901-1981 Hinsey, Joseph Clarence
-1993 Hinton, Longstreet
Deceased Hitchcock, Hiran
1918-1986 Hitesman, Walter Wood
1904-1983 Hitzig, William Maxwell
1880-1959 Hoare, Sir Samuel (1st Viscount Templewood)
Alive Hobson, H. Lee (Charles Savoie wrote, “Hobson is more prospective as a Pilgrims member: he may even be on its waiting list for membership.”
Deceased Hodges, Amory G.
1915-2012 *Hodgson, James Day
1891-1974 Hoffman, Paul Gray
1877-1944 Hogan, Frank J.
1901-1972 Hoge, James Fulton
1872-1950 **Hogg, Lord Douglas McGarel Was Lord Chancellor
1907-2001 **Hogg, Lord Quinton McGarel Was Lord Chancellor
1941-2010 Holbrooke, Richard C.
1843-1929 Holdich, Sir Thomas Hungerford President of the Royal Geographical Society
1878-1951 Holland, Charles Hubert
Abt 1950- Holliday, Charles O. Jr. CEO of Du Pont
1855-Died Holt, Charles Sumner Esq.
Deceased Holt, George H.
1872-1951 Holt, Hamilton Involved in the League of Nations
Deceased Holt, Colgate
1840-1926 Holt, Henry
1910-1981 Hood, Viscount Samuel
1938- Hooley, Joseph L. Chairman and CEO at State Street Corporation in 2007
Can’t find. Hooper, E. Apparently he graduated from Princeton University
1874-1964 Hoover, President Herbert
1915-2000 Hopper, Walter Everett
1871-1955 Horder, 1st Baron
1943- Hormats, Robert Charles Savoie wrote, “Robert Hormats is another definite Pilgrims candidate.” He is a Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates.
1888-1978 Horn, Charles Lilley
Can’t find. Horn, F. J. O.D.(Doctor of Optometry)
1917-1985 Hornblower, Henry II
1919-1987 Hornblower, Ralph Jr.
1889-1984 Horne, Sir Alan Edgar
1856-1941 Horne, Sir William Edgar 1st Baronet
Deceased Hotchkiss, Hobart L.
1877-1971 Hough, Lynn Harold
1863-1941 Houghton, Alanson Bigelow American Ambassador 1925-9
1899-1981 Houghton, Amory
1837-1909 Houghton, Amory, Jr.
1906-1990 Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.
1881-1973 Houston, Frank K.
1866-1955 Houston, Herbert Sherman
1897-1988 Hoving, Walter
1863-1939 Howard, Lord Esme William
1910-1998 Howard, Jack Rohe President of Scripps Howard Newspapers, and an executive committee member of the Inter-American Press Association
1867-1947 Howe, Arthur Millidge
1926-2015 *Howe, Lord Geoffrey (Lord of Aberavon) He was instrumental in Britain joining the European Union.
1837-1920 Howells, William Dean
1848-1917 Howland, William B.
1906-1985 Howland, McClure M. Graduate of the perverse London School of Economics Pilgrims Society entity (Charles Savoie statement)
1928- Howlett, Philip Gerad
1849-1922 Hoyt, Colgate
Deceased Hoyt, J. B.
1838-1915 Hubbard, General Thomas Hamlin
1918- Hubner, Robert Wilmore
Deceased Hudson, C. I.
1862-1948 Hughes, Charles Evans U.S. Solicitor General
1871-1955 Hull, Cordell
1893-1967 Hume, Hubert Nutcombe
1874-1952 Humes, Augustine Leftwich
1934- *Humes, James Calhoun
1921-1985 Humes, John P.
1886-1954 Hunt, Richard Carley
Deceased Hunter, John Henry
1940- Hunter, Robert Edwards Involved with National Endowment for Democracy, a Neocon warmonger pressure group.
Deceased Huntington, Collis P.
1944- Huntly, 13th Marquess of, Granville Charles Gomer Gordon, styled Earl of Aboyne until 1987, is a British peer and the Premier Marquess of Scotland
1960- Huntsman, Jon Jr. US Ambassador to Russia (Charles Savoie wrote, “…my view is, 90% likelihood Huntsman is a member of The Pilgrims, due to that post to China and several other characteristics he has which ‘flag’ him as a very probable MEMBER—not the least of which is his acquisition of a member of the old-line Pilgrims Society Livingston dynasty as a son in law.”
1883-1967 Hupper, Roscoe Henderson
1930- Hurd, The Right Hon. Lord Douglas, Baron Hurd of Westwell
1865-1941 Hurd, Richard M.
1873-Died Huse, Robert Selden
1870-1934 Hussey, Captain Charles Lincoln U.S.N., C.M.G.
1868-1942 Hutcheson, William Anderson
Deceased Hutchings, Sir Alan, KBE
Deceased Hutchins, Horace A.
Deceased Hutchinson, Colonel H. D. C.S.I.
1907-2001 Hyde, Anthony
1873-1952 Hyde, Charles Cheney
Can’t find. Hyde, Charles H.
1876-1959 Hyde, James Hazen
1892-1962 Ide, John Jay
1877-1960 Iliffe, 1st Baron
1908-1996 Iliffe, 2nd Baron
1877-1960 Iliffe, The Rt. Hon. Lord
1956- Immelt, Jeffrey, a NY FED director 2006-2010, is likely a member too since his predecessors all have been members. He was chairman of the board of General Electric.
1852-1932 Inchcape, Lord, James Mackay, 1st Earl of Inchcape GCMG, KCSI, KCIE
1917-1994 Inchcape, 3rd Earl of, James Lyle Mackay
1935- Inge, Lord Peter KG, GCB, DL
1898-1983 Ingersoll, Adm. Stuart Howe
1861-1945 Inglefield, Rear-Admiral Sir Edward, KBE
1872-1934 Ingraham, Phoenix
1847-1924 Ingraham, Sir William J. Baronet M.P. and managing director of the Illustrated London News.
1877-1963 Ingram, Bruce
Deceased Ingram, Herbert
1859-1938 Insull, Samuel Wiped out savings of 600,000 but was exonerated in court.
1865-1955 Inverforth, Andrew Weir, 1st Baron Inverforth PC
1865-1955 Inverforth, Lord
1856-1936 Invernairn, Lord
1941- Irby, Alton F. III (Charles Savoie wrote, “Alton F. Irby III of London appears to be the most likely Pilgrims Society member (unconfirmed) today on the McKesson board. It’s the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America with some 43,500 employees and over $122 billion annual volume and serves at least 50% of all hospitals!”) Mr. Irby is now the co-founder of London Bay Capital LLC. I guess he didn’t like the pharmaceutical racket anymore.
1898-1962 Irons, Henry Clay
1913-2000 *Irwin, John Nichol, II M.F.
1881-1959 **Irwin, Lord KG, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, TD, PC
1872-1935 Iselin, John H.
1920-2010 Iselin, Peter
Deceased Ives, Brayton
1896-1962 Ives, Irving McNeil
1904-1987 Ives, Philip
1880-1959 *Jackson, John Gillespie
Deceased Jackson, N. Baxter In the 1969 Pilgrims Society roster; was another Chemical Bank director and of American Chain & Cable Company; Home Life Insurance; French-American Banking Corporation; General Reinsurance Corporation; North Star Reinsurance; and Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical according to
1919-1999 Jackson, William Eldred, Esq. (Attorney to Nelson Rockefeller)
1871-1971 Jacoby, Dr. James Ralph Psychiatrist
1910- Jamieson, John Kenneth
Deceased Janvrin, Dr. J. E.
1946- Janvrin, Baron Robert (Given name: Robin Berry Janvrin) GCB, GCVO, QSO, PC He was Queen Elizabeth II private secretary from February 1999 until September 2007.
Deceased Japp, Henry KBE He built tunnels under the East River in New York around 1906.
-1981 Jarvis, N. Leonard
1904-1986 Javits, Senator Jacob of NY
Deceased Jay, Lawrence M. He was in the 1924 roster on page 11.
1946- Jay, Lady Sylvia, Baroness Jay of Ewelme
1841-Died Jay, William
Deceased Jeanne, T. A.
1852-1934 Jefferson, John Percival
1843-Died Jeffery, Edward Turner
1953- Jeffery, Reuben III See or on page 15 for who he is. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is a cover for the Pilgrims Society. The first link shows a photo of him smiling. I wonder how much he will smile when he knows he’s been outed?)
1920-2003 Jenkins, Roy Harris
1943- Jenkins, Sir Simon David Chairman of the National Trust for a few months in 2008
-1936 Jennings, Oliver Gould
1878-1949 Jervey, Huger Wilkinson
1830-1908 ***Jesup, Morris Ketchum
1921-2001 Jewitt, David Willard Pennock
1931- Jewkes, Gordon Wesley British Ambassador to the UN
1934- Johns, William Potter
Alive Johnson, Dr. Hardwick Smith, Jr. He thinks he is a Merovingian, and served as the order’s President General from 2009 until 2011. See page 1.
Alive Johnson, James A. Director at Goldman Sachs since 1999.
1906-1990 Johnson, Joseph Esrey
1908-1973 Johnson, President Lyndon Baines
1907-1992 Johnson Raymond Coles
1934- Johnson, William Alexander
1858-1940 Johnston, Gen. John A.
1914- Johnston, Lawson, The Hon. Hugh de Beauchamp, TD, DL
1850-1912 Joline, Col. Adrian H.
1874-1965 Jones, Alfred B.
1845-1909 Jones, Sir Alfred Lewis
1951-2014 Jones, Geoffrey M.T.
1951- Jones, Sir Mark (Charles Savoie wrote, “Sir Mark Jones (a highly likely member of The Pilgrims Society London).”
1877-1962 Jones, Sir Roderick
1891-1962 Jones, William Alton
1874-Died Josika-Herczeg, Imre (filed under Herczeg in Charles work)
1885-1957 Jowitt, Lord William, 1st Earl Jowitt
1867-1934 Kahn, Otto Hermann a Rothschild affiliate
1913-2007 Kaiser, Philip M.
1942- Kashmeri, Sarwar Aghajani
Can’t find. Kaufman, Herbert A. He was a member of The Pilgrims Board of Directors in 1940.
1935- Kean, Thomas Howard Chairman of the 9/11 Committee
1968- Kean, Thomas Howard, Jr. Related to FDR.
1900-1975 Keating, Senator Kenneth
1900-1982 Keehn, Grant
1838-1913 Keene, James R.
1915-2000 Keesee, Thomas Woodfin
1946- Keevil, Philip Clement
Deceased Keith, Dr. George
1980- Keller, Charles (Charles Savoie wrote in 2015, “Charles Keller is the prospective Pilgrims member on that board.” (Total)
1856-1937 Kellogg, Frank B. Esq. Secretary of State to President Calvin Coolidge
-2004 Kelsey, John “Jack” F., Jr.
1824-1907 Kelvin, Lord
1875-1945 Kemmerer, Edwin
1883-1968 Kemsley, Viscount
-2002 Kennedy, David O’D
1884-1952 Kennedy, Foster
1871-1971 Kennedy, Gilbert Falconer
1888-1969 Kennedy, The Hon. Joseph Patrick American Ambassador to Great Britain; John F. Kennedy’s father
1936- Kennedy, Justice Anthony Associate Just on the US Supreme Court
1902-1995 Kennedy, Moorhead C. Ironically, Moorhead C. Kennedy’s son was the acting head of the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran when hostages took it in 1979 due to the fact that Khomeini was already losing power resulting in his causing the embassy to be taken control of so as to regain his power over the Iranian people.
1879-1960 Kennet, Baron Wikipedia states that this is Hilton Young, 1st Baron Kennet adding that he was a British politician and writer.
1918-1997 Kenney, F. Donald
-1934 Kent, Thomas B.
1911-1996 Kern, Harry F.
1942- *Kerr, Lord John (Lord of Kinlochard) GCMG, CMG House of Lords; he wrote Article 50 of the European Union
1922-2004 *Kerr, Lord Peter (Lord Lothian)
1882-1940 Kerr, Philip Henry (11th Marquess of Lothian)
1943- Kerry, John Forbes Secretary of State; ran for president; Skull and Bones member.
Deceased Kersey, Major S. Maitland DSO
1938- Keswick, Sir Henry N.L.
1940- Keswick, Sir John Chippendale “Chips” (Family controls Hong Kong)
1942- Keswick, Simon
1903-1990 *Keswick, Sir William Johnston
Deceased Keyes, W. B.
-1967 Kidder, Amos M.
1877-1950 Kies, William S.
1917-1996 Killefer, Tom
1888-1962 Kimball, Leroy Elwood
Abt 1954- Kimbel, William A. Director of Institute of Human Origins. He served as joint editor of the Journal of Human Evolution from 2003 to 2008.
1848-1930 Kimbel, William W.
Alive Kimberly, John Robbins Exposed in the 1969 roster; heir to the Kimberly-Clark fortune.
1905-1992 Kimzey, Paul W.
1899-1976 Kindersley, Lord Hugh Kenyon Molesworth (2nd Baron Kindersley)
1871-1951 Kindersley, Robert M. 1st Baron Kindersley
1848-1946 King, David Bennett
1887-1972 King, Frederic(k) Rhinelander
1865-1936 King George V (Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society)
1895-1952 King George VI (Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society)(In the reference as Windsor)
1894-1972 King Edward VIII (In the reference as Windsor)
1928- King, Henry Lawrence, Esq.
1907-1989 Kingsbury, Frederick H., Jr.
1847-1923 Kinnaird, Lord
1962- Kinnoull, The Earl of (Charles Hay, 16th Earl of Kinnoull) British hereditary peer and crossbench member of the House of Lords
1905-1991 Kipp, Donald B.
1903-1997 ***Kirk, Grayson Louis, K.B.E.
-1980 Kirkpatrick, Thomas
1930-2014 Kirwan-Taylor, Peter Robin
Can’t find. Kirwan-Taylor, W. John
1923- ***Kissinger, Henry Alfred
1912-1997 Kissin of admen, The Lord Wikipedia has him as Harry Aaron Kissin, Baron Kissin. Searching kissing of admen, The Lord just brings rubbish hits.
1869-1947 Kitchel, William Lloyd
1850-1916 Kitchener, Lord Horatio H. 1st Earl Kitchener
1856-1934 Klein, Herman
1923-2000 Kleindienst, Richard G. The Hon.
1905-1980 Kleinwort, Sir Cyril Hugh
1894-1957 Kleitz, William Lambert
Deceased Knight, Charles A.
1917-1994 Knight, Payton Harding
1919-2006 Knight, Robert Huntington
1895-1966 Knollys, 2nd Viscount
1886-1977 Knowles, John Ellis
1870-1947 Knox, Samuel Lippincott Griswald
1843-1918 Koree, Jean Ulyxes
1914-1989 Korn, Bennet H.
Deceased Krech, Alvin Wilhelm (No indication when he lived)
-1963 Kuhn, R. Parker
1856-1932 Kunz, George Frederick
1904-1987 Labouisse, Henry R.
1946- Lader, Philip American ambassador 1997-2001
Deceased Lambert, A. S.
1928- Lambert, Paul Christopher
Deceased Lambton, the Hon. Hedworth
1860-1940 Lamington, Lord, 2nd
1926-2016 Lamont, Edward M.
1954- Lamont, Edward M. “Ned”, Jr.
1893-Died Lamont, Gordon
1899-1967 Lamont, Thomas Stilwell
1870-1948 *Lamont, Thomas W. (Chairman)Arranged a $100 million loan to Benito Mussolini in 1926.
-1972 Lane, Cedric Raymond
Deceased Lane, John
1934- Lane, John Tevis
-1990 Lang, Leslie J.A.
Deceased Langdon, Edwin
Deceased Langley, W. C. Very secretive obituary. He was connected with Cravath, Swaine & Moore, a legal firm associated to Pilgrims Society members, in which a transaction took place in 1944. See page 740
1837-1926 Lanier, Charles Member of the Jekyll Island gang
Deceased Lanier, Reginald B.
1845-1927 Lansdowne Marquess of Closed down the Indian mints to the free coinage of silver. Neck deep in the opium trade.
1864-1928 Lansing, Robert
1897-1970 Larner, Edward Atkins
1892-1977 La Roche, Chester J.
1899-1979 Larsen, Roy Edward
1940- Lash, Stephen Sycle Reshaped modern advertising.
1880-1952 Lasker, Albert D.
1867-1946 Latta, Sir John Bt
1880-1962 Laurie, Lt.-Colonel Sir Percy Rl, KCVO, CBE, DSO
1871-Died Lavis, Fred
Abt 1930- Law, Frank K. 1980, The Pilgrims of the UK, ‘List of Members and Rules’ (complete list; photocopy supplied to ISGP by B.J. in February 2008) UK advisor to the Quandt Group in the 1970s. Quandt had controlling interests in the Varta Group, Industriewerke Karlsruhe Augsburg and BMW. Law eventually assumed the chairmanship of the UK subsidiaries” as published in
Deceased Law, Frank S.
1880-1970 Lawrence, Dudley B.
Deceased Lawrence, George Franklyn
-1983 Lawrence, James Freeman
1903-1987 Lawrence, Justus Baldwin
Deceased Lawrence, L. P.
Deceased Lawrence, Murray
Deceased Lawrence, Captain Neville
1938- Lawrence, Robert Cutting, III Esq.
1912-2000 Lawrence, Ruddick Carpenter
Alive Lawson Johnston, The Hon. Hugh de Beauchamp, TD, DL
1927- Lawson-Johnston, Peter Orman
Abt 1920- Leach, Sir Ronald, GBE
Deceased Learnard, George E.
Deceased Leatherman, Gerald H., DMD, FDS, RCS, D.Sc.
1883-1965 Leathers, The Viscount Frederick
1917-2012 *LeBailly, Vice Adm. Sir Louis, KBE, CB (Committee)
1897-1975 LeBoeuf, Randall James
1921-2001 LeBoutillier, Martin Jr.
1866-1938 LeBoutillier, Philip
-1927 Ledlie, George
Deceased Lee, Arthur, M.P.
1872-1948 Lee, George Bolling
Abt 1926- Lee, Hugh Knyvett Volunteered on 1 August 1944 to serve the British Royal Navy.
1877-1934 Lee, Ivy L.
1906-Died Lee, James E.
-1984 Lee, Rensselaer Wright
1928- Lee, Dr. Robert Earl
Deceased Lefferts, S. Fay
1878-1960 Leffingwell, Russell Cornell
1930- Leggatt, Sir Andrew Peter (Rt. Hon.) QC
1891-1969 Lehman, Robert
1890-1974 Leib, George Carr
1926-2013 *Leigh-Pemberton, Lord Robert “Robin” (Baron Kingsdown)
1948- Leinster, Duke of (Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster)
1889-1982 Leisure, George Stanley, Esq. (Associated with the CIA)
1907-1974 Leithead, Barry T.
1910-1991 Leslie, John Ethelbert
1910-2000 Lessing, Walter H.
1941- Levene, Lord Peter of Portsoken KBE
1888-1949 Leverhulme, 2nd Viscount
Deceased Levis, H. C.
1852-1924 Levy, Jefferson Monroe
Deceased Lewis, Caleb
1904-1985 Lewis, Charles W.
1899-1988 Lewis, Robert James
1960- Lewis, Roger
1936-2004 Lewis, Sherman Richard, Jr.
1849-1938 Lewisohn, Adolph
Deceased Libby, W. H.
1907-1999 Liddell, Donald Macy, Jr.
1962- **Lidington, David The Right Hon. THE LORD CHANCELLOR (Always in Pilgrims Society; he is also serving as Secretary of State for Justice.)
1899-1981 Lillienthal, David
Deceased Lincoln, Dr. Rufus P.
1926-2012 *Lindsay, Robert Van Cleef
1877-1945 Lindsay, Sir Ronald British Ambassador to Washington 1930-39
Deceased Lindsay, Seton
1872-1938 Lindsley, Henry Dickinson Mayor of Dallas, Texas. He married Franklin D. Roosevelt’s granddaughter.
1872-1952 Litchfield, Electus Darwin
1916-1992 Littlejohn, Angus Chisholm
1897-1994 Livingston, Goodhue, Jr.
1938- Llewelyn, Field Marshall General Charles Ronald, Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank, member House of Lords, and titled Freeman of The City of London. Editor’s note: The City of London is a country of its own, not part of the UK at all.
1863-1945 Lloyd-George, David (The Earl of Dwyfor)
1928- Lloyd, Sir Richard (2nd Baronet)
1898-1985 Lloyd, Robert McAllister
Deceased Lockwood, Edgar
Deceased Lockwood, Homer N.
1872-1951 Lockwood, Luke Vincent
1902-1985 *Lodge, Henry Cabot Jr.
1903-1985 Lodge, The Hon. John Davis Ambassador to Switzerland
1930- Loeb, John L., Jr.
Deceased Logan, Walter S.
1878-1949 Londonderry, 7th Marquess of
1952- Lopez, Danny
Deceased Lord, Bertram In The Pilgrims roster for 1914
Deceased Lord, Chester S.
Alive Lord, Henry Gardner In The Pilgrims roster for 1957
1935- Lord, Jerome Edmund
Alive Lord, Joseph F. In The Pilgrims roster for 1949, 1957, and 1969.
Alive Lord, Oswald B. In The Pilgrims rosters for 1957, 1969, and 1974
Deceased Lord, Thomas Coatsworth In The Pilgrims rosters for 1933, 1940, and 1949; (Charles Savoie also wrote, “Thomas C. Lord’s father was a member of the American Psychological Association( hunting for ‘heretics’ and ‘witches’ under the label of ‘mental illness.’) What a way for elitists to dispose of opposition—just define those opposing you as ‘disturbed’ or ‘disordered,’ those who oppose Crown globalism.”
1893-1958 Lorenz, Joseph
1890-1952 Lorenz, Keith
1882-1940 Lothian, Most Hon., Marquess of CH, DCL, British Ambassador to the United States 1939-40
1895-1987 Loucks, Charles Ernest
Deceased Loud, H. S.
-1995 Louis, John J., Jr.
Deceased Lounsbury, Richard P.
1919-1997 Lovejoy, Allen Fraser
1970- Lovett, Edward Richardson
1930- Lovett, Laurence Dow
1850-1916 Low, The Hon. Seth
Deceased Low, T.D.
1906-1975 *Lowson, Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew
1942- Lucas, Charles Clement, Jr.
1898-1967 Luce, Henry R.
1925-2005 ***Luce, Henry III
Deceased Luddington, Charles H.
Deceased Ludington, William H.
1900-1978 Luke, David L., Jr.
1905-1996 Luke, Lord of Pavenham (Ian Lawson Johnston)
1870-1949 Lundbeck, G. Hilmer
1928-2003 Lynch, Edmund C., Jr. (His father formed Merrill Lynch.)
1902-1975 Lyon, William Alexander
1857-1913 Lyttelton, Alfred
1921-1997 Macadam, Sir Peter
1898-2000 MacArthur, Jean
1911-1978 Macbain, Gavin Keith
1890-1956 Macdonald, Henry
1867-1942 Macdonald, Pirie
1866-1937 MacDonald, PM Ramsay
-1987 Macdonald, William G.
1890-1974 MacFee, Dr. William Frank
1878-1942 Macgowan, John Kee
1897-1964 MacGregor, John Murdoch
1908-1992 Macintyre, Malcolm Ames
1863-Died *MacKay, Rev. Donald Sage, D.D.
1874-1938 Mackay, Clarence Hungerford
1852-1932 Mackay, James Lyle, The Earl of Inchcape, owned Glenapp Castle in Scotland. Neck deep in the opium trade.
Deceased Macpherson, Douglas
1905-2000 MacRae, Cameron Farquhar
1900-1967 Macrae, Elliot Beach
1934- MacTaggart, Barry Chairman of Pfizer
1912-1984 Macvane, John Franklin
1944- Mack, John Senior Advisor and former CEO & Chairman of Morgan Stanley
1926-1984 Mackworth-Young, Gerard Richard “Bill”
1905-1992 *Maclamroc, James Gwaltney Westwarren
1887-1950 MacLean, Alexander Tweedie
1946- MacLean, Babcock
1835-1936 MacLean, Fitzroy Donald, 10th Baronet of Morvern, KCB, DL
1863-1941 McAdoo, William Gibbs
1897-1989 McAlpin, David Hunter
-1983 McAlpin, Townsend M.
1869-1953 McAneny, George
1953- McCaffery, Michael (Charles Savoie wrote, “Michael McCaffery, chairman of Makena, is almost a 100% bet for being a member of The Pilgrims as he’s the one who’s a trustee of the Rhodes Trust, which churns out Rhodes Scholars and afterwards feeds them into all manner of national government positions easily surpassing Skull & Bones Society,….”
1936- McCain, Senator John (See the wording for David Cameron as it applies here too.) McCain’s father was listed in the 1969 Pilgrims leaked roster.
1911-1981 McCain, John Sidney, Jr.
1907-1997 McCall, Howard Weaver
Can’t find. McCallu, Donald R. This surname may be McCallum.
1902-1979 McCanse, Thomas
1929- McCarter, Thomas Nesbitt, III
1894-1960 McCarthy, John Edward
1944- McCarthy, Sir Malcolm Christopher (Londoner holding high influence in mainland China)
1895-1989 McCloy, John J.
1845-1911 *McCook, Col. John J. (Founding member)
Deceased McCormick, Canon
1859-1934 McCormick, Leander Hamilton
1908-1983 Mcculloch, John Irvin Beggs
1835-1916 McCurdy, Richard Aldrich Esq.
Deceased McDonald, James
1951- McDonough, William President of NY FED; In 1996 he became the first and only individual recipient of the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development, sure fire proof that he is in agreement with the One World Government.
1937- McFadzean, Hon Barry
1903-1996 *McFadzean, Lord William Hunter
1863-1940 *McGarrah, Gates White Became Chairman of the Fed in 1925
1860-1952 McGee, Walter Miller
1922-1997 McGill, William J.
1965- McGillycuddy of the Reeks, The
1876-1960 McGovern, John Terence
1874-1961 McGowan, 1st Baron
1895-1975 McHugh, Keith Stratton
1867-1952 McInnerney, Thomas Henry
1889-1970 McKittrick, Thomas Harrington
-1975 McMaster, John D. Esq.
1922- McMennamin, George Barry
1936- McMillen, Mont Evans, Jr.
1916-2009 McNamara, Robert Strange
1915-2010 McNeill, Robert E. Jr.
1955- McRaven, William H. Ret. Admiral
1938-1991 McSweeney, Edward F., 3d
1942- McVeigh, Charles Senff, III
1846-1916 *Mabie, Hamilton Wright
1928- Macomber, John Dewitt
1855-1926 Maconochie, A. W., M.P.
1919-1988 Madden, John Beckwith
1935- Magnus, George Colin OBE, BBS, MA
1951- Magnus, Joseph Baird (Charles Savoie wrote, “Joseph Baird Magnus is well known in business and is affiliated with numerous chemical and allied clubs in New York.”)
1935- Mahler, Herbert William
1877-1954 Mahony, Walter Butler
Deceased Mains, The Rev. Dr. George P.
1911-1993 Mais, Baron
1942- Maitland, Guy Emerson Clay
1922-2010 Maitland, H.E. Sir Donald, CMG, OBE Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations-1973-1974
-1972 Makins, Sir John
1904-1996 *Makins, Lord Roger Mellor
1930- von Mallinckrodt, George Wilhelm (There is a discrepancy in the spelling of the first name; some spell it Georg.)
1892-1980 Mallory, Walter Hampton
Deceased Mandelberg, Sir Charles Founder of Federation of British Industry
Deceased Mandelick, W. E.
1949- Manning, Sir David British Ambassador to the USA from 2002 to 2007
1866-1949 *Manning, The Rt. Rev. William T. (Minister who’s in a leadership role)
1911-1998 Mansager, Felix Norman
-2005 Manton, Sir Edwin A.G.
1862-1946 Marburg, Theodore
Deceased Marconi, Signor
1876-1961 Marcosson, Isaac Frederick
1830-1916 Markham, Sir Clements
Deceased Marks, The Rev. C. A.
1871-1934 Marlborough, 9th Duke of
1906-1983 Marris, Adam D.
1887-1967 Marsh, John Bigelow
Deceased Marsh, Norman J.
1956- Marshal, Earl of England The Duke of Norfolk, known as Edward Wiliam Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk, DL
1937- Marshall, Anthony Parr
1880-1959 Marshall, General George C. Secretary of State in the US
Deceased Marshall, Jonathan
1884-1950 Marshall, M. Lee
1924- *Marshall, Sir Peter Harold Reginald KCMG, CVO
Deceased Marshall, Colonel T.
1911-1989 Marston, Edgar Lewis
1915-2010 Martin, Alastair Bradley
Can’t find. Martin, Bradley, the Master of Elibank, M.P.
1873-1963 Martin, Bradley, Jr.
1903-1993 Martin, Edmund F. (Charles Savoie wrote, “Chaired Bethlehem Steel of which [Ellmore Clark]Patterson was a board member; Martin was a J.P. Morgan & Company board member.
Alive Martin, John M. In the 1969 Pilgrims Society roster
1873-1962 Martin, Luther III
1906-1998 Martin, William McChesney Jr.
Can’t find. Marvin, John Howland Named for John Howland, a 1620 Mayflower passenger.
1876-1957 *Marvin, Langdon Parker
1923-1972 Marvin, Murray Sands
1889-1971 ***Marvin, Walter Sands
1909-1997 Mason, Birny, Jr.
1896-1983 Massey, Raymond (Hollywood actor)
1874-1952 Mather, Rufus Graves
-1995 Maull, Baldwin
1866-1956 Maxwell, Sir John
Deceased Maxwell, Robert
Deceased May, Dr. Calvin S.
1945- Mayberry, John Thomas CM, BA, PSYCH, LLD Former Chairman of the Board at The Bank of Nova Scotia
1909-1987 Mayer, John Anton
1862-1945 Maynard, Reuben Leslie
-1944 Meacham, Alfred B.
1941- Meachin, David James Percy British investment banker
1930-1997 Meaders, Paul Le Sourd
1888-1990 Medina, Federal Judge Harold R.
1900-Died Meek, Guy Edwin
1895-1981 Meek, Samuel Williams
1925- Meek, Samuel W., Jr.
1908-1997 Meiklejohn, Robert Pickens
1855-1937 *Mellon, Andrew W.
1964- Mellon, Matt II
1907-1999 Mellon, Paul
1942- Mellon, Timothy
1887-1977 Melville, Ward
1870-1954 Menken, S. Stanwood
1893-1978 Mercer, Henry Dickson
1929- Merow, John, Esq.
1885-1956 Merrill, Charles E. Founded Merrill Lynch; co-founded Safeway stores
1947- Merrill, George Vanderneth
1866-1949 Merrill, John Lenord
-1951 *Metcalf, Lt.-Col. Bryce
1928- Meyer, Carl Edwin, Jr.
1944- *Meyer, Sir Christopher (John Rome) KCMG
Abt 1940- Meyer, Edward B., Jr.
1906-1996 *Meyer, John M., KBE
1885-1970 Michalis, Clarence G.
1962- Micklethwait, John Left The Economist for Bloomberg; part of the annual Buttonwood Conference, which started in 2009 as a miniature Bilderberg Conference.
1887-1972 Milbank, Jeremiah
-1985 Milbank, Samuel Robbins
1881-1942 Milburn, Devereux International Lawyer
1851-1930 Milburn, John George Esq.
-1977 Milholland, Edward V.
1891-1953 Miller, Carl August
1879-1955 Miller, Charles Wilbur
1897-1975 Miller, Harry William
1909-2004 Miller, Joseph Irwin
1915-1995 Miller, Morton David
1899-1965 Miller, Paul Duryea
1938-2010 Miller, Thomas W. C.
Deceased Miller, Warner
1905-1983 Miller, William Christian
1956- Miller, William P. II CFA
Alive Miller, William P. III Director of the CME Group (owns COMEX); associated with Rockefeller Foundation; occasional advisor to the Saudi and Abu Dhabi governments; director Mercantile Exchange; director, Dubai International Futures Exchange; General Motors executive, 1974-1996. Presently, he is Chief Information Officer of EMS
Deceased Milliken, Seth M.
1884-1937 Mills, Ogden Livingston
1854-1925 Milner, Lord Alfred (1st Viscount) (The Rt. Hon.) GC, GCB, GCMG, PC (Charles Savoie wrote, “Schiff [Jacob H. Schiff] is known for having been a major funder, along with Lord Alfred Milner (Pilgrims Society London) of the red Russian Revolution of 1916-1917, which imposed Communism on Russia.”
1868-1967 Minor, Clark Haynes
1922-2009 Mitchell, Sir Derek CVO, CB, KCB
1902-1990 Mitchell, Sir Stuart
Deceased Mitchell, W. F.
-1911 Moberly-Bell, C.F. Manager of the London Times
1881-1956 Moffat, Douglas Maxwell
1891-1965 Monckton, 1st Viscount Walter Esq.
1898-1949 Mond, Henry Ludwig Bt., M.P.
1871-1954 Monro, Hugh Reginald
1880-1961 Montague, Gilbert Holland
1965- Montefiore, Simon Jonathan Sebag
Deceased Moon, Sir Ernest, KCB, CB, KC, LL.B.
-1937 Mooney, Robert Johnstone
1905-2000 Moore, George Stevens
1860-1947 Moore, John Bassett
1896-1986 Moore, Maurice T.
1919-2003 ***Moore, Bishop Paul, Jr.
1921-2009 Moore, Lord Philip Brian Cecil GCB, GCVO, CMG
1932- Moore, Sir Thomas Ronald (Lord Bridestowe)
1900-1982 *Morgan, Henry “Harry” Sturgis (JP Morgan’s grandson)
1837-1913 Morgan, J.P.
1867-1943 Morgan, John Pierpont, Jr.
-1964 Morgan, Maj. Gen. John W.
1867-1932 *Morgan, Junius Spencer, Jr.
1892-1960 Morgan, Junius Spencer III
1900-1982 Morgan, Sturgis
1860-1943 Morgan, William Fellowes
1810-2000 Morgens, Howard J.
1856-1946 Morgenthau, Henry
1891-1967 Morganthau, Henry Jr.
1918-2000 Morpurgo, Jack Eric
1900-1975 Morris, David Hennen, Jr.
1910-1998 Morris, Grinnell
1884-1953 Morrison, George L.
1940- Morrison, William David, Esq.
1873-1931 Morrow, Dwight Whitney
1945- Morse, Robert Parker
1857-1927 Morss, Charles Anthony
1916-1993 Mortimer, Henry Tilford
1824-1920 Morton, Levi Parsons
1857-1911 Morton, Paul
1909-1987 Morton, William Hanson
1922-1997 *Mosbacher, Emil, Jr.
1903-1972 Mosely, Frederick Strong, Jr.
1947- Mosse, Peter John Charles
1900-1979 Mountbatten, Lord Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Battenberg Last Viceroy to India
1923-2006 Mowbray, Lord
Abt 1918- Mueller, Paul Henry Senior VP at Citibank
1885-1979 *Muir, Malcolm, CBE
-1984 Muir, Malcolm, Jr.
1932-2011 Mulry, Thomas C.
1965- Mumma, Kenneth Bruce (Married to Steve Forbes’ sister)
Deceased Munkittrick, A.
Deceased Munn, Dr. John P.
1854-1925 Munsey, Frank American newspaper and magazine publisher
1888-1976 Munson, Charles Sherwood
1876-Died Munson, Frank C.
1931- Murdoch, Rupert (Charles Savoie wrote, “…very likely another Pilgrims member—same as gun grabber Michael Bloomberg.”
1923-2015 Murphy, George A. American lawyer and politician in NY
-1985 Murphy, Grayson Mallet Prevost, Jr.
1894-1978 Murphy, Robert Daniel
1915-2006 Murphy, Thomas A.
1911-1969 Murray, Robert Blaine
1914-1996 Muskie, Senator Edmund Sixtus Maine Senator
1880-1969 Myrick, Julian Southall
1951- Naughtie, James (Presenter for the BBC)
Deceased Neef, Walter Head of the Associated Press; now Rothschild owns it.
1940- Neis, Arnold Hayward American pharmaceutical executive
-1985 Nelson, George J.
1906-1984 Nelson, Richard Douglas
1926- Neuhauser, Charles CFA Managing Director at Reich & Tang Asset Management, LLC
1864-1945 Newberry, Truman Handy Attorney specializing in maritime law
Deceased Newcastle, 8th Duke of (Charter Member of The Pilgrims in London)
Deceased Newell, The Hon. Stanford US Minister to the Hague
-1980 Newington, John C.
1892-1955 Nichol, Frederick William
1930- Nicholas, Sir David CBE, LLD
1911-1987 Nichols, Charles Walter, Jr.
1905-2005 Nichols, William Ichabod
1922-1996 Nicolson, Sir David (Retired from the Nat’l Health Service)
Deceased Nicholson, Lt. Gen Sir W.
1915-2002 Nimitz, Adm. Chester W., Jr.
1938-1957 Nisonger, Earl Gregory
1871-1954 Niven, John Ballantine
1925-2008 Nixon, Sir Edwin
1913-1994 Nixon, President Richard Milhous
-1934 *Noble, Herbert
1908-1975 Norfolk, 16th Duke of
1915-2002 Norfolk, 17th Duke of
1871-1950 Norman, Lord Montagu Collett
1907-1988 Norstad, General Lauris USAF (Ret.), DSM, CBE
1865-1922 Northcliffe, Lord Alfred Harmsworth
1851-1916 Norton, Charles D.
1869-1931 Norton, Skeffington S.
1853-1921 Nottingham, William
1878-1969 Noyes, Charles Floyd
-1993 Noyes, Guy “Jack”
1884-1974 Noyes, Jansen
1961- Obama, President Barack (“Honorary” member)
1925- Obolensky, Ivan Sergeyevich (Russian Royal roots)
1858-1935 Ochs, Adolph Simon
1892-1972 O’Connor, Basil
1930- O’Connor, Sandra Day (Retired US Supreme Court Justice)
1848-1929 O’Connor, T. P. M.P.
Deceased O’Day, Daniel
1952- O’Donnell, Sir Augustine Thomas GCB
1892-1976 Odlum, Floyd Bostwick
1909-2003 Ogden, Alfred
-1913 *Ogden, Robert Curtis
1927-1997 Ogden, William Sterling
1911-1999 Ogilvy, David
1926- *Ogilvy, Lord David (13th Earl of Airlie) KT, GCVO, PC, JP
1877-1963 Oldham, George Ashton
1887-1963 *Olds, Irving S. Esq.
1892-1982 Olin, John Merrill
1933- Olinger, Chauncey Greene, Jr.
1936- Olyphant, David
Deceased O’Neal, Edward Asbury Director of a Monsanto subsidiary, Monsanto International Finance Company, which may have been related to mortgages on larger farms in various countries. (from Charles Savoie’s work page 16 )
1923- O/Neil, Rear-Admiral U.S.N Warren H.
1884-1979 O’Neill, Edward A.
1965- O’Neill, Michael
1904-2003 Oppenheim, Sir Duncan
Deceased Oppenheimer, Lester S.
1938- Orben, Jack Richard American investment company executive, director
1897-1983 Ormerod, Sir Berkeley
1918-1985 **Ormsby-Gore, Sir William David
1874-1961 O’Ryan, John F.
1884-1951 Osborn, A. Perry
1857-1935 Osborn, Henry Fairfield, Sr.
1887-1969 Osborn, Henry Fairfield, Jr.
1862-1951 Osborn, William Church
1840-1905 Otis, Norton
1860-1932 *Outerbridge, Eugenius H.
1923-1991 *Overton, Sir Hugh
1855-1926 **Owen, Frederick Cunliffe
1912-1988 Pace, the Hon. Frank, Jr.
1916-1996 Page, Arthur H.
1885-1962 Page, Frederick Handley CBE English industrialist who was a pioneer in the aircraft industry
1946- Page, Kenneth R., Esq.
1855-1918 Page, Walter Hines
1917-1999 Page, Walter Hines II
1861-1949 Paget, Almeric, Baron Queenborough M.P.
Deceased Paget, Captain Sir James F. Bt.
Can’t find. Paget-Cooke, Richard MBE
Deceased Paine, Augustus G.
Deceased Paine, Hugh E.
Deceased Paine, Robert Treat
Deceased Paine, Willis S.
1861-1933 Pakenham, Admiral Sir William C. GCB, KCMG, KCVO
1905-Died Pakenham, The Right Hon. The Lord
1901-1990 Paley, William S. (Head of CBS)
1922-2012 Palliser, Sir Michael GCMG, PC
-1977 Palmedo, Robert
Deceased Palmer, General Sir A. Power
1891-1968 Palmer, Thomas Waverly
Deceased Pardee, Dr. Charles I.
1852-1926 *Parker, Alton B.
Deceased Parker, Forrest H.
1862-1932 Parker, Sir Gilbert M.P.
Deceased Parker, Dr. James H.
1914-2010 Parkinson, Thomas Ignatius, Jr. Esq.
-1980 Parlee, James C.
1947- Parry, Sir Emyr Jones GCMG-Aberystwyth Univ Chancellor
1865-1932 Parshall, Horace Field
1922-1996 Parsons, H.E. Sir Anthony KCMG, MVO, MC Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations
Deceased Parsons, Marselis C. Jr.
1910-1978 Parsons, Sir Maurice Henry
Alive Partington, James H. M.
1910-1982 Pattberg, Emil J., Jr.
1913-2004 *Patterson, Ellmore Clark
1902-1985 Patterson, Howard Alexander
1886-1966 Patterson, Richard Cunningham, Jr.
-1982 Patterson, Russell Hugo
1883-1975 Patterson, Samuel White
-1991 Payne, Samuel Burton
1874-1965 Payne, William Knapp
-1978 Paynter, Richard K., Jr.
1926- Payton, Robert Louis US Ambassador to Cameroon
1879-1965 Peabody, Benjamin Bostwick
1849-1931 Peabody, Charles Augustus
1795-1869 Peabody, George (Note: The author of this article thinks that this Peabody started off the Pilgrims, but it is my feeling that he could not have since he didn’t live at the time The Pilgrims Society was begun.)
1852-1938 Peabody, George Foster
-1911 Peabody, George Lee
1883-1946 Peabody, George Russell
1860-1910 Peabody, Richard A.
1892-Died Peabody, Paul Edgecomb
-1945 Peabody, Stephen
Alive Peace, Sir John Wilfred
1898-1993 Peale, Norman Vincent Controlled the Presbyterian Ministers Fund
-1990 Peck, The Hon. David W.
1918-2009 Pell, Senator Claiborne DeBorda
1904-1987 Pell, John Howland Gibbs
1874-1950 Pell, Stephen Hyatt Pelham
Deceased Pemberton, Max
1890-1971 Pennoyer, Paul Geddes Founded the UN. Vanderbilt on his mother’s side; grandfather was J.P. Morgan, Sr.
1886-1958 Penrose, Charles
1921-2007 Penrose, Charles, Jr.
Deceased Pentecost, The Rev. Dr. G. F.
1862-1920 Perkins, George Walbridge
1871-1947 ***Perry, The Rt. Rev James De Wolf
1896-1959 Perryman, Francis Spencer
1934-1999 Peters, Alton Emil
1910-1995 Peterson, Howard Charles
1927- Peterson, James Robert
1926- Peterson, Peter George
1952- Petraeus, David Howell Headed the CIA
1939- Pettibone, Peter John
1890-1995 Phalen, Clifton W. Chairman of the State University of New York Board of Trustees; Was Michigan Bell president; now president (1959) of New York Telephone Company
1883-1945 Phelps, George Harrison
1902-1992 Phelps, Thomas William
1918-1982 Phelps, William Walter, Jr.
1872-1960 Phelps-Stokes, James Graham
1921- Philip, Crown Prince, Duke of Edinburgh
1938- Phillips, Lord Nicholas Addison KG, PC (Was President of the UK Supreme Court)
1941-2009 Phillips, Thomas L.
1886-1952 Phillips, Wallace Banta
1914-1975 Phillips, William
1839-1930 Phipps, Henry
1908-2002 Phipps, O. M. (Charles Savoie wrote, “O.M. Phipps is a highly likely Pilgrims Society member,….”
1930-1990 Philp, Francis Higginson
1932- Pickard, Sir John Michael Kt British business executive
1915-1985 Pierce, Charles I. Jr.
1849-1927 Pierce, Henry Clay
-1920 Pierce, Wallace L.
1915-2000 Piercy, George T.
Can’t find. Pierpont, Powell
1896-1978 Pierson, Warren Lee
1921-2005 Pifer, Alan Was with the Carnegie Corporation
Deceased Pillot, P. Stuyvesant
1847-1924 Pirrie, Viscount W. J., Lord Mayor of Belfast
1901-1985 Pitman, Sir James
1925-2015 Place, John Bassett Moore
Deceased Platt, Frank H.
1918-1991 Platten, Donald C.
1918-2007 Plimpton, Calvin Hastings
1900-1983 *Plimpton, Francis T.P. The Hon.
1927-2003 Plimpton, George Ames
1840-1913 Plunkett, Thomas
1871-1943 *Polk, Frank Lyon
Deceased Pollen, A. A.
1845-1937 Pollock, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick, Bart He wrote books on the Common Law.
1916-2005 Polwarth, 10th Lord
Deceased Poore, Dr. Charles T.
1879-1963 Pope, Allan Melvill
Can’t find. Pope, Arthur W.
1865-1947 Porter, Henry Hobart
1837-1921 Porter, Horace
Deceased Porter, The Hon. Robert P.
1861-1926 Porter, William Henry
-1978 Potter, Hamilton Fish
1835-1908 ***Potter, Henry Codman (Co-founder)
1856-1943 Poulton, Professor E. B.
1937- Powell, Colin Luther
Deceased Powell, Francis E.
Deceased Powell, G. T.
Deceased Powell, Harold
1912-1993 Powell, Harry A.R.
Deceased Poynter, Sir E. J. P.R.A.
1927-2002 Pratt, Edmund T., Jr. Chairman of Pfizer
1873-1952 Pratt, Sir John William M.P.
1867-1954 Prendergast, William A. American mining company executive
1926-1995 Preston, Lewis Thompson, Jr.
Deceased Previte, H. F.
1931-2012 Price, Charles H. II
1877-1963 Price, Sir Henry Philip
1960- Prince Andrew (Duke of York) KG, GCVO, CD, ADC(P)
1948- Prince Charles (Prince of Wales)(In the reference as Windsor)
1935- Prince Edward (Duke of Kent)(In the reference as Windsor)
1859-1953 Prince, Frederick H.
1900-1974 Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, KG, KT, KP, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, PC, third son of King George V and Queen Mary
1921- Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh (In the reference as Windsor)
1982- Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
1932-1972 Pritzker, Donald(Charles Savoie wrote, “The Pritzkers are likely candidates, or would have someone representing their interests within The Society.”
1922-1999 Pritzker, Jay
1982- Pritzker, Matthew the son of Robert Pritzker, and heir to the Hyatt Hotal chain. You decide if he is in The Pilgrims Society. Look at this Wikipedia link: -LUz9U3MCnOKDdS4gIxk4vSK7KqtKSyk630C1LzC3JSgVRRcX6eVXJGZk5KUWoeAGLWpIM1AAAA& ved=0ahUKEwjr6oeClZjXAhXQKFAKHWl3AfQQmxMIswEoAzAX&biw=733&bih=536
His cousin, Liesel didn’t seem to marry into any of The Pilgrims notable families.
1926-2011 Pritzker, Robert
1909-1976 Prizer, John Butler
1896-1962 Proffitt, Charles G.
1871-1942 Prosser, Seward Headed Bankers Trust Company of New York
1939- *Pulling, Thomas Leffingwell
1918- Purnell, Richard Ingram
-1974 Putney, William Beaumont
Abt 1930- Putney, William Beaumont III In the 1969 roster he was a partner in a Vanderbilt associated law firm, and a director of Genesee & Wyoming Railroad and of the Japanese giant Yamaichi Securities.
1938-1991 Pyle, Robert Milner, Jr.
1917-2007 *Pyne, Eben Wright
1882-1950 Pyne, Percy Rivington II
1900-2002 Queen Elizabeth I (In the reference as Windsor)
1926- Queen Elizabeth II(Patron of the Pilgrims Society)
Deceased Quintard, Dr. Edward
Deceased Quintard, Edward A.
1910-2002 Rabb, Maxwell Milton
1889-1973 Randolph, Francis Fitz
1883-1949 Ransom, William Lynn Esq.
1933-2002 Rathbone, John Rankin
1915-2001 Ray, William F.
1952- Raymond, Chevalier Ronald A.
1860-1935 Reading, Lord Rufus Daniel (Made an Earl. See bio.)
1911-2004 ***Reagan, President Ronald Honorary President of Pilgrims Society
Deceased Reay, Lord
1899-1989 Reed, Philip Dunham
1890-1968 Reed, Ralph Thomas
1863-1919 Reed, Verner Zevola
1937- Reed, Verner Zevola Jr.
1922-2006 Rees, Charles H.G.
1928-2012 Rees-Mogg, Lord William
1896-1981 Reese, Algernon Beverly
1921- Regan, John MacVeigh
1924-2005 Rehnquist, William H. (Chief Justice of US Supreme Court)
1930- Reid, Edward S., Esq. Senior Counsel at Davis Polk in NYC.
-1958 Reid, Hugh
1884-1937 Reid, Ogden Mills
1882-1947 Reid, Ogden R.
1925- Reid, Ogden Rogers former US Ambassador to Israel
1934- Reid, Sir Robert P. “Bob” Kt
1837-1912 *Reid, Whitelaw
1913-2009 Reid, Whitelaw, II
1886-1965 Reid, William
1865-1955 Remington, Franklin
1852-1927 Remmel, Harmon L.
1908-1994 Renchard, William Shryock
Alive Rendtorff, Andrew He is on Facebook.
1941- Rennell of Rodd, The Lord, KBE, CB
1919-2008 Renouf, Alan Australian Ambassador
1904-1973 Renwick, 1st Baron
1904-1973 Renwick, Sir Robert, Bt, KBE
1937- Renwick, Robin, Baron Renwick of Clifton KCMG House of Lords member
1917-2012 Resor, Stanley R.
1943- Reveley, W. Taylor III 28th president of the College of William and Mary
1872-Died Rex, William M.
1870-1948 Reynolds, James Burton
1908-1980 Reynolds, Richard S., Jr. (Reynolds Aluminum)
1903-1971 Rheem, Richard Scoffield
1869-1939 Rhinelander, Philip
1895-1973 Rhinelander, Philip 2d Member of The Pilgrims according to the Congressional Record, August 20, 1940.
1898-1918 Rhinelander, T. J. Oakley Died while serving in WW I
1858-1902 Rhodes, Cecil
1912-1991 Rhodes, Kent
1875-1956 Rice, Alexander Hamilton
1954- Rice, Condoleeza Ph.D.
1940- Rice, Donald Sands
1862-1935 Rice, E. Wilbur Founder of General Electric
1932- Richard, Sir Ivor Seward Permanent Representative of the UK to the UN
1914-2008 Richards, Fred Tracy
1871-1946 Richards, Lowell Lincoln
1929- Richards, Reuben F.
Deceased Richards, Roger C.
Deceased Richardson, Charles F. P. In the diplomatic corps during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.
1920-1999 ***Richardson, Elliot L.
Deceased *Richardson, Frank W. (Class of 1942)
1915-2010 Richardson, Lord Gordon of Duntisbourne
1874-1951 Rickard, Edgar
1898-Died Rickatson-Hatt, Bernard Became an advisor to the silver suppressing Bank of England (1941-1958)
1948- Riddell, Peter John Robert CBE, PC British journalist, he is now serving as Commissioner for Public Appointments, and is the out-going director of the Institute for Government.
1909-2003 Riddle, Sturgis Lee
1895-1993 Ridgway, Matthew Bunker
1842-1904 Ridley, the Hon. Matthew White, M.P.
1946- Rifkind, Sir Malcolm Leslie KCMG, QC, M.P.
Deceased Rimington, General Sir Michael
1935- Rimington, Dame Stella Director of MI5 from 1990 to 1996.
1883-Died Ripley, Paul Morton
1913-2001 Ripley, Sidney Dillon, II
1935- Ritblat, Sir John Henry
1925-2011 Ritcheson, Charles Ray
1892-1958 Riter, Henry G.
1866-1943 Rivers, William Cannon
Deceased Robbins, Chandler
1912-2008 Robbins, Rev. William Randolph
1942- Roberson, Robert S.
1832-1914 Roberts, Earl (Field Marshal) VC, KG
1857-1948 Robert, George Evan
1832-1914 Roberts, Field Marshal Lord Earl of Kandahar (Pres of The Pilgrims Society London from 1902-1914)
1907-1988 Roberts, Sir Frank K.
1832-1914 **Roberts, Lord Frederick Sleigh
1946- *Robertson, Lord George KT, GCMG, FRSA, FRSE, PC Heads NATO: president of the RIIA in London
1868-1957 Robins, Thomas
1876-1951 Robinson, Beverley Randolph Esq.
1934- Robinson, Hamilton, Jr.
1912-2000 Robinson, Horace Brookes Blackwell
1935- Robinson, James Dixon III CEO of American Express until 1993
1893-1966 Robinson, Leland Rex
1925- Robinson, Robert Armstrong
1924-1979 Rockefeller, Avery Jr.
1915-2017 Rockefeller, David
1941- Rockefeller, David Jr.
1902-2004 Rockefeller, James Stillman
1839-1937 Rockefeller, John D.
1874-1960 Rockefeller, John Davison, Jr.
1937- Rockefeller, John Davison IV “Jay” Democratic Senator representing West Virginia from 1985 to 2015
1908-1979 Rockefeller, Nelson A.
1878-1934 Rockefeller, Percy Avery
1949-2014 Rockefeller, Richard (Son of David Rockefeller, Sr.)
1936- Rockefeller, Steven Clark (Son of Nelson Rockefeller)
1918-1990 *Rockefeller, William “Bill”
1810-1906 Rockefeller, William Sr. or William Avery Rockefeller, Jr. 1841-1922 who co-founded Standard Oil with his older brother John Davison Rockefeller 1839-1937. I’m not sure which since Charles Savoie only wrote William Rockefeller.
1891-Died Rockhill, Victor E.
Can’t find. Rockwell, Fletcher W.
Deceased Rockwell, Dr. T. H.
1906-1993 Rodgers, Sir John
1943-2008 Rodman, Peter W. Director of national security programs, Nixon Center
1895-1966 Rodney, The Hon. Simon
1848-1932 Roe, Gen. Charles Francis
Deceased Roe, Livingston
-1983 Roesler, Norbert L.H.
1796-1874 Rogers, Andrew Yelverton, or could it have been his second son, Charles Platt Rogers who was born in NYC in 1829, and died in 1917. Charles Platt Rogers was an early industrialist, a New York City socialite and charter member and director of the Fourteenth Street Bank of New York who was a member of The Pilgrims?
1921-2008 *Rogers, Gen. Bernard William
1884-1975 Rogers, Charles Bolles Deputy Commissioner of the American Red Cross in Great Britain
1823-1913 Rogers, Hamilton
1867-1947 Rogers, James Gamble
Deceased Rogers, John, OBE, FIC Director of Chemical Industries Limited (England) in 1938; retired in 1952
1902-1988 Rogers, John Dalrymple
1876-1935 Rogers, John Shillito
1907-1968 Rogers, John Shillito Jr.
1913-2001 Rogers, The Hon. William P.
1928- Rohatyn, Felix G.-Trustee of the Center for Strategic & International Studies
1907-2005 Roll, Lord of Ipsten (Baron)
Deceased Rollit, Sir Albert M.P.
Deceased Rolls, The Hon. C. S. (Founder of the Rolls-Royce)
Deceased Roney, Ernest
1961- Roney, Julian Director at Trilogie Corporate Real Estate Limited
1885-1958 Rook, Sir William KB Knighted for his services as director of sugar at the Ministry of Food during WW II.
1918-1993 Roosa, Robert Vincent
1884-1962 Roosevelt, Eleanor
1936-Died Roosevelt, Elliott Jr. Grandson of FDR who seized gold & silver from the public
1882-1945 Roosevelt, President Franklin Delano
Deceased Roosevelt, Jr. The Hon. Franklin D.
1887-1963 Roosevelt, George E.
1916-1981 Roosevelt, John Aspinwall
1924-1986 Roosevelt, Julian Kean
1942- Roosevelt, Theodore IV
1939- Roosevelt, Tobie (Widow of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr.)
1925-2006 Root, Alan Charles
1845-1937 Root, Elihu
1838-1907 Root, Oren
1919-1971 Rootes, Brian Gordon
1896-1977 Rootes, Sir Reginald
1894-1964 Rootes, Sir William KBE
1917-1992 Rootes, William Geoffrey
1900-1971 Roper, Elmo B., Jr.
1967- Rothermere, Viscount (The Hon. Jonathan Harmsworth)
Rothschild, also see de Rothschild
1887-1961 Rothschild, Anthony Gustav de
1942- Rothschild, Baron David De
1916-2009 Rothschild, Edmund Leopold
1878-1957 Rothschild, James A. de DCM
1840-1915 Rothschild, Lord Nathan Mayer “Natty”
Deceased Rouse, Sir Anthony KCMG, OBE (Deceased’s widow died in 1996.)
1938-2009 Rouse, Harold L.
1880-1970 Rovensky, John E.
1895-1977 Rowallan, The Lord, K.B.E., M.C.
1751-1834 Rowan, Archibald Hamilton
1908-1972 Rowan, Sir Leslie KCB, CVO
Alive Roxburgh, Vide Admiral Sir John F. In the 1980 Pilgrims Society roster, the last roster that has been divulged.
1894-1971 Royall, Kenneth Claiborne
1938- Rubin, Robert (Charles Savoie wrote, “…very likely Pilgrims Society member….”
1932- Rumsfeld, Donald (Charles Savoie wrote, “Silver price suppressor Donald Rumsfeld, probably a Pilgrims Society member, with Farish III at an airport—Cheney and Rumsfeld may have become Pilgrims members post the 1980 list;….” Taken from on page 64.
1870-1949 Runciman, Lord Walter
1910-1994 Rush, Kenneth
1856-1931 Rushmore, Charles (Charter Pilgrims member for whom Mt. Rushmore is named in South Dakota)
1909-1994 *Rusk, Dean
1935- Russell, Sir George CBE
1914-1984 Russell, Sir John
1870-Died *Russell, Lindsay (Co-founder US Pilgrims Society in 1903)
1901-1966 Ryan, John Barry Jr. Son of Thomas Fortune Ryan.
1851-1928 Ryan, Thomas Fortune
1968- Rycroft, Matthew British Ambassador to the UN
1868-1933 Sabin, Charles Hamilton
1938-2015 Sachs, Alexander CBE
1948- Sackville, William Herbrand, The 11th Earl of De La Warr
1949-2016 Sage, Russell (possible member after the creation; worked with Jay Gould in railroads.)
Alive St. Aubyn, Everest R. In 1969 he was Vice President of Morgan Guaranty. See
1870-1941 St. Just, The Lord Edward Grenfell M.P.
1952- Saint Germain, Peter Thomas
1830-1903 Salisbury, Lord Robert Gasboyne-Cecil 3rd Marquess Former British Prime Minister
1874-1962 Salisbury, Sir Frank Owen, CVO, LL.D, RF, RPS
1881-1975 Salter, Lord Arthur
1868-Died Salter, C. Fred
Deceased Saltzman, Charles Eskridge He was a US delegate to the International Radio Conference in London in 1912.
1910- Saltzman, Charles Eskridge Jr. Became a Goldman Sachs partner in 1956, and was on the board of A.H.Robin, a pharmaceutical company just for starters. For more, read page 15 of
-1987 Sanders, Frank K.
1868-1945 Sanderson, Sir John
1842-1919 ***Sanderson, Sir Percy KCMG (Founding member)
Deceased Sanderson, Sir T. H.
Alive Sandilands, Francis E. P., CBE In The Pilgrims roster for 1969
Deceased Sands, Benjamin A. Columbia University Trustee in 1916
1853-1921 Sanger, William Cary
Can’t find. Sangster, James H. K.
Deceased Sanxay, Edward C.
1891-1971 Sarnoff, David Owner of Radio Corporation of America; associated with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
1888-1939 Sassoon, Sir Philip
1863-1947 Satterley, Herbert L.
1914-2003 Satterthwaite, Franklin Bache
1955- Sawers, Sir Robert John British Ambassador to the UN; MI6
Deceased Sawtelle, Captain E. M.
1914-2006 *Say, Rt. Rev. Richard David
1859-1929 Sayre, Reginald H.
1904-1979 Sayre, Thomas Henry
1891-1969 Scandrett, Richard B.
-1969 Scandrett, Richard B. Jr.
Alive Scarman, The Hon. Sir Leslie, OBE Served onThe Arts Council of Great Britain in 1971-2.
Deceased Scarth, Major Leveson E.
1903-1984 Schaenen, Nelson
Deceased Schafer, Rudolph J.
1907-2000 Scheftel, Herbert
1898-1957 Schermerhorn, A. Coster
1876-1961 Schermerhorn, Arthur F.
1903-1989 Schieffelin, Bayard
1897-1987 Schieffelin, Rear Adm. John Jay, USNR (Ret.) NC
1891-1985 Schieffelin, William Jay, Jr.
1922-1989 Schieffelin, William Jay, III
Deceased Schiff, C.
1936- *Schiff, David Tevele
1847-1920 Schiff, Jacob Henry Founding member Founded the NAACP.
1904-1987 ***Schiff, John Mortimer
1877-1931 Schiff, Mortimer Leo
1946-2014 Schiro, James J.
1917-2007 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.
1929-2014 Schlesinger, James D. Secretary of Energy of the US; the Department of Energy was first created during President Jimmy Carter’s term. Carter was in the Trilateral Commission, invited to join by Pilgrims members Zbigniew Brzesinski and David Rockefeller. Schlesinger was also Secretary of Defense which should be called the Department of Offense since the USA is the military arm of the New World Order, i.e. One World Government.
1849-1919 Schmidlapp, Jacob Godfrey; Banker; also cigar and whiskey business, operating a distillery from 1868-1874
1952- Schmitt, Roger Michael Laurence American Investment Banker
1906-1989 Schoales, Dudley Nevison
1901-1969 Schroder, Baron Bruno L.
1884-1974 Schroth, Frank D.
1936- Schuettinger, Robert Lindsey
-1991 Schumacher, Alan T.
1961- Schuster, Richard CFA Heads WPG Small Cap Value Team and Senior Portfolio Manager at Boston Partners Global Investors, Inc. and SEI Institutional Investments Trust – Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund. He joined the firm’s WPG Partners division in 1999 to head its small cap value team. He also serves as a Portfolio Manager of Robeco Weiss, Peck & Greer, SEI Institutional Managed Trust – Small Cap Fund, SEI Institutional Managed Trust – Small Cap Value…
1862-1939 Schwab, Charles M.
Alive Scott, G. A. Squadron Leader during WW II for the UK.
1917-2017 Scott, Harold Bartlett Jr.
1916-2005 Scott, Henry Hepburne, 10th Lord Polwarth
1901-1994 Scott, Senator Hugh
1926- Scott, Stanley DeForest
1921-1995 Scribner, Charles IV Publisher
1883-1968 Scully, Hugh Day
-1997 Scully, Leonard T. Esq.
1912-1999 Seaborg, Glenn T.
1931- Seagraves, Father Richard Catholic priest where on page 92-94 of we read, “On “Reverend Dr.” Richard Seagraves showing his personal and/or family coat of arms—notice the center top circle; see here:
with six rays—these are actually spokes, and this is the symbol of the “Catherine wheel,” a horrible execution device in widespread use for generations across Europe, especially in Germany. At
we read—
“The Catherine Wheel was a product of the middle ages, especially popular in Germany. The victim’s limbs were crushed with blunt objects. His (or her) still-living remains were subjected to the wheel. This meant the mangled arms and legs were threaded through the spokes. The wheel was then hoisted into the air using a long pole. Hungry vultures and crows picked at the body. Death came slowly. A seventeenth-century chronicler wrote the victim looked like, “A sort of huge screaming puppet writhing in rivulets of blood, a puppet with four tentacles, like a sea monster, of raw, slimy and shapeless flesh mixed up with splinters of smashed bones.” This was one of the most popular spectacles of the time. This, and similar methods of torture, took place in the squares of Europe from 1450-1750. The masses, both common and noble, watched in fascination, cheering at a good wheeling. A woman (or a number of
women in a row) brought even greater enthusiasm. The wheel was named after Saint Catherine of Alexandria from the early 4th century. She was believed to have been killed in this fashion during the rule of the Roman Emperor Maxentius.” What manner of clergyman uses a symbol of one of the half dozen cruelest forms of execution ever used?” Editor’s note: To answer his question, the church that is a fraud that, according to Rev. Alexander Hislop in The Two Babylons: Romanism and Its Origins, was created by the devil.
1888-1968 Searls, Fred Jr.
1924-2011 Sebag-Montefiore, Harold, Esq.
1916-2012 Segal, Martin Eli
Can’t find. Seity, Edwin Atwater
1940- Seitz, Raymond G.H. US Ambassador to the UK, 1991-1994 after which he joined the boards of companies including British Airways, Rio Tinto, General Electric, and silver short Lehman Brothers as reported in by Charles Savoie.
1858-1947 Selfridge, Harry Gordon
Deceased Seligman, Charles D. Charter member in London
1913- Seligman, Geoffrey C. Esq.
1856-1917 Seligman, Isaac Charter member in the USA
Alive Sessions, John Grant He earned his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics. He teaches at the University of Bath in the UK.
-1987 Sexton, Dorrance
1943- Sexton, John Edward (Charles Savoie wrote, “Sexton is a Council on Foreign Relations member, a direct Pilgrims subsidiary, so even if he isn’t a member, his actions would not be any different.” Editor’s note: The CFR wants a One World Government too.
1923-1983 Seymour, Whitney North
1911-1994 Shackleton, Baron Edward Arthur Alexander
Deceased Shackleton, Sir Ernest CVO Antarctic explorer
1872-1947 Shallcross, Cecil Fleetwood
Deceased Shannon, J. J. A.R.A.
1955- Shannon, John M.
1943- Sharman, Baron Colin Morven of Redlynch
1913-2002 Sharp, Bayard (Charles Savoie wrote, “Bayard Sharp does not appear in Pilgrims rosters up to the 1980 list, however; two likely relations, Dale and George Sharp, were both in the 1969, 1974 and 1980 rosters.” Editor’s note: I have little doubt that Bayard Sharp is in The Pilgrims, because it is nigh on impossible to learn who has been invited to join this secretive organisation since 1980. Bayard was a DuPont heir. See
1934-2015 Sharp, Dale
1941- Sharp, George Baldwin
1897-1972 Sharp, George Clough
1902-2003 **The Right Hon. THE LORD SHAWCROSS, CBE, QC
1902-1980 Shea, George Edward, Jr.
1864-1938 Sheffield, James Rockwell
1953- Sheinwald, Sir Nigel Elton Ambassador to the USA
1924-1993 Shelbourne, Sir Philip
Deceased Shepard, Augustus D.
1903-1983 Shepard, David Allan Chairman of the RAND Corporation
Editor’s note: RAND is part of the Shadow Government. See my 3rd edition at
1894-1980 Sheperd, Howard Cotterill
1912-1975 Sherburne, Harold Hewitt
1867-1936 Sherrill, Charles Hitchcock (Chairman)
1904-1964 Sherwell, Guillermo Butler
1933- Sherwood, James Blair
1871-1954 Shields, James van Allen Patent lawyer
1873-1962 *Shields, William
-1979 Shields, William, Jr.
1923-2013 Shinn, George L.Bloomberg states that Dr. Shinn was the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of First Boston, Inc. from 1975 to 1983. Prior to that, he was the President and the Chief Operating Officer of Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc., and Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith, Inc. where he began his career in 1948. He was also a Director of Credit Suisse First Boston Corp.
1905-Died Shipley, Linwood Parks
1935- Shipley, Walter Vincent Was president of Chemical Bank.
1912-2015 Shrubsole, Eric Norman
1920- Shultz, George Pratt
1911-1999 Sibley, Major General Alden Kingsland, USA (Ret.) DSM, OBE
1847-1928 Siemens, Alexander (Charter member)(German born)
1929- **Sigmon, Robert Leland, Esq. British lawyer who can present in the US Supreme Court
Deceased Simmons, J. Edward
1940- Simon, Viscount (Given name: David Simon, 3rd Viscount)
1927-2000 Simon, William (Bill) Edward
1865-1937 Simonson, William A.
1941- Simpson, Christopher Dale
Deceased Sims, Arthur
-1959 Sims, William E.
1878-1970 Sinclair, John J.
1893-1979 Sinclair, Lord Robert
1880-1952 Sinclair, Lt.-Col. Sir Walrond
1850-1917 *Sinclair, William MacDonald The Venerable Archdeacon D.D.
1953- Sinclair, Lord of Cleeve (Given name: Robert Henry Sinclair, 3rd Baron)
1921- Singlaub, Major General John Kirk highly decorated former OSS officer, a founding member of the CIA, and a retired Major General in the US Army. Was involved with the Iran-Contra scandal.
1914-1997 Singleton, Philip Arthur
1942- Sisk, Mark Sean (Former Episcopal Bishop of New York)
Deceased Skiddy, W. W.
1866-1960 Skinner, Robert P.
1875-1966 Sloan, Alfred P., Jr.
1938- *Sloane, Ann Brownell
1883-1971 Sloane, John
1930-2009 *Slynn, Lord Gordon (of Hadley)
1906-1992 Smallpeice, Sir Basil
Deceased Smart, Alfred
Deceased Smart, F. B.
1918-2003 Smeal, Frank On The Pilgrims roster for 1980; he was a Goldman Sachs partner and a member of its management committee.
1888-1988 Smith, Sir A Rowland
Abt 1942- Smith Bernadette Casey Her father, Wm J. Casey, was the director of the CIA from 1981-1987.
1918-2012 Smith, David Shiverick
Deceased Smith, George Pioneer banker in Chicago and the northwest
Deceased Smith H. H. Riley
Deceased Smith, Isaac T.
1893-1961 Smith, James Kellum
Deceased Smith, John Sabine
1907-2000 Smith, Olcott Damon
1857-1933 *Smith, Robert Alexander Conrad (Founding)
1949- Smith, Stephen Grant
1895-1961 *Smith, Gen. Walter Bedell
1874-1962 Smull, J. Barstow Chairman on the Committee on the Harbor and Shipping for the New York Chamber of Commerce in 1920
1870-1950 Smuts, General Jan
1883-1973 Snow, John Ben
Deceased Snyder, M. V.
-1934 Snyder, Valentine P.
1920-1987 Soames, Christopher
1948- Soames, The Rt. Hon. Nicholas Was Winston Churchill’s grandson
1919- Solomon, Anthony President of NY FED, of which his predecessor, Paul Volcker, was a member of The Pilgrims, so Solomon is likely also.
1850-1913 Solomon, Sir Richard
Deceased Sommerville, Mr.
Deceased Soper, Arthur W.
1930- Soros, George
Can’t find. Soto, M.F. In 1930 he was on the Board of Directors of Rosario Mining Company, an American owned company in central Honduras and Nicaragua because he married the owner’s daughter.
He was on the Pilgrims Board of Directors in 1940. See page 40 of
-1970 Soubry, Emile Edmund
Deceased Southall, A. E.
1910-1993 Spaght, Monroe E.
1913- Spaidal, Donald R.
Deceased Spalding, J. Walter
-1963 Sparks, Sir Ashley KCMG, KBE
1881-1954 Sparks, Thomas Ayres
-1979 Speer, Edgar Boyle
1930-2007 Spence, Lewis H. Commissioner of Massachusetts Department of Social Services
1917-2001 Spencer, William Ira
1862-1932 Speyer, Sir Edgar Bart (Charles Savoie wrote, “It’s a long story, but in December 1921 King George V removed Speyer from membership in the Privy Council, an inner circle of top advisors to the Crown. Apparently Speyer was also at that time struck from The Pilgrims membership, and is to date the only such example of which I am aware. Edgar Speyer’s British citizenship was even revoked. Mind you, the Speyers were long associated with the Rothschilds. This again suggests the Windsors are the top family in the world globalist movement and have working control over The Pilgrims Society.”
1861-1941 *Speyer, James Joseph (Founding member)
1940- Speyer, Jerry (Charles Savoie wrote, “…is a member of the anti-monetary silver Economic Club and The Pilgrims direct subsidiary, the Council on Foreign Relations, and is very likely also a Pilgrim.”
Can’t find. Spier, Lester C. B. May be a medical doctor.
1948- Spiller, Jill (Executive Director of the Saint Nicholas Society, NYC, NY Also Executive Secretary of The Pilgrims Society in the USA)
1914-1991 Spiro, Sidney
1902-1991 Spofford, The Hon. Charles M., CBE
1901-1977 Sprague, Phineas Shaw
1900-1991 Sprague, Robert Chapman
-1998 Sprague, Wallace A.
1859-1918 Spring-Rice, Sir Cecil Arthur
1896-1978 Sproul, Allan (Was president of the Federal Reserve Bank)
1918-2014 Sproull, Robert L. President of the Univ. of Rochester (NY)
-1988 Spurdle, John W.
1827-1912 Stahel, Gen. Julius
1886-1963 Stahr, Elvis Jacob
1916-1998 Stahr, Elvis Jacob, Jr.
-1993 Stair, Alastair A.
-1974 Stamm, John Davies
1880-1941 Stamp, Lord
1880-1941 Stamp, Sir Josiah President of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway
Deceased Standish, Myles
1880-1967 Stanhope, Lord James
1954- Stanley, Alfred T. Treasurer at the Alfred T. Stanley Foundation
1865-1948 *Stanley, Edward George Villiers
1924-2009 Stanley, Edmund Allport, Jr.
Can’t find. Stanley, Eric James
1885-1963 Stanley, Harold One of the Founders of Morgan Stanley
1908-1998 Stans, Maurice
1927- Stanton, Judge Louis L. Jr.
1919-1993 Staples, Norman Appleton
1825-1909 Starin, John H.
1849-1912 Stead, William T. (May have been set up to die on Titanic by another Pilgrims Society member, William Howard Taft.)
Deceased Steadman, S. W. J.
1881-1956 Stearns, Foster
1897-1975 Stedeford, Sir Ivan Arthur Rice G.B.E.
Deceased Stedman, Major-General Sir E.
1833-1908 Stedman, Edmund C.
1842-1925 Stedman, Sir Edward
Deceased Stedman, Dr. Thomas L.
1961- Steel, Sir David KBE, DL Vice Admiral who, until 10 March 2015 served as Second Sea Lord according to Wikipedia.
1885-1974 Stemmler, Theodore Washington
1947- Stemper, William Herman
1829-1921 Stephen, Lord Mount GCVO, Bt.
-1958 Sterling, Sir Louis Saul
1933- Sterling, Robert Lee
1923- Stern, Benjamin Ben is Howard Stern’s father.
1945- Stern, Louis President of Louis Stern Fine Arts in West Hollywood, California, Louis is a veteran Los Angeles art dealer specialising in impressionist and modern works, with an emphasis on west coast hard-edge geometric abstraction according to Wikipedia.
1866-1933 Sterry, Fred
1954-2009 Stetson, Basil W.
1911-1996 Stetson, Eugene W., Jr.
Deceased Stetson, F. L.
1900-1949 Stettinius, Edward R. Jr.
Deceased Stevens, Ray Parker In The Pilgrims roster for 1940, of The American Superpower Company, Niagara-Hudson Power Corporation
1951- Stevens, Robert J. Retired Executive Chairman of Lockheed Martin
1910-1998 Stevens, Roger Lacey
1881-1945 Stewart, Cecil Parker
1896-1975 Stewart, Harold Julian
1865-1942 Stewart, James Christian The Archdeacon of London
1840-1903 Stickney, Joseph
1907-1989 Stillman, Chauncey D.
1867-1950 Stimson, Henry L. Esq. (Secretary for War)
Deceased Stimson, H. P.
1899-1990 Stirling, Duncan Alexander
1859-1919 Stoker, Robert Burdon M.P.
1838-1913 Stokes, J. G. Phelps Father of J.G.P. Stokes and a wealthy American merchant, property developer, banker, genealogist, and philanthropist.
1872-1960 Stokes, James Graham Phelps Founded the National Committee for Mental Hygiene-a Psychiatry promoter. (Charles Savoie statement) Prison supporter too. Second son of J. G. Phelps Stokes, listed just above.
1867-1941 Stone, Charles Augustus Involved in WW I efforts
Deceased Stoner, H. S.
1902-1991 Stout, Andrew V., Jr.
1926- Stovall, Robert Henry Lives in Sarasota, Florida
Deceased Straight, Sir Douglas M.P.
1871-1943 Strakosch, Sir Henry GBE Austrian born British banker
Deceased Strakosch, Viceroy Irwin
1830-1914 Strathcona, Lord Donald Alexander Smith
1926- Strathmore, Lady Mary (One reference indicated that she should be a member of the Pilgrims Society as though she is not a member currently.)
1932- Strathmore, Mary Pamela Bowes-Lyon, Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne She’s known as Mary Strathmore, not Mary Bowes Lyon.
1932- Straton, John Charles, Jr.
1900-1985 Straus, Jack I.
1850-1926 Straus, Oscar S.
1903-2003 Strauss, Adm. Elliott Bowman (Rear Admiral US Navy)
1930- *Streator, Edward J.
1881-1952 *Strong, Austin
1896-1986 *Strong, Benjamin First president of the FED
1872-1928 Strong, Benjamin, Jr.
Deceased Strong, William
1885-1972 *Stuart, Sir Collin Campbell GCMG, KBE Chairman of The Pilgrims of Great Britain
1882-1948 Stubbs, Ralph Sprengle
1858-1944 Studd, Sir Kynaston Bt., LL.D Lord Mayor of London; descended from William the Conqueror
1953- Stumpf, John G. American business executive and retail banker
1954- Stupin, Susan Lee (Married Theodore Robert Gamble, Jr., another member, in March 1984. See above.) American investment banker.
Deceased Sturgis, F. R.
Deceased Sturgis, Thomas
Deceased Suart, Alfred
1891-1968 Sulzberger, Arthur Hays Publisher of NYTimes 1935-1961
Deceased Sulzberger, Arthur Ochs Publisher of NYTimes 1963-1992
1951- Sulzberger, Arthur Ochs, Jr. Publisher of NYTimes now
Alive Summers, Lawrence Chief Economist at World Bank
1887-1964 Sunderland, Edwin Sherwood Stowell
1937- Susman, Louis American Ambassador to England (Charles Savoie wrote, “…all U.S. Ambassadors to England and vice versa are members of The Pilgrims Society!”
1946- Sutherland, Sir Peter Denis Esq. KCMG, SC Chairman of Goldman Sachs International
1863-1930 Sutro, Richard “My Adventures with Your Money” Acquired a Rothschild for a son in law.
1840-1931 Swaine Major-General Sir Leopold Victor KCB CMG
1872-1957 Swope, Gerard
1882-1958 Swope, Herbert Bayard
1901-1988 Symington, Senator Stuart (representing Missouri)
1859-1945 Taft, Henry Walters
1857-1930 Taft, President William H. (Also US Supreme Court Justice)
Deceased Tailer, Edward N.
1912-1973 Talbot, Lord Milo John Reginald of Malahide The Pilgrims 1957 roster
1915-2010 Talbot, Philips US Ambassador to Greece 1965-69
1866-1944 Talcott, James Frederick
1935- Tappan, James Clifford Managing Director at Procter & Gamble in England; Vice President at General Foods Corp in New York
1876-1945 Tarler, George Cornell
1927- Taylor, Harry President of Manufacturers Hanover Corp
1902-1984 Taylor, Henry Junior
Deceased Taylor, James H.
-1943 **Taylor, Sir John Wilson
1885-1971 Taylor, Martin
1901-1987 *Taylor, General Maxwell Davenport DDSC, DSM, CB, DSO, CBE
1874-1959 *Taylor, Myron Charles
1900-1976 Taylor, William Towson
-1941 *Temperley, Joseph
1910-1996 Tennant, Sir Peter F.D.
1887-1961 Terrington, 3rd Baron
1915-1998 Terrington, 4th Baron
1900-1968 Textor, George Clinton
1925-2013 Thatcher, Margaret Former UK PM who tried to prevent UK coming into the EU; fluoridated part of Republic of Ireland’s water.
1910-1989 Thayer, Walter Nelson
1900-1982 Thomas, Charles Allen Was head of Monsanto satirised as Monsatan (In Charles Savoie’s work:
1892-1981 Thomas, Lowell
1876-1942 Thomas, Lucien Irving
Deceased Thomas, Samuel
1892-1981 Thompson, Earle Spaulding
1860-1940 Thompson, General John T.
1931- Thompson, Richard Stephen Regional Director at Bristol Myers Co; Regional Director Warner Lambert Company
1849-1930 Thompson, Robert Means Associated with mining
Deceased Thomson, Charles E.
1957- Thomson, David (3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet) Canadian magnate worth $28.3 billion USD
1923-2006 Thomson, Kenneth Roy
1894-1976 Thomson, of Fleet, Lord Roy Herbert
1954- Thornton, John (Charles Savoie wrote, “John Thornton chairman of Barrick Gold is almost certainly a Pilgrims member!—”
Deceased Thurber, Francis B.
1900-1995 Tiarks, Henry Frederick
1930- Tickell, Sir Crispin GCMG, KCVO, FZS
Deceased Tiffany, The Rev. Dr. C. C.
1952- Tillerson, Rex Trump’s Secretary of State; former CEO of Exxon Mobil
1911-1998 Tillinghast, Charles C., Jr. Esq.
1929- Tillinghast, David R. Esq. Tax lawyer in NYC
1907-1994 Tilney, Sir John
1948- Tilton, Glenn Midwest Chairman and a member of the executive Committee at JP Morgan from 2011 to 2014
1875-1972 Tipper, Frederic W.
1910-1995 Tobin, Richard Lardner
1863-Died Todd, Ambrose Giddings Esq. He was on the Board of Directors in 1940. See page 40
-1977 Torrey, Clare M.
Deceased Toscani, T.
Deceased Tousey, William
1922-2015 Towe, Peter M. Canadian Ambassador to the USA;
1848-1923 Tower, Charlemagne
1925-1991 Tower, Senator John (representing Texas)
1888-1966 Townsend, Dallas Selwyn
Deceased Townsend, the Hon. Lawrence (US Minister to Belgium)
1919-2000 Townsend, Lynn Alfred (Ex Chrysler Corporation Chief)
Deceased Townsend, The Rev. Dr. S. De L.
1868-1922 Tracy, J. Evarts (In Wikipedia as just Evarts Tracy)
1928- *Train, John P.C.
1948- *Trainor, Sir Richard “Rick” KBE, FRHS, FKC
1889-1979 Traphagen, John Conselyea
1917-1991 ***Tree, Marietta Peabody
1873-1956 Trenchard, Viscount Hugh Member of the House of Lords
1905-1985 Trevelyan, Lord Humphrey
1878-1956 Trevor, John Bond
1877-1949 Trexler, Samuel Geiss
1958- Trott, Byron David (Charles Savoie wrote, “Is Trott a Pilgrims member? Perhaps; our Preeminent Secret Society does not release rosters! Is he connected to The Pilgrims? Obviously yes, through Louis Susman, and very likely through several others.” Former Vice Chairman of Investment banking at Goldman Sachs.
1884-1972 Truman, President Harry Solomon
1946- Trump, Donald (Charles Savoie wrote, “Is Donald Trump a member of The Pilgrims Society? I believe so, same as I believe it about Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr., Timothy Mellon, Matt Mellon II, Bill Dudley of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and on and on,….” See page 4 of Moreover, Trump is related to King Edward III of Great Britain, the same as Hillary Clinton is.
1857-1941 Truscott, Sir George Wyatt, Baronet-Lord Mayor of London
Deceased Truscott, Henry
1927-2002 Tuck, Edward Hallam
1872-1959 ***Tuckerman, Eliot (Honorary treasurer)
1891-1979 Tugwell, Rexford
1920-2001 Tuke, Sir Anthony Faville
1897-1975 Tuke, Anthony William, Father of above
1897-1978 Tunney, Gene (professional boxer)
Deceased Tuohy, J. M.
Deceased Tuohy, T. M.
1906-1980 Turner, Sir Mark
1943- Tuttle, Robert Holmes
1835-1910 Twain, Mark (pseudonym for Samuel Langhorne Clemens)
1911-1996 Tweedsmuir, 2nd Baron
1883-1943 Tweedy, Lawrence
1941- Twisk, Russell
1916-2000 Ulmer, Alfred C. Jr. Grand Vizier of the Far East
1931- *Ure, Sir John Burns KCMG, LVO, MA, FRGS British Ambassador to Sweden
Deceased Usmar, John H.
1912-2006 Valentine, Richard Hajek He is on The pilgrims Board of Directors in 1940. See page 40 of
1902-1991 Van Alen, James Henry
1917-2002 Vance, Cyrus Roberts
1912-1999 Vanderbilt, Alfred G. Jr. One of the famous Vanderbilts
1873-1942 *Vanderbilt III, Cornelius
1975- Vanderbilt, James Platten Son of Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt III and Alison Platten Campbell whose father was the chief executive and chairman of Chemical Bank.
Deceased Vanderhoef, Harman B.
1864-1937 Vanderlip, Frank
1907-1993 Vanderlip, Frank A., Jr.
Deceased Vanderpoel, S. O.
Deceased Vanderpoel, William Halsted
1875-1944 Vanderpool, Wynant Davis
1925-2012 Van Dine, Vance
1916-2014 Van Eck, John C. Jr. Founder of Van Eck Global, a Mutual Fund
1913-1990 Van Norden, Duncan President of the Palm Beach Florida Chapter of the English Speaking Union, a Pilgrims Society offshoot
1867-1950 Van Rensselaer, Charles Augustus
1886-1930 Van Rensselaer, William Stephen
1891-1975 Van Santvoord, George
Deceased Van Santvoord, V.
Deceased Van Schaick, Gerrit W.
Deceased Van Wormer, John R.
1930- ***Vanden Heuvel, William (father of Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, a magazine that purports to expose groups like this.)
1889-1955 Vane Bearns, Henry Darlington
1956- Varley, John English banker and group chief executive of Barclays from 2004 to 2011; as of 2013 he was the Trustee of HRH the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation
Deceased Varnun, James M.
1931-2003 Vaughan II, George Tully
1913-1981 Vietor, Alexander Orr
1957- Vietor, David Butler
1945- Vietor, Richard R. M.D. CFA who’s “concerned” about healthcare.
1938- *Viggers, Sir Peter John Esq. M.P.
1909-1987 Vila, George Raymond
1912-1992 Villiers, Sir Charles Hyde
1877-1955 Villiers, George Herbert Hyde KG, PC
1857-1941 Vincent, Lord Edgar
Deceased Vincent, Colonel Sir Howard
1931- Vincent, Field Marshall The Lord Richard Frederick of Coleshill of Oxfordshire; also holds the title of Baron
Deceased Virgin, The Rev. Dr. Sh. H.
1876-1938 Vogel, Martin Esq.
1928-1995 Vokey, Richard Snow
1927- ***Volcker, Paul Appointed by President Jimmy Carter to head the FED.
1926- von Bulow, Claus
1930- von Mallinckrodt, George Wilhelm Gustav
1856-1936 Vreeland, Edward Butterfield Esq.
1856-1945 Vreeland, Herbert Harold
1929-2015 Wade-Gery, Sir Robert KCMG, KCVO, MA
Deceased Wadsworth, Craig
1936- Wadsworth, Dyer Seymour
1940- Wadsworth, Robert Haigh
1864-1945 Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew
1859-1941 Wakefield, Sir Charles Cheers, Lord Wakefield, Baron Wakefield, Viscount Wakefield
1895-1970 Wakehurst, 2nd Baron
Deceased Walker, Aldace F.
-1985 Walker, Angus Lightfoot
1915-1985 Walker, Bayard
1848-1924 Walker, Sir Byron Edmund
1939- Walker, Sir David Alan Former chairman of Barclays Bank
Deceased Walker, Dr. Henry P.
Deceased Walker, John B.
1921-2002 Walker, John Denley
1879-Died *Wallace, John Madder, Esq. CBE
Alive Wallis, Gordon T. Chairman of the Board of Irvine Trust
1941- Wallison, Peter James Co-director of American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank
Deceased Walter, Mr. (Editor’s note: He wouldn’t even give his initials.)
1895-1973 Wampler, Cloud
-1947 Wands, Ernest Henry
1912-2000 Wangeman, Frank George
1871-1937 Warburg, Felix M.
1902-1982 Warburg, George Siegmund
1868-1932 Warburg, Paul Moritz (A participant in Jekyll Island)
1902-1982 Warburg, Sir Siegmund George
1927-2015 Warburton, Dame Anne In The Pilgrims London 1974 roster. Daughter of Captain P. G. Eliot Warburton
Alive Warburton, John Richardson Eliot In The Pilgrims London 1974 roster
Can’t find. Warburton, Captain P. G. Eliot, M.C. In The Pilgrims London 1957 roster
Can’t find. Warburton, Rupert E. Law In The Pilgrims London roster for 1957
Deceased Ward, Dr. Azier
Deceased Ward, Count
1844-1922 *Ward, George Gray
1879-1960 *Ward, Harry Edwin
1941- Ward, Nicholas Donnell Esq.
1928- Ward, William Francis, Jr. Ret. Major General US Army
Deceased Wardwell, William T.
1861-1936 Warfield, Ethelbert American History professor
1978- Warner, Alix Mallet-Prevost
1910-Died Warner, Bradford Arnold (He died on a Friday at home in Manhattan.)
1946- Warner, Douglas A. III (Member Bush transition team 2000)
He is an American banker who joined Morgan Guaranty Trust Company rising through the ranks to become chairman of the board at J.P. Morgan & Co. Inc in 2000.
1942- ***Warner, Miner Hill
1900-1986 Warner, Rollin Miles
1870-Died Warren, Charles Beecher (Charter member) He was the general counsel to the National Bank of Commerce of Detroit
1864-1945 Warren, Charles Elliott
1905-1986 Warren, Louis Bancel
1911-1984 Warwick, The Earl of, Charles Guy Fulke Greville, 7th Earl of Warwick
1941- *Watson, Lord Alan CBE (Baron Watson of Richmond)
1919-1974 Watson, Arthur Kittredge
Deceased Watson, B. F.
1897-Died Watson, Sir Norman Bt.
1914-1993 Watson, Thomas J., Jr.
1874-1956 Watson, Thomas J., Sr. Founded IBM; Jekyll Island gang
1847-1919 Watson, Gen. Thomas L.
1899-1987 Watts, Edward Everett, Jr.
1885-1952 Watts, Harry Dorsey
1883-1950 Wavell General Lord (Viceroy & Governor General of India, 1943-1947)
1882-1958 Waverly, The Right Hon. The Viscount John Anderson(Editor’s note: Surname could be spelt Waverley)
1915-2010 Wearly, William L. CEO and Chairman of Ingersoll-Rand Co and CEO and president of Joy Global
1930-2008 Weatherstone, Sir Dennis (One of the bankers who promoted mergers); Director of Merck
Deceased Webb, Admiral Sir Richard (Naval advisor to the King during WW I
Deceased Webb, William H.
1900-1989 Webster, Bethuel M. President of NYC B.A.R. Association
1931-2003 Webster, David
1890-1973 Weed, Clyde E.
-1953 Weeks, George K.
1903-1978 Weicker, Lowell Palmer Senator representing Connecticut
1919-2016 Weidenfeld, Lord
1933- Weill, Sanford NY FED director, 2001-2006 (Charles Savoie wrote, “I’d bet money he’s been a member for some years.”
1917-2006 *Weinberger, Caspar Willard
Can’t find. Weir, Brig.-General Harry G.
Deceased Weir, Levi C.
1898-1978 Welch, Leo Dewey
1891-1965 Wellington, Herbert Galbraith
1866-1946 Wells, Herbert George “H.G.”
Deceased Wells, W. A.
1876-1952 Wendell, Arthur Rindge
1901-1972 Werner, Victor Davis
Deceased Wernher, Major Harold Got married during WW I.
1948- West, Admiral Lord Alan William John, Baron West of Spithead Chancellor of Southampton Solent University since 2006
1909-1990 West, Canon Edward Nason Episcopal priest
1948- West, Baron GCB, DSC, PC (Alan West of Spithead)
-1977 West, Richard Houghton
1950- Westmacott, Sir Peter
1938- Weston, Sir John
1915-1999 Wetmore, James Stuart US Episcopal Bishop in NY
1926- Wharton, Clifton Reginald, Jr. (First Black member of The Pilgrims)
1836-1906 Wheeler, General Joseph (Co-founder)
1869-1956 Wheeler, Post
1902-1975 Wheeler-Bennett, Sir John
1863-1948 Whelpley, James Davenport
1912-1992 Whipple, Taggart
1850-1927 White, Henry S.
1850-1927 White, The Hon. Henry
1861-1942 White, James Gilbert
1922-2015 ***Whitehead, John Cunningham
1965- Whiting, Gordon James
1868-1947 *Whitman, Charles S.
1918-1997 Whitmarsh, Theodore Francis
1904-1982 ***Whitney, John “Jock” Hay C dBE American Ambassador 1957-61
Deceased Whitney, William Bernard
1891-1989 Whitridge, Arnold M.C.
1852-1916 *Whitridge, Frederick W.
1922-1987 Whittemore, Edward William
1930- Whittemore, Frederick Brewster
1930-2017 Whittingham, Charles Arthur
1846-1913 *Wicker, Cassius Milton
1858-1936 Wickersham, George W.
Deceased Wickham, David J.
1887-1949 Wickser, Philip John (Main ref says he was born in 1949, but that was when he died because everything he did was dated before 1949.)
1868-1951 Wiggin, Albert Henry
-1980 Wiggin, Charles B.
1895-1985 Wilde, Frazar Bullard
Alive Wilds, Bonnie (Her bio is in Marquis Who’s Who.)
Alive Wiley, Louis, Jr. He decided what airs on Frontline in late 1980s as Executive Editor from which he retired on July 14, 2009. A graduate of Yale University and Georgetown Law School
1904-1991 Wilkie, John
1899-1981 Will, John Mylin
Deceased Willard, Dr. Sylvester New York Surgeon General
1944- Willcocks, Lt-Gen. Sir Michael (Alan) KCB, CVO
Deceased Willcox, William R.
1903-1994 Williams, Langbourne Meade
-2010 Williams, Paul Whitcomb
1950- Williams, Rowan Douglas, Former Archbishop of Canterbury
1876-1944 *Williamson, Frederick Ely
1863-1936 *Wilmer, William Holland
1884-1940 Wilson, Sir Arnold Order of the Star of India, Order of the Indian Empire, British colonial administrator of Iraq after WW I, and Persian Gulf executive of Anglo-Persian Oil Company and earlier with Burmah Oil Company of Iran
1910-1983 Wilson, Carroll Louis, OBE
1909-1993 Wilson, Edward George
Alive Wilson, F. Perry Member of the Council on minorities in engineering in 1972
1859-1943 ***Wilson, George T. (Founding member)
Deceased Wilson, Colonel H. DSO
1876-1955 Wilson, Sir Leslie Orme M.P.
1885-1966 Wilson, Orme
Deceased Wilson, Richard T.
1905-1986 Wilson, Roscoe Charles
1900-1975 Wilson, Walter Wesley
1856-1924 Wilson, President Woodrow
1889-1947 Winant, John Gilbert
1951- Wince-Smith, Deborah L. President/CEO of the Council on Competitiveness, a coalition of CEOs, Univ Presidents, Nat’l Laboratory Directions and Labor Leaders ()
-1977 Windisch, Frederick C.
1938- Windsor, Patricia (Katonah Summertree)
1905-1982 Wingate, Henry Smith
1861-1953 Wingate, Sir General Reginald GCB, GCVO, GBE, KCMG, DSO, TD
1917-2011 Winslow, John Grenville
1950- Windsor, Princess Anne
1935- ***Windsor, Laurence Charles, Jr. (may be a Royal; lives in New York.)
1936- Winthrop, John
1904-1999 Winthrop, Robert
1938- Wisner, Frank George II American businessman and former diplomat. His is the son of CIA official Frank Wisner (1909-1965).
Deceased Witham, Philip
1852-1917 Witherbee, Frank Spencer Republican National Committee; tenement owner. You can read much more about him half way down this link:
1923-Died Witter, Dean Jr. Bohemian Grove attendee; Skull and Bones member
1898-1976 Wolfe, Henry Cutler
1906-1985 Wolfenden, Baron John Frederick
1908-1992 **Wontner, Sir Hugh GBC, CVO
1921-1988 Wood, David Clarence
1881-1959 ***Wood, Edward Frederick Lindley
1874-1955 Wood, Frederic Taylor
1908-1989 Wood, John Frank
1860-1927 Wood, Major General Leonard
Deceased Wood, Thomas H.
1881-1960 Woodbridge, Charles Kingsley
1933-2013 Woodfield, Denis Buchanan
1835-1913 ***Woodford, Stewart Lyndon
1869-1942 Woodhull, Daniel Ellis
1858-1913 Woodruff, Timothy Lester
1901-1982 Woods, George David US Banker who was president of the World Bank from January 1963 until March 1968.
1901-1982 Woods, George Donald
Deceased Woodward, Benjamin (Founding member)
Deceased Woodward, Dr. H. S.
1876-1953 Woodward, William
1863-1956 Woolley, Clarence Mott
1909-1995 Woolley, Samuel Harry
1941- Woolsey, Robert James Former CIA Director 1993-1995
1933- **Worcester, Sir Robert Milton (Chairman)KBE, DL
1868-1931 Worthington-Evans, Sir Laming, Bt, 1st Baronet GBE, M.P.
1892-1953 *Wortley, Ralph M. Stuart 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe
Deceased Wray, Brig.-General Cecil
1882-1966 Wrench, Sir Evelyn
1882-1966 Wrench, John Evelyn Leslie CMG, LL.D
Deceased Wright, George M.
Deceased Wright, H. M.
1915-1991 Wright, Sir Rowland S.
1889-1978 Wriston, Henry M.
1919-2005 Wriston, Walter Bigelow authored The Twilight of Sovereignty which confirms that The Pilgrims Society seeks a world government. Taken from page 38
1868-Died ***Wykes, Hunter
1897-1975 Wynn, James Oscar
1935- Wyss, Hansjorg (Charles Savoie wrote, “Four extremely likely members of The Pilgrims Society—Theodore Roosevelt IV…Michael Bloomberg…and David Rockefeller Junior…the other is Swiss transplant to Wyoming, medical equipment mogul Hansjorg Wyss rated at $6 billion….”
1926- Yancey, Richard Charles American Investment Banker; affiliated with USAID, an offshoot of the CIA.
1898-1989 Yassukovich, Dimitri Interesting man. He was exiled by the Bolshevik Revolution; then turned into a Pilgrims Society member. Ironic.
1837-1905 Yerkes, Charles Tyson
1936- Young, Dr. David R.
Deceased Young, General attended a London event in 1902
1901-1978 Young, John Maurice
1874-1962 *Young, Owen D.
1910-1987 Young, The Hon. Philip Son of Owen D. Young; US Ambassador to the Netherlands
1840-1924 Young, Samuel Baldwin Marks Charter member
1951- Younger, James Samuel “Sam” CBE
1940- *Zirin, James David Esq.
1904-1993 Zuckerman, Lord Solly
1925-1989 Zulueta, Sir Philip de
*Executive Committee
**Officers of The Pilgrims of Great Britain
***Officers of The Pilgrims of the United States
I found many of these names birth/death statistics at where some very interesting biographies are included.
Editor’s note: The reason it has been so difficult to obtain dates of birth for these people is stated in the search as follows: “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.” I reason that this is to maintain the secrecy of the members of this organisation.
The Empire Club of Canada is the Canadian counterpart of The Pilgrims Society. See beginning on page 102. Members include:
Morgan, Edwin Stafford
Morgan, John Pierpont
Morgan, John Williams
Morgan, William Fellowes
Morgenthau, Henry
Morris, Rev. Dr. DuBois S.
Morris, Ira Nelson
Ogden, Alfred
Ogden, Alfred Trecartin
Oldham, The Rt. Rev. G.A.
O’Ryan, John F., KCMG, CVO, DSM
Osborn, A. Perry
Osborn, William Church




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