The People Behind Gang Stalking

Transcript of youtube content (By Dr. Eric Karlstrom, September 25, 2018):

I’m reading an article here entitled:

“Citizens on Patrol: Community Policing and the Territorialization of Public Space in Seattle, Washington,” 2006, University of Kentucky, Marcia Ray England

Please check out p. 5-6

“This dissertation shows how organizations, including local government and police, and residents within the East Precinct define and police the contours of community, neighborhoods and public space. Under the rubric of public safety, these players create territorial geographies that seek to include only those who fit the narrowly conceived idea of a “neighbor.” Territoriality is exercised against the social Other in an attempt to build a cohesive community while at the same time excluding those who are seen as different or as non-conformant to acceptable behaviors in the neighborhood.

Then: p. 105: “The process of community-oriented policing involves using neighbors and excluding those not construed as such…. Exclusion may take the form of social sanctions.”

To enforce social sanctions they use the SARA Model (Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment): which is a systematic approach to community policing. This requires that you, the Targeted Individual, have to be observed and harassed 24/7. “In order for these movements to operate efficiently they have to be done covertly.” (They have to use people to persistently monitor you. So it’s non-stop.)

This report is consistent with all material I’ve read from Citizens on Patrol, Citizen Corps policies, which also involve spitting on people, harassing people. I see these as domestic terrorist groups. And I can’t understand why our security agencies haven’t removed them from our streets. I guess maybe everyone’s getting paid.

So now, instead of having a problem with radicals and extremists, we are….

These activities are done through:

Local police, Fire Departments, EMS, Citizens Corps

The amount of volunteers for these groups is unreal. This is a middle class activity. A lot of secret societies are involved in this.

“The USA on Watch and the Department of Justice work together to partner with the following:

1) Your local businesses
2) your supermarkets (they may have community engagement agreements)
3) schools and day care centers
4) your church
5) communication companies (your cell phone companies)
6) your doctor and hospitals
7) local government and Neighborhood Watch Groups
8) Citizens Corps Councils
9) Local fire, EMS, and police
10) Parks and Recreation Code Enforcement
11) Department of Transportation
12) Department of Homeland Security
13) Department of Public Safety
14) Health and Human Services
15) Local News Outlets

So what has happened is that this movement is done so that every aspect of the TIs life is touched. Infragard and all these private security organizations have connections with all the Fortune 500 companies.

This movement is based on causing people to become socially isolated and marginalized.

They are using NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). They use psychological warfare techniques. Sometimes it’s being done as research, but most of the time it’s just being done to make you, the TI, sick. That’s why we’ve seen so many videos of targeted individuals looking sick. They’ve been harassed and sensitized.

If you don’t know what color harassment and sensitization techniques are, I suggest you talk to someone in the US Army or Citizen Corps.

So what we are doing is we are targeting people. There’s a lot of targeted case management. These programs lead to people feeling bad about themselves. They don’t feel welcome in the community. They are harassed, so no matter how much they try they will not be welcome in America.

So I encourage people to leave the country. There are a lot of people who are disenfranchised. Veterans, black men, poor white men.

To make up for all this disenfranchisement, we have paraded these Agenda 21 programs. A lot of time the people being recruited into these programs have not been deputized. Your police are sharing your coordinates, your location from information they get from your cell phones. And you’re being harassed. And you are wondering, how are these people finding me?

Your cell phone. This explains why I have stacks of police reports in every state stating that I’m being harassed and followed. And that I and my harassers, the cars following me, are being seen from the FBI office (Joint Terrorism Task Force-Fusion Centers).

The Department of Justice supports these programs. They support these programs, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they lead to mass shootings and to social isolation, which we know leads to mental illness.

When you see black men standing on the corner talking to themselves, that’s because of have been socially isolated. This is mostly because of social and economic factors that have caused these men to become marginalized and mentally ill. We are seeing this with our veterans, and with men in the UK, and all over the world , especially in Japan and China. The amount of men that are suffering is unreal.

Maybe we need to start loving people.

A lot of these groups are racist, they have beliefs in dominion theology. You have so many different groups.

The reason that people are being identified as problems is because of these programs which are encouraging “information sharing.” It’s gotten to the point where, here in Austin, Texas, we have “Citizen’s Lead Policing,” where normal citizens, non-deputized citizens, can do the work of law enforcement.

So when we look these groups online at their websites, we see that our mayor, our commissioners, our town manager, all these people are all stakeholders in these “Community Engagement Groups.”

When we look online we see engagement. So we see that all of this is tied and is being coordinated through Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice.

And we see that Citizens Corps, Fire, EMS, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Volunteers and Police Service.

So what has happened is that instead of promoting American values, we’ve created a prison for America which revolves around using Stasi-type techniques and creating a prison-like atmosphere. We are in prisons people. We are not free. I can’t just go for a walk without being harassed. That means I’m in a prison.

Now I have neighbors across the street, down the road. When I first moved here no one knew. So I started having house break-ins that matched what I experienced when I was in New Mexico, with the red laser points sticking out my blinds and then seeing the locksmiths run up to my place.

That means we have businesses that our government can use or these rogue agencies can use to break into people’s houses, bug their house, and place them under surveillance and harass them, because maybe they’re a whistleblower. .


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  1. These stalking episodes are 100% true and real. This link shows a King County, Washington employee, who lives in Seattle, relentlessly harassing a neighbor.
    It is sexual harassment in the street by someone clearly ignoring him. After being served a court issued notice for an anti-harassment hearing, the harasser filed a retaliatory application for an anti-harassment order against his victim.

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