The New World War And The Second Fall Of Man: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on ACH Show (December 28, 2021)

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 28 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “The New World War And The Second Fall Of Man.”

ACH (1678) Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The New World War And The Second Fall Of Man

We discussed: how articles and documents written by military strategists and ¨targeted individuals¨ PROVE that so-called ¨gangstalking/electronic harassment¨ IS the NEW WORLD WAR of organized terrorism and torture against civilians via ¨neurowarfare¨/¨Neocortical Warfare¨/psychotronics. the Military Intelligence International Racketeering Network that profits from this endless form of unconventional warfare; how TIs (targeted individuals) are used as nonconsenting guinea pigs, for instance, in the project to map the human brain and make a silicon copy of it; the NSA Metadata that has been collected from everybody on the planet as an essential component of this ¨Necortical Warfare¨ against the domestic population; the revelations of Catherine Austin Fitts; how the mainstream media ridicules the victims of mind control; how this diabolical system actively works on turning us all into Cyborg Slaves; Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning To Humanity; Eric’s Lifelines Project for Targeted Individuals (TIs) that is available from his website; how TIs have also been the beta test for the Covid Tyranny being rolled out throughout the world today; why Christians are not immune from ignorance; and many other topics.

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