The Nature of Gang Stalkers Parts 1 and 2 (Scott Hensler Youtubes)

ETK Introduction: As far as I know, most of the information Scott Hensler provides in these two youtubes is corret. I cannot confirm or deny some of his “spiritual” conclusions. But I personally found it very interesting. Scott is a TI who also has experience and expertise in electronics and has been involved in a Christian deliverance ministry for about 15 years. So it seems that he has a unusually thorough understanding of both the material and spiritual dimensions of this evil program.

Scott Hensler: “This is all a reward or punishment situation whether you are the perpetrator or the victim. It is carried out by the US government and has been going on for a number of decades.

This is a behavior modification, social engineering program. Behavioral control is the bottom line.

(TIs): You have been selected as a case study for punishment, for behavior modification. Stand your ground, knowing that you have worth, that there is (God has) a purpose for you.”