The “Manhattan Project of the Mind”


The Manhattan Project of the Mind… 9/21/2017

Manhattan Project of the Mind

ETK Introduction: Although this is a fine article, it neglects to mention a host of other top secret and semi-secret CIA/DOD/FBI programs that are also essential precursors to OS/EH (Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment), or what I have been referring to as GOG’S NeW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro Warfare Groups’ Electronic Slavery, Torture, and Psyop Operations). To restrict the reader’s attention to just two secret CIA programs (Star Gate and Grill Flame), when over 10,000 illegal CIA programs were exposed by the Church Senate Committee in the 1970’s, could be viewed as a “limited hangout.” These more important and directly related programs include:

1) MKULTRA/Monarch mind control programming and experimentation programs conducted by the CIA, military, universities, and the psychology/neuroscience professions from 1950 onward. The KUBARK Torture Manual used in all subsequent CIA/DOD black operations derive from these experiments, as well as psychotronic/electronic/neuro warfare weapons.
2) Operation Garden Plot and the Cable Splicer conferences of the U.S. military in the 1960’s targeted civilian dissidents and set up official military plans for imposition of Martial Law in America. These plans have been updated and are still in effect.
3) Operation Gladio and the other post-WWII Stay Behind Armies organized funded by the CIA, British MI6, and NATO in all European nations from WWII onward at least until 1990. Documents indicate that these secret armies conducted covert terrorism against civilian populations between 1950 and 1990 and used stalking procedures identical to those used in OS/EH today.
4) The Phoenix Program (1967-1972) was a secret-semi-secret CIA program to neutralize civilian supporters of the VCI (Viet Cong Infrastructure) during the Vietnam War. According to author, Douglas Valentine, (“The CIA As Organized Crime, How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World”), the Department of Homeland Security is modeled directly upon the Phoenix Program. Death squads in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere are also based on the Phoenix Program template.
5) MHCHAOS, the top-secret CIA program instituted during the Vietnam War that spied upon and neutralized war protestors in America.
6) The FBI’s COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program), carried out between the 1950’s and 1970’s utilized “Gladio-style” stalking tactics to neutralize American citizens who were placed on “counter-insurgency lists” and considered enemies of the state. This program resulted in the murder of author, Ernest Hemingway, actress, Jean Seaburg, some 28 “Black Panther” activists, and untold numbers of other innocent American citizens.


I am a Targeted Individual (“TI”). I am trying to raise awareness of the subject and combat disinformation. We all want these human rights abuses to end immediately. Please email your targeted individual experiences and testaments to me. You can find my testament on the about page of this site.

A Targeted Individual is a person who is victimized by Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment (“OSEH”). Organized Stalking is a covert intimidation and harassment tactic based on the principles of COINTELPRO and Zersetzung. Electromagnetic Harassment is a method of torturing and subjugating someone with EMR weapons a.k.a. Directed Energy Weapons.


An incredible number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents were released in late January, two days before Trump’s inauguration – when the media was entirely distracted by said event. The documents relate to the CIA/DoD Stargate and Grill-Flame programs, in which they purportedly studied magical mind reading abilities, for over 20 years, with some of the most hard-core scientists at military contractors like SAIC and the interesting folks at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International). Scant media attention was given to the release, although they did pay some attention to the program when it was exposed in the mid-90s, but they just parroted the alphabet agency statements about the nature of the program without further investigation. The documents released in January are the real eye-openers, and they reveal the true nature of the program. They number over 12,000 and can be found at the CIA reading room.

You’ll notice that the first few pages of the reading room index are carefully curated with unchronological disinformation and veiled threats, presumably to deter curious amateurs (which would include most investigative journalists at the mainstream media stations these days – a sentiment shared by our current president)! However, if you dig deeper into the files, some major red flags come up:

1. Why do the documents reference remote stimulation of humans’ biological systems with electromagnetic radiation repeatedly?

2. Why do the documents mention equipment that can only be classified as electromagnetic weapons?

3. Why were the most no-nonsense scientists at institutions like SRI International and SAIC, engaged in the investigation of the “paranormal” for so long with at least tens of millions of dollars? You’ll find SRI at the bottom of many deep-state related cover-ups, and at the forefront of leading edge technological development. As for SAIC, to this day, it is the lead dog in the electromagnetic weapon / directed energy weapon field – it even advertises this fact by sponsoring – at the premiere level – some of the major conferences put on by the directed energy professional society (DEPS) and its affiliates, including the AMOS conference in Maui this September.

4. For a project that was billed as a failure, why was it necessary to sanitize and redact the documents so extensively?

It becomes clear that the decades long projects were cover-ups for the testing, development, and deployment of electromagnetic weapons. Devices that can be salt grain-sized after the micro-electronics revolution. I can tell you in about one second of research whether magical mind reading abilities are possible or not. Can our biological systems be scanned and manipulated with electromagnetic devices though? You bet. The basic building blocks of our bodies are atoms, and every atom is encircled by a cloud of electrons that are very susceptible to electricity and electromagnetic radiation. Even the light you see when you are reading this article is nothing but electromagnetic radiation, with a frequency range of approximately 400 – 700 terahertz. What the deep state cabal involved with the Grill-Flame and Stargate programs did (the latter name being coincidentally given to a Hollywood blockbuster shortly after these programs were exposed) is the exact same disinformation tactic as telling the public that a spy ship is an oceanographic research vessel or that a spy plane is a weather research plane. Just pick up a copy of U.S. Navy veteran Wayne Madsen’s latest book to see how often these cover stories are dreamt up by the 5 million individuals with security clearances in this country.

What is the outcome of this “Manhattan Project of the Mind,” that primarily took place concurrently with the massive expenditures of the SDI program? We know as a fact, that in 2017, countless credible individuals are complaining of assault, torture, enslavement, murder, extortion, and abuse by electromagnetic weapons. You can see for a list of some of the most credible whistleblowers – all good people with impressive credentials. We also know that there are hundreds of scientific studies that show the physical and psychological effects of electromagnetic weapons on humans to be a reality; we know that there are thousands of patents related to these devices; we know that the official health body in the U.S., the AAOS, that deals with medical responses to terrorism, explicitly states that electromagnetic weapons have been studied for years, that they cause psychological and physical trauma in humans, and that they are classified, so it offers no solution out of fear. We know that electromagnetic weapons have been studied by the deep state since at least 1959 during the MK-Ultra family of mind and behavioral control programs, in sub-project 119, as revealed in the tiny amount of limited hangout documents that made it to public hearings. We know the FBI has locked up civilians for building electromagnetic weapons, with the intention of carrying out assassinations, as recently as 2016 – so they recognize the threat.

However, despite all of this, reports of these crimes being carried out has not been investigated once. The technology is there to detect and deter these crimes. The devices are called spectrum analyzers, and they cost just a few thousand dollars. One of the largest manufacturers of spectrums analyzers, Aaronia, proudly lists most of our federal law enforcement and military bodies as clients, yet they won’t deploy them even once. These terrible crimes against humanity could be shut-down for around 1% of the amount we give to a country like Saudi Arabia every year in foreign aid, or for around .0001% of our annual security budget. In a nation whose number one goal is fighting terrorism, this lack of a response to domestic terrorism being carried out with electromagnetic weapons is mind-boggling.

These weapons are truly the bottom of the rabbit hole, and are the greatest threat our republic faces. The number of good American citizens that are knowingly being purged and destroyed by these covert weapons – that are no more exotic or difficult to build than chemical, biological, or atomic weapons – is estimated by researchers to be in the 100,000s. The ability to draw from a corrupt inner circle within our massive multi-million man military and deep state is quite easy. While most are good, you just need to corrupt a small percentage and you have 100,000s available to carry out these treasonous crimes against democracy behind the abused veil of national security – with nearly bottomless budgets during a time of endless war. These weapons are being used to carry out the age old goals of elitists, certain secret societies, and tyrants: poison democracy; dumb-down and weaken the masses; strike terror in the electorate; splinter communities; break up families; criminalize the youth; control the media; hinder free speech; destroy society’s sense of history; keep people from staying up to date on the latest hard science; corrupt and blackmail; assassinate; ethnically cleanse; and boost budgets and power to strengthen the modern Oligarchy – for the sake of control – at the expense of the 99.9%. The tactics to achieve the above goals are straight out of the MK-ULTRA freedom of information documents and the CIA torture report, and they can be applied remotely in the 21st century. To name just a few, they include: sleep deprivation, sadistic trauma based torture, psychic driving, intense pain, psycho-sexual torture, simulated heart attacks, brutal threats, and beyond evil operant and Pavlovian conditioning attempts.

As mentioned, these crimes and treasons are quite easy to investigate, but as of now a blind eye is being turned to this silent slaughter, and you can believe the corporate media isn’t going to do anything. Furthermore, the age-old tactic of psychiatric reprisal is used to unscientifically and unconstitutionally scare or silence the victims as of now – it’s the same tactic that was used on the women’s suffrage marchers 100 years ago, for having the “insane” audacity to demand voting rights. Now it’s apparently insane to ask for scientific investigations of real crimes grounded in very real science. This has created a silent holocaust, and survey data shows that the number of victims have been increasing exponentially since 9/11. If you haven’t been targeted yet, you will be unless this greatest of treasons is exposed and shut-down. All crimes live by secrecy, as Joe Pulitzer put it.

The solution is simple, it’s 100% legal, and it’s 100% peaceful. Namely, we must get law enforcement and congress to do their jobs. This is the 21st century, and new threats must be recognized. We have the man power, the technology, and budgets many times over to investigate this silent purge and decapitation of democracy, and it is the duty of our elected officials to launch investigations into these types of atrocities. Therefore, if you care about your freedom and safety, and the safety and freedom of your children and grandchildren, then you owe it to yourselves to petition your elected officials and public servants to deploy spectrum analyzers and launch inquiries into these programs that have run amok. It’s their job; it’s why we pay taxes; and it’s why we give them our votes!