The Living Dead – Part 2: “You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough…

ETK Comment On 1995 Documentary; “The Living Dead, Part 2: You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough:”

This video contains very useful information. However, it’s basic premise, that it would be beneficial for humans and society to be free of memories of the past and that it has been the benevolent goal of cognitive scientists to discover how to erase memories, is foolish and quite dangerous. Indeed, our memories and our past help define and know who we are and are required to guide our behavior as autonomous individuals and societies.

Certainly, the CIA and cooperating cognitive scientists have spent much time, energy, and resources to try to erase the memories of individuals, groups, or nations. This documentary record is established in many books, de-classified documents, etc. and is irrefutable.

However, my reading of CIA-spychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron’s, experiments is that he wanted to erase individuals’ memories in order to re-program them into useful robotic slaves. Cameron’s barbaric “de-patterning” of minds was accomplished via massive application of ECT (electric convulsive therapy), sleep deprivation, drugging, etc. of his “subjects” over extended periods. The goal of “de-patterning” was meant to create the “tabula rosa” or “blank mind” state. The second “psychic driving” phase was often accomplished with tape recorders installed in football helmets worn by “subjects.” “Test subjects” were bombarded with continual negative messages 24 hours a day to break down their egos and sense of identity.

Thus, the main goal of these CIA mind-control programs was and still is to create a useful slave NOT to help individuals or society. Recall the original stated purpose of the MKULTRA mind control programs was (and I paraphrase) to find ways of getting others to do our bidding, even when this conflicts with their self-interest and even their instinct for self-preservation.

Hence, the Orwellian “spin” of this video, which is narrated by a British fellow, is not only ludicrous, it is itself a profound misrepresentation of the past. Watchers be advised: “Information Warfare,” i.e., the deliberate revising of the past accomplished by removing accurate memories and substituting inaccurate memories that better suit present needs, as described inp Orwell’s 1984, is operating here in this documentary video as well!

A considerably more useful and accurate historical view of the CIA’s (and others’) draconian mind control research programs is to be found in my 2012 article: Mind Control: History and Applications.