THE LIVES OF OTHERS – IIA OPERATIONS – JAMES O’KEEFE & PATRICK BERGY. “BRENDON O’CONNELL” (12/2/21): IIA (Internet Interactive Activities) Operations (Fake News), Privatized Armies, Gangstalking Teams, Military Psychological Warfare, Computer Network Operations (CNO), Targeted Civilians


Excerpts From Video:

“Cyber is a real domain of power.” Benjamin Netanyahu

Brendon O’Connell III: “The military has a name for fake news. It’s called IIA operations, Interactive Internet Activities. The military uses Interactive Internet Activities or IIA as a psychological operations nomenclature for a tactical social media warfare program. The Dept. of Defense, Information Operations Joint Publication 3-12.2, Psychological Operations, Jan. 7, 2010. It defines Interactive Internet Activities as follows:

“A) psychological operations and computer network operations (CNO). CNO supports PSYOP with dissemination assets to include Interactive Internet Activities. CNO activities can deny or degrade an adversary’s ability to access, report, and process information. This capability supports PSYOP by providing access to digital media within the information environment to reach intended targets.”

When you watch Alex Jones, David Icke, Nick Fuentes, Tucker Carlson, CNN, Joe Rogan, IRL, when you watch any social media influencer of any status, always in your mind must be the concept of IIA Operations- limited release or limited hangout, controlled release, suppression, containment, redirection, misdirection of information into meaningless manufactured online issues, arguments and circular dead ends that exhaust and confuse. The aim? To never allow diverse meaningful information to become direct, meaningful political power and movements at the grassroots level that have concrete effects in the pubic domain.

You are in a contrived right vs. left banker-funded dialectic. When you are exhausted, beaten, and crying out for certainty and freedom from fear and anxiety, the final solution will be offered you….

…. Both the old alt-media and Main Stream Media are all controlled by the same NATO and Marine psyche warfare operation run out of private data analytic companies, like Dynology and Clear Force, to name just a few. These work in tandem with private security contractor teams playing crisis actor, larpa, and johnny-on-the-spot witness for critical events.. There are vast pools of registered out-of-work actors and gophers recruited in the same vein as a criminal informant for police operations. Many, but not all, of these people are literally registered pedophiles, drug dealers and users for the real dirty jobs….

This is all an expendable work force. Just as the East German Stasi, recruited and maintained its RAT Lines, and a lot of them were literally rats, of street information and gangstalking teams. These are IIA operations as set up in Iraq and Afghanistan, aka military psychological warfare operations…. They’ve been around for centuries. But now it is an absolute science applied to multiple avenues of information flow. From the so-called mainstream to the Alt Media.

… We are all part of this system. We are all in the pool they can draw from, puff up, delete, suppress, and use as they wilt when the data analytics indicate short, medium, and long-term requirements for information-limited release, controlled release, or outright suppression and deletion. This is large scale military-intelligence-based psychological warfare designed and applied to the enemies of the United States overseas and now brought home and privatized, but still run by the same military personnel in private subcontractor form.”

Excerpt from Department of Defense- IIA Operations Paper (June 8, 2007):


SUBJECT: Policy for Department of Defense (DOD) Interactive Internet Activities

Purpose: Interactive Internet Activities are an essential part of DOD’s responsibilities to provide information to the public, shape the security environment, and support military operations. This policy provides authority and guidance for these activities.

Definition: This policy defines interactive internet activities as: the use of a system accessible via the internet which allows for two-way communications, e.g., email, blogs, chat rooms, and internet bulletin boards, in a timely if not real time basis; as opposed to a system in which
in which information flows only one way.

Media: Combatant Commanders and ASD (PA) will ensure that only public affairs personnel engage in interactive internet activities with journalists employed by media organizations including news websites, online bulletin boards, and blog sites affiliated with news organizations. Some individuals and websites not affiliated with established news sources have become recognized news sources for large audiences giving them stature equivalent to an established news organization. Only public affairs organizations may engage such designated individuals and websites. It is the responsibility of all Combatant Commanders when the internet communications of specific individuals and websites rise to a level equivalent to a news organization.”

O’Connell: “This is the Wall Street- (City of London- British) East India Trading Company private army and intelligence network running around the United States and elsewhere under the guise of free enterprise. This is what John F. Kennedy sought to end by breaking the Wall Street-CIA union into “a thousand pieces” and handing over all overseas covert operations into the hands of the US military and plausible government oversight, to some degree. This move directly broke the East India-UK-European banking cartel grip on the United States military and intelligence apparatus power machine.

And we know what happened next via the Israeli kill team…. (JFK assassination.) Walt Whitman Rostow and Kissinger never looked so happy with Lyndon Johnson (Webmaster: all Jews) post-Kennedy killing, did they?” (7:50)

Kay Griggs: Walt Whitman Rostow is a very dangerous man. Because he is a communist. He was one of the wise men in Kennedy’s administration. I think he was probably responsible for the movement that got Kennedy murdered. I believe it was an Israeli group which did it with some of these rogues.

O’Connell: (After the JFK assassination) “The continued in-your-face long-term privatization, or corporatization, of the ultimate power method of coercion, i.e. killing, thereby avoided any and all public scrutiny that would be afforded via government departments and strict regulations and guidelines, and the transparency afforded by the US Senate and Congress, and above all, freedom of information legislation. Finally, topped off, in our dreams, with an engaged and interested citizenry demanding personal and government accountability.

But the aforementioned methods combined with good old-fashioned blackmail and bribery, is the system of control (that) was embedded and grows more powerful every single day, sucking the life from the body politic before our eyes… And we sit and do absolutely nothing.

This is the old British Empire union of Queen Victoria and the UK-European-Rothschild (Jewish) banking cartel. The East India Trading Company and its present internationalist right and left arms, the Henry Kissinger and George Soros (Jewish-Zionist) networks, to name but a few.

That union was always very shaky…. Which (of these) power group could you never talk about?

Lt. Kristi Cook (Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer MONG):
“I went to the University of Illinois for a military history. So by trade I’m actually a historian. Following graduating from the University of Illinois, I went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where I studied Museum Administration. I wound up graduating with my Masters in Public Administration . And that’s when I went into ROTC. So I commissioned with my Masters degree in 2012. Especially with me studying history, I had no idea how relevant history and cyber would actually relate. So what I do a lot of time, is I’m actually tracking our threats. So what’s going on in the news of politics today has everything to do with cyber operations actually taking place. So I’m telling the team what’s going on so we know what to be on the lookout for as we conduct our cyber operations day to day.”

O’Connell: .. “Everything you see is a stage-managed or co-opted natural event designed to delete, suppress, channel, divert, and misdirect human energies, thoughts, behaviors, and actions that would threaten the status quo, i.e., bankers and their plans for a psychologically battered peasantry… that is suitably conditioned for compliant, placid herd behavior, a la CCP China, ready to be herded into the electrified pen of the UN Habitat Smart Cities program where, if they are feeling benevolent, you’ll be slowly battered into sterility and placidity and dial in with your virtual reality glasses on and free high-speed internet in your 200 square foot apartment…” (14:00)

The enemy is now us. And just who did win the Cold War?

We need the full story, the big picture. (In all media presentations), they will be emitting two things: the centrality of bankers and the centrality of Israel… in every plot, every fake news, every false flag, every time.

After the Berlin Wall came down, what was found in the Stasi files? One third of the East German adult population was bought-and-paid-for registered Stasi informers, another one third of the East German adult population was an informal off-the-books informants for the state. So two thirds of the East German population was informing on each other… So many of the East Germany Stasi apparatus ended up in Israel.

All of you… think about how you’re are going to be judged by history.”

Show Notes

Is it time to have a good re-think about what “standards” we tolerate from the online media stars?

Ola internet amigo’s, digging into the Kenosha kid, James O’Keefe And Patrick Bergy. Don’t fret, its not going to be that bad.

So much is happening, Bill and the gang are warning of bio warfare and weaponized small pox… and we’ll get into that in a video soon, and where someone might be manufacturing that potential material.

We’ll wind up the video with a quick commentary on the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal… a gift from above.

We need to ask serious questions about how we readily accept a constant stream of “never quite enough” information, in “never quite the right way”, from the well heeled internet media stars. Not that PB is that well heeled…but you’ll get the message.

We are starved and readily accept slops – better than nothing.

We need to ask the right questions with the right mature approach and then we might get some interesting conclusions.

We have learned so much about IIA Operations – Interactive Internet Activities – psychological warfare operations. And despite this mountain of information and learning, we continue to be run in circles, unable to engage in self evident adult responses to simple problems. Why is that? IIA Operations.



MUST WATCH – – – The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)…


*UN Refugee Application | Brendon O’Connell – 100MB PDF file*…

*Industrial Zionism: Espionage, Deception, & Interstitial Compromise*…

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1 month ago
A must read document.

UN Refugee Application | Brendon O’Connell – 100MB PDF file

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Never stop doing what you are doing Brendan. Be patient with us, we have a lot of IIA psychological warefare to undo.

Scott F
1 month ago (edited)
I’ve seen this on his Patreon account. I believe this is in his top 5 video list. Definitely top 10. It didn’t hold back on anything. Great video Brendon.

EndGame Eschatology (back-up)
1 month ago
Continue keeping it real and balanced Brendon… us crazy folk (beginners) need it!!

1 month ago
Always keeping it 100%. Thanks Brendon. Please read the Contagion Myth by Thomas Cowan. Follow up with Stephan Lanka’s work. Your opinion on what a “virus” is will undoubtedly change. Much love from the Gulag 🇨🇦

1 month ago
Love your work! Your eloquent, masterful synopsis is spot on and dialectic feeds them all! The savior mentality which is trumps role is psychology 101! Appreciate depth of your journalism.

Joel Patino
1 month ago
Yes a very depressing reality check. But liberating. Thanks.

Tracie Pratte
1 month ago
Thank you for ypur work. As much as the many want this to just go back to normal we know this will never happen. They are ALL involved!! You can see what the next step will be by how they lead you to a certain outcome. Or suggest and then it happens? C’mon. This is a well oiled machine they gave us a peek into just enough to get us to pick a side. The children was a huge part of it and playing on the human emotions to get them to engage and keep sitting and waiting for the outcome that never came. This is why they so hard on parents and pushing the “trans agendas” on children without the permission or knowledge of the parents? This is all designed to get people to react and go do a certain actions. They know how people react therefore the programs they use over and over are proven to work from our past. Look in past and shows how they keep people in a certain mind frame that keeps them in line. Billions in schools and med and psyc hospitals to experiment on humans to KNOW HOW PEOPLE REACT. They did it to military for years and clinical trials are just scary programs. Schools never ask a child a new concept, the job is to learn and regurgitate what they say is FACT. Another brick in the wall.

Scott Watrous
1 month ago
Excellent tutorial Brendon. I will have a better time of it trying to help friends and associates understand this bigger picture. And to your audience : if you don’t succeed in showing this to at least one solid citizen who comprises Trump’s base this week you are part of the problem. Think about it. You see the level of compliance. Why would they not go for broke right now?

Peter Piper
1 month ago
Great work as always mate. You are one of the best journalists currently doing the rounds.

Artemisia Burgeis
1 month ago
Thank you again Brendan.
I loved the film “The Lives of Others” and also interesting trivia about Ulrich Muhe, the main actor…after the fall of the Eastern block, he found out his wife was an informant and he died a year after the film’s release, of cancer (well, that’s the story we’re told).

1 month ago
Most excellent Brendon!

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Lays it on the line, crystal clear to interpret any other headline. Well done!!

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“Hope dies last.” What a masterpiece video. Bravo!

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The maestro at work….Bravo 👏

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Brilliant! Thanks for fighting for the survival of humanity!

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You’ve missed the feud between Bergy and Tore. You can catch up on Twitch. BTW you are so right about Tore

After Burner
1 month ago
I’ve seen some chat on Telegram, saying Patrick Bergy has fallen out with Tore. He’s listening to you Brendon.
I listened to Kay Griggs around 2010/11. Awesome revelations!

1 month ago
i’ve got the basics down but continue to try to assimilate the breadth of information you dispense. you are a force and greatly appreciated. AJ was easy to ID, as was JKush, the sly Stone and others; and something about O’Kf and PatB raised a flag many months ago. so thank you for that confirmation. and good grief: you should be a movie producer:

Kangaroo Kids
1 month ago
More and more people sense the inconsistencies. Please continue with your excellent work.
Have a wonderful holiday season. Prayers do get answered.

Miss-andry Begone
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Thank you Brendon. Fabulous as always. God Bless.

1 month ago (edited)
The BEST introduction on all videos! I would like to transcribe and print your introduction in our publication.

The Perfect Bastard
1 month ago (edited)
The State Department runs much of these IIA operations through the Global Engagement Center, a $160M a year facility (with ex-Navy intelligence officer and one-time FOX NEWS anchor Lea Gabrielle as Special Envoy) which was approved through the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (Section 1287), signed into law by Obama on December 26th, 2016 as the Portman-Murphy Anti Propaganda Bill, which legalized the use of State sponsored propaganda on US citizens (and citizens of US allies in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) by utilizing non-state actors to “fight against” foreign malign content online from Russia and other enemies of America and its allies.
The Global Engagement Center works with third party contractors, mainstream and alternative media, academics think-tanks, and non-governmental groups (like the ADL).
Obama signed this into law knowing that Trump’s Zionist administration would utilize these powers just several days later…because both parties are owned and operated by Zionist/communist globalists (Stalinists corporatists on the left, and Trotskyite military industrialists on the right).
The funny part is that when I commented about this on one of Brendon’s videos three years ago, he dismissed me as crazy and a Jon Swinn fanboy that (whom I was unaware of at that time), and now Brendon has finally come around…too bad he places a lot of “trust” in Trump and Bannon.

1 month ago (edited)
Another quality video. Keep Going Brendon!

Bryan Sperry
1 month ago
Thank you for your research..I’ve learned a lot..

Craig Bagwarn
1 month ago
Great video mate. You do it so well! A great perspective cutting to the core.

1 month ago
Not for nothing, but I learned of you from Bergy, during the summer, where he publicly talked of you,and have since, been a follower. I agree, he got sucked into the Tore BS, and the vicious bite back of her’s, but he learned the hard way, that he was her tool, which IMO, was her intention.

Barbara Carlson
2 weeks ago
I haven’t watched this channel in so long. This was a phenomenal video.

Bor odel
1 month ago
Thank you so much for this information. For the big picture check George Kavassilas, the 3 layers , our journey home. Then you know what we dealing with, but also the force we have in ourselves. If we humans are in our true power, they have no chance. Greetings from the Netherlands!

Abraham from TN
1 month ago
Great information as always keep it coming !

Brad Payne
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This one should be in your “must watch” playlist 👌

Heavy Weights Light Feels
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This is one of your best videos yet mate. I hope we can safely meet as sovereign men someday. I want to give you the biggest handshake and hug. Thank you for the work you do.

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

Tony Caldarola
1 month ago
I don’t remember how exactly, but I found you through Bergy. I think it may have been one podcast you were on together. It did puzzle me why he doesn’t reference you more though…. Why a lot of them out there don’t.

Ivan Hostettler
1 month ago
Thank you Sir for all your work😇⚜ never give up

clare kneebone
1 month ago
Wow …great video, my first encounter with your work..thankyou so much as I heard so much rational common sense. All akin to Alan Watt who never held back from demonstrating the history of the bankers and how they affect us today but sadly he has gone now. I will listen to your other videos too…thanks again

Justice Truth
1 month ago
Fantastic work! Thank you.

Thomas Meadows
1 month ago
Thanks brother. Much respect. Bullitt county Kentucky.

1 month ago
You hit the nail on the head about IAA operations. I know something was amiss with all of the constant infighting, drama, doxxing, character assassination and spamming in the Bitchute communities. Especially when you refuse to identify as a Natsoc and remain relatively politically stagnant or “unsure”.

I would keep shifting back and forth to “leftist Marxist” to indifferent. I agree that race is real and should be considered. However; do not advocate for supremacy of any kind. I also cannot lie and say that the immigration has not caused significant tensions and cultural clash because it certainly has. All with the help of the Open Society and Liberal NGOs.

The Conservative CIA controlled opposition mentions race but offers no solutions. It stifles discussion just as the left side of the controlled spectrum does. That even includes Chomsky. ALL nations deserve to have their national sovereignty. Forcing everybody to assimilate into one society never ends well. We see this throughout history.

Genocides are often the result of this. Our tribalistic tendencies will kick in and we will force out outsiders. How can we address the natural issues in such a way that doesn’t get branded as racist or bigoted?

1 month ago
Great video .. same question I ask. You are the Only One that is highlighting the whole strategic gameplay being executed. Why is this?

You go article by article and sentence by sentence of their plan. All documented.

1 month ago
Brendon, thank you,so very good, keep it going.god bless you.rob.

craig charleston
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One of the BEST from their “Brendon” operation… yet !!!

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That was great & I shared. Thanks!

Our Still Small Voice Inc.
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Brendon I’d like to watch the uncensored version & could not find it on Brighteon when I looked earlier. Will you be adding it? Thank you so much for your work.

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

1 month ago
I stopped watching “alt media” a good while ago. There comes a time when you follow your gut and trust yourself

john heffernan
1 month ago
Well done brendon a light in the darkness

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

Mirsad Seferovic
1 month ago
Excellent work bro!

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

1 month ago
Let’s go Brendon!!!

1 month ago
I appreciate your effort to wake folks up. Everyone of us is born hypnotized with our brains in the theta state for seven years while we are programmed by our tribe.
The Jesuits were well aware of this as well as the Spartans, Romans and Prussians. You went to kindergarten I presume?

When the tele-screen technology caught up to the game, we had already been duped for 100 years by the industrialists. They funded public education to create the unquestioning worker in the eighteen hundreds which starts with your hypnotized mind sitting in kindergarten.

Our grandparents could not figure out what the central bankers were doing and by 1912, we were done in when our federal government signed a contract with private bankers to print money and use Americans for collateral!
After 13 years of chaos caused by GOVERNMENT prohibiting alcohol a federal police force had been well established when it came time to confiscate America’s gold.
In 1933 this private bank then took possession of swaths of American farmland and homes when the market crashed and shortly after “World War 2” congress never had to declare war again as the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX took root with organized crime and government corruption.

Earlier the corporate agriculture machine had burgeoned from stolen water of Owens Valley California creating the illusion of good stewardship while the farmers back East got subsidies to NOT grow certain things.
Common Sense?

When you wake up to the movie you are in, you will see why there are groups of people that could care less if you were dead. It is written in their texts that they have been chosen to be here and you were not. They are not Jews, they are the RULING CLASSES.

They have shared their play book with each other and implement best practices to control their slaves.

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

Our Still Small Voice Inc.
1 month ago
Excellent video. Thank you.

Dee Jaye
8 days ago (edited)
About a year ago in Texas an attendee of a big event asked Sidney Powell about Israel’s influence. She nervously replied no comment and moved quickly to the next question. Revealing.

Troy Gothard
4 weeks ago
Mark my words.
You, sir, are on the cusp of receiving everything owed to you. Entering Aquarius comes to mind. You’re just years ahead. “EYE” get it. I average about 2 years ahead in my demographic.

A Alassadi
1 month ago
Brilliant video Brendon. Salute

Marc Torres
1 month ago
Great video, 1 of your best for sure. It is very depressing shyt I have to admit. Sometimes I watch your Bird is the word video and dance to it to feel better. No wonder why alcohol and drug use has skyrocketed the past few years. Like Junior Soprano once said WHILE HE WAS CRYING AT A FUNERAL, Whats the Fu@kin point?

leolady stewart
1 month ago
We are going to live off grid and grow our own food. You were right about crypto crash, hope it comes back up again, our government has just made us jobless by mandating the you know what.

Jesus Messiah
1 month ago
They have turned on ole boy Patrick, you warned him haha thanks brendon for risking your life your earthly experience to teach us lazy asses about the truth, even tho it’s Gunn’s get a lot worse thanks. Really pray for you and for God to grant you very high station in the next life

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👍 Awesome as always!

Ahati Maat
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Ola lol spoken like a true Gringo…keep up the great work!

Patrick Foster
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Well done my friend, well done.
Cheers! P[><]F Dee Jaye 1 month ago Brilliant! Tom K 1 month ago I noticed Bergy posted this video up on his twitter feed. Interesting. peter kohl 1 month ago Nobody like Brendon on the World Wide Web, prepare to have your eyes opened! Manuel Guerra del Mar 1 month ago Excellent video Brendon Mark Anthony Stringfellow 1 month ago Redoubtable Work Indeed!!! Michael Doukas 1 month ago Nicely done. However, you appeal to the judgment of History numerous times. But if History is written by the winners, have you overlooked that, or do you expect victory? Snickers23 1 month ago I appreciate you speaking more calmly (not meant to be an insult). Paul Hogan 1 month ago Excellent video Brendon. Do you fancy a stroll up Cobbit Hill? 😜 Daniel Davison 1 month ago Love And Respect From Australia dudemar1000 1 month ago The Lives Of Others, great movie. yaya Q 1 month ago Great job Brendon and as you said regarding these 2 journalists to go deeper , I encourage you dear one to go deeper as well , go wider , deeper bigger, back to .... In the beginning of Genisis 1 , then to the fall of Adam and Eve , to Genisis 6 and the fall of the watcher angels , and find the link from Azazel to to all the men or families of the east India trading co. YAHUAH BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU MAY HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU MAY HIS COUNTENANCE BE WITH YOU AND GIVE YOU PEACE cosmo 1 month ago Always had my suspicions of Project Veritas Mother Earth 1 month ago I’m curious on you’re opinion on David Knight? Seems legit. He & AJ had a falling out over Steve P. ScienceUnbiased 1 month ago @18:44 You didn't point out the chairman of Teg & who they might be related to - though I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Boo Galoo 1 month ago Why not cover the Ghislaine Maxwell trial its on going case, how many people can she link up to?... katie yee 1 month ago Bergys a compromised fool..he started out good then turned...God Bless him... Justin Albert 1 month ago Learn more from u than anyone at a total over view. And I caught in 1 of your videos a slipped in truth for those paying attention. Being in Sydney possible first cab of the rank.Aussie and Aboriginal family I gotta say that your not racist as when u got the 3 here made u to be. I done 15 in Sydney and herd some one say about u being a Muslim lover and had the dribble to mention Casarina and lebos for proof lol. And being anti semetic. I don't think you are either. Your Human rights like me and hold integrity to life and your work. You know how I know u hit nails. Because I go to like but know what it actually means as I know others are followed but your work would be watched like crazy..I wanna Survive but can't stay quiet to my morals. I ain't racist we even have Asian and Muslim in f a mile as well. But like u said in another video this ain't politics and ethnicity or sexuality driven. It's power and money driven and like all us caught up in others plans. I see u as someone I'm glad I found that put a level head on the game. I hope we all get through and hope you stay true and come back 1 day when Australia hopefully shakes this world shit. Like theirs enough latte and pie for all.But I must admit I understand why normal people or internet play angles and leave some out,out of fear.but I just can't understand all the military and high up that go a long without losing their shit. I'm on a trigger hear and like u would know done 15 and out 10 new baby this is really hard to keep cool. But I'll never understand military and leaders who put this power over their people. Unless they are all one already I just don't get it. I'm sick of it all. The amount of mental stress on everyone's kids and all life lost for what. Fuck just be honest or FUCKEN just do it. But I guess the breaking is how to achieve it all. Anyway stay true and strong and proud a Aussie rips all the shit over all these patriot journalists who know more but hold back. And this why unless truth comes to light and resolved u will be the most limited hangout going. It's fucked when the best is broke and pushed aside.Dont go to London now you'll make me eat my words lol dublplus 1 month ago Not calling Brendan a limited hangout, but where is the focus on covid/vaccine mandate and how crucial a play it is for the authoritarians dominance. Your focus on IIA and Israel resonates true, but how can we ignore this huge play bigger than any other? I have no doubt AJ (and others) have trouble going all in on IIA and Israel, but AJ is perfectly righteous on this issue. Broward_Bravado 1 month ago I guess you haven't seen Brandon that Bergy had a falling out w ToRe. He should stick to attacking Stone, Flynn and others bc w him attacking ToRe now makes him look foolish. Dgaf brapman 1 month ago kinda funny how alex jones was sitting next to the only trans person in the room on that podcast with joe rogan and tim pool. Moriel Logos 1 month ago You missed me