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1. The “JADE” In Jade Helm 15 Is An A.I. SOFTWARE Program


3. DJ Welch – on the Coming AI Takeover – The Hagmann Report 4/11/17

4. JADE HELM: “MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN”-1033 Program & Exec Order 1368

5. Summary of GEOINT Symposium 2015 Update

at 14:00: DJ Welsh (Moderator):

Reads from Final Report of GEOINT symposium: Written by intelligence professionals… re: multi-INT persistent surveillance….. This is network-centric warfare where each person is a human network node.

Welsh: “Global data collection is being accelerated on every level. Human beings are being transformed into nodes on the Global Information Grid. As far as this network centric-Artificial Intelligence system is concerned, you will be reduced to the sum total of the data collected on you. And that is the end game in the quest to control more than 7 billion people on the planet…… “Mastering the Human Domain.”

They’re collecting everything (data on everybody). Their customers are the proponents of global government. Their adversaries appear to be the unbridled masses of humanity.

This could also be considered gang stalking. From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized gang stalking as a secret and illegal weapon for subversion… the perfect operation in this context is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded and eventually seeks what appears to be the only available outlet, suicide.”

From document: Use change detection techniques, to target for tasking perhaps targeted crowd sourcing or social media mining.

Welsh: This is a mass psyop.

From Summary Document: Develop community sourcing. The DOD and IC (Intelligence Community) have a wealth of local knowledge. Enlist a “crowdsourcing entity” to develop “our crowd” Help develop “our crowd” into “our community…. It’s time for the terrestrial geospatial community to take some wind from the mariner’s sails and see if the accelerating availability of sources can be incorporated into a continuously maintained spatial database. It’s important to start the experment.”

Welsh: Right in time for Jade Helm 15.

IC ITE: Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise