Moderator: “The interesting number of books that he has, an interesting number of ways that targeted an individual and the
technologies that are being used on the society as a whole and not just here, but around the United States and around the
Planet…this being a fact and something that our military and the fusion centers and our government has been using against us.“
„..and some of the details of the technology that´s being used and that´s a huge step forward because that´s something that we haven´t been able to do in the t-i community for more than 30 years and of course what´s critical about that is you can´t file a lawsuit and just the US government there´s got to be somebody on the other end of that lawsuit as a defendant and you´ve got to have strong solid evidence to back it up and so I think what we´ve done during 2018 with a number of the t-i community websites and leadership groups such as targeted justice comm PACs International Freedom for targeted individuals. ..they are literally two steps away from President Trump. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

In my opinion the CIA really runs this show from the highest levels of government. There are many high-ranking government officials that are involved with this, that have full knowledge of it, that continue to fund it from one year to the next and the amounts that go into this targeted individual program run into the many billions, many many billions and this has been going on for many many years, it’s disturbing on many levels that our government and individual government employees would be willing to stoop to the level of torture, literal torture on a daily basis for more than a million people worldwide. I’ve recently written a book called „targeted individuals estimated numbers“ and the best estimate that I can provide is about 170,000 adults in the United States are currently being targeted as targeted individuals and many in that group unfortunately are not even aware of the program, they’re told by their doctors that .. they’re just delusional and that they need to take strong doses of medicine and that that will take solve the problem and and unbeknownst to both the victim and the doctor is part of a very sophisticated CIA program that extends from the days of MKULTRA the Frank church a senator from the 1970s tried to shut these programs down, illegal programs by the CIA down… the Church Committee hearings of 1975, they were blockbusters and Senator Church did his best to shut these down, unfortunately the CIA just moved the location change the names and kept doing what they wanted to do and that’s that’s part of the reason I advocate the abolishment of the CIA organization and I think as this comes to greater light I think this will go a long way and seeing that the CIA is shut down permanently and all of those employees scattered, retired or put on permanent leave, those employees are culpable, the ones that willingly participate should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the CIA the Air Force Space Command the Department of Homeland Security any right to conduct the criminal activities and operations that have been going on, it is disturbing on so many levels. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

„..and the system has been thoroughly abused what we find is there is an entire organization with thousands of employees who show up for work every day with the intent and purpose of torturing people, that is a felony in the United States federal laws, in federal code and I have pointed out a number of those laws that are in serious violation, in a letter that was written by myself and with the help of others in the targeted justice community and from the Houston T.I. meetup group that meets once a month, so .. many of us have signed that letter we´ve included the communities of some large organizations… demanding that they stop these illegal operations and we´ve quoted chapter and verse right out of the United States Code, the laws that accompany that, ..a cover image of the ebook the governors of gang stalking..through brave efforts of three police whistleblowers who in 2018 individually came forward on a talk show and I even spoke to one of them on the phone for about 45 minutes and they described that the fusion centers in the United States are used for control stations for gang stalking, every state in the United States has a primary fusion center and and a number of states have secondary centers as well for example here in Texas we have the primary fusion center in Austin and then we have secondary centers one in Houston and one in Dallas and I believe one in San Antonio and all of these fusion centers coordinate together with the Department of Homeland Security, they´re provided training they´re provided key personnel they´re provided grant money, they´re provided database software, contact lists, they´re given policies and procedures and told you must follow these policies and procedures or you´re not going to get your grant money every year, so basically the DHS has set this up deliberately so that they can pretend that these fusion centers are private organizations and therefore not subject to Freedom of Information requests… (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

„The folks that were providing the funding in the direction and the key personnel to all the fusion centers and the funds above them come down from the Director of National Intelligence the DNI now the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is a very large program, these folks basically run all 17 of the intelligence agencies in the US government, so that funding if you go to the the DNI gov website you´ll see statements that they have made that they provide 100% of the funding that goes to the Department of the DHS intelligence and analysis group who then provide funds and funding and grant money to these fusion centers, so we have a direct link tracing from these fusion centers to DHS intelligence and analysis office and the DNI, that´s very important later on I will discuss how targeted individuals are tracked through these offices and how the FBI is involved, that also is very important because it helps us identify key personnel that are involved. We want to identify the people, not just the organization´s these are organizations are deliberately secretive and we´ve got to be smarter than they are to uncover them and unmask them so. I´m encouraging other researchers out there to do their own homework and look into these organizations. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

“The National Counterterrorism Center run under the DNI.Gov organization is clearly involved, they are the ones who identify and put on what´s called the TIDE Database, they are the ones that list and control the International targeted individuals, so TI that are located in Europe Asia and Africa, all of that is run through the National Counterterrorism Center and the person that is the director of that Center is a man named Joseph Maguire, he´s the director, he´s culpable he is fully responsible for his actions and the actions are happening in his organization and that´s somebody we want to keep in mind so there´s there´s two significant databases that effected targeted individuals worldwide there´s a database that is run within the United States that´s called the terrorist screening center and that´s run that´s run here in the United States..and he is the director of the terrorist screening center they are the ones that identify and help select targeted individuals in the United States and that goes into a database called the terrorist screening database that is loosely called the terror watchlist. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

„Joseph Maguire (born 1952) retired from the United States Navy as a Vice Admiral in 2010 after 36 years of military service. Prior to retiring from active duty, he was the Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning at National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). NCTC´s mission is to lead the U.S. Government in strategic operational planning and counter-terrorism intelligence in order to combat terrorist threats to the U.S. and its interests. Previously, Vice Admiral Maguire was Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, Navy´s component of the U.S. Special Operations Command and the Special Operations Component of the U.S. Navy. His first flag assignment was in United States Special Operations Command as the Director of Strategic Assessments and Resources.

Maguire is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a foundation which provides scholarship grants as well as educational counseling to the children of fallen Special Operations troops. The foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded warriors and their families. In June 2018, he was nominated to be the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center by President Donald Trump.

This nomination was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December 2018… a leader in the U.S. Navy SEAL community.“”

„..but the first thing they do is that here in the United States they put them on the FBI’s terror screening Center database and from there that feeds into other databases and allows, it eventually goes to Interpol and NATO and a number of other organizations internationally, but the first step is the individuals name is entered through the FBI onto the terror watch list and there’s a number of phases nothing happens right away, but the CIA gets involved, their division called psychological operations gets involved, to identify key family members that are part of the person’s support group and it’s generally family members, but it could be friends and those are the people that they target to manipulate and I won’t go into too much detail on that but I think most TI’s will know what I’m talking about the folks that set that up and design that or the CIA in Denver and they’ve got a group called psyops or psychological operations they are the ones that figure out which of your family members are in your support team your support group and they’re the ones that they go after with the the microwave manipulation and the mind manipulation that was learned through MKULTRA, so the next step without getting into too much detail I’ll briefly cover this you’ll see how this information feeds to the fusion center and soon after the individual begins to experience gang stalking and the breakdown of their family relationships and it’s very disturbing on a number of levels. It does meet the definition of illegal torture under the Geneva Conventions that’s very important for legal matters and lawsuits under Article 32 of the Geneva Conventions psychological torture is a war crime and punishable by up to and including the death penalty, so that’s how serious it is, so the folksinn the CIA and the FBI and the DHS that are involved they can be brought before the International Criminal Court and charged with war crimes, it’s a felony offense here in the United States and a war crime, punishable by the death penalty, very very serious, from the fusion center the Air Force Space Command which is headed by General John Raymond gets involved, these folks are located mostly at Schriever Air Force Base, they control more than 175 satellites in orbit, the most or all of those satellites have weapons on board, the most important satellite constellation group that they use is called the nav star system, the nav star GPS system that’s used for tracking you and I’ve got a separate diagram that will show in a bit to show how that particular satellite system works and the Air Force Space Command uses it to track every one, very important emphasis here, not just targeted individuals, everyone in the United States is currently being tracked by a satellite constellation group called nav star these are very high speed computers, the latest generation has eight antennas it can track, according to my best estimates about 800 million people at once from one satellite, amazing feat of Engineering, all done through the Air Force Space Command and near Colorado Springs, so the weapons that are involved one of them is called a rotator this, again is also fairly recent information for more than 30 years now TI’s have been experiencing the satellite microwave attacks…specifically this is coming from a satellite and the weapon is called a Vorcator, it was first launched in 1987 and it’s part of what’s called the thunderbolt system, was manufactured by a company called titan corporation in San Leandro California and has since been acquired by a company called L3 Technologies. I encourage those that want to research that to look it up so some of the other technologies that are involved include the cell tower system, that’s operated by a number of cell tower companies: Verizon AT&T; Sprint, T-Mobile, they’re all involved, they’ve all got their own cell towers … every time I’ve gone to a new city, I have determined any operational cell tower, every single operational cell tower is emitting microwave pulses at your head 24 hours a day, so any cell tower that’s roughly within about two miles of you is trying to hit you with microwave bullets and this is literate it’s very important everyone is being tracked and hit with these microwave pulsed technologies, not just targeted individuals the other way of looking at that is to say that everyone… is a targeted individual, they’re simply not aware of it most of them are just not aware of it. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“
„I agree there there’s there’s a huge complicity with the mental health community and the doctors that are involved there, they are fully aware of what’s going on and they actively contribute to cover it up which is despicable on so many levels, but we’ll save that detail for for a different conversation, but I’m glad that you did bring that up the the mental the mental health community is seriously involved in this and and certainly part of the cover-up. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

“In my exposures I have been in Underground Cities I have worked for the Iridium Satellite Project, I’ve been the the Doctor for U.S. Space Command Strategic Defense, the Echelon project and the world identification and I’ve taken care of people that have been in the most classified facilities on the Planet, in Colorado and Colorado has more classified material Underground there and more computing power, quantum computing then all the rest of the Planet put together by a very large order of magnitude and most of these facilities are in Underground Cities and I was in one of them and it was very impressive. (Dr. Bill Deagle)”

“There is a on the political side ace a organization called the Council on Foreign Relations that was founded by David Rockefeller who passed away last year.

There are many videos I will try to go into the details on this but I will encourage you to look up the basics of
the Council on Foreign Relations: There are four people at the top of this organization that work closely with the CIA and their goal unfortunately is to get control of the United States government and its population it is one of the most disturbing mind-boggling ideas it´s it´s difficult to believe that anyone would take on something like this, but it´s they´ve been doing this been in the works for almost a hundred years and there´s there´s a long history that goes with it I encourage folks to look it up it is closely connected to the forming of the Federal Reserve in 1915 approximately the Federal Reserve had both the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and a number of what other wealthy families involved, it is connected to the founding of the United Nations David Rockefeller provided the land for the building of the first United Nations building it is connected with that as well so folks that are interested I encourage you go out and to do the research on that let me talk a little bit about gang stalking, because there´s gonna be listeners and viewers that that are not familiar with that turn and don´t really understand what it means initially this this is an idea a psychological torture method that developed it was developed by the Stasi, the secret police over in Germany both during and after World War two the Stasi had a very nasty reputation for harassing brutalizing murdering and making people disappear and to this day you´ll find that German citizens, I´ve traveled to Germany many times, German citizens are particularly sensitive about their privacy rights and primarily due to the ones who went through and experienced that Stasi period in the 1940s and 1950s and very difficult for Americans to comprehend because we just haven´t seen anything like that yet the targeted individuals here in the United States know what I´m talking about. (Richard Lighthouse)(2019)(9.2.)“

Conspiracy Revelation: 23.4.2019: Obviously the traitors of Humanity hidden in the Navy-CIA, Arpa, GeStaPo-FBI/BKA/CoIntelPro2/BND/DIA, USAF Crime Inc., New World Order Zionazi Corporate Empire and USSOC, Pentagon Inc., Vatican Inc, Alphabet Inc. , probably also in the “OTO” and all the other ShadowGov Factions and UN/DoD/CFR/Nasa forgot this golden rule of holografic quantum systems: