The Genocidal California Fire Operation (youtubes)

Compiled by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS

Epigraph Quote:

He who controls the weather will control the world. President Lyndon B. Johnson

Webmaster’s comment: While most of the information and video images provided below seem credible and reliable and should be examined by those wishing to know the true causes of the California wildfires, I wish to caution viewers that most of the youtubes below (#2 – 6) are made by an anonymous individual who goes by the handle: “Aplanetruth.” This individual mixes apparently good information and legitimate photography with occasional advocacy of the “Flat Earth theory” and the idea that “the Jesuits” are behind all this. As a veteran researcher, former full professor, and webmaster of five websites, I can assure readers and listeners with 100% certainty that both of these propositions are nonsense. (Overwhelming evidence indicates that the “International Zionist Criminal Syndicate” (Veterans Today journalist, Preston James’ terminology) is behind these New World Order operations. And the past 500 years of scientific investigations prove that the earth is spheroidal; the technical term for it is “oblate elipsoid” because it has a slightly greater circumference at the equator.)

So, unfortunately, it appears that at least some of that the makers of these “subscriber-funded” youtubes are (deliberately or unconciously) spreading “disinformation.” Disinformation is comprised of about 90% accurate information and about 10% falsehoods. For this reason, viewers are advised to maintain a critical attitude when trying to understand these horrific and criminal operations. Indeed, similar to Operation 9/11, these operations also utilize “trauma based mind control” techniques against the public. Additionally, since the people making these youtube videos seem generally not to have an academic background in the topics they are covering, viewer caution and critical thinking is required there as well.

In a court of law, if a witness lies, his testimony must be thrown out. I can only surmise that this is the reason that the maker of the “Aplanetruth” youtube videos mixes truth with obvious lies. The overall effect, unfortunately, is to discredit the truth and misdirect genuine truth seekers. Hence, it appears to me that “Aplanetreuth” may be intentionally deploying clever, insidious military-intelligence disinformation-discrediting tactics and/or he is a Jew, one of “Satan’s kids” who crucified the Lord of the Universe and are “hell bent” to advance their satan’s anti-christ-Jew World Order Agenda 21 (2030). (See “The Controllers” section of this and my websites).

That said, the main conclusions proffered here; namely, that these strange wildfires are man-made via directed energy weapons (DEW) and/or other advanced geroengineering/weather warfare/space-based weaponry in service of UN Agenda 21 and “disaster capitalism” agendas, seem irrefutable to me.

It also seems almost self-evident that the technologies utilized in these operations very much resemble those utilized in Operation 9/11 (See Dr. Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go?” and my website). Likewise, it is self-evident that the “perpetrators” of 9/11, the California geoengineered wildfires, the state-sponsored weather warfare terrorism of Hurricanes Harvey, Katrina, Sandy, Florence, etc., and GISTAPO-66 (global organized stalking/electronic torture/mind control operations) are the same entities.