The Gangstalking System Explained in Videos!

1) Police using mbans and gangsta aka signature reduction force 1/2 December 6, 2023

Providing a Sense of Touch through a Brain-Machine Interface

(police brain implants for everyone by 2017)

wban healthcare monitoring project

Referenced in Video:

Navigating Government Regulation in the New Medical Age Updated September 2014

New Technologies An Introduction to PART 1

Pentagon reportedly running secret army of 60,000 around the world


Gee thnx i am not creeped out enough as it is lol Thankfully i have never seen that

me too. but I have been noticing it since I got hacked in 2005 and then targeted for trying to fight back. I used to wrap my phone in foil and buy a new flip every week. Then they took a video thru my husband’s eyes (2009) and wirelessly transferred to my mp4 lil mini vid corder I bought for holidays and stuff. didn’t even know it had wireless capability. then after six months of continuous zaps shocks burning my skin , my periods stopped. I wrote down all license plates I knew were watching me with date time etc. so my husband could follow. I’ve always been super detail oriented so I knew I wasn’t a bit damn crazy. used to walk up to them in their vehicle and try and get em to talk. after those six mo I was late 30s early 40s my periods stopped for six mo. .then we had charter come out and check my computer because it was acting crazy. they told me scratching their heads ….your hardwired into our equipment BUT you aren’t on our network , I dont know what network your on…so I smashed it moved 90 miles and

Sabrina you might be interested in these vids and patents. This is the original source of the video you mention, lots more info.

wow! I heard of the digital angel thing back in the day. i gained lots of knowledge over the last few decades. this one i slept through until Sabrina. The Creator gives me what i need when i need it. the cool thing is my intuition which is also protecting me. The Creator confirms for me later, at the right time. thanks for this link!


I only watched the whole thing because EllesWell sent me a message All this stuff freaks me right out so i try very hard not to get so engaged in it. I remember a guy that went to the same boxing club as me Jay he got into it because i joined i never got involved with it that much i just loved the working out and the club i went to had a amazing man Tony Unitas who taught rejects like Donnie Lalonde trying to steer them straight Anyways Jay gets all hyped up and when he was sparring he would get carried away so much so guys were knocking him out and the nut was loving. Tony dies i quit shortly after his coke head son takes over fast forward a few years i am in a coffee shop and there is Jay sitting at a table talking to himself I go to talk and sit down and he starts with he is being watched that there is postlights watching him and he is being recorded me being me and dealing with what i did growing up did not write him off I had to be in my mid 20’s at the time and already knew of the birth certificate scam so i was freaked out but never dismissed anyone people called crazy i mean after all how can i with a name like Sir Batshit. Do not know what happened with Jay after that conversation i only saw him one other time and he did not know who i was.

This was a particularly poignant anecdote you just shared here.

I watched the vid 1-b/c you shared it 2-fully expecting that you had watched it I remember having seen it years ago, like so many things that are now resurfacing. It’s still quite grim info, though I do applaud it’s concise and extremely visual impact.◘

Being a misfit like yourself, and engaging in this stuff for about as long, I was again made to feel guilt/shame yesterday for allowing the sadness/angst/+ to be evident in my being. It does weigh heavy and it often shows. Apparently, it would just be better for everyone else if I pretend-act like everything is just fine…. can’t/won’t. Often it feels like just walking away from the tech completely would be a quality of life improvement so every year, for the last 5 yrs or so, I’ve lessened my digi-connex in some facet. This year included closing my 5yo Telegram acct. (which is why I won’t go back & join the psigroup)+wordpress+bankacct+cryptoacct+all things I could unsubscribe from ++.

Blessings on your day, Sir Batshit

Excellent video Sabrina
Thank you for continuing to break this down as it helps hearing the information in different ways. It’s crimes against humanity.
Thank you for sharing

there was a white van that leaves the scene outside the nail place the exact moment in that video few years back where the girl getting her nails done does the spinning in her chair and falls out.

good eye to pick that up

Is there a resource to see the yatch pot in OH that’s being referenced?


44 sec mark you go damn well darling i do my damn like this WTF +)_%&*)___)}{{}}} Damn it WTF

I’m glad to finally know what was happening upstairs. I thought I would never know. Thank you

2) 2023 rsa conference asserting meta warfare December 6, 2023

thank you psinergists

Communication Modeling in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)

4 Agent Based Modeling Examples


The Art of Metawar: Hacking & Weaponizing the Metaverse to Redefine Reality

google fingers
predaliens Dr on Myocaditis. Maybe pathetic slaves will stop being offended over words over TONE over truths and stop being worried about being criticized and made fun of for trying to save themselves and others Beacause you know what you will look pretty funny in a camp or holding facility trying to FINALLY speak up and you will look pathetic trying to reason with slaves JUST DOING THEIR JOB.

God is in charge. [:folded_hands:]
Snowden is a limited hangout.

Oh gee, I was in the bathroom while this refreshed and I thought I was hearing voices in my haed. [:laughing_2:] Quick someone pull me off the ceiling. [:rofl:]

lady what is a ‘limited hangout’ per your understanding?

Prometheus. Should be a must watch despite Sigourney Weaver not being in the film.
On a side note about Sigourney, one of my wife’s coworkers worked with Sigourney at a local charity event a number of years ago. Said she was a super nice and kind person as well as very intelligent. Myself, I have always liked her.

Alien through Alien 4 all were great films. Interesting that Alien came out same time as Star Wars did. When you compare the two “technologically” Alien looks like it was actually filmed in a real “craft”. The “effects” are much more realistic in the Alien series of movies.

Alien 4 is all about “hybridization”. Lot of red pills relevant to the current “Neph” war we find ourselves enrapt in.

Just my unbiased opinions of course. Totally worth the price the reader paid for them too!

agree completely

Bella, a song for you [:microphone:] Crazy Mama [:headphone:]
Seriously, thx for reviewing that “Art (?) of Metawar” vid. Valuable insights to the past, present and future.
My, my, RSAc’s got quite the marketplace and I’d never heard of ‘deception-based security’ before.

Mentioned in that vid was SJ Terp, an AI & Cybersecurity specialist w/ a technical background that includes cognitive security, information fusion, crowdsourcing, unmanned systems (including human-machine teaming), data governance++. In ‘Chaining Together Truths’ (
) she discusses AMITT (Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques), tested in trials with NATO, mentioning how it goes with the Cyber Killchain here:

* note who the reference source is at the bottom of article ~ LM

As of 2022, AMITT (
) has a new name: DISARM, and a new home:
* see “Who’s Responsible for DISARM (and a little history)” there…
and is in collaboration with MITRE (
), FIO, Sofwerx among others.

Now I think we need a dose of Susan Powter again! [:zany:]

[:dolphin:] [:whale:] [:dolphin:]

Decades. Likey a few centuries also. It’s been going on for a very long time.

Musically potent, lyrically telling ~ always loved this one [:heart_with_ribbon:] grazie, Bella [:revolving_hearts:] [:dolphin:] [:whale:] [:dolphin:]
[:headphone:] How long has this been going on?
Well your friends with their fancy persuasion
don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme
but I can’t help but have my suspicion
cos I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem
and you said they was never intending
to break up our scene in this way
but there ain’t any use in pretending
it could happen to us any day. [:headphone:]


[:astonished:] now don’t get freaked out up there [:raised_eyebrow:] great find

sounds like the perfect Satan tech for one world religion, govt and money
And if you don’t like it you stay in VR

halfway through around mcdonalds and drug stores it cut off and said media was aborted some corruption.

its back at least shes not upside down anymore

hi sabrina. = ) talks about torsion fields since the 80’s around half way..

Great information, I always look forward to watching your videos. Thank you Brina!

3) Sir Batshit saves the day! (Part ii) December 6, 2023

Providing a Sense of Touch through a Brain-Machine Interface

(police brain implants for everyone by 2017)

wban healthcare monitoring project
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Never heard of this passionate wise man, thx.

The books he referenced here as critical reading:
Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud
Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?

Kleck knows about the xenomorphs amd who they eat.

Words cannot describe how very bad and sad this for the innocent , naive humans. The hiding , the lying from those who do know and use and abuse this is beyond comprehension. These humans are monstrocities .

it’s beyond disappointing. The number of people and resources involved to make this possible sickens me.

One context in which such epic and vast deception would make sense is as preparation for an enormous ambush…
currently underway… inch by inch, step by step, as they reminded us in 1944 via the 3-stooges, ‘Gents w/o Cents’, no less.

Here are the links to my comments that I copied to social media that appear to have been deleted from under this video that have to do with our local Stasi network specifically-




Regarding quadriplegics and that type injury. Do you think we might actually be able to heal properly from those type injuries using better techniques if we were not being constantly hit with shit that clearly seems to keep proper healing from happening and uses an artificial “healing” instead? It seems like trying to shovel a driveway during a honkin’ blizzard to me.

Are the 500 BLE’s that showed up on my app on our property indicative of the 500 sensor buoys floating in the air around me all the time? That translucent glitter-looking stuff in the air I see all around me that seems to be excited by the beaming tech I’m hit with 24/7/365, I wonder?

how the fuck did they get a guy to agree to put sensors in his head to be tested on?

Pretty easy parents lined up their children for the death shot for a ice cream cone. Same morons who teach their children not to take candies from strangers and of course refuse to learn from history