The “FBI’s Secret Rules”: CIA and NSA dossiere’s are used in domestic FBI and police activity and utilize psychology, psychological operations, and gang stalking tactics to spy on US citizens (ROGs Analysis)

The “FBI’s Secret Rules”: CIA and NSA dossiere’s are used in domestic FBI and police activity and utilize psychology, psychological operations, and gang stalking tactics to spy on US citizens.

December 29, 2021 ~ ROGS Analysis

The FBI’s “Secret Rules”: CIA and NSA Dossieres Used In Domestic FBI and Police Activities

In the pre-internet era, it was possible for covert agencies to hide their awful activities behind psychological diagnoses, and complicit psychologists, like these awful psychologists here.

The agencies and psychologists of that earlier CIA weaponized psychology era delighted in the common and often repeated gaslighting commentary about “paranoia, and tin foil hats,” coupled with demands that the target “prove” their case or be declared insane or “mentally ill.” And, based on what we see here, and here in the case of an actual targeted individual, we must question the often repeated phrase that is easily found online that “the FBI is behind gang stalking.”

This is important, because when we examine cases like the “Plot to Kidnap Michigan’s Governor” we not only see no less than 12* FBI informants organizing that plot, but also that three special agents are now under the microscope, one for domestic violence following a swinger’s party, and another for starting an intelligence business online–using an Infragard agent as a business front! This is EXACTLY what gang stalking targets claim is happening too.

Have a look at the “lesbian wife beater and the rainbow dildo wearing FBI supervisor” story in this post here to get an idea about how bizarre these agents are, and a glimpse into the agency as a whole. The police/intel agent profile is indeed a sordid one, full of personality disordered individuals of all kinds. Collectively, the combined neurosis is what these agencies are, which is on the record in many books, and other media about them.

Related Reading: The CIA’s “torture psychologists,” Mitchel and Jessen offer mea culpa for green lighting torture, no touch torture, and psychotropic torture “We were just doin’ are jobs!! Think of it like this:the guys who made the gas that Nazi’s used just made gas!! They didn’t do any real killing!”

See the source image

Psychology is weaponized, and psychologists who claim that gang stalking complaints are “delusional” are less than honorable, and nearly all are under the influence of what are colloquially called the “Big Pharma Mafia’s” which operate in criminal capacities, as we saw during the recent Purdue Pharmaceuticals settlements, and the Sackler Family ducking ceriminal liability for over 500,000 homicides, while the company absorbed the criminal penalty and financial liablility for opiod deaths.

This gaslighting of the complaints of agency targets was long enabled by the “bible of psychology” called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Diagnoses, or “DSM” which is currently in its fifth incarnation as a tool with which psychologists apply labelling theory to people, and especially the label of “delusional,” completely skirting the social problems and other causal factors that influence self-reports of incidents and events surrounding individuals who are misfortunate enough to be diagnosed.

And so, what worked in the pre-internet era can and is being challenged today by technology–and the many fase diagnoses of schizophrenia, or delusional beliefs and so on easily debunked with evidence. I will list below several of the common features of “mental illness” that can in fact be debunked in most cases of gang stalking, so that targets can easily refute any false diagnoses with evidence.

auditory hallucinations: pre-internet, and cell phone, it wasn’t possible for victims of community stalking to capture what is called “directed conversations” as gang stalkers pass them by and whisper stuff under their breath; or accost them on video as we see here in the case of Real Gang Stalking on Youtube. This guy is so good at describing what gang stalkers do that he actually makes scientific predictions about what will come next–and voila! It happens nearly exactly a monent later, especially their stupid hand signals.

persecutory delusions: this one is amongst the easiest to debunk, because in video’s online, we readily see gang stalkers assaulting targets in bizarre fashion, and we can easily see that such targets are neither imagining it, nor are they delusional. Use my search feature, KW “Richard Moore.” or “North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association” to get an idea how bizarre these gang stalkers can be–but also to note that psychologists got away with calling people like Moore “delusional” in the pre-internet era too. Hence the claim that “psychologists are in on it.”

delusions, specified or not: the activity of gang stalkers is so bizarre that it defies rational explanation, and only since many are now capturing their behavior on film can we asses any claim of delusion against readily accessible facts. First amendment auditors are also documentig how bizarre modern policing is, and gathering the evidence needed to validate claims for others.

Keeping in mind that schizophrenia/schizophreniform/delusional disorders are the go to diagnoses when psychologists want to gaslight a patient(especially occupational, pro-prosecution, or personal injury psychologists) includes the general assessment “Common experiences include hallucinations – hearing voices or seeing things that are not there and delusions – fixed, false beliefs,” we can now weigh that against the evidence that targeted individuals are collecting all oer the post-democracy western world.

Worsening that crisis in psychology and the deficit of cognition that official sources display in these cases, is that they have taken these out-dated definitions of delusional belief world wide now. Here is how thw Word Health Organization describes schizophrenai:

Schizophrenia is a psychosis, a type of mental illness characterized by distortions in thinking, perception, emotions, language, sense of self and behaviour. Common experiences include: 1. hallucination: hearing, seeing or feeling things that are not there; 2. delusion: fixed false beliefs or suspicions not shared by others in the person’s culture and that are firmly held even when there is evidence to the contrary; 3. abnormal behaviour: disorganised behaviour such as wandering aim….(read more here)

The claim that “the CIA is following me!” is amongst the hardest to refute or gain evidence for, and below I provide yet another example of how CIA and NSA are indeed involved in a certain portion of gang stalking claims–the dossiere’s that the FBI uses during assesssments. WHile that agency may or not be following a target– it is certain that any other agency IS IN FACT using its dossieres, and even its methodological and operational tactics.

With the advent of a surveillance society where every American’ phone data is collected by the NSA and distributed unfiltered to Israeli spy agencies, and distributed in filtered form to other US allies (begging the question “why the hell doe the US government turn American’s data over to a racist, theocratic apartheid state spy agency?”)–and the advent of camera’s that are placed on the face-side of all cell phones to spy on us are now directed at police who commit abuses, it is possible to turn surveillance tools against those who are indeed spying on us.

SInce the 1950’s era of CIA social experiments on unwitting victims, the population has gotten much wiser about claims that the agency is indeed spying on citizens. But what is lesser known is how they do it, and far lesser known is that people who name that agency in their complaints are often correct: CIA and NSA dossiere’s form the basis and backbone of ALL FBI profiling when they target American citizens.

Below is one part of the the excellent series by the Intercept “The FBI’s Secret Rules” documenting how the FBI uses CIA and NSA dossieres to target Americans.

CIA and NSA Dossiers Are Available to the FBI in the Absence of Any Crime, Raising Privacy Questions

*use my search feature KW “12” and “13” These numbers appear very frequently in gang stalking stories, with uncanny frequency

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