The CIA’s Phoenix Program Comes Home to Roost (Interview with author Douglas Valentine)

Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes

In this January, 2017 Corbett Report interview, Douglas Valentine, author of “The Phoenix Program” and “The CIA as Organized Crime; How Covert Operations Corrupt America and the World” details the history of the CIA’s top-secret Phoenix Program in the Vietnam War. This same covert program has been utilized to destabilize, terrorize, and destroy civilian infrastructures in numerous targeted nations, including El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Indeed, the Phoenix Program is the template for today’s 1) “Global War on Terror,” 2) “global gang stalking” operations (aka civilian-military operations/assymetric warfare), and 3) Department of Homeland Security fusion centers.

On the plus side, please note that Valentine stresses that the Vietmamese defeated both the American military and the CIA’s Phoenix Program based on their determination to retain their nation and their culture! Hence, those of us who are targeted individuals can be encouraged by the example of the Vietnamese people. Through determination and persistence, we may also prevail in this battle of attrition, this high-tech pscyhological/information war.