The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s Is the Story of Our Times

The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s Is the Story of Our Times

Review of “A Lie Too Big To Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy,” by Lisa Pease
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“ ‘We’re all puppets,’ the suspect [Sirhan Sirhan] replied, with more truth than he could have understood at that moment.”

– Lisa Pease, quoting from the LAPD questioning of Sirhan

When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968, the American public fell into an hypnotic trance in which they have remained ever since. The overwhelming majority accepted what was presented by government authorities as an open and shut case that a young Palestinian American, Sirhan Sirhan, had murdered RFK because of his support for Israel, a false accusation whose ramifications echo down the years. That this was patently untrue and was contradicted by overwhelming evidence made no difference.

Sirhan did not kill Robert Kennedy, yet he remains in jail to this very day. Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was 14 years old at the time of his father’s death, has visited Sirhan in prison, claims he is innocent, and believes there was another gunman. Paul Schrade, an aide to the senator and the first person shot that night, also says Sirhan didn’t do it. Both have plenty of evidence. And they are not alone.

There is a vast body of documented evidence to prove this, an indisputably logical case marshalled by serious writers and researchers. Lisa Pease is the latest. It is a reason why a group of 60 prominent Americans has recently called for a reopening of, not just this case, but those of JFK, MLK, and Malcom X. The blood of these men cries out for the revelation of the truth that the United States national security state and its media accomplices have fought so mightily to keep hidden for so many years.

That they have worked so hard at this reveals how dangerous the truth about these assassinations still is to this secret government that wages propaganda war against the American people and real wars around the world. It is a government of Democrats, Republicans, and their intelligence allies working together today to confuse the American people and provoke Russia in a most dangerous game that could lead to nuclear war, a possibility that so frightened JFK and RFK after the Cuban Missile Crisis that they devoted themselves to ending the Cold War, reconciling with the Soviet Union, abolishing nuclear weapons, reining in of the power of the CIA, and withdrawing from Vietnam. That is why they were killed.

The web of deceit surrounding the now officially debunked Democratic led Russia-gate propaganda operation that has strengthened Trump to double-down on his anti-Russia operations (a Democratic goal) is an example of the perfidious and sophisticated mutuality of this game of mass mind-control.

The killing of the Kennedys and today’s new Cold War and war against terror are two ends of a linked intelligence operation.

Moreover, more than any other assassination of the 1960s, it is the killing of Bobby Kennedy that has remained shrouded in the most ignorance.

It is one of the greatest propaganda success stories of American history.

In her exhaustive new examination of the case, A Lie Too Big To Fail, Lisa Pease puts it succinctly at the conclusion of her unravelling of the official lies that have mesmerized the public:

The assassination of the top four leaders of the political left in the five year period – President John Kennedy in 1963, Malcolm X in 1965, and Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968 – represented nothing less than a slow-motion coup on the political scene.

If anyone wishes to understand what has happened to the United States since this coup, and thus to its countless victims at home and throughout the world, one must understand these assassinations and how the alleged assassins were manipulated by the coup organizers and how the public was hoodwinked in a mind-control operation on a vast scale. It is not ancient history, for the forces that killed these leaders rule the U.S. today, and their ruthlessness has subsequently informed the actions of almost all political leaders in the years since. A bullet to the head when you seriously talk about peace and justice is a not so gentle reminder to toe the line or else.

“But the way the CIA took over America in the 1960s is the story of our time,” writes Pease, “and too few recognize this. We can’t fix a problem we can’t even acknowledge exists.” Nothing could be truer.

Lisa Pease has long recognized the problem, and for the past twenty-five years, she has devoted herself to shedding light on the CIA’s culpability, particularly in the Robert Kennedy case. Few people possess the grit and grace to spend so much of their lives walking this path of truth. The extent of her research is dazzling, so dazzling in its voluminous detail that a reviewer can only touch on it here and there. She has written a book that is daunting in its comprehensiveness. It demands focused attention and perseverance, for it runs to over 500 pages with more than 800 footnotes. This book will remain a touchstone for future research on the RFK assassination, whether one agrees or disagrees with all of her detailed findings and speculations. For this book is so vast and meticulous in its examination of all aspects of the case that one can surely find areas that one might question or disagree with.

Nevertheless, Pease fundamentally proves that Sirhan did not shoot RFK and that there was a conspiracy organized and carried out by shadowy intelligence forces that did so. These same forces worked with the Los Angeles Police Department, federal, state, and judicial elements to make sure Sirhan was quickly accused of being the lone assassin and dispatched to prison after a show trial. And the mass media carried out its assigned role of affirming the government’s case to shield the real killers and to make sure the cover-up was successful.

No doubt others will investigate this case further. Yet I think no more research is really needed, for as with these other assassinations, additional analyses will only result in pseudo-debates about minutiae. Such debates will only serve to prolong the hallucinatory grip the perpetrators of these crimes have on a day of reckoning, suggesting as they would that we do not really know what happened. This is an old tactic meant to delay forevermore such a day of reckoning.

The facts are clear for all to see if they have the will to truth. All that is now needed is a public tribunal, which is planned for later this year, in which the fundamental, clear-cut facts of these cases are presented to the American public. In the case of Robert Kennedy’s assassination as with the others, a little knowledge goes a long way, and only those who are closed to basic logic and evidence will refuse to see that government forces conspired to kill these men and did so because all were seeking peace and justice that was then, and is now, a threat to the war-making forces of wealth and power that control the American government.

Pease writes:

Anyone who has looked closely and honestly at the evidence has realized that more than one person was involved in Robert Kennedy’s death. So why can’t reporters see this? Why can’t the media explain this? Because the media and the government are two sides of the same coin, and those who challenge the government’s version of history, as numerous reporters have found out, all too often lose status and sometimes whole careers. Kristina Borjesson published an anthology of such stories in her book Into the Buzzsaw, in which journalists describe how they lost their careers when eachof them expressed a truth that the government did not want exposed.

Lisa Pease discloses such truths. I am reporting on her work. Therefore, the mainstream media, except for an extraordinary reporter or two, such as Tom Jackman of The Washington Post, will likely ignore both of us, but the publication where you are reading this is on the side of truth, and in the disclosure of truth lies our hope.

Since more than one person was involved in the killing of RFK, there was – ipso facto – a conspiracy. This is not theory but fact. The fact of a conspiracy. For more than fifty years, mainstream reporters have been cowed by this word “conspiracy,” thanks to the CIA. Many others have been intelligence assets posing as journalists, regurgitating the lies. This is a fact.

The official story is that after giving his victory speech for winning the 1968 Democratic California Primary, Kennedy, as he was walking through a crowded hotel pantry, was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, who was standing to his left between 3-6 feet away. Sirhan’s revolver held eight bullets, and as he was shooting, he was tackled by a group of large men who subdued him. All witnesses place Sirhan in front of Kennedy and all claim he was firing a gun.

Fact: As the autopsy definitively showed, RFK was shot from the rear at point blank range, three bullets entering his body, with the fatal headshot coming upward at a 45-degree angle from 1-3 inches behind his right ear. Not one bullet from Sirhan’s gun hit the Senator. In addition, an audio recording shows that many more bullets than the eight in Sirhan’s gun were fired in the hotel pantry that night. It was impossible for Sirhan to have killed RFK.

Let me repeat: More than one gunman, contrary to the government’s claims, equals a conspiracy. So why lie about that?

What is amazing is that the obvious conclusion to such simple syllogistic logic (Sirhan in front, bullets in the back, therefore…) that a child could understand has been dismissed by the authorities for fifty-one years. The fact that the government authorities – the LAPD, the Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney, federal and state government officials, the FBI, the CIA – have from the start so assiduously done all in their power to pin the blame on “a lone assassin,” Sirhan, proves they are part of a coordinated cover-up, which in turn suggests their involvement in the crime.

The fact that Robert Kennedy was shot from the back and not the front where Sirhan was standing immediately brings to mind the Zapruder film that shows that JFK was killed from the front right and not from the 6th floor rear where Oswald was allegedly shooting from. That unexpected film evidence was hidden from the public for many years, but when it was finally seen, the case for a government conspiracy was solidified.

While no such video evidence has surfaced in the RFK case, the LAPD made sure that no photographic evidence contradicting the official lies would be seen. As Lisa Pease writes:

Less than two months after the assassination, the LAPD took the extraordinary step of burning some 2,400 photos from the case in Los Angeles County General’s medical waste incinerator. Why destroy thousands of photos in an incinerator if there was nothing to hide? The LAPD kept hundreds of innocuous crowd scene photos that showed no girl in a polka dot dress or no suspicious activities or individuals. Why were those photos preserved? Perhaps because those photos had nothing in them that warranted their destruction.

While “perhaps” is a mild word, the cover-up of “the girl in the polka dot dress” needs no perhaps. Dozens of people reported seeing a suspicious, curvaceous girl in a white dress with black polka dots with Sirhan in the pantry and other places. She was seen with various other men as well. The evidence for her involvement in the assassination is overwhelming, and yet the LAPD did all in its power to deny this by browbeating witnesses and by allowing her to escape.

Sandra Serrano, a Kennedy campaign worker and a courageous witness, was bullied by the CIA-connected police interrogator Sergeant Enrique “Hank” Hernandez. She had been sitting outside on a metal fire escape getting some air when the polka dot dress girl, accompanied by a man, ran out and down the stairs, shouting, “We’ve shot him, we’ve shot him.” When Serrano asked whom did they shoot, the girl replied, “We’ve shot Senator Kennedy.” Then she and her companion, both of whom Serrano had earlier seen ascending the stairs with Sirhan, disappeared into the night. A little over an hour after the shooting Serrano was interviewed on live television by NBC’s Sander Vanocur where she recounted this. And there were others who saw and heard this girl say the same thing as she and her companion fled the crime scene. Nevertheless, the LAPD, led by Lieutenant Manuel Pena, also CIA affiliated, who was brought out of retirement to run the investigation dubbed “Special Unit Senator,” worked with Hernandez and others to dismiss the girl as of no consequence.

Lisa Pease covers all this and much more. She shows how Sirhan was obviously hypnotized, how the trial was a farce, how the police destroyed evidence from the door frames in the pantry that proved more than the eight bullets in Sirhan’s gun were fired, how Officer DeWayne Wolfer manipulated the ballistic evidence, etc. Through years of digging into court records, archives, transcripts, the public library, and doing countless interviews, she proves without a doubt that Sirhan did not kill Kennedy and that the assassination and the cover-up were part of a very sophisticated intelligence operation involving many parts and players. She shows how no matter what route Kennedy took in the hotel that night, the killers had all exits covered and that he would not be allowed to leave alive.

While some of her more speculative points – e.g. that Robert Maheu (Howard Hughes/CIA) was “the most credible high-level suspect for the planner of Robert Kennedy’s assassination,” that Kennedy was shot twice in the head from behind, etc. are open to debate, they do not detract from her fundamentally powerful case that RFK, like his brother John, was assassinated by a CIA-run operation intended to silence their voices of courageous resistance to an expanding secret government dedicated to war, murder, and human exploitation. The U.S. government of today.

When Bobby Kennedy was entering the kitchen pantry, he was escorted by a security guard named Thane Eugene Cesar, a man long suspected of being the assassin. Cesar was carrying a gun that he drew but denied firing, despite witnesses’ claims to the contrary. Conveniently, the police never examined the gun. He has long been suspected of being CIA affiliated, and now Pease says she has found evidence to confirm that. She writes, “It’s hard to overstate the significance of finding a current or future CIA contract agent holding Kennedy’s right arm at the moment of the shooting.”

Yes, it is. As she rightly claims, the CIA takeover of America in the 1960s is the story of our time. And our time is now. None of this is ancient history. That is so crucial to grasp. For those who think that learning the truth about the 1960s assassinations is an exercise in futility reserved for those who are living in the past, they need to think again. Our descent into endless war and massive media propaganda to support it is part of a long-term project that began with the elimination of JFK, Malcom X, MLK, and Robert Kennedy. They were killed for reasons, and those reasons still exist, even if they don’t physically, but only in spirit. Their killers roam the land because they have become far more deeply part of the institutional structure of government and the media.

Pease says:

It was horrible that Robert Kennedy was taken from us far too soon. It is horrible that one man has borne the guilt for an operation he neither planned nor willingly participated in. It’s horrible the conspiracy was so obvious that bullets had to be lost and switched to hide it. And it’s horrible that the mainstream media has never dared to tell the people of this country that the government lied to us about what they really found when they looked into this case. Until the media can deal with the truth of the Robert Kennedy assassination, and until the people can be made aware of the CIA’s role in slanting the truth on topics of great importance, America’s very survival is in jeopardy….We’ve come perilously close to losing democracy itself because of fake, CIA-sponsored stories about our history. Should America ever become a dictatorship, the epitaph of our democracy must include the role the mainstream media, by bowing to the National Security state, played in killing it.

By writing A Lie Too Big To Fail, Lisa Pease has done her valiant part in refuting the lie that is now failing. Now it is up to all of us to spread the word of truth by focusing on the fundamental facts so we can finally take back our country from the CIA.

Then we can say with RFK and his favorite poet Aeschylus:

And even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.
Source: Unz Review


Billo • 6 days ago

Until we sort this out we are all in peril. They did 911 too.

Le Ruse Billo • 6 days ago

Humm ??


Maybe ??

Gerald Greene Billo • 6 days ago

With other agencies and foreign help the major player.

Garry Compton • 6 days ago

The same Tribe killed the Czar and his family – Kennedy and Romanov – both stood in the way of progress for the NWO, Illuminati or whatever one wants to call them. Until the Russians and Americans get even – the Game will stay the same.

John C Carleton • 6 days ago

May as well say Mossad and skip the middle men.

Gerie Kassees John C Carleton • 6 days ago


quick draw mcgraw • 6 days ago

That is why it should be called the MIMIC–the Military, Industrial, Media, Intelligence Complex, they all work hand in glove to ensure their rule over us.

Mary Floyd quick draw mcgraw • 6 days ago

The upshot and true lesson for the American people AND other countries learned here is: Do Not Trust The U.S. Government!! Russia is finally catching onto their corrupt lying schemes and apparently, so does North Korea and Venezuela. We have ALL learned from Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq (now Africa) along with the captioned assassinations in this article plus many many more that are not made public… so let’s make the most of it. The truth will set you free ONLY IF you use it to your own benefit…just keep the eyes wide open…

NVR4GET • 6 days ago

Hall of cost was CIA (then the OSS). Eisenhower lead the gullible GI’s (when they weren’t busy raping) around a staged “death camp” complete with discredited soap and lampshades.
I missed the part explaining why Sirhan decided to play gunslinger in front of this politician. The know 60s gun laws were different, but at minimum he knew his job would be toast by shooting up the walls in front of customers.

Joe • 6 days ago

The wisdom and awful grace spoken of in the last sentence at this point in time is the desperate need for us to accept that the jew must be hunted and not allowed to procreate. Let us not forget the lesson of the second Roman purge of the jew and how modern day judaism escaped the righteous Roman assault on the jew. General Vespasian made the worst mistake any human can. Let us not repeat it! That CHRISTIAN mistake cost us ALL the wars we have suffered that has enriched the jew since! That CHRISTIAN mistake cost us ALL the poverty we have suffered since!

“If my son’s did not WANT wars there would be NONE”. Gutle Schnaper Rothschild wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild on her deathbed 1849

‘Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869, Henry Ford also noted that: ‘It was a Jew who said, ‘Wars are the Jews’ harvest’; but no harvest is so rich as civil wars.’

“We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.” (Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, July 1st, 1880)

Jeff Z • 6 days ago

“Lone gunmen” is a standard m.o. – Oswald, Sirhan, Ruby, Ray, McVeigh, Kaczynski – even Bin Laden. Most always then they are killed and the only narrative left is what the State claims and its presstitute whores push 24/7. Just surprised Sirhan wasn’t offed early by someone in prison or during the trial. The hypnosis theory was active in the 80s – a claim he had visitors who were hypnotizing him to recall events – when he started to recall details, the visitors were banned and the sessions ended.

Nothing is ever going to happen – they cant get Hillary, Brennan, Comey, or anyone else in DC on openly known crimes from a few years ago (some even more recent)…..something 50 yrs ago isn’t going anywhere – ever. They own and operate the police, the media and the courts. Doubtful Joe Merikan cares either.

They are now assassinating naturopathic doctors to preserve their pharma industry – another industry hellbent on global murder. RFK, Jr, is very active about the vaccines – he should tread carefully before some crazed lone gunmen (narrative will place them from Venezuela or Russia) takes him out too.

Tony Clifton Jeff Z • 5 days ago

Though not by a “Lone Gunman,” U. N. Secretariat Dag Hammerskjold was murdered–the sabotaged plane crash in Belgian Congo–by Israeli intelligence as he had threatened to prevent Israel getting the bomb since he was aware that nuclear materials were being stolen from Oak Ridge nuclear facility and transferred to Jewish terrorists in Palestine. In 1948 the U. S. Congress authorized the British Loan which allowed $3,750,000,000 for the purchase(at three cents on the dollar) of $6,000,000,000 in war surplus materials leftover from WWII. Much of that was transferred to British Mandate Palestine.
Mississippi’s Senator Theodore Bilbo and Representative John Rankin fought in Congress to prevent the passage of the loan and the other traitorous legislation fashioned by the WZO’s chief legal counsel at Versailles, Ben Victor Cohen.
After FDR’s death–Henry Morgenthau was the lone witness to FDR’s death at Warm Springs, Georgia– Bilbo and Rankin became the targets of Jewish agents Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell. Bilbo’s death occurred in 1948 less that eight months after his campaign speech threatening to expose the presence of four to six million illegal aliens in the country. Soon after, he developed mouth cancer that required the removal of dead bone and glands. He never was able to deliver the evidence in Congress.
With the trafficking of stolen nuclear isotopes from Oak Ridge, it is the probability he died from nuclear radiation poisoning.

At 4:35 in the YouTube video on the assassination, Larry Devlin describes the “toothpaste” attempt at murder.
see more

WatchTower • 6 days ago

CIA= Cocaine Import Agency!

Beside Regime Changes, their main activity is and always has been the Drug Trade.
Everything and everyone in the way has to bow or is removed- or killed!
The Sassoon’s, Sackler and Hoover’s have always run the Show!
What most people believe, the CIA is or does, is simply wrong- almost fictional!

“If a person is born ignorant, to parents who are ignorant, in a society that is ignorant, lives a live if ignorance, and eventually dies in ignorance
Thus, indoctrination can be called education, hypnotism can be called entertainment, criminals than he called “leaders”, and lies can be called truth, because his mind, was never truly his own.”

Herbert Dorsey • 6 days ago

The evidence is certainly strong that the CIA took over America in the 1960s. But, If the U.S. president doesn’t control the CIA, who does? I present a strong case that the Jesuit controlled Vatican does; in my books “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”, and “The Secret History of the New World Order”. The latter book documents many of the political assassinations by the Jesuits including other U.S. presidents. The Jesuits created the Illuminati after their powerful order was outlawed by the Pope in 1773, and they have been a curse to mankind ever since.

patrickfeenan Herbert Dorsey • 5 days ago

The Jesuits? Get a grip, or a psychiatrist, bet you’re a bigot and a Lutheran, so was the driver of the JFK car he was a protestant Orange extremist originally from N. Ireland. Look it up on Google

Herbert Dorsey patrickfeenan • 5 days ago

No, you are wrong! I am a Theosophist! I You seem to really underestimate the Jesuits. That is their great strength.

To become more enlightened on the subject you might read “The Secret History of the New World Order” . Then, we could have a more civilised and intelligent conversation on the subject.

patrickfeenan Herbert Dorsey • 4 days ago

The Bush family, Nixon, Eisenhower, most of the CIA, FBI , John Birch society, Ku Klux Klan the cattlemen and oil men in Texas etc weren’t Jesuits, they were the murderers or hirers of murderers, stop telling lies and get your so called facts right.

Herbert Dorsey patrickfeenan • 4 days ago

While I agree with you on the Bushs, and Nixon et al. What I said were not lies! They are historical facts that are thoroughly documented in the mentioned books. Perhaps you should become more informed before throwing false accusations around.

WatchTower Herbert Dorsey • 6 days ago

That’s also why all your President’s crawl to the Vatican and your Congress demonstrate the Fascia’s of the Vatican!
Vatican controls Washington and the ‘ City’ of London!

Le Ruse WatchTower • 6 days ago

Humm ??
Never realised, that the Wall is in Vatican ??

WatchTower Le Ruse • 5 days ago

THE VATICAN OWNS EVERYTHING! …you can also say the Jewish Vatican……

Le Ruse WatchTower • 5 days ago

So ?? Why do they wait, to move the wall to the Vatican ??

Rilme Hakonen Le Ruse • 6 days ago

Even Donald Trump kissed the Filthy Wall.

Le Ruse Rilme Hakonen • 6 days ago

It was said, that the Roman Legionary used it as an urinal ??

WatchTower Le Ruse • 5 days ago

the Roman Legionaries and the Roman Empire NEVER existed….all a big HOAX by the church!
inform yourself and stop posting nonsense

Herbert Dorsey WatchTower • 5 days ago


TellTheTruth-2 • 6 days ago

The CIA was started with a Presidential Order and should be shut down with a Presidential Order.

XSFRGR • 6 days ago

JFK really pissed off the Jews when he started printing U$ bank notes, and when he went after nuclear weapons production in Israel. An example had to be made that crossing the Chosen would be fatal………..even for the President of the United States.

There were three shooters in Dallas. Two were located in the two building on the east side of Houston Street on either side of Elm (google map), and one was in a precast concrete storm drain atop the so called, grassy knoll. The storm drain was dug up, and removed after it was shown in an episode of The X Files. Oswald was the designated decoy.

RFK knew who killed his brother, and if he’d been elected he’d have been Israel’s worst nightmare. Who better to whack RFK that a Palestinian immigrant. S. S. has been offered parole if he admits he killed RFK, but he continues to refuse to perjure himself.

Jackie knew who popped her husband so they made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. Mary Aristotle, and move to Greece. Aristotle croaks, and Jackie comes back to the states accompanied by her constant companion; the “diamond merchant” Maurice Tempelsman. Mo Tempelsman was a Mossad colonel who was assigned to be Jackie’s watcher. He was the only person at her bedside when she died, and he took all of her personal papers. Mo Tempelsman was also the Mossad operator who set up the hit on Patrice Lamumba when Lamumba dared to nationalize the Jew owned diamond mines in the Congo. There was a PBS documentary on Mo in the Congo so it’s not exactly a secret.

Along comes John. JFK, Jr. knows what his mother knows, wants revenge on the murdering Jews who killed his father, and uncle, and he has the means to exact payment: The magazine “George”. George has over 5 million readers, and if the truth ever got out at that level the skunk would be out of the sack, and running mad in New York City.

Unfortunately, JFK, Jr. falls out of the sky while flying in conditions that I regularly flew in as a student pilot. Supposedly he lost control, and spun in, but that doesn’t work because of the design of his aircraft. His Piper was STC’d (Standard of Technical Compliance) to recover from a spin, and fly straight, and level by simply releasing the controls. JFK, Jr. was flying a self recovering aircraft, and he couldn’t have crashed under the conditions that the investigators have described.

The bodies of JFK, Jr, his wife, and her sister were recovered, perfectly preserved, after 3 days in near freezing water. In violation of federal law they were not autopsied, but were cremated, and the ashes were scattered at sea. We wouldn’t want that little whiff of nerve toxin to show up at an autopsy, now would we?

Teddy, dear Teddy; Mary Jo was his problem. The Tribe had the goods on the worthless drunk, and like his sister in law he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Work for the Chosen in the US Senate or take a fall for man slaughter. Teddy kept his shabbos goy head bowed, his eyes low, and did what he was told.

Ponder the above while remembering all of the other Kennedy family members who have ended up dead by running into a tree while skiing or have fallen off of a cliff while playing football. Is their luck really that bad?

There is no great revelation in anything that I have written. The information is readily available, but the average American doesn’t care; doesn’t even want to know because if he knew it would upend his world.

Tony Clifton XSFRGR • 4 days ago

Israeli Intelligence was behind the murder of Patrice Lumumba facilitated through an Eisenhower executive order given just days before he left the Presidential office. The late Larry Devlin was the DIA agent given that authority to hire a Jewish doctor assassin that prepared a “toothpaste” that was placed in his residence. That ploy failed and Belgian Congo mercenaries took over and turned him over to Mobotou where he was strapped to a pole and cut to pieces with machetes.
That interview with Devlin was once on YouTube but it has probably been taken down.

AriusArmenian • 6 days ago

The US security state assassinations of those four leaders in the 1960’s was indeed a slow motion coup. The build up to it starts in WW2 with the OSS that after the war became the CIA that during the 1950’s was assembling its control of the State Dept, DOD, and MSM led by Allen Dulles conspiring with his brother John Dulles running the State Dept. In the last two years the button pushers have run another coup operation to leverage hate and fear of Trump to accelerate the roll out of Cold War v2. Again the CIA is at the center with Brennan’s secret team that used the FBI to take the fall if exposed. The Democrats willingly walked right into the trap (along with the mostly trapped Republicans). The corporate controlled MSM consolidated by Clinton in the 1990’s to a handful of owners is in league with the CIA, Wall Street, The Atlantic Council, NATO, providing cover and disinfo to put narratives in the heads of the public. Note that for nearly twenty years before the JFK assassination the button pushers had been gearing up for wars in Asia. With JFK out of the way they got their war in Vietnam. Behind the recent coup is a push for war and it looks like Russia, China, and Iran are the targets. This is probably the last gasp of the neocon/neolib warmongers that this time are up against a coalescing Eurasia that the US cannot defeat. I hope we survive what the demented elites in the US are planning.

commonsenseadvocate AriusArmenian • 6 days ago

Unfortunately many of us will not survive. The evil that runs things is worse than even Sodom and Gomorrah.

Rilme Hakonen commonsenseadvocate • 6 days ago

Gerald Greene • 6 days ago

Reality is knowing that the CIA along w/other mil intel units did very much engage in assassinations – mostly foreign. Expert researcher/author, Douglas Valentine, has called them a true mafia, unaccountable to citizens. His latest book on them is detailed. One need only look at the ops of MACV-SOG to understand the prevalence of it all. Wm. Colby, former CIA Dir., confirmed this all. But then, historically, a number of our presidents and other high persons were also assassinated – more than is generally known.

Goran Batovanja • 6 days ago

You should mention Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin

Scotoz Goran Batovanja • 6 days ago

Sean Lennon the son of John states that he believes his father John was the target of an FBI/CIA assassination plot as his ‘Give Peace a Chance’ stance was not in the best interests of the Military Industrial Complex. These psychopaths kill anyone who stands in their way and at best destroys the reputation and credibility of thousands.

patrickfeenan Goran Batovanja • 4 days ago

And John Lennon…

joelpaul • 6 days ago

Yea, yea, yea. Just keep ignoring the elephant in the room.

Shlomo Shekelgoldbergstein joelpaul • 6 days ago

jps73 • 6 days ago

All of the killings would not have been possible without total control of the media.Operation Mockingbird
The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird Manipulated Media
“Operation Mockingbird [was] a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country.”

Brad Golding • 2 days ago

Two books by Roger Stone and the one by Russ Baker all confirm this corruption and at the heart of it all is the Bush family, Poppy and his drug dealing sons Dubya and Jeb, along with the big oil cabal.
Unlike some comments below, I draw a distinction between the Jews and the wahhabist zionazi scum pretending to be Jews who are responsible for these atrocities. Mossad is NOT Jewish, the power occupying Palestine is NOT Jewish. Granted, they make a good play at pretending to be Jews, but that is just an excuse to be able to use Palestine which lies at the centre of the land the bastards want to control, aka “greater israhell,” because Jews have some history there, that is the only reason, and they use the suffering inflicted on real Jews, particularly those they sacrificed to the Third Reich to further their agenda. They have also been outstanding in persuading us in the past to beat up on ordinary Jews, blaming them for all our problems, (much like they are persuading us now to beat up on Muslims), because they get sympathy and how dare we question their “integrity” scam, (read: holohoax).

anatman29 • 2 days ago

It’s too late. The United States is lost – now a neoliberal rogue state that will sacrifice life on Earth itself to get its own way. Madness incarnate.

Rilme Hakonen • 6 days ago

That first photo looks very strange. The young man looks like a kitchen worker, or is he a medic? Kennedy appears to still be alive, but no-one else is tending to him. Why aren’t the bodyguards protecting Kennedy against a second attack, this time from the Vietcong spy in the room? They are paid to be suspicious!

Vasya Pypkin • 6 days ago

Kennedy or anyone else. All are same and America is Russia enemy. Always was always will be. As wise Cato the elder wisely demanded every time after finishing his speech in Senate. Carthago delecta est. America will be only good as broken, small and powerless entity minding her small and very local business.

CHUCKMAN • 6 days ago

“But the way the CIA took over America in the 1960s is the story of our time,”

A great truth.

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Gerald Greene CHUCKMAN • 6 days ago

I think it was much taken over before, given all prior such episodes, and certainly codified with Dulles.

NobodysaysBOO • 6 days ago

911 ?
calling this trash out will force them to do 911 again and again.
Nobody cares.
the poor USA died on 911 and will never return.

Mary Floyd NobodysaysBOO • 6 days ago

The 9/11/01 red flag (really, that is what it was) will definitely be repeating itself under many guises..These Washington types (Pentagon, CIA) are using playbooks from Fascists and the Nazis which were used by them back in the 1940’s! Way to follow the leader decades later.

NobodysaysBOO Mary Floyd • 6 days ago

another really bad part is how low life we in the USA have allowed our country fall ,it is now doing the worst possible human rights violations and war crimes,we learned all these things from Israel ,we still send people there to get training how.
they bomb schools ,hospitals ect. then propagandize it, and it sells?


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WatchTower Mary Floyd • 6 days ago

Nazi’s where National Socialists!
Fascism was created by Mussolini- only after meeting him, the idea appealed to Hitler!

Don’t buy what the MSN sells you!

Ask yourself, why you have the Fascia in Congress!?

mike hutchings • 6 days ago

I have no doubt the deep state would eliminate Trump but they better get it right the first time, there will be no second time for those traitors……MAGA

2 Replies to “The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s Is the Story of Our Times”

  1. The taking of America by these evil forces has been a very extensive process in time, it would be necessary to go back to the very epoch of the formation of the American nationality in which the masonic lodges played the fundamental role, that’s where everything began, it was there in where the seed was sown Today the constitution seems wonderful to us because many of these Freemasons were Christians and Christians the majority of the citizens of this country and therefore that Freemasonry was not openly Luciferian, like today, that defies Christian values ​​without qualms; his great architect is none other than satan himself, an architect only manufactures, he does not create from nothing, therefore he can not be a God, but that was not seen that way by those Christians. The important thing for that Freemasonry was to play to make the structure of a State and that they did it, once, concealing their goals and achieving the initial purpose they remained in their secret societies conspiring and influencing society through the State institutions, until the present day.
    If the American nation does not wake up and its best Christian children put aside their fears and fears and begin to raise their voices from their churches and do not realize where the root of the evil is, it is only then a matter of time that the enemy lands his deadly blow to the people of the United States. Will American Christianity start and will assume its responsibility with courage? Let’s hope that there are those willing men by the grace of God.

    The peace of Christ.

  2. The takeover of America by these evil forces has been a very extensive process in time, it would be necessary to go back to the epoch of the formation of the American nationality in which the masonic lodges played the fundamental role, that’s where everything began, it was there in where the seed was sown. Today the Constitution seems wonderful to us because many of these Freemasons were Christians and Christians the majority of the citizens of this country and therefore that Freemasonry was not openly Luciferian, like today, that defies Christian values ​​without qualms; his great architect is none other than Satan himself, an architect only manufactures, he does not create from nothing, therefore he can not be a God, but that was not seen that way by those Christians. The important thing for that Freemasonry was to play to make the structure of a State and that they did it, once, concealing their goals and achieving the initial purpose they remained in their secret societies conspiring and influencing society through the State institutions, until the present day.
    If the American nation does not wake up and its best Christian childrens put aside their fears and begin to raise their voices from their churches and do not realize where the root of the evil is, it is only then a matter of time that the enemy of the land, the masonery will give a deadly blow to the people of the United States. Will American Christianity assume its responsibility with courage? Let’s hope that there are those willing men by the grace of God.

    The peace of Christ.

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