Testimony of Ben S, Reno, Nevada (1/24/21)

Hello Dr. Karlstrom,

My name is Ben. I am a targeted individual. I have been covertly stalked and harassed for the past 13 years. It started with an incident in 2007 where i was illegally detained by the Truckee police department in California. It may have been ongoing before then, but this is where my awareness began. At the time i was struggling with drug addiction. My Father had called and advised that i had intention of suicide by police. They pulled me over and utilizd my lack of understanding against me. I was taken to a hospital, and handcuffed to the bed, but there were no charges. They brought in a psychiatrist to try and get a 72 hour hold, but by then i was thinking clear and all i would say is that i may have said something that caused alarm for a loved one. Not enough to have me committed. I can recall hearing the dr. and the police speaking outside my door ” I can’t do anything if he won’t say it” she said to them, referencing me saying something regarding suicide so that they could hold me. But the damage was done. Since this incident, i may have been flagged in other ways as well. I have since changed my life in drastic ways, including getting rid of all drug use, and working daily on my mental health. The only constant since then is the people who have followed me. Daily harassment through the usage of gaslighting tactics, brighting, and regular home invasions.

They have utilized street theatre, attempted to do me real physical harm, and are tampering with my food constantly. Manipulation of electronics to run at certain frequency seems to be a tool as well. They have tampered with every electronic device i own. I have mostly avoided online communication in this time frame as i believed that to be their main tracking mechanism, and also a key profiling tool. I have come to the point where the isolation is not beneficial, and if I continue to struggle in silence they are winning the battle. I can’t allow these criminals to control my life. This is why i am reaching out, you seem to be aware of the covert torture going on in this country. I am trying to find a community that is working against these criminals without joining social media. Is there anyone that you may know in the Reno Tahoe area who is advocating in a real way for measures against these criminals? Some of the reading i have done is so far out that it seems to be harmful and not beneficial to my mental health. The other end of the spectrum is the works that are intentionally meant to undermine an individual and make them feel as though it is all delusional. I am trying to avoid a rabbit hole inside of the rabbit hole which i entered 13 years ago.

Do you have any resources that can be beneficial to me, or any guidance for finding individuals who are fighting against this? There is no question that i am being harassed by groups ranging from the first responder community, to covert neighborhood watch programs administered by government handlers. The NSA, and DHS are definitely involved in my case. I have always understiod what they are doing to be a great miscarriage if their duties, and outright misrepresentation of the laws they are meant to uphold. They are manipulating the system for financial benefit, and to continue a lie that is benefiting them and their ilk. Not really certain where i am going with this, but someone who believes what iam saying is a step in the right direction. Please help in way you see fit. I appreciate anything you may be able to do, even if it is nothing. I understand that this will never stop. I also understand that i succeed by continuing to live my life as a peaceful man who loves all humans and living creatures, even those who have tried to do me harm. I thank you in advance for any response you may provide.

Best regards,
Ben S
Reno, Nevada