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Webmaster’s Comment: I recently received the following comment from Ann to “Organized Gang Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Psychotronic Tortures (From “Mind Control Slave:” Part 3).” I am posting the information on “Technical Psychotronics” to which she refers despite the fact that voluminous research presented on this website disproves her assertion that there is only one gangstalking operator per targeted individual.

Indeed, evidence presented in this website indicates:

1) there are many tens millions of perpetrators worldwide,
2) these perps are psychopaths, devils, cowards and bullies, (Indeed, they are Satan’s spawn and his secret army), and
3) the global ganstalking-electronic torture-human trafficking and experimentation program is integral to ushering in the Satanic New World Order since it specifically targets potentially influential opponents of that Satanic New World Order.

Dear Sir,
God bless You for Your work.
Just pls accept a few remarks from more technically-minded fellow: this what You call gang-stalking is actually done by single perpetrator (usually), only jumping from mind-to-mind into various, innocent passers-by. Implants are not used anymore, radio/heterodyning is enough. Except RF , there is plethora of other waves over which two-way mind-reading can be done. See also: Thank You for being on this Earth.

Technical Psychotronics (EverybodyWiki)

Not to be confused with Parapsychology, The Psychotronic Man, or Psychics.

A scientific term being combination of psyche- and electronics was first proposed in France to describe new technologies of thought-reading and transmitting with electronics means.[1] Technical psychotronics includes the study of brain-computer interface mainly via remote two-way radio-frequency communication. As the subject belonged to classified information since approximately mid of XX-century it is not yet sufficiently covered by mainstream science and therefore lacks sufficient number of published references. However, since end of the nineties the technology is increasingly used in commerce, banking, administration offering tremendous competitive advantages to the operators. There are coordinated efforts by the users to keep it hidden from public view as long as possible.


The first interactions between radio-frequency emissions and human body were detected during research works on radar technologies.[2] From the early fifties of the XX-century, a number of scientific studies was published dealing with experiments on animals, e.g.[3][4]. Since the beginnings of the nineties of XX-century, with the end of the Cold War, along with large number of employees released from intelligence services worldwide , many formerly classified technologies started to permeate to civilian business and commerce.Among them, technical psychotronics offers perhaps the biggest competitive advantage in virtually every field of trade.The broad application into public life creates pressures for some legal framework, in particular due to little limitations with respect to geographic boundaries to the technology.


The technology combines standard radio-frequency techniques as high-frequency carrier and low-frequency modulation with EEG-derived identification of brainwave- patterns. It requires elements of radio-localization and telemetry , both well-known since the forties of XX-century. As the brain is too weak an emitter , external senders and receivers of carrier wave are necessary, which however may be remote.


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