Lara Logan (Journalist, TI) To Congress: Targeting Program Carried Out By NGOs; Webmaster’s Comments

Lara Logan to Congress on Targeting by NGOs (Feb. 26, 2024)


In this seemingly brave and brilliant short address to Congress, journalist and Targeted Individual (TI) Lara Logan, names the following NGOs (non-governmental organizations) as among those behind the targeting (TI) program:

Media Matters For America
Facts First USA, headed by David Brock
Defeat Disinfo

Lara Logan: “This is a death sentence for journalists. It’s how you murder a journalist without killing them. It’s how you murder a scientist without killing them. It’s how you murder a doctor without killing them. It’s how you murder the vaccine injured when they haven’t died yet. It’s how you finish them off, and everyone else in their family. So it’s time now for us to stop taking taxpayer funds to slit our own throats.”

However, I note some interesting problems with this brief exchange between Lara Logan and Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). (The devil is always in the details!).

1) Senator Johnson initiates the conversation by stating Logan claims to have been targeted for a decade and asks her if she can “describe what precipitated her targeting.” However, since the DHS/FBI/police Fusion Center system of choosing civilian targets is secret and classified information, TIs cannot and should not be held responsible for knowing why, when, and how they were selected for targeting.

2) Ms. Logan here neglects to mention the central roles played by government agencies (DOJ, DHS, FBI, DOD, CIA, NSA, and others) as well as corporations that use TIs as nonconsensual human experimentees (big tech, bio-tech, exotic weapons manufacturers, and biomedical engineering companies and others) in the TI (black, Special Access) program.

3) Sen. Johnson’s brief response to Logan is: “One of the many reasons I generally vote no on those (programs). But thank you, Ms. Logan.” Here, Johnson reveals that he and other Congressmen are aware of these programs and that he generally votes against them. We are left to infer the obvious; that the majority in Congress supports and funds these programs!!!!! Johnson then dismisses Ms. Logan without addressing her concerns and moves on to another topic.

So, is all this simply a staged “limited hangout” for public consumption? Is this an attempt to transfer the blame for these government black programs onto NGOs alone? Is this an attempt to create the false impression that Congress is examining all aspects of the “weaponization of government”?

On viewing the video for the second time, I am less encouraged than I was initially. I get the impression that Congress IS aware of “the TI program” and supports and funds it. One can only conclude that, in addition to myriad complicit government agencies, Congress, too, is comprised primarily of criminals (torturers, murderers, traitors). Of course, a more nuanced interpretation is that most members of Congress have been comprised by Epstein-style blackmail operations.

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