Targeting America: The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Project Pedophile

(INTELLIHUB) — COINTELPRO or “Counter-Intelligence Program,” was an illegal operation run by the FBI against American citizens in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was revealed by the Church Committee in the 1970’s and the FBI was ordered to shelve the program.

In actuality, the FBI re-named the program, gave it additional veneers of security classification(s), and it still continues today, albeit with the assistance of advanced technology and the cooperation of the NSA and DHS.

The goal of today’s COINTELPRO is in part based on what are referred to as the 5 D’s by the United Kingdom’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). The 5 D’s are Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and inevitably Destroy the target.

Well who are the targets one might logically ask next?

If one looks at potential threats through the eyes of the federal government, they will soon discover that NRA members, returning veterans, activists, whistle-blowers, watch-dog bloggers, and investigative journalists are lumped in with the likes of al Qaeda and ISIS operatives. In many cases these “domestic threats” are considered to be more of a risk than actual terrorists.

Why one may ask?

Well, because there are tens of thousands more innocent Americans than there are real terrorists, it keeps federal budgets plump and fluffy, whilst simultaneously allowing for asset seizure under (false) premises. Additionally, it appears as though Americans with a strong moral compass are a threat to the status quo, to the corrupt power structure.

So what is one of the FBI’s primary operational tools to Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and inevitably Destroy the targeted individual?

What I refer to as “Project Pedophile.”

The FBI, patterning their operations in part after the East German Stasi’s Zersetzung operations and GCHQ’s 5D strategy spend hundreds of millions of dollars going after soft targets – innocent Americans, who were never involved in any criminal activity. The FBI uses a 5D/Zersetzung combinatory strategy in order to isolate, potentially radicalize and/or destroy the targeted individual.

In street parlance this is referred to as “Gang Stalking” since civilian hirees are often utilized for this sadistic and cruel work.

What better way to isolate an individual than accuse him or her of violent crimes of moral turpitude against helpless people – such as children. The FBI’s favorite 5D/Zersetzung Soft Kill tactic is to label the targeted individual as a pedophile, rapist or sexual deviant to his or her friends, family, colleagues and co-workers.

That is all that is necessary. Let’s face it. If someone from law enforcement (whom we should be able to trust) approached you or I with a bona fide charge that one of our friends or family members was a pedophile, how would we react? I know that I would avoid the individual at all costs. That serves to immediately isolate the targeted individual.

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The FBI and DHS have two sets of records (at least). They maintain an internal grouping of records with the individuals’ actual personal and biographical information, medical history, financial and academic records, etc. These are reviewed by the FBI’s in-house psychologists and are utilized as part of their Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) targeting protocol. The “higher” level the target, the more individuals, man-hours, harassment and isolation they are set up for.

But then the FBI also have the false records with fabricated criminal backgrounds which they have so diligently worked to create for the targets of their 5D/Zersetzung operations – a.k.a. COINTEL Program.

The bogus records and false information are relayed to state, county and local law enforcement agencies, in addition to foreign governments, should the targeted individual travel. The FBI will also infuse the bogus criminal records with factual data-bytes from the individuals’ personal history in order to “build” a more “convincing” and “realistic” case against their targets.

Examples: “Tommy Target was an altar boy at a church where a priest once molested children four decades ago, even though Tommy Target was never a victim himself.” This translates to “Tommy Target was a victim of pedophilia at a very young age, hates children and is now engaged in crimes of moral turpitude with children.”

“Susie Subversive, a passive Greenpeace activist volunteers at an animal shelter on weekends and wants to become a veterinarian.” This translates to “Susie Subversive has an unnatural attraction to large canines, is involved in bestiality and trolls websites depicting abnormal human-animal interactions in her spare time.”

I refer to this as “creating the narrative.” The disinformation created by the FBI and fed to the targeted individuals’ contacts is tailored to the information recipients, and in many cases is based on some factual aspects regarding the target’s actual lifestyle in order to make the false background more believable. “Tommy Target” was an altar boy at a church where a priest was defrocked for inappropriate activity with young males and “Susie Subversive” does indeed spend a lot of time with animals.

If the target’s neighbors have young boys, then the neighbors are told that the target likes male toddlers. If the target’s landlord is a seventy-something year-old widower, then the target is labelled as a sexual deviant who has an unhealthy interest in senior citizens.

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Like disinformation will also be relayed to all of the commercial locations the target frequents in order to compel his/her contacts at those locations to “cooperate with the authorities in keeping the community safe.”

But what about witnesses and testimony? The FBI will access court records and speak to family members under the guise of an “official investigation.” Your ex-wife wasn’t happy with her divorce settlement, or maybe your ex-partner has an axe to grind over a failed business two decades ago. The FBI doesn’t care. Those people are approached, coerced, cajoled and compensated in order to give “evidence” and “testimony” which lends credence to, and neatly collaborates with the false narrative the FBI has created for the targeted individual.

Ready for the kicker? This fabricated criminal background is what gets passed around to non-federal law enforcement agencies through regional data fusion centers, and to foreign governments if one travels. And yes, the FBI will also makes sure that the bogus information is also fused with your passport and travel records held by the Department of State.

Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade and Destroy. Ain’t that special.

Oh but the FBI is not done yet. They will create bogus social networking accounts, such as Facebook, in the targeted individual’s name, post his or her picture, link them to old friends and then friend him or her with young children or German Sheperds in the case of Susie Subversive. This occurs after the Facebook account has been directly linked to, and verified through the target’s email account – which they also hacked. In turn, the bogus social networking account(s) will be paraded to neighbors, family, colleagues and at commercial locations the targeted individual frequents, by the FBI, DHS and their civilian entourage.

The FBI’s DITU (Data Interception Technology Unit), and the NSA may work together on these targeting and harassment protocols, especially since the NSA’s TAO (Tailored Access Operations) has better ability to scoop up all of a targeted individual’s communications than the FBI. U.S. Cyber-command, based at Fort Meade along with the NSA, may also be involved in this activity targeting innocent Americans

If one goes on-line and reads blog entries, watches YouTube videos or reviews past allegations against individuals who are considered politically outspoken, one of the most common threads in all of their stories are that they are either accused of pedophilia, child pornography or mental instability. The mental health accusations were a tactic used by Stalin in Soviet Russia, who institutionalized anyone he considered to be a threat.

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The movie “Kill the Messenger,” which describes how journalist Gary Webb became a targeted individual provides for a peek behind the curtain into the FBI’s “Project Pedophile” operation. While another agency was involved in Webb’s targeting, the FBI’s 5d/Zersetzung combinatory strategy is accurately depicted in this movie.

I believe that there are decent FBI, DHS and NSA employees who really are focused on protecting the general population and who want no part of the FBI’s extra-judicial COINTEL Program.

Many of these employees are not on a need-to-know basis, and secondly since these ops are so illegal and unconstitutional, they are compartmentalized. Thirdly, if any of those belonging to the honest cadre of federal employees were to step forward, they too would become targets themselves, and would be thrust into the media limelight while their respective agencies trumpeted buzzwords and catch-phrases such as “pedophile, sexual deviant” and of course “mentally unstable.”

I am always careful to emphasize that most state and local law enforcement personnel are decent people and deserve our respect. It is not their fault that the FBI, in conjunction with the NSA and DHS, are filling regional data fusion center databases and networks with terabytes of disinformation.

Look at it this way: the FBI is abusing its power and is engaged in outrageous government conduct and cruel and unusual punishment. They are jerking around local and state law enforcement, traumatizing the neighbors, landlords, family members, friends and colleagues of the targeted individuals, are methodically terrorizing innocent Americans, and bloating information systems vital to our national security with disinformation in order to meet their agenda, no matter how immoral and treasonous it might be.

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.


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Perfect Citizen • 3 years ago
This article does a good job of explaining why tens of thousands of innocent Americans are on Youtube or have created websites which refer to Gang Stalking. The Targeted Individuals which XKeyscore refers to appear to be victims of this COINTEL program run by the FBI. On-line resources state they ran this program in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and without any oversite, why would they have reason to stop the operation?

If the FBI, NSA and DHS are spending so much time and resources targeting innocent Americans instead of genuine threats, then who is looking out for the real bad guys? Or maybe there aren’t as many genuine threats as they tell us there are and this is their way of trying to control or destroy free-thinking members of American society.

Great article XKeyscore!

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JO JACK Perfect Citizen • 2 years ago
That is correct Perfect, it’s fraud waste and abuse. There is no threat the only threat are ones doing this to it’s citizens. It’s all lies we are dealing with sick minds. They create the crime then come in as the savior. They love feeling like a hero

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Lexi Morgan Official Mod Perfect Citizen • 3 years ago
The powers-that-be are not going to like this. So many stories of the FBI setting up plots etc.

Delilah Lexi Morgan • 2 years ago
This is not just in the USA this is in Canada. I am from Windsor and this is happening to me right now. Is this happening to you or are you just intrigued by the topic? I’m losing my mind and making stuff up in my head that has not really happened. It’s torture some days and lately it seems as though I’m getting stronger especially when I read more about this. They never wanted me to look it up before but one day I just decided to defy them and now here I am and it feels better to know that others are going through the same thing that I am.

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private Delilah • a year ago
This is alive and well in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well. Dalhousie University places whistle blowers on the blacklist.

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Margaret Cone Delilah • 2 years ago
<3 •Reply•Share › Avatar wakeup • 2 years ago I found out my son was being targeted. He was the best kid a mother could have and still is dealing with this as best he can. He doesn't know about targeted individuals. I hate to tell him. At first we thought he needed help but later I knew he was being mind controlled with technology to make him think and say things more sexually. This was never him. They are putting thoughts into his head and now that I know they have targeted me, his mother. We haven't done anything wrong. We are from a loving all American family and they are destroying it with their technologies used against us. They want to make me out to be mentally ill and they can do this with their technologies by talking to you all the time, reading your mind, and using weapons on your body remotely. There is little you can do to combat this. The technology is beyond comprehension. No one believes you. You can be tortured with your loved ones near you and they have no idea. Good americans can't fathom that their government would ever do this to good people and it still is hard for me to grasp. Anyone who is partaking in this and doesn't stop it is not human. This is inhumane torture and innocent victims. America needs to stop this. holocaust. Please let everyone you know expose this holocaust. 4 •Reply•Share › Avatar Dr Clayd wakeup • 2 years ago Its worse than that; Why would 28 agents be watching TWA 800 from the same location if they didn't get everyone aboard; especially the guy that was ejected? Further -; Somebody didn't like Latter 5, real good...! 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Margaret Cone wakeup • 2 years ago It is a Silent Holocaust. I don't see a very bright ending for the Targeted. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Adam • 3 years ago all over the world, mind control by satellites, HAARP, influence to make you angry, mad, gang stalking, etc 3 •Reply•Share › Avatar stalked562 Adam • 3 years ago More than satellites: portable weapons and weaponized cell towers. 3 •Reply•Share › Avatar Rick G • 3 years ago To: XKeyScore My website - systematicpoliceharassment-... - and the addendum to my color of law complaint filed iwith the FBI's Clearwater field office in 2013 detail my experience. I was a divoce attorney in Pinellas County, Florida for many years. (the same county in which a jury recently awarded a large verdict to Hulk Hogan over publication of his sex tape). I dated a client, from 2003 until 2011, who became the ex-wife of the fourth highest member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. I was harassed by local law enforcement (vehicles mainly), then harassed by "psychological lynching" - a term I used in my addendum before reading online about gangstalking. (I realize there are disinformative websites and posts online, although and your site seem legit). For revenge, I was smeared as a pedophile in Pinellas County - always behind my back and anonymous and always denied by local law enforcement, including FBI agents, of course. I am not a pedophile. I viewed massive amounts of adult porn online, including some gay porn and I had one anonymous gay chat. I was a Big Brother for many years (and also volunteered with my dog at a nursing home through Project Pup during the same time). Not that it's anyone's business, but I would never have a gay or bisexual date/encounter. Because I continued dating my ex-girlfriend, the ex-husband and/or cohorts "tapped" into the gangstalking network, for lack of a better term. It continues even though I moved out of the country. (I moved to afford to live on the Social Security benefits (reduced eay retirement) I now receive. I had to close my law office due to hacking and harassment. Members of local law enforcement conspired with community members, including my mortgage lender to deny my HARP refi application (detailed in the Concluding Thoughts of my website) and other local businesses, and smeared me to neighbors (e.g., I referenced a specific neighbor's comment to me in my website), etc. see more 3 •Reply•Share › Avatar stalked562 Rick G • 2 years ago Another site that has useful info: 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Perfect Citizen Rick G • 3 years ago May I suggest that you check out the other articles on XKeyscore's blog on IntelliHub. There are a probably at least a dozen or more which may address some of the issues which you have experienced. •Reply•Share › Avatar dianecee • 3 years ago News like this reinforces my belief that Americans need to pull away the food plate that supports the salaries, healthcare and PENSIONS that our employees expect to receive. No pension = no law enforcement employees. 3 •Reply•Share › Avatar michael • 2 years ago chimes in perfectly with what I am currently going through. The insults from strangers passing by the flat (it's on the third or top floor) and from cowardly neighbours from within their flat are but a part of this. Sleep deprivation and monitoring (non neighbourly f***ing sadistic moronic minions working for the man) and being followed, harassed and stigmatised wherever I go are other elements used on me and no doubt others experiencing the very real Organised stalking and harassment programme. My Youtube vid ( will demonstrate the innocents being duped as well as gangstalkers proper and what my days are like.The night's ain't too good either!. XKEYSCORE - EXCELLENT WORK 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Delilah michael • 2 years ago Hello my name is Delilah I am also going through the same thing. Write down everything in a journal, I do not know how long this has been happening to you but it is better to start writing stuff down now before you start losing your mind like me. Don't argue with them just try to ignore them. I am too far gone at the moment. I've been to a mental institute but I left cause I could not live like that. I told the doctors I was hearing voices and they thought it was fake so they gave me some crazy meds that made my teeth clench and I had a hard time talking, I was a zombie. My other best advice to you is to try and get your hands on co-quetiapine 100mg. It will help you sleep and it makes you eat like crazy so you won't lose weight or suffer from sleep deprivation. Try not to stay inside too much.....I know it's hard when people are being mean to you but you have to try and stay healthy no matter what the voices say. This is your body and your mind don't let them take that away cause they will. Remember, the five d's deny, deceive, disrupt, degrade, and destroy. I don't know you and I don't know exactly what your mind is allowing them to be so mean but I do know that the mind does make things up. Please get back to me asap. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar michael Delilah • 2 years ago Hi and many thanks for replying. Have you any idea Why why why....Delilah they are targeting you? I have an inkling what might have been the catalyst for mine but of course no proof. The Police do appear to have an agenda of pushing me towards the mental Health or ill health route but as I have audio and visual evidence of some of the targeting it's a mite problematic for them to obtain that specific goal but they might win out in the end.I don't take any meds even those that might help me sleep as my neighbours are part of the Organised Stalking and harassment and I dread to think what they might get up to if I'm in an artificial state of sleep. My neighbours really are f*****g sadists. V2k is not used on me (yet) but I believe technology is used in my targeting - definitely locating equipment and possibly something more sinister as if being surveilled/monitored 24/7 isn't creepy enough. I do exercise and eat fairly well because it is important to me. My body however is gradually falling apart (my mind mercifully still as sharp as a lobotomised amoeba) and again I place the blame of my ailing body squarely on the psychopaths participating in this dark programme. My web is and I have some pages devoted to my new existence - new as of 2009 onwards - as a target for the illegal, immoral and sinister update of the Stasi's Zersetzung which also used 'ordinary' people to spy, snitch, torture and be otherwise stupid and useless idiots working for their betters 🙂 Take care Delilah 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Stopharassmentandstalking michael • 2 years ago I have started to generate information packs to get the word out on what is happening. I have been on the receiving end of this most of my life. I was raised in one of the cities where this technology was developed and believe that is why I am experiencing this. If you would like copies of what I have created or would like to contribute information to be put on a future pamphlet please email me. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar michael Stopharassmentandstalking • 2 years ago Hi. People have been trying to get the 'word out' for years and it has been met with silence, ridicule, disbelief and scorn. Disinformation does of course play a huge role in preventing the truth getting into the public domain. With respect - though I commend your effort - I can't see how your information pack will change things unless you have genuine evidence of what is happening or you wield sufficient power to penetrate the silence of the Press and mainstream media and get them on board. Cheers, Michael 2 •Reply•Share › Never stop exposing them. I've been targeted for almost 10 years for breaking a code that caught Osama. OBL wasn't the person we saw on TV for the last 15 years, but rather synonymous with the Deep State or New World Order organization pumping hundreds of billions into the military industrial complex. OBL is corruption on steroids. My story that's more or less about you the American taxpayer being ripped off with fabricated threats is leaked at 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar jj;kj • 3 years ago This is happening all over the world I have been a target of a similar program since at least 2012 see my channel for my experiences. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar stalked562 jj;kj • 3 years ago It's global, NATO nations. Fk STASI. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar berrybestfarm • 3 years ago Too many bureaucrats in law enforcement have an "addiction to winning at all costs". As socio paths they have no moral compass to limit the harm they do in order to win. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar 865followers berrybestfarm • a year ago their definition of winning is to avoid being held accountable. There's a leak at the link in the top of my profile because I imagine my earlier comment will be moderated for the next 8 years. The leak exposes why I've been targeted, denied all legal rights, who's running the country, the truth about Obama and Osama and that the election of Trump was decided years before it ever took place. Our representative republic is being replaced with a Pentagon dictatorship to cover up for rampant corruption. And last, the government has total control over the press and it's why nothing real leaks expect disinformation and diversions. My leak is at Enemy of the Swamp DOT com. •Reply•Share › Avatar This comment was deleted. Avatar Perfect Citizen Guest • 3 years ago Great Comment! Thanks for the input. 3 •Reply•Share › Avatar berrybestfarm Guest • 3 years ago Yes. The concept of having to commit crimes (entrapment, distribution of porn, directing false hits by drug dogs, etc. etc. etc.) to stop crime is nothing more than a convenient cover to be lawless tyrants elbowing each other for more power and control. •Reply•Share › Avatar Targeted Individual • 3 years ago Uh, yea! It's now going on in plain view. The Air Force is using its training on us in our community. See my profile pic? That's my house in the middle, I have screen shots of this same activity everyday. They also follow me in my car and surveil my destination. Look up 34th SOS- ""Unconventional warfare & psychological operations"" 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Perfect Citizen Targeted Individual • 3 years ago BTW - If you read this other article by XKeyscore, and check out the patent in the article, you may discover why you are so easy to track. It appears as though the NSA has had the ability to remotely monitor brainwave patterns (thoughts) since at least before 1976. Check out the article: Avatar Targeted Individual Perfect Citizen • 3 years ago That link 404ed on me. Do you have the article name? 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Perfect Citizen Targeted Individual • 3 years ago Where did you get the screen shots of the circling planes? Usually radar returns are not made available to the public and will the USAF be required to use transponders on a frequency available to civilian authorities which would make info available via an app or some other means? Not finding fault with you. Interesting post. Just wondering about the diagram. You may also want to check out XKeyscore, who also maintains a Disqus blog. He may be interested in your story/info for an article here on IntelliHub. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Targeted Individual Perfect Citizen • 3 years ago You can go to my YT channel and check it all out. Channel name: Chris Barns. There you will find video of these aircraft (U28A) following me in my car. Some videos are long but that's what it takes to show what I'm claiming. I just found- "Flighradar24" back in January and have been trying to use my findings to show folks what is going on. I worked on that base back in 2010-11 when this Squadron started up and I've been tracked, targeted and surveiled ever since. I just got yet another email from my congressman's office completely denying this is happening. I have no where else to go with this info but YouTube and comments on news sites. I truly am a TI, all of my phones and computers are compromised too. I did submit an email to the writers of Intellihub today hoping they may want my story. Thanks for your reply! 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Perfect Citizen Targeted Individual • 3 years ago Leave a comment for XKeyscore on his blog, or start a discussion there. Relay your material to him and he may use it for an article. I have seen him do that with several other commentors on I-Hub. Here is his link. The link you want for XKeyscores other article works on my end. But the title of the article is:"NSA and DARPA using patented brain-computer interface technologies that can read your thoughts!" 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar This comment was deleted. Avatar Perfect Citizen Guest • 3 years ago Congratulations! Your comment has been featured on IntelliHub. We welcome your continued input. 2 •Reply•Share › Avatar Fantazine Davol • 3 years ago If this were true then that would mean that there are people in American prisons doing hard time for Pedophilia who are not guilty of anything. We all know that is impossible in the American criminal justice system, which is the best in the world. 1 •Reply•Share › Avatar Perfect Citizen Fantazine Davol • 3 years ago Aren't you supposed to include a /sarcasm/ after that statement? LOL. Adam Bogacki • a year ago it happens all over the world, I live in UK, I'm mind controlled by HAARP frequency, satellite harassement, there is elite who help themselves to beautify, but they use the same divice to keep control over the whole population, make you ugly, stupid, ill, etc... You are comparatively safe, as long as you are a good slave, if too smart you may have a trouble, you may be targeted whole your live unconsciously, unknowingly...