Targeted Individuals With Ana Toledo, James Fetzer and Dean Ryan (video)

Webmaster comment: Ana Toledo knows what she’s talking about. Worth listening to.


Ana Toledo (lawyer for Targeted

Targeted individuals are tortured, some more than others, with invisible (directed energy) weapons for no-touch torture. But there are also the (DOJ, DHS, FBI, police) Fusion Center operations. My personal idea is that a lot of the illegals coming in at the border under DHS’ Alejandro Mayorkas is in part to increase the armies of gangstalkers.

I want people to know. People talk about the “watchlist.” The watchlist is comprised of Handling Codes 1 and 2, which are the known and suspected terrorists. But Handling Categories 3 and 4 are secret categories embedded within of the Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB) that people that are placed there who do not represent a terrorist threat or a threat to national security. These are innocent Americans, there are an estimated 400,000 of them, and they are not screened when they travel. Seventy five percent of the targeted individuals (TIs) are classified under Handling Code 4 of the Terrorist Screening Data Base. In our (TJ) lawsuit (of 1/11/22), we are demanding that people that are classified under Handling Categories 3 and 4 of the Terrorist data base be removed because they are there without reasonable suspicion and without representing a terrorist threat.

The deep state is very concerned about our (Targeted Justice’s) lawsuit. Because… the targeted individual program is the “crown jewel of the deep state” and this is a private-public enterprise, you know, collaboration, and there are just so many people profiting from it. It’s not just the defendant agencies (DHS, FBI, DOJ, etc.) coming down, it’s a lot of people that have profited from this….

Dean Ryan: (Interrupting Ana mid-sentence). It really is. It really is. I mean last time we had you on, we had some heat on everything we do here. And, a, that’s just the way things go. I want to bring in Jim Fetzer…..

(Here talk show host, Dean Ryan, apparently prevents Ana Toledo from naming names of those people who are profiting from the TI program!!!!!!).


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Hello Ana, and everyone! This was inspiring show at the least! Loved it! Ana are you starting to feel like a celebrity? Lol well you should if you don’t! Thanks for all you do! Chow!
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Great show
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Please add CC options so I can at least read what’s being said. As a v2k victim plus AI attacking me and making it impossible even with hearing aids in I can’t hear. All I hear is them singing their damn Notes and tones I can’t hear Ana or him at all..
I have both hearing aids in too so that tells you how loud v2k for me gets.
My 1260 comes due in May so hope to see some progress against these criminals by then and begin to hear again.
Looking to be empowered soon with the Holy spirit to help destroy these animals…
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That’s what I mean. That’s so loud in my cochlea I can’t hear past it. even with hearing aids in.
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Thank you Ana for speaking about targeting! You are God sent to fight satellite terrorists and deep state most corrupt party. The gangstalkers told me that they will crush the Constitution of the USA.