One Reply to “Targeted Individual Kathleen Watterson Wins Electronic Harassment Court Case? Or Just Smoke and Mirrors From Derrick Robinson’s Group F?”

  1. I am a T.I. after calling North Port Florida police on a neighbor that attacked our property and worked for DHS. I have encountered the DEW, the constant spotlights on 24/7 radiating soundwaves.. I have made complaints as well as friends on my behalf. I will continue to file complaints against the US Government under the most abusive admin in US history. I was wondering how this case was won, I realize they proved the tower satellites were directed at home as well as the neighbors participation which is exactly whats going here with the protection of the grossly mismanaged department with a history of bad behavior. The satellites above home some in triangular formation play a role NO DOUBT. I do NOT feel this intense shock anywhere but here at my home. That pretty much narrowed down the culprit. They are being protected as they torture. NOT FOR LONG

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