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Targeted by the Secret Government

Webmaster (Dr. Eric Karlstrom) comment: Actually, this story bears a striking resemblance to my own situation in Crestone, Colorado, a small town essentially managed from behind the scenes by the Maurice Strong-UN-Agenda 21-CIA-MI6-Jewish Synagogue of Satan crowd (possibly as a CIA-MI6-Synagogue of Satan New Age-mind control operation as well). It seems that someone in this group, possibly Maurice Strong himself, or one of any number of CBA’s (citizen-based agents) that work for this “team,” made the decision that I, a retired geography professor who was, from my retirement in 2011 onward, researching and exposing many of the goings-on beneath the idyllic surface of Crestone/Baca, should not be allowed to live in his “company town.” My extended series of articles; “Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado, The “Vatican City of the New World Order?” An Expose of the New World Religion?” (see my website under the subheading of New World Religion?) may have provided the primary motivation for the “Government Mafia” to begin the aggressive operations and campaign against me. It should be noted that when my overt targeting and harassment began in 2013, I had completed Parts I through VI of this series which covered the topics of the New Age Movement, Agenda 21, and the history of government-sponsored mind control among many others. And by the time I xeroxed the more or less completed series in 2015, full-blown stalking, harassment, and interference had become a major part of my life.

So while I am more or less represented by the fictional character, John, in the following short story, the Maurice-Hanne Strong UN globalist cult is represented in this story by the established, local power structure of “Napoleon” and his family and associates.

Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized, forcibly medicated, or murdered.

September of 1998 is when everything changed in John’s life. The community where John lives is a mostly white community that has a powerful, prominent, and influential family living there. John’s direct neighbors are either family members of this powerful family or friends. One of John’s neighbors is a retired police officer who is a member of this powerful family. The retired police officer’s father, who is now deceased, was a well-known real estate developer that was involved in the construction of the houses in the community, including the house where John lives. John’s house is actually built on property once owned by the powerful family, which the deed clearly indicates. The powerful family is well respected in the town and many landmarks have been named in family’s honor. In fact there is a street with the family’s name in the town and also a body of water in the town named in honor of the powerful family.

The retired police officer is a rather short person. After being made fun of for his height deficiency during his adolescence, he developed a Napoleon Complex in order to compensate for his height deficiency. For this reason he will be referred to as Napoleon. Napoleon demanded respect and built a well-known reputation in the town. People around the community were very afraid of Napoleon and his powerful family and would constantly tell John not to mess with Napoleon because he is a big man in town that has connections to the CIA. Every time John would see Napoleon, he would chuckle and think this little short guy is a joke. For many years Napoleon made it clear to John that he was not welcome in the community and he should move but John ignored the little person and dismissed him. Napoleon rallied and organized direct neighbors of John in an effort to get John to move. John’s neighbors used many conventional tactics to get John to move, one being childish name calling tactics. John was a loner living in the community and had no allies. As the hostility continued to grow towards John, he would simply ignore the childish tactics used by his neighbors to drive him out.

After many years of the conventional harassment by neighbors, John decided to fight back. He installed a very powerful car stereo in his car that was one of those Earth shaking stereos with a subwoofer. In order to get the blood boiling of Napoleon, he decided to play gangster rap music that included anti-cop music from NWA, EAZY-E, and ICE-T. Since John’s neighbors were using foul language against him, he didn’t see any problem with playing gangster rap music that contained similar foul language that was openly used against John by his neighbors. The playing of the gangster rap music was the turning point, when a minor conflict turned into a full blown war.

John had originally thought Napoleon was a washed-up has-been but John was wrong. As John would discover, Napoleon had contacts with a powerful secret element of the United States government. This secret government has access to classified surveillance technology that can electronically see and hear through the walls of a house. The secret government also has access to non-lethal sonic weapons that can be used to attack people through the walls of a house without leaving any physical evidence of the attack behind.

Napoleon wanted to show the community that he was a powerful man by being able to bring such powerful resources against John. But what Napoleon would actually do is make the biggest mistake of his life by exposing the secret element of the United States government and its classified technology.

Napoleon used his connections with the secret government to convince agents of the secret government (also known as the government mafia) to target John. Two weeks after John started blasting the loud gangster rap music on his car stereo, the neighborhood became deserted. And then about a month later, John would begin to be attacked through the walls of his house by invisible technology that John could feel but not prove it was being used against him. Napoleon brought in the government mafia that had access to classified sonic harassment technology that can be used to attack John in his house without creating any physical evidence. Napoleon reasoned since John was using sound (gangster rap music) as a weapon against him, why couldn’t he use weapons that utilize sound as a means to attack and torture people through walls as a weapon against John.

The classified sonic harassment technology is military technology developed at the cost of millions of dollars and several decades of research, development, and testing. The technology used against John is not put together in a backyard garage but rather developed in a military research center and thoroughly tested before being deployed. The technology is designed to harass and torture people through walls without causing any physical damage.

Connection to Amityville Horror

There may be a connection between what happened to John and the most famous mass murder and haunted house story event known in the United States. This could be an incredible coincidence or it could be a clue to solving the Amityville Horror saga. The Amityville Horror saga consists of the November 13th 1974 DeFeo family mass murder in which the oldest son of the DeFeo family, Ronnie DeFeo Jr., aka Butch, went from room to room in the middle of the night killing his family with a shotgun. The murders baffled many experts because it appeared that all six members of the family simply stayed in bed when the gunshots started. A total of eight shots were fired and none of the family members ever got out of bed and made an attempt to make a run for it or put up any type of struggle. All family members were found in their beds, sleeping on their stomachs as if the gun shots never woke them from their sleep. Investigators originally suspected Butch drugged his family and then shot them one by one in their beds but the autopsies performed on the family members indicated no such drugs were in their systems.

The second part of the Amityville Horror saga was the Lutz family haunting that occurred beginning on December 18th, 1975. The Lutz family purchased the DeFeo house for a bargain price after the DeFeo murders and moved in. The Lutz family thought they had just purchased their dream home but the dream turned into a nightmare and the Lutz family was forced to flee the house after only 28 days. While the Lutz family lived in the house they claimed to have experienced supernatural forces that made living in the house impossible. Much of what the Lutz family claimed to have experienced in those 28 days is what John also experienced when attacked with sonic harassment technology through the walls of his home.

The incredible coincidence between John’s story and the Amityville Horror saga is that a prominent and influential family also lived directly next door to the DeFeo family. The husband and wife of the prominent and influential family are Andy and Agnes England. The England family has family roots that go back a long way in the community, Andy’s family descendants are actually founding members of Amityville. In fact, the actual Amityville Horror house (DeFeo/Lutz house) was built on land once owned by the England family. John’s house was also built on land once owned by Napoleon’s prominent and influential family. Another interesting coincidence is that there is also a street nearby in the town with the England’s family name. Napoleon’s family also has a street in the town named in honor of his family. Could all this be just a strange coincidence or could it be that powerful, prominent, and influential people/families know of the secret government and are able to bring them into a community to rid the community of a bad element? The following is a fictional scenario of what could have really been the catalyst for the DeFeo murders and the Lutz haunting.

What most people don’t know about the DeFeo family is that the family was heavily involved in organized crime. In fact the husband Ronald DeFeo Sr., aka Big Ronnie, was running drugs with his boat into Amityville. Big Ronnie’s second oldest son would openly brag to his friends about his father’s dug running. The neighbors were afraid of the DeFeo family and simply wished they would move back to where they came from. Big Ronnie was a simple manager at a car dealership that in no way would allow him to afford to live in such an affluent part of town. But Big Ronnie’s involvement in organized crime and other illegal activities paid very well and allowed the DeFeo family to live in the community.

The neighbors felt that the DeFeo family was disrupting, tarnishing, and destroying, their community. There was no reasoning with the Big Ronnie or Butch. Rumors of Butch involvement in the drowning of death of a man in the local river made community members feel very uncomfortable. Big Ronnie and Butch would often carry handguns and not be afraid to threaten people with then in a difficult situation. Big Ronnie and Butch would often threaten their neighbors by telling them that they would bring in the mob to murder their entire families if they mess with the DeFeo family. The DeFeo family knew their neighbors hated them and wanted them gone. Big Ronnie would often urinate right out in the open on his lawn for his neighbors to see. Agnes England would often see this vulgar act and tell her husband she could no longer live next door to the DeFeo family. Big Ronnie was sending his neighbors a clear message: This is my property and I’ll do with it as I please.

Another interesting similarity between John’s story and the DeFeos in Amityville is that both involved a police officer. A year before the DeFeo family was murdered Butch DeFeo had threatened to murder a police officer and the police officer’s daughter. This threat was made right in front of the police officer’s daughter. The police officer had arrested a friend of Butch and Butch became angry and then threated the police officer and the police officer’s daughter. In John’s case, his neighbor was a retired police officer (Napoleon) and when John started playing gangster rap music, the police officer took it as a threat and used his connections to bring in the government mafia to deal with John. In both cases a member of law enforcement was involved. The government mafia consists of law enforcement and military personnel and they don’t take kindly to threats made against one of their own. Could the DeFeo murders have been the result of Butch threatening the police officer?

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Other Connections

The secret government has been using classified sonic harassment technology to create haunted house stories for the last several decades. Movies such as “The Entity”, “Poltergeist”, and “Paranormal Activity”, are the government targeting innocent people/families across America. The secret government is using high-tech tricks to manipulate people into believing their homes are haunted. The movie “The Exorcist” which was based on a possession of a child in 1949 is likely the first test of sonic harassment technology against the public by the secret government. The government needs to test and study the effects people have to the technology. Hearing strange noises or voices, objects flying off shelves and the touching and other sensations claimed to be by invisible forces are all events or symptoms created by classified sonic harassment technology. People want to believe in the supernatural, especially religious people. Any attempt to convince these people that the government has classified sonic harassment technology that can be used to trick people into believing they are experiencing a supernatural event, when in fact it’s just a high-tech trick, will prove to be a futile effort. The secret government has the ultimate weapon with this through-wall surveillance technology and sonic harassment technology. The technology can’t be proven to exist and no evidence can be produced that it is being used against a person/family. The secret government creates hoaxes and tragedy across America in order to socially engineer American society.

Is it Just a Coincidence?

The secret government made a huge mistake by targeting John. Because of Napoleon, a horrific secret about the United States government has been exposed. John didn’t realize the neighbor to the DeFeo family was a powerful and influential member of Amityville, very similar in stature to John’s neighbor. The Amityville Horror started as a family feud between the DeFeo family and the England family. Big Ronnie threatened to bring in the mob to wipe out the England family and the England family acted in self-defense and brought in the government mafia to take out the DeFeo family. The powerful people in Amityville conspired with the government mafia to murder the DeFeo family and then use the Lutz family as a tool for creating the most famous haunted house story. The powerful people in Amityville reasoned that the DeFeo family and their mob connections had to be defeated and the publicity from the Lutz haunting would generate much needed revenue from tourism as Amityville becomes a household name.

As payment for eliminating the DeFeo family, the government mafia wanted to use the next family to move into the DeFeo house. A perfect candidate family was sought out and lured to the former DeFeo house. The family chosen was the Lutz family. The Lutz family was looking for a house in Amityville when they were noticed by a real estate broker with connections to the government mafia. The real estate broker then lured the Lutz family to the former DeFeo house by telling them that she wanted to show them how the other half of Amityville lived. The real estate broker didn’t mention the house’s tragic past until after the Lutz family fell in love with the house. The Lutz family decided that houses don’t have memories, only people do. So the Lutz family decided they couldn’t pass on the incredibly low asking price and decided to buy the house.

Even before the DeFeo murders, it was decided that the next family to move into the DeFeo house would be attacked with sonic harassment technology to trick them into believing that the former DeFeo house was haunted. The Lutz family was driven out of their home after only 28 days. The Lutz family was served up to the government mafia on a serving platter.

In September of 1998 the tensions between John and his neighbors heightened and Napoleon along with his the rest of his powerful and influential family used their connections to bring in the government mafia to deal with John. This was a disastrous mistake because John is not religious and has a strong technical background. The technology that so effectively tricked many people in the past into believing their house was haunted didn’t fool John. To John, his reaction was “Neat Trick…I didn’t think that kind of technology existed” but to the people like the Lutz family, it led them down a path that would consume their lives and unknowingly turn them into a propaganda tool of the secret United States government. John’s ordeal can be thought of as a DeFeo/Lutz ordeal. John was an unwelcome neighbor, very similar to the DeFeo family but John didn’t own a gun so the government mafia couldn’t do a DeFeo job on him so they used classified sonic harassment against him to do a Lutz job on him.

John reported the harassment by his neighbors to the FBI, ATF, and local police in 1999 but law enforce simply told him that he would have to prove that such harassment was occurring before law enforcement would investigate. Sonic harassment technology doesn’t create any physical evidence when used against a person so no physical evidence could be produced. When John asked the FBI agent what kind of proof would have to be produced, the FBI agent said he didn’t know.

With the discovery of the powerful and influential family living next door to the DeFeo family and the powerful and influential family living next door to John, this could provide the proof necessary for the FBI to investigate. There is the possibility that Napoleon (the retired cop) may have been a member of the strike team that murdered the DeFeos in 1974 or has knowledge of who actually murdered the DeFeos. The strike team that murdered the DeFeos would have consisted of military personnel and law enforcement. John lives in a state neighboring New York (Amityville is a town of New York). The distance is not far and can be driven in a car in about 2 hours 30 minutes, one-way trip. Napoleon should be questioned by the FBI about the DeFeo murders because of the connection between John’s case and the DeFeo murders. John’s other neighbors (including their children) of 1998 should also be questioned by the FBI. There may be a possible connection between Napoleon and the England family.

What are the odds of two bizarre cases of the DeFeo Murders/Lutz Haunting and John’s case occurring where a powerful and influential member of the community is a direct neighbor in each case? Surely this should be enough evidence for the FBI to investigate. Napoleon and his family (and his neighbors) may be the key to solving decades old mystery of the Amityville Horror.

The England family and Napoleon’s family have the following in common:

1. Both families are well respected, powerful, and influential in their communities.

2. A Street is named in honor of each family in their town.

3. The land that the DeFeo/Lutz family and John family home was built on was once owned in the past by the each powerful family in the town. In fact John’s house was actually built by Napoleon’s father.

Is it all just a coincidence? Anyone who knows about the government mafia will tell you that it’s the powerful that know of the group (and classified technology) and they use them against the weak.