Suzanne Richey: TI Statement (Oct. 17, 2023)

To: Eric Karlstrom

I want to tell you my story before I am disappeared and murdered by the New Amerikan Secret Police!!!!!!! I am on the slow kill genocide watchlist of AmeriKan Stazi militarized police state. They tried to take me hostage and put me into human trafficking. I was unlawfully added to the terrorist watch list first, I believe, when I was an MBA student at the University of Illinois, and the subtle and covert harassment followed me to the Charlotte, NC area and then to Charleston, SC where I went to work for the Boeing Company. I worked for Boeing for 4.5 years and lawfully reported internally a Sarbanes Oxley accounting issue which resulted in severe workplace retaliation and a fraudulent internal investigation by the Boeing Airplane Company management. I then reported the issue directly to the Boeing Board of Directors and another investigation confirmed the Sarbanes Oxley issue.

I reported the workplace retaliation incident to several employment law firms and directly to the DOJ. The full blown CIA, FBI and I believe Infragard stalking and harassment program ensued when I moved near Everett, WA and the harassment follows me where ever I travel. For the past 6 years, I have been stalked and harassed in the Peoria, IL area and subjected to electronic rape and satanic ritual abuse and voodoo. These perpetrators are trying to get me to commit suicide.

Thank you for your website which has helped me understand my situation. From my research EVERYONE and ANYONE can be added to the unconstitutional terror watchlist and subjected to stalking and harassment by traitorous secret civilian GESTAPO AmeriKans. So, the constitutional United States no longer exists in the minds of the people in power as any US citizen is at risk of becoming a targeted individual. People wonder how they got on the list, the fact is we are all on the list at some point in time as each person is being psychologically evaluated for their usefulness in implementing the NWO global fascist agenda. The internet is full of disinformation regarding targeted individuals yet thousands of people are telling their TI experiences and are calling for justice.

The targeted individual program is now being implemented through city and state police departments that are working with federal agencies, as well as, private “street theater” corporations and the free mason criminal network all of whom have been given DARPA mind control weapons that can project voice to skull messaging and record an individual’s mind stream including all of the TI experiences including visualizations of the mind. as well as.. what they see and hear and it is this information that becomes the subject material of gangstalking street theater. Targeted individuals are surrounded by “role players” who create a “synthetic false “reality” to mimic psychological illness. Targeted Individuals also being surveilled though the city cameras posted at intersections which aids the street theater gangstalkers in locating their victims with in districts or “territorries” that they “control and troll”.

Through this unlawful technology the TI victim is a psychoanalyzed to identify habits, hobbies, and friend networks and the information is used to evaluate the person for a role in the NWO. If the person is deemed “useful” they are compelled to “join” through overt job offers thereby enslaving the person. Targeted Individuals are being compelled to join through death threats, extortion and blackmail of the individual and threats of harm to those they love. If the individual does not join their rank and file and accept a handler the individual is added to the slow kill list. The NWO is being built through the hierarchical enslavement of individuals and entire communities. Those who try to refuse to accept handlers and those deemed “not useful” become slow kill targeted individuals. The TI program is a slow kill genocide program of NWO New/Old Stasi Police State that has spread to every USA community.

The DARPA mind control technology used is unlawful and a serious infringement of civil and privacy rights. These evil cult people are unaccountable to any governance and are willfully participating in the enslavement of mankind and many are enslaved into the cult system through their system of “handlers” and others are unknowingly joining their ranks by taking jobs as are “role players” who perform street theater and if they try to leave the cult system they themselves become a targeted individual. Many people are promoted up through the system for their inherent psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies. There are 242 job postings for “Role Players” on These Role Players are trained to perform street theater to create an “altered” reality to get an individual to take a particular action.

The NWO ranks are full of power mongers with fragile egos and they can add any individuals to “the list” on a whim and the list is shared between NWO organizations that operate territories throughout the US. The very idea of Cult power is what enslaves them and as St Augustine points out they take delight in their wickedness which gives them a sense of power over other peoples lives. And this is this evil that is at the very heart of the NWO United States Corporation run by secret societies and criminal cartels that have infiltrated the military, police, FBI, CIA and city governments to genocide humanity AND themselves.

This TI operation can no longer be denied as thousands are seeking justice as the methods and technology being used is not in the limits of technology laws. The enslavement and genocide of humanity is the goal of the NWO through trauma based mind control technology. The distopian nightmare of the New Old Stasi state now means that every person, corporation, organization are being “intimantely” surveilled 24/7.

This mind control technology destroys the notion of confidential material as all information is uploaded into super computers located in Utah. The goal of this slow kill targeted individual program is to destroy and isolate the TI victim by tearing apart family and friends to demoralize the victim to take their own lives or make them psychological wards of the state for mind control. The impact on corporations is that all employees become eyes and ears for the Fascist Police State and all intellectual property and trade secrets become the possession of the NWO State and organizations that promote democracy, peace and civil liberties are infiltrated and radicalized for NWO agendas and the media circus.

Suzanne Richey
Metamora, IL