Statement of British TI, Helen Gurney


To best explain the urgent need with which I feel it necessary to explain the details of my current situation, I refer the reader to the voluminous information that is readily available on the internet, regarding a global phenomenon that, although being much discussed on the internet, has otherwise been hidden from the public. This phenomenon is a covert, global wide, program, which is usually referred to as the ‘Targeted Individual Program’, or ‘TI Program’, the term ‘Targeted Individual’ (‘TIs’) denoting those people who have discovered that they have become the subjects (victims) of a definitive system of abuse and experimentation. This program is essentially a covert war against its targets, the TIs, which is organised by a hidden power and that appears (in every country) to be government sanctioned. This program is a highly controlled system of abuse, employing an army of perpetrators that are engaged in effecting the systematic destruction of TI’s, in accordance with clearly defined protocols, which include the following key features:

Home Invasions and Gas Lighting

It is made clear to the TI that trespassers have been in their residence when there is no other explanation for having found items moved, damaged or in some way tampered with. The goal here appears to be to disorientate the TI, to make him think he is going mad, or so that he will begin to appear unstable to others.

Food poisoning

TIs who report having been poisoned (often food that is stored within their own homes) report symptoms akin to having been drugged. It is likely that people are also murdered through this means.


It becomes apparent to the TI that they are the subject of lies and rumours and malicious interference in their relationships. Of course this causes relationship breakdown within families and friendships and a negative response, or hostility, from formerly friendly colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances etc.

Economic Warfare

TIs find all their career opportunities blocked and may face many difficulties and obstructions within their existing employment. TIs often find themselves out of work and if they do find employment at all it is likely to fall very short of what their capabilities warrant.

Gang Stalking

This is a phenomenon whereby the TI finds that they are stalked, but not just by one person but by many. They may be stalked in relay fashion or mobbed by a number of people in the street, or workplace. Such mobbing often involves ‘street theatre’, designed to feature a situation in which the TI is abused, or set up in some way, whilst being altered to the fact of details of their personal life or personal world being known. Of course if the TI reports such incidence as harassment, he will merely appear to be unstable, and will gain the attention of authorities as such.

Electronic Harassment

TIs are commonly subjected to pain and injury by an invisible means. This is made possible by the little known about ‘directed energy weapons’ (DEWS). This is the use of frequencies that are directed at the TI by perpetrators located in neighbouring buildings, but can also be from a satellite. It appears that there are various types of DEW, which are based on microwave technology, with the TI being assaulted by the perpetrators, usually within their own home, by means of radar devices, or ‘see through the wall technology’.

Body Implants

It can reasonably be argued that this is the main objective of the entire TI program, that being to have the TI implanted with body implants and or brain implants. Of course, this can be achieved most readily if the TI has been incarcerated (which due to rapid escalation of draconian legal procedures) can be readily achieved, where the TI is portrayed as being unstable. Failing this, fabricated evidence is often used for this purpose.

Technology has been developed to actually enable the hacking of a person’s brain! Nano technology is the basis for miniature devices that can integrate with the subjects brain, to operate as an interface between their brain’s activities and the perpetrators computer systems. As far as my basic understanding goes, brain implants feature an antenna that can communicate on a two way basis between brain and computer, whilst being a delivery mechanism for nano bots that in turn can integrate with individual neurons within the brain. This is the means by which thoughts can be read in real time, but it is also far more reaching than that. Any given word, or phrase, that triggers a memory or an association, serves as a gateway for enabling nano bots to drill down and access an array of information, stored within the subjects neurons. This will include memories, ideas, beliefs, dreams etc. The implication of this technology being used on people non-consensually, by criminals, is of course truly horrific.

Many targets have found that, additionally, they have been implanted with chips in various locations within their body. These individual chips communicate with each other to form a ‘body area network’. Through this network, perpetrators can cause extreme pain and can even directly manipulate the person’s body, overriding their own bodily control to cause involuntary movements.


A Brief History of My Experiences as a ‘TI’

I myself have been a ‘targeted individual’ for many years. It was during February 2014 when I first became cognisant that I was the subject of attacks by criminals using microwave, or directed energy, weapons. From about 18 months prior to this, out of the blue, I had begun to have dental problems, diagnosed as gum disease, for which I had received numerous dental treatments. It is from this point, however, that I realised that those dental problems that I had been experienced had not in fact originated from within my own body, but rather were being induced by some sort of directed energy weapon. Prior to this specific induced health problem, since around 2001, I had also suffered periodically with chronic fatigue since around 2001 and I have come to suspect that this condition may also have been the result of regular assault my microwave, or directed energy weapons (DEWS). A further ailment that I have been suffering with is chronic headaches. Although I have been prone all my life to headaches, the frequency and severity of these ramped up dramatically over the last few years, I believe from around 2012. It just so happens that this is around the same time period that I began to have dental treatments for my (induced) gum issues.

I first realised quite by chance that, what I had been advised was gum disease, was in fact being induced by an external source. This was due to one particular occasion when, out of the blue, pain in my gums erupted. This pain then escalated dramatically within just minutes, to the point where I was in real agony. I was at a loss as to what to do, but it occurred to me that it felt like my flesh was actually being burned. Fortunately I had already heard of the concept of microwave weapons as a means of causing injury or illnesses, although I had previously dismissed this as being far-fetched. However, in my agony and in utter desperation, I noticed a metal oven dish on a kitchen surface and I grabbed it to shield the area where I was experiencing the pain. I was amazed to discover that, on doing so, the pain literally ceased instantly. This was the point from which I knew for sure that I had been (and continue to be) assaulted by some form of directed energy weapons.

This realisation occurred during the period in my life when I was making a lot of visits to the dentist relating to the gum disease that I had been diagnosed with. I had already become uncomfortable about my dentist following one such visit in which he indicated the area of my mouth to be treated next, which so happened to be the least problematic area. I instinctively felt that something was wrong and so I decided to postpone that treatment. Once I realised the actual cause of my ailment I never went back to that dentist (nor visited any dentist) again. This episode prompted me to do a browser search, using the search term: “dentists, microwave weapons”. From this search I came across a Barry Trower interview with the ICAAT, in which it was discussed how there have been many cases where dentists had secretly implanted their unsuspecting and non consenting patients with implants and that a common spot for these implantations was at the back left of the upper jaw (precisely were my dentist indicated he would treat my gums next). It also turns out that this point in the jaw is right next to the ‘vegus nerve’. This is the primary nerve that runs throughout the body, therefore a brain implant inserted here enables whoever can read that chip, not only access to the implantee’s brain waves, but also full body manipulation by remote means. This includes sexual assaults!

I had all my life been prone to occasional headaches, which at times were severe. As mentioned above, these became very much more frequent and also much more aggressive from around 2012/2013. Following the realisation of the cause of my dental problems, I very quickly worked out that these headaches where also being externally induced. For several years I had assumed that my induced headaches had been caused by simply perpetrators simply pointing a DEW to specific points on my head. However, I later came to believe that the excruciating pain that I so frequently suffer from is enabled through implants (torture chips) that have been implanted near my temples. The obvious explanation for this is that they have been placed there by my dentist (and or his colleague, the hygienist) whilst I was being anesthetised during treatments. What I believe to have been the main intended brain implant, fortunately, my dentist didn’t get to do, due to the fact I stopped attending his surgery. At this stage, therefore, I had believed that I had avoided having been implanted at the dentists at all.

From the point at which I knew that I was the subject of attack by directed energy weapons, I have been on an ongoing struggle to shield myself from them. The shielding that I used: various metallic materials, but especially mylar blankets, proved sufficient to get me through to mid 2015 reasonably intact, in terms of the damage to my mouth. The headaches I was able to stave off to an extent using the same materials, but nevertheless they still often sever enough to stop me from being able to work or to function at all. Despite this, the attacks to my mouth became my primary cause of my distress after these had been ramped up considerably, from June 2015. These more acute attacks followed from l lot of drilling that had been coming from the next door property (I lived in a terraced house adjoined on both sides). The drilling started from late April 2015 and some of it was so loud that I was concerned that the neighbours were about to drill all the way through the adjoining wall into my house.

There were frequently lots of ongoing DIY types of sounds, such as of mechanical objects being tightened up with spanners (the best way I can describe it).

From this stage I found managing my situation as a target to be much more difficult. I had great difficulty getting sleep at all given the nightly attempts by perpetrators to mutilate me whilst I was sleeping. These attacks had become much more aggressive, being beyond simply burning my gum tissues, to being aware, during the attacks that the flesh of my gums was actually being ‘seared ‘away. This sensation accompanied finding that I was spitting small amounts of blood that contained small globules of flesh. I therefore became aware that there is more than one type of energy weapon that can penetrate the flesh of a subject by remote means. Of the most aggressive attacks that I experienced, this occurred while I was awake and actually walking around my house. As I approached my kitchen, I felt a very sudden sharp pain to part of my mouth. I immediately spat out a quantity of full flowing blood. This was a direct incision into my flesh, which occurred again shortly after I had gone to bed and was trying to sleep. Again, this repeat attack caused a quantity of fresh blood to literally spurt from my gums.

Following this I discovered I had a straight incision (a at a precise vertical 90 degree angle) that had been carved into my gum tissue, causing this area of my gum to be split. It was very clear to me that this was a direct surgical incision that had been made, with exact precision, into my gum. I did link this particular attack (which only occurred twice) to an extended visit to next door in which I could see that the plumber was in extensive discussion with one the tenants, where their boiler was located. I found it odd that the room was darkened and I noticed a blue light emanating from that location through the window into my house. I strongly suspected that what I had witnessed here was connected to my targeting and (based on a limited amount of online research I’ve done) I believe this to have been a gamma knife that had been set up next door. It was more than clear to me that perpetrators desperately wanted to carve out my remaining molar to the upper left side of my jaw. I subsequently tried my level best to shield this part of my gums in particular, where the split to my gum was, so as to protect the remaining flesh that protected the back of my remaining upper left molar from being carved out!

In attempting to protect my mouth, I tried various materials, the mylar, mesh, foil to shield from the attacks at night but I could not stop the damage, albeit a gradual process of mutilation. The house I lived in was fairly large and so at least I was able to try sleeping in a range of rooms. I found the attic much better to sleep in but immediately after I heard the same familiar drilling sounds and cranking sounds through those adjoining walls to the same perpetrator house. I got some relief sleeping in a mylar sack (for some reason it helped to have lots of air contained within the sack. I also found that sleeping near a radiator helped and discovered the best place to attenuate the attacks was under my desk, which happened to be located near the cellar door. I found that putting my face as close to that spot on the floor as I could did help. I realised that this was where the copper heating pipes ran (from mains gas to boiler). Consequently I bought copper pipes to place my head on whilst sleeping, this helped a bit for a short time but nothing was enough. I had very little money with which to try out different ways to shield myself. However, I had a lucky stroke when I discovered that a strong magnet served to deflect an attack. I found an industrial magnet supplier in my city and tried these out. These definitely helped and especially to ease the headaches. However, nothing that I tried was ever enough and I was greatly relieved when I was able to finally leave that house.

I was fortunate in that I had quite a bit of equity from my house and so I set out to find a house to rent while I regroup and decide on a long term plan. This proved very difficult due to the scarcity of available properties and the fussiness of property agents toward anyone without a current income or shaky credit (despite having a healthy bank account). I ended up staying with someone I made friends with for a few weeks, and then in various B & B places. To my consternation, I experienced the same attacks to my mouth (albeit they were not so acute) that I had been experiencing in my previous address. I was therefore locked in a battle to find ways to shield myself, causing me to become very reactive to my circumstances, rather than to plan for the best way forward financially, or to gain an income from my business.

It was not until April 2016 that I found rental accommodation. Shortly afterwards I wondered whether my arrival at that house could have been engineered in some way because it quickly became apparent that the tenants next door were perpetrators. Those people (a young couple) left in July following which an extensive refurbishment job was done on the house by a team of builders. The builders were also perpetrators. The actual owners moved in following the refurbishment around August, it took me a while to cotton on that these owners (a couple with a young son) were also perpetrators. The house on the other side was owned by my landlord and was quickly taken by a young couple who also turned out to be perpetrators. I heard the same familiar cranking up sounds as in my previous address and I often could hear both sets of perpetrators signalling to each other via a series of knocks (this was a row of adjoined terraced houses). It was clear they were all perpetrators from the movements and activities of my perpetrators and how they precisely correlated with the attacks that I was experiencing (attacks with real physical signs from my mouth).

I am completely aware that all of this sounds far too incredible to be believable, particularly that everyone connected with both my neighbouring houses were perpetrators, especially given one set of neighbours had ownership before I moved in. It does sound delusional and that is the conclusion that I would readily reach had I not been a TI and if I was reading this same account coming from another person. It has become clear to me that the people with access to these DEWs and who are actively involved in this whole diabolical program have enough resources to own a considerable proportion of property within this country as well as having considerable influence in the legal system, health industry and government. I experienced the same phenomenon here as my previous address, the cranking up of items located a various points of adjoining walls, frequent drilling noises and often loud thumping noises (as something very heavy being dropped). I also noticed a clicking sounds corresponding to attacks to my mouth and I could hear snippets of conversations from my perpetrators, including whilst the key perpetrator at the time seemed to be on occasion supervised by a handler. For example at the sensation of a sharp pain to my mouth (with resulting damage) I heard the handlers saying “good work” at that precise point. I also heard the pitter patter of directed energy against my shielding and occasionally very forceful blows from an invisible source that were akin to a tennis ball hitting, at very high velocity, against my shielding or the metal frame of my bed.

Prior to renting this particular house, I also rented a small office, so that I at least had a base from which to get my business going again (foolishly I had big plans for developing this business). Unfortunately the frequency of headaches were such that it was difficult to work consistently enough to make good progress, in addition to the continuous pressure to find ever more effective methods to protect my mouth. For this I had tried copper plate, magnets, copper wire, magnets stitched to mesh, various types o mesh metal, copper mesh. I found copper and magnets helpful but the tiniest gaps in my defence would leave me still exposed to injury. Just as I thought I had finally arrived at a solution that would enable me to just get on with my life (as well as a solution to share with the world) there would be more ‘adjustment’ noises coming from the perpetrator houses and I would be back to having, yet again, to adjust my defence. Additionally I seemed to be yet more vulnerable to the headaches in this house (as well as in my office). I found that magnets helped enormously to deflect attacks to my head (I wore these in fabric around my forehead most of the time). Nevertheless, once any pain had set in, from an attack to my head during my sleep, a day of excruciating and incapacitating pain usually followed.

There were times when it became so difficult to protect my mouth that I went to my office with a sleeping bag to spend the night there. There were a number of occasions I did this and found it extremely helpful to have somewhere else to go for some relief. I was still attacked in this room, but the attacks to my mouth seemed less acute. Despite having rented a house and some office space, I found that I spent most of my time in the small bedroom, frantically putting defences together and adjusting them this way and that to avoid the mutilating attacks to my mouth. By early 2017 I decided to move on again. The obvious solution was to move in to the house I owned (left to me by my late father). Of course it was a few months notice I needed to give to my tenant and so it wasn’t until late April 2017 that I moved in. I had intended this to be a very short stay and had planned to sell up soon after moving in. I had however wondered whether the family next door were also perpetrators. My father died of cancer and had lived in that house only for a period of six months before he passed away. He was diagnosed in February of 2001 and by May 2001 he passed away. His deterioration was extremely rapid.

I also remember my father complaining of an ongoing burning sensation in his throat and would drink a lot of ice cold drinks to relieve this discomfort. All those years later, it had occurred to me whether this had been a symptom of attacks by microwave weapons.

I therefore half expected the neighbours next door to be perpetrators. I was not wrong.
On moving in to the house left to me by my father, located on the Wirral, the attacks to my mouth during the night resumed, as did the pain inflicted on my head. I found it necessary to keep shielding on my head at all times. It quickly became apparent that the attacks were coming from one of the next door neighbours, a family consisting of an elderly couple and their son, probably in his 30’s. I heard the same familiar DIY sounds as in my previous residence, i.e. lots of drilling, especially along the party walls – both upstairs and downstairs. Sometimes it would be extremely loud to the point where I was concerned that the very integrity of the party walls were being damaged.

These DIY noises always appear to have corresponded with the increasing severity of the attacks against me, and so I remained locked in the ongoing battle to shield myself.
In the other adjoining house, lived a woman in her 70’s whose husband had died a year or two prior. This woman had since acquired a partner, a man who appeared 10 years younger, and I found this odd. I first assumed that she was being ‘played’ by him because of her location, next door to me, so that he could help facilitate the DEW attacks. However, it later became clear that she was in on it too. This means that, if my father had indeed been murdered by DEWS, then she, as well as the family in the other adjoining house, was likely party to it. How this became apparent was a range of factors, including hearing the familiar ‘knocking’ signals between the neighbours either side of me. I knew from the noises I was hearing during the night that the neighbours were close behind the party wall, I could hear them. I even heard them responding when, while drifting off to sleep and feeling the sudden sensation of pain (knowing that another slice of gum tissue had been taken). For example, one particular occasion I felt this sensation, in the same instant I heard one of the neighbours (son in the family next door) say “yes, come on….”.

It became clear that there was also another person linked to the family next door, who was also involved with my targeting. This was because of frequent visits to next door by a man in his 60s who drove a red range rover. It became clear to me, from the pattern of events, that this was the handler. This old man used to take this next door neighbour in his car off somewhere and they’d usually be back within 90 mins or so. These lifts to whatever the destination was would sometimes occur very early in the morning, including 3 or 4 am. In addition, it was not only both sets of my next door neighbours involved, but other neighbours too. It was by chance that one night, around October 2017 when I noticed strange looking lights in the bedroom window of one of the houses opposite. I investigated with binoculars and to my astonishment saw what appeared to be extensive electrical apparatus and oscillating lights on wires that changed shape. I did a browser search under ‘oscillating lights’ and found many reference to lasers. I continued to observe these lights at from time to time at night – they were always there. I realised also that the walls behind and surrounding these lasers were covered in mirrors. Being busy with my binoculars from here on I also noticed a strange device in the window of the house immediately behind me, where I subsequently observed that a young couple live. I believe that there was an elaborate set up of electrical equipment within surrounding houses that powered the lasers that had been used to mutilate me with, in carving out my gum tissues.

It was clear that my perpetrators were becoming desperate by around October 2017, to get to me (implanted). Perhaps they were behind schedule for where I fitted into their projects. The handler visitor mentioned above, one occasion, I actually caught some of his conversation that included him saying “we’ll have to get her incarcerated”! This just goes to show, not only how desperate they were becoming to get me implanted, but also the fact of the means at their disposal of being able to pull off the confinement of an entirely innocent person, who had never committed a crime in her life, nor having had any history of mental illness. The implications this alone is of course utterly horrendous. It was around this time when the Mrs of the next door family put a note through my door asking me to keep the noise down on my computer. I ignored this because it was nonsense. The next thing was a notice from the management services company (of the housing block) that a complaint has been lodged against me for noise nuisance, which was a breach of the terms of the lease. I deduced from this that the next door family were aiming to get me out of my house, by pursuing this angle.

It was in late October/early November when, one night sitting with my headset on (i.e. no noise emanating from my computer) I heard a loud knocking at the door, at around midnight. It was the Mrs telling me to keep the noise down! I would not open the door, because I knew she was up to something. I therefore shouted back at her through the door and, foolishly, being full of anger, when she went back into her house, I opened the nearest window to her house to shout an insult at her. A few days later, I was sitting quietly in my chare (no TV or radio, no noise on at all) and I was startled to be hearing sudden loud knocking at the door. Of course, it was the same woman again. She shouted through the door “all I can hear is thump, thump, thump” she then she shouted “I’m going to call the police, I’m going to call the police..”. I shouted back saying “there’s nothing on; you’re hearing things”. Given the lateness of the hour and how distressing this was, full on harassment, I reported the incident to the police.

This time, I thought better of opening that window.

The next day, I knocked on their door, to have it out with them. They were adamant about my noise nuisance – this was despite the fact I often heard DIY noises from them, even occasionally very late at night. When I asked the obvious, sensible question, which would serve to establish the facts, that was “do you have a device that can record these noises” she just shouted me down – “the police are coming” and then she even went on about how she helped my dad, all those years ago, bringing him his subscriptions from the chemist etc. I.e. anything to avoid that key question of: ‘evidence’. During this altercation, the son joined in to support his mother in the erroneous accusation. He then went on to say that while his mother was at the door, he saw me grab a knife! I actually had grabbed an object but it was a small video device, as I attempted to obtain a recording of events. In this statement however, he had inadvertently admitted to be that he had been present outside of my window peering in at me – through the gap in my blinds, at 2am! A policeman called in response to my complaint about harassment from next door and I provided him with a full account of events (leaving out of course anything about the targeting – or noises I could hear relating to that targeting). I wrote a full account of the overt harassment I had endured to the services management company. They never responded, but from this point the family next door stopped all their nonsense about imagined noises from me.

I had noticed that the house next door but one had had a ‘to let’ sign up for a good few months, and I wondered why it had taken so long. In November of 2017 a woman moved into it. I chatted with her briefly a couple of times and I soon noticed her tendency to often be at her doorway, with her phone, just as I was exiting or entering my house. It occurred to me that she may be taking images of my keys. I had a handle fitted to the inside of my door frame in order to thread a chain through it and the inner door handle, secured by a combination lock. I took care to hide the numbers from potential onlookers when securing this lock on exiting, or unlocking it on entering, my house. Between November 2017 and early March 2018, I kept myself busy attempting to write a short book to warn people of the dangers of microwave technology, the phenomenon of the TI programme, featuring the use of ‘directed energy weapons. I planned to explain, from my own experiences, how these gangs with dews, as well abusing people as lab rats in their own homes, are also busy using this technology to murder many other people that they want out of their way.

It was around February/early March 2018, I knew that I was in a dangerous position and that I needed to leave as soon as possible. I sensed that things were being stepped up and I had begun to pack things away and prepare my suitcases, while trying to determine where to go next, with limited cash available to me. I believe the perpetrator family next door feared that I would make it out of the house and escape what they had long planned for me, which was to be implanted. I desperately wish now that I had put more effort into getting out at this stage, and to have more fully appreciated the urgency of my situation. It was around this point when I hearing the Mrs in conversation through the wall screeching out in rage, saying “in its dreams….”. I believe that she was referring to me as an ‘it’ as opposed to a ’she’! I think they were angry that their prey might just escape their grasp. I had also noticed, in the wooden garden fence adjoining the other neighbouring garden, a couple of missing planks. I found this odd both because the previous night hadn’t been dramatically windy, but also that two planks together were missing, leaving a large gap in the fence. I realised that this would enable someone to covertly enter my back garden at night and thus, if they had an image of my keys, to gain entry to my house, via my back door.

Until early March 2018, I had been working hard, trying to get my book (warning message about 5g and dews written). The first couple of weeks in March I felt particularly drained. At this point there was one of those periods when I could hear a hive of activity from next door and I was sure that it was to do with electrical work. On one day in particular, for a period of about an hour or so, the electrical power in the street went down. The moment that it went down correlated with what I could hear from next door, beeping sounds of electrical testing etc. It was from March that I noticed sounds being carried through the electrical supply. When I turned on a convector heater or fan heater, I could hear chanting noises and the sounds of a large crowd. Initially the chanting I was repetition of a phrase: “Iran Iran, Iraq, War”. I also could discern the voice of someone leading the crowd and I could decipher him say “Harry is the one” (I assume he was referring to Prince Harry). More disturbingly for me personally, I hear my name being chanted by this crowed, over and over. I also heard a couple of other names that I did not recognise. At times it sounded like I was picking up on a real gathering, with disparate conversations occurring, and some people singing a little tune. I believed then this was as a result of them having linked up my house to their electrical network (I believe they have an electrical network that is distinct from the main grid). In this way I believed the enemy had inadvertently caused me to become privy to some of what was being said at some of their secret gatherings. During the remainder of the month and into early April, I continued to hear the chanting noises. I found them to be very spooky and somewhat disturbing.

There was one day during that fatal month of March when after just waking up and noting the time I was amazed at how long I had slept – it had been ten hours or more straight. I also noted that my combination padlock (a secondary lock on my front door) was at the ‘open combination’ (I wasn’t sure if that was down to my own negligence). It also just so happened that the door had not been locked, therefore I had been totally vulnerable the whole time I had been sleeping. Of course I was extremely concerned whether the neighbours had actually achieved what they had set out to do, which was to implant me. However, I had not noticed anything different such as ‘voice to skull’ (a phenomena reported by all implantees) so I just hoped that I had had a very lucky escape. I should also point out here that around about the same time (I don’t think it had been on that particular night) I had had a dream where I say the next door family in my bedroom and they were holding me upside down. I had assumed it was just a dream, but subsequently I realised differently. It was this same week, which happened to be pass over, that I had heard from next door sounds of jubilation and celebration. I did worry that this was not good for me, but I wondered whether perhaps this signalled that they had successfully assassinated another target or something like that. I found out about the passing of Nick Spero shortly after and so I then wondered if that had been it. That week I also noticed the next door family going out together, all dressed up and looking extremely pleased – clearly they were going to a special outing or celebration. I should have put two and two together there and then!

It was early Apil 2018 when, the noises coming from, what I considered to be the enemies chanting, actually became pertinent to the content of my own private thoughts. Further, on one occasion, being able to hear these chartings, I silently thought something about them and then these voices directly responded to my thought comment. I.e. this was the point that they were deliberately declaring to me that they were actually in my head. From this point on, of course, my targeting became so much more difficult and destructive to my life than just the matter of the extreme headaches and gradual mutilation by night. I was of course distraught but my instinct was, to see if I could I get the chip out, via a gash in my gums that had left a tooth loose and then, how to cope with it. The voices were quite loud and it was very difficult to think clearly at all. I did try to get some sleep that night, despite the incessant voices commenting on everything. I put classical music on to try to negate them and this enabled me to get some sleep. However, during the night I woke up finding my body extremely wobbly. Terrifyingly it felt like I was losing control of my limbs. I had barely had any sleep, but I knew I had to leave that house to stand any chance of not being ‘taken over’. I therefore arranged to stay the next night at the local premier hotel.

On exiting my house, it was clear my perpetrators could see my lock combinations; they repeated them as I accessed the combinations from my memory. I took stuff with me that was important to me, including valuables because the perpetrators would have entry to my house. I bought new (non combination) locks to secure my house before settling in at the hotel. It was immediately clear that they had been in and I threw away food and toiletries that they may have had access to. I could still hear the voices back at the hotel, but I felt relieved just to put some distance between me and the next door perpetrators. I was able to get rest at the hotel and I did not have the problem there of feeling my limbs being taken over. Spending the night at the hotel was the best thing I could have done as it enabled me to‘re-group’ and to think through what to do from then on and I believe it may have even saved me from having my body taken over.

I remember a TI on a video describing how she found a finger involuntarily moving and noticed at the same time a smirking young man working on a smart phone whilst looking on. She proceeded to shield the back of her head with a baking tray and this involuntary movement immediately stopped. What I remembered of this account led me to consider the shielding materials that I had at my disposal, including copper wire stuffed into an oven glove, which I had used to shield my mouth against the lasers. The next time that I began to feel my limbs becoming ‘shaky’, I used this item and secured it around my neck, where I was convinced my chip was located. This actually worked and I wore this shield as much as practicable when indoors. I had assumed that all of the phenomena of the violation of my mind and body had been enabled through a chip below the area of the tooth which had been partially dislodged. It was obvious to me that this tooth had been targeted to access that specific point with an implant. The areas of my mouth that had been subjected to attack the most has been my left upper molar and also a molar on the lower right side of my mouth. As far as I understand, this happens to coincide with the route of the Vegus nerve, the body’s central nerve that extends throughout the body. At night I would also shield that area of my head and neck with a thin piece of steel. This did help block the signal to a large extent but would also start to cause a lot of pain (I believe as the radio waves from the chip became much stronger to compensate for the shielding) and so I would have to relinquish this after a time.

Although I appeared to have successfully addressed the problem of wobbly limbs, I found it extremely difficult to deal with the voices continuously commenting and taunting me (with anything the perps could think of at the time). Very early on I realised that my thoughts were being repeated, or read out in the form of my own voice, i.e. I would silently think something and hear it back in my own voice (with a very slight delay from real time). I have actually heard my own voice coming from next door. One particularly terrifying thing about this is that having access to my voice, through having recorded my thoughts over time, they could use this to appear as me on the telephone or on a sound recording etc, therefore I could be set up for a crime or they could use it to commit fraud against me, or it could simply be used to portray me, to anyone, in a totally false light. My own voice is also one of the sound effects that the perpetrators use to transmit to me, to comment on me very negatively. There also emerged a dominant voice, which is a strange squeaky voice, which echoed my thoughts in real time, i.e. my thoughts were not only being read by perps from a screen or my voice (which I knew they were), but this was something additional and was clearly reading directly from my brain, as though it had become an actual aspect of my brain itself. I believe this effect was from nano bots having entered into my brain.

In the early stages, on trying to drift off to sleep, I could feel and hear the drilling down deep into my memory. The squeaky voice would repeat every thought and then every association relating to that thought, including from way back in the past. This process was extremely rapid, where the commentary became lost with the speed of the process, as though the data was being downloaded like software. One thought or memory would trigger a whole array of associations, dishing up information about my past, events, thoughts, dreams etc. Through a period of weeks I dreaded the information that would spill out from any given train of thought. I believe during this period there was a process underway of accessing the entirety of my memory, through the stream of consciousness that we all store deep within our brains. Sometimes I dreaded giving way to any thoughts bubbling in my consciousness and would have to immediately leave the house to try to gain some relief. Where I lived at the time was right on the seafront and I found being very close to the sea to be very beneficial. However, they have still probably picked up all of the data stored in my brain. The voices in my head were very acute at home and in certain areas outside, but would be much fainter in other spots and that perhaps they were being relayed by mobile phone transmitters.

Despite the extreme outrage of trespass on my body and the very innermost of my mind, as yet, there is no recourse to any form of justice for TIs. From the research that I had done on the TI phenomenon, it was clear that nothing could be more delightful to the perpetrators of a TI reporting their experiences to the police. This is because, police guidance, dictates that such complaints are automatically dealt with by labelling the TI as delusional, which would quickly result in a warrant for their incarceration into a mental health facility. This is in spite of the availability of numerous scientific papers and patents that demonstrate that such technologies exist. It therefore follows that this crime network dovetails into the mental health industry and is powerful enough to dictate policing guidelines. It has been necessary to deal with this extreme crime being committed against me alone and in silence, whilst trying to focus on how to survive it all.

Obviously, life was more complicated as an implantee, not just for the intrusion onto my thoughts and the voices injected into my head but also for practical day to day matters, such as the use of passwords. I recall on accessing my computer for the first time after having become cognisant that I was now an implantee, I was inputting my password into a vpn service I was using. At the same precise moment, I heard someone next door say “did you catch that” (the walls in those modern houses are extremely thin). I had realised that (as reported by many TIs), the perpetrators could see what I see. In other words, this technology renders a person a walking talking data transmitter. All privacy is gone completely, from what you see and hear, to every single thought you have, being read. Therefore since becoming an implantee, I have not been able to transact online, nor use a ‘chip and pin’ bank card. Fortunately I was able to manage to use emails by a system of copying and pasting random passwords, partially hidden from the screen and then hidden by using black font on black background. I was fortunate that, due to the bank scare of 2016, I had taken out all of my cash from the bank and had bought gold with much of this. I was able to cash this in bit by bit to cover my living expenses, albeit at a loss, but it saved me. I opened a building society account that did not require the use of passwords or chip and pin, where I could stipulate extra security and that I did not intend to use internet banking at all. This old fashioned way of banking, with a bank book, has to be the most secure from any type of fraud and in my circumstances, the only way I could safely have a bank account at all.

My money was running out fast and I was not in a position to work, therefore it was necessary for me to sell my house as quickly as possible, not only to survive financially but also to get away from the perpetrators that were surrounding me. It was difficult enough for me to do any housework let along arrange the process of selling. I secured agreement for a bridging loan, which relieved me of much of my stress and conditional on that was the house being up for sale, which I mentioned to achieve in August of 2018. I was extremely lucky that the first viewing resulted in a firm offer at full market value and I sold the house and moved out early December. This was all very tricky to do given that my every movement was being watched and every thought read. However, I ensured that most of my telephone conversations I had whilst sitting on rocks as far into sea as I could manage, thinking that just maybe my perpetrators will not be able to fully pick up signals from my chip there and I believe this was correct. However, while dealing with all this, I was still contending with my targeting.

At the outset, it was clear to me that the perpetrators were trying to come up with scripts of phrases to send to me. I could hear snippets of their conversation. The person who had been assigned as my main perpetrator, the son of the next door family was certainly not the brightest. He gave the game away a number of times by his lack of competence. It was clear that they were using sound effects software to produce various sound effects, one of these, for example, being a deep booming voice. Also his initial attempts were so lame it was in fact extremely comical to me. On one occasion, trying to spook me out about being under constant observation, he chanted “Helen in the kitchen” – I just creased with laughter. Another occasion, using the sound effect software, he chanted “this is your neighbour” in a sinister voice. Yet simultaneously, I could actually hear through the wall that it was him! Another time he started chanting “fe fo fi fum” in response to which the reaction from me was pure ridicule towards him. One positive of this artificial telepathy is that it can be used back to pour insults and ridicule onto ones perpetrators. I realised however that there is great danger in engaging too much with the perpetrators and the incoming voices and that it is essential, as far as possible to dismiss it all as white noise, while engaging in one’s daily activities. This is not only because of the distractions getting in the way of one’s tasks but also due to the real danger of being ‘sucked in’ by that artificial inner world, in such a way that it may split one’s consciousness, or permanently dislodge ones mental state. I believe that this in fact is the key objective of the program: to cause dissociation to the extent that the perpetrators can hijack the subjects mind.

Some of the sound effects transmitted to me were of crowds chanting and sometimes it was not clear to me if these were genuine crowds. Sometimes I would catch a snippet of what was being chanted on waking up, therefore what had preceded had not been intended for my conscious awareness. Whether at subliminal level or not, there was something being chanted into my head 24/7 and none of it being at all to my benefit. They would consist of very negative suggestions, such as me being penniless, homeless etc. One of the main themes being of me: “being in the news; being shamed; being blamed”. I make the assumption that they are suggesting things to me with the objective of these suggestions being materialised in my life. Where natural noises were produced by, for instance, turning on the water tap, or a fan heater, I would hear the chanting as though the sounds were being emitted from these sources. Similarly the sounds would appear to carry on the sea waves or through the wind. However, it became clear that these environmental noises served as amplifiers for the otherwise inaudible suggestions that were being transmitted to my brain, i.e. these sounds would mix together; this being how my sense of hearing interprets these sounds. This means of course that the objectivity of my sense of hearing has been compromised by the technology inside my head.

Although the incoming sounds were the result of a particular perpetrator directly transmitting to me, especially in the initial stages, I realised that they are mainly automated. Perhaps the most worrying aspect of them, however, is of what impact these suggestions are having on me, and my life, over the longer term. Fortunately, I discovered that I could modulate the incoming phrases with my own thoughts, so that my hearing of them would morph into whatever alternative phrase I imposed on the sounds with my own will. It helps to do this if my overriding phrase rhymes with the original incoming suggestion. I do not consider this to be engaging with the enemy, but rather to negate their intended negative consequences to me. I found another way to deal with the incoming suggestions is to override them completely with my own mantra. The problem is of course that it is nigh on impossible to do this all day long and then when sleeping, there’s nothing you can do about it at all, except perhaps record one’s own counter suggestions and play them on a loop throughout the night, or use a ‘positive suggestions’ recording, such as those that can be found on youtube.

I mentioned earlier about the emerging dominant ‘squeeky’ voices, these being those that echo my thoughts in real time. They also respond to me if I ‘think to them’ or ask them questions. It is clear that sometimes these voices are being generated by a perpetrator, but not always, as I have found that they are usually automated. If I made a mental statement or ask a question in my head this would elicit a response that appeared to be an appropriate response to my thought. However these responses were not always quite in keeping with the thought. I believe therefore that each individual thought pattern has been calibrated and tagged with an auto response and that there is an ongoing process of this calibration taking place and that this is being done through an AI. I believe that this process of ‘auto tagging’ thought types had not only the purpose of exploring the brain in depth, but that it can also create the illusion, within the subject, of having actual ongoing dialogue inside of their head. As a victim of this technology therefore it is extremely important to be as focused as possible and to maintain an objective stance. In gradual stages, I have found that the voices being transmitted to me have become quieter and quieter. Whether this is by design, as a deliberate feature of the program, or whether this is because the mechanism relating to incoming sounds is wearing out, I really don’t know. It could be that by being more subtle the incoming sounds may be more insidious in that for most of the time these days, I don’t even notice they are there. I am very cognisant however of the fact that they can still read every single thought that I have, just as clearly as from the very start.

What the enemy wants such extensive information about my brain for remains a mystery to me. I assume to feed into the ‘Hive mind’, a concept that has been much discussed on the internet. However, whist living in that same house on the Wirral, I saw some remarkable phenomena that I cannot explain. In addition to the perpetrators in both of the houses adjoining mine, I was aware that there were more surrounding me. One was an elderly man living alone in the house directly opposite. One night, probably a few of months on from being aware of being an implantee, I noticed strange lights in the front room of that house opposite. I used binoculars to better see and was astonished at what I was looking at.

What I saw consisted of a very large structure that looked like bones and on closer inspection they looked like a set of teeth, indeed I recognised a specific feature in these that directly reflected with my own teeth. As I studied it, it occurred to me that it appeared to represent a giant scale cross section of my head. I observed an ongoing process that appeared to be that of the structure being built by some sort of very strange system of 3D printing. This involved strange coloured strips of lights that would periodically appear and then move across that structure. I also observed some strange black coloured substance (it occurred to me that it looked like live spinach). This substance would also, at intervals move in clumps over parts of the structure. At the same time what appeared to be very small robots appeared on parts of the structure (they looked like miniature construction workers and were seated on some sort of device that spun around rapidly). Sadly I did not have a smart phone or device that could capture this image and I bought a second hand sports mini camera but was unsuccessful in capturing any of this. I subsequently observed these occurrences on numerous nights and saw the same strange sights. I have speculated on what this may be, perhaps a hologram for the perpetrators to work from when targeting me, or perhaps they are building a giant sized ‘gollum’.

I also observed another, separate, very strange phenomena in the same house, which I could see from my upstairs window, directly into the corresponding window of that opposite house. Using my binoculars, I could see a very strange and large figure. It consisted of and/or was surrounded by some type of smoke that appeared grey in colour. When I first saw it in utter astonishment, it proceeded to talk to me (though the voice to skull) in a deep booming voice and declared that it was the demon. It quickly became apparent however that this was the result of a sound effect that had been generated by one of the next door perpetrators. I believe that what I saw was some of the enemy’s technology, some large device that had been surrounded by a gassy substance to give it the appearance of a figure. On reflection, I think that what I had seen on that occasion was the laser device the perpetrators used to mutilate me with, but disguised by the gassy substance.

To a large extent I had to put out of my mind all of the very strange things that I had witnessed to deal with the practicalities of my life, the most immediate being the continued struggle to shield myself from the various forms of attack. I cannot remember the first time that another particular type of assault occurred but it must have been at least a number of weeks after having realised that I had been implanted. I stirred from my sleep and felt my entire body vibrating extremely rapidly (just like a washing machine on the fastest spin). At the same time as I felt this I say very briefly a visual of a white diamond shape. I believe that this was the result of some sort of manipulation of my body at the molecular level and I wonder what the long term impacts of this will be, whether they are altering my DNA for instance. What was the most disturbing to me however was that soon after, this induced vibration became focused on my private parts to induce a sexual sensation – in other words I was being tampered with by remote control! For me this is the very worst part of the whole targeting program and the most appalling, repulsive and disgusting thing that I have ever known.

Ever since I have been desperate to shield myself from these attacks and thankfully, I have managed to mitigate them reasonably successfully. This has been by methods such as encasing my head and neck in metal, using copper wire and also magnets against the chip that I assume to be lodged in my jaw. Accompanying these attacks are suggestions transmitted to me such as “masterbate”; “you will masterbate”; “fuck yourself off” etc. Clearly this is what they are aiming for me as the subject to do. The perpetrators will not tire of this endeavour, which appears to be a key feature of their whole program, but as to why this is I can only speculate. This may have the purpose of eliciting sexual content out of a target’s subconscious, or to calibrate the brain waves emitted if the subject were to engage in this activity. As I will not do such a thing, the perpetrators seem to be at a loss as to how to proceed. Nevertheless, these attacks are extremely sickening and disturbing and they have caused me much distress. On one such occasion of being in a state of distress I overheard a perp saying “maybe this will break her”. When I am unable to shield myself against these attacks in bed, I just have to get up as I cannot possibly sleep through these disgusting assaults. During these assaults I usually feel so enraged that I find it necessary to scream at my perps and to find a heavy object with which to hit something with repeatedly – imagining that I was hitting one of my perps. Although perhaps unwise in that it may give me the appearance of a nutter, I find it necessary to vent my rage at these times.

When I sold up my house to relocate I had hoped that things would ease up for me, but sadly this was not to be the case. Because of the ‘reactive’ manner in which I was forced to live I had not lined up for myself another place to move into, so I spent several months living in B&Bs, one month remaining on the Wirral and then I went to stay at the City of my choice, being Leeds. I stayed in four different places and in each was under assault. This included the sex assaults but also the continued mutilation of my gums, which disturbingly suggested that my perpetrators intend to implant me again. I therefore fear being ‘disappeared’ or being framed for a crime, or some such thing. I knew that as soon as buying a house, perpetrators would inevitably move in – that is, if they weren’t already there, knowing my limited budget and thus the limited range of properties I would be in a position to purchase. Perhaps even manipulation by the subliminal voices that are generated, on a continuous basis, through the brain implant. None the less, after having tried to rent, I had arrived at the conclusion that my safest bet, and the best way to secure the remainder of my resources was to put purchase a property and to hunker down and protect myself the best way I can. Hence, in April 2019, I purchased a cheap property in Seacroft, Leeds.

In my Seacroft house, I continue to be gradually mutilated by, what I believe to be lasers, to hear the voices and to be sexually assaulted. I do believe that the origin of these attacks must be coming from near-by vicinity (as opposed to a satellite, for instance). For some considerable time it was less clear whether my neighbours in the adjoining house are perpetrators. However there were a number of indicators, including a lot of DIY going on at or near to one of the party walls, a lot of knocking noises here and there, in addition to the chap next door occasional heading off somewhere in his car at very odd hours, very early in the morning. There has also been frequent occurrence of extremely loud music being played next door, sometimes going on until 3 or 4 am. This music could be intended to keep me awake and or, perhaps to disguise other noises, such as machinery, or other electrical apparatuses, in operation. I observed the same phenomena as all of the other houses that I’d lived in over the previous few years, and that is lots of drilling to the party wall. This has been, not just a one-off exercise, but periodically same work has been occurring on the same walls. This also tends to correlate with an escalation in the targeting that I have been experiencing.

I experienced a further development in how I was being abused as a target during the summer of 2019 when I felt a strange sensation in my head. It felt like some sort of energy wave was active across my brain. Later that day I heard within my head perp suggestions, but this time in the form of very distinctive and emphasised voices, like caricature voices, which carried the suggestions with great emphasis. I realised that my perps had somehow uploaded some sort of brain software into my brain that contained these particular voice impressions, i.e. some type of ‘brain app’. I assume that the purpose of these voice sound effects is for the various suggestions that the perps inflict on me to carry more ‘punch’. Further, it felt like these voice sounds were carrying deep into my brain. Along with the rest of the ‘voice to skull’ phenomena, these particular sound effects also diminished in volume. I also found that, as with the regular incoming phrases, I could will them to say my chosen words instead of the perp phrase. I can still do this, even though these voice effects are now extremely faint.

Despite everything, and partly due to feeling a bit settled, I actually managed to secure work via a temporary contact, which started in October 2019 but which ended towards the end of March as a result of the Corona scam. I actually managed to work full time for almost six months with only two days sick (due to the induced extreme headaches). Sometimes, due to assaults in the night, I often had go out to work on as little as three hours sleep, but overall it worked at quite well. However there were a couple of colleagues working together who made life difficult as they appeared to be doing everything possible to undermine my work. Still, these things one must expect as a TI. Since that job ended I have spent much of my time working on my shielding as the assaults have become worse. I have found that sleeping encased in sheet metal helps a lot, so I am hopeful in this regard.

Since I became first aware of being a TI I have observed my perps go to enormous lengths to achieve their objectives therefore the stakes relating to my targeting must be extremely high for them. It is clear however that they have a very strict protocol of leaving absolutely no evidence. As to the overall objective of this program, I believe they are using TIs to develop techniques in engineering behaviours and and specific sexual drives, through the use of sex assaults that occur simultaneously with the perp suggestions. Further to this, I believe that are setting out to achieve the total breakdown of a TIs psyche so that they can be psychologically recreated to suit the enemies specific objectives. In other words the TIs face the prospect of a ‘living death’ where they have been reduced to merely becoming little more than a manikin; a set of programmed, automatic, responses to any given stimuli or set of circumstances. In other words, a completely hi-jacked vehicle, which can no longer serve the purposes of that person’s very soul. I have no doubt that all of us TIs are just the start, a pilot study for what the enemy intends as a much wider application of this technology, probably to capture everyone (that is all those that they don’t immediately intend to cull).

Please note that the above account is only a summary, a partial account of my experiences as a TI. There are many more details to include in my account, and I plan to cover as much as I can recall of my experiences, connected to my targeting, as possible. I also plan to put together a full account on a formal affidavit, which I plan to have on a draft email, ready to be sent out to as vast an array of contacts as I can possibly manage. This will be my ‘kill switch’ should there ever be that ‘knock on the door’. Furthermore, I hereby declare that I would rather go down physically fighting for my life, rather than be taken alive by these creatures, which I believe would be a fate worse than death.

Naming my perpetrators

This criminal network is certainly vast and the criminals that I know for certain have been involved with torturing, mutilating and abusing my person represent a small fraction of this network. It also appears to be hierarchical with perpetrators being summoned to emergency meetings here and there, including in the early hours of the morning.

Whoever reads my account may consider me either delusional or my consider me to be a fake TI (and there are indeed many of these knocking about the internet). Nevertheless, I have named my perpetrators on a separate document. These names will be sent out only to trusted contacts with the request that these names are not published in the public domain (due to the obvious legal reasons). I intend to provide these names to as many trusted contacts as possible, in the hope that someone out there will pay some attention to some of these creatures and, by doing so, may stumble across important information. After all, each one of these wretched creatures is an important thread, inevitably leading right into the ‘belly of the beast’.

17 Replies to “Statement of British TI, Helen Gurney”

  1. There is no one stronger than God and the most powerful weapon that we have is prayer. Jesus said that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can speak to the mountain and command it to move and it will move. I believe in the power of prayer and have seen some amazing things happen. I will pray for you and I know that the power being held over you will be broken. Also there are places that are electronic dead zones in the earth. If you can find one and move there, they will not be able to reach you. Their power will be broken. May God pour out his blessing upon you and shelter you in the shadow of His wings. May His peace be upon you my sister.

    1. Hello Mr or Mrs or Dr. Dee DeGregory,

      Thanks for your comments – I was just wondering if you know where some of those electronic “dead zones” are?

      Could be useful to get some peaze. Thanks Bro

  2. This is called “warrantless surveillance” and you were probably illegally placed under it by a government employee who is abusing their power. You NEED to submit a complaint to the Inspector General and say that you are a victim of current section 702 abuse. This has been all over the news lately and the FISC (foreign intelligence surveillance court) is cracking down on it!!!!! Same is happening with me but I’m not going to stop until I’m heard and I’m taken off of their “list”. Also, read about the Intellgence Community and their program called SIG INT (signal interference). That is what gangstalking is!!!

  3. My God, your Targeted life so resembles mine except for the sexual taunting. My voices dont want me to masturbate at all. Im glad for that. I have been Targeted for 6 years now and i believe my Targeting is coming from Intelligence Agency here in Australia. I have never got used to the voices and ill never accept them being a part of my life (phyche). Sometimes the paronia i experience from having Government in my soul n breathing down my neck i dont want to think anything so they cant see how i think but then i end up thinking bad or ridiculus things and the excact opposite to what i really would think if i could have my free thinking back. They continually call out my whole name so it catches my attention then its the battle of having to try think of something or block out what they are saying. I often Hum, because i find Humming i can block out what they are saying because Humming resonates inside your head. I believe that sometimes my voices will be real time humans and other times they are AI computer developed voices. When my Gangstalking started i noticed most of there cars of the Gangstalkers n Perps had custom number plates and also wearing P plate so they would stand out to me to try intimidate me. When i realised i was totally out numbered i purchased a Baseball Bat only for the intention of using it in self defence if i happened to be gang bashed. (Self defence). Many times when i am tortured i think of what they are doing to my innocent body and ive been cooked as to where my intestines were trying to push through my torso. This is when twice i have lost my cool and grabbed the Baseball Bat and headed out looking for Gangstalkers to vent my total anger n frustrations out on, i am glad to say i never used the Bat on any Gangstalker themself but i did put the Bat through 2 seperate car windows n man that felt good. I once filled up my petrol container and headed for one of the government local Halls they have with full intention to burn it to the ground and as i was almost there a friend called me n asked what i was up to n i told him i was about to set fire to one of the voices Halls and im glad my mate spoke sense to me and talked me out of it. Many things are bad when being Targeted but i think one of the most frustrating and personally damaging things is when you tell people, in particular your trusted friends whats going on in your life and they dont believe you. They think you are delusional and need to see a doctor. I only have 3 friends that believe me and my daughter. Some of my neighbors have mysteriously gone missing. I mean they just were there one day and gone the next. There homes have been vacant for 3 months now so i think somehow they might have me in a simulation. Not sure how they do that though i have read that on the Net that they now do that. I live on minimal sleep i now sleep on the couch in the front room because they sprayed my bed with poision that only showed up under ultra violent light. It was all over my bedroom walls and throughout the house in certain places. They have stopped my heart then re booted it again, that was pretty painful. The sheilding i have is for microwaves but i think they are using Ultrasound waves on me that triggers a piezoelectric transduser that causes energy thats been built up inside me with electrical current and they vibrate my organs, they have vibrated my whole body before where as i was paralized while they were doing it. Am going for an M R I scan this week hopefully this will show me where the microchips are located, that is if there not nano technology. I really feel for you Helen as i know first hand how violating these crimes are to a human being and the stress put on the body to deal with. I read taping a neomedium rare earth magnt on to your body where you were chipped and leave it on for a minimum 24 hours that this should disarm the microchip. Will be trying that this week. You may want to try this Helen. I will say a prayer for you n throw positive energy your way. To Hell with the people behind this. I ask God can i be there to witness the day they get cast to Hell to see there faces and watch their despair. Not that i really want that i would rather they repent n have eternal life.

    Dont think they are capable of that. So be it. . . .

  4. Dear John

    It was really good to see your comments and thank you so much for your prayers – I think they may have worked. I am sorry though to hear that you are going through similar things, with the total violation of every aspect of your life. I agree this is operated part by AI and part by sick operatives, who I have observed are not only perverted but very stupid also – I refer to them as the enemy’s trained monkeys. I also think that our brains are being mapped, involving the calibration of each thought type, linked with corresponding emotion, with an auto-response generated to each thought category. I determined this because those auto responses are not always appropriate to a given thought, so they refine this as they go. It gives the illusion of an inner dialogue, which is in fact just an illusion.
    For the shielding definitely magnets help enormously – they have saved my life I am sure. When they burn you with microwaves (your intestines) try shielding with metal sheet – I have cut up metal bins etc find this metal to be effective. There are different types of attack by dews – the burning but also lasers. For the lasers, metal is defiantly essential to shield with. Against the chips, causing the involuntary movement and the vibration, copper wire coupled with magnets (stitched into fabric) is very helpful. I have tried this on the top of my head and it definitely helps fend off the sex assaults, indicating that this is the location of the chip from which they cause these assaults.
    I too hope to see my trained monkeys go to hell and if I ever get the chance I’ll put them there myself. Thank you again for your kind words and lovely message. My email address is:

  5. Thanks for sharing Eric. Targeting is horrendous.

    Latest story — the Department of Defense plans to cut major military contractors a $10 billion to $20 billion COVID bailout check.

    As for us? Nothing. Who do you think took over this country, and is behind our targeting? Its the CIA and Dept of Defense, combined make-up the military industrial complex (WWII, NAZIS) and gruesomely greedy traitor Americans.

    Glen Greenwald: After fighting a brutal war & then serving eight years as US President, here was Dwight Eisenhower’s 1961 warning about the menacing joint power of the US military and the private arms industry. This was before Vietnam, the Reagan Cold War build-up and post-9/11 militarism:

  6. One of the main omissions from frauds like this is they never tell you why they were targeted to begin with. What did they do to attract attention to themselves? Bottom line is that jews are thin and we are many, so they’ll do threat assessments to pick their targets according to their threat level, to use their resources wisely. Professional analysts, researchers, and scientists who see the extent of the jew subversions and have made themselves known through their work, are the only real targets. Everyone else is either insane or a ruse. If they aren’t telling you why they were targeted, their liars.

    1. Scipio, you just show the enormity of your ignorance. You make a judgement without clearly having taken the least effort to check the facts about the TI phenomenon and the great range of people who are targeted for an array reasons. Jews are making billions in neuro tech whilst using free human guinea pigs who, between the jews tightly nit covert groups, are very easy to target – a few expenses to achieve this (especially given the enormous stakes in this technology) is nothing to them – you have not thought this through at all before coming to your sweeping judgement. F you scipio

        1. Isaac Kappy, David Shurter, Vickie Polin and others, also Jewish, exposed the Luciferian, [read Masonic], cult in Hollywood and likely gave his life doing so; one of those ‘suicides’ by non-depressed people thing.

  7. God bless you and thank you Helen for sharing your TI experience.I’m impressed by your resiliency,courage and compassion. You represent a true warrior! Continue to stay strong. You’re an inspiration to me,thank you ! I just learned a little over a year ago that I’m TI. It’s been incredibly difficult,but reading your testimony really helps me to better prepare for this evil program. I sincerely hope you’re managing as well as you can. Sending hugs and will keep you in my prayer.

  8. Dear Helen,

    I’ve read your experience and I just want to say I’m the victim of this cruelty too and I’ve experienced the same in my work environment and home too. I’m more than 15 years under attack due to my honesty. I’ve search a lot to save myself from these attack and I’ve found these people who use electromagnetic filed (EMF) for mind control they are connected to Al Ghayedeh (Terrorist group). They have background working in Bin Laden construction company. Most of them are Indian muslim who spread whole the world nowadays and before pandemic Covid-19 started. EMS can control virus and bacteria remotely to the nose and in your body. I’m afraid the current epidemic is spread with this technology. I believe it’s not only virus the reason, terrorist used bacteria for pandemic which the symptoms are exactly similar to the Covid-19 symptoms. Need to investigate more. We just need to share experience and talk together to find solution for this planDemic and save humanity.

    God bless

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