Statement by John S (May 15, 2019)

I swear to my savior Jesus Christ, and His Father, Yahweh, that there words are 100% true.

I have been targeted by the deep state for abuse for now over twelve years running. Long story short, it began as simple street harassment by “gang-stalkers” where-ever I traveled through the six SE states of my job and while on vacation traveling, as well as at my home. These actors, would do things like sending a narrow sound wave using UHF to the exact spot in my room where my pillow sat on my bed. The sound was police sirens, unending, all night long.

You can read about this technology by this link: //

This treatment later morphed into viscous attacks using microwave an d directed energy weapons, burning parts of my body including vital organs and my brain, as well as leaving laser burn marks on my skin, depending on which type of weapon deployed. They did this treatment for two years and later last year, it morphed into attacking my central nervous system. Here’s how that works:

These deep state black ops creeps are likely CIA, and they somehow obtained the unique receiving signature of my brain waves to obtain access to my brain via my pineal gland and my “third eye.” From there, they can stimulate, pinch, create pain or redirect a nerve signal based on their unique input. They tell the brain where to send the pain and how much pain.

On two occasions in the last year, I communicated through my FBI handler, who made himself known electronically, that I could not get off the program even though I had sincerely been saved through Jesus Christ, and that it was too late for that. MY sentence had already been issued and that they would either drive me to suicide, a mental facility or kill me themselves.

They almost succeeded last summer when I couldn’t take the suffering any longer. Going to get medical help got me Baker Acted here in Florida, which is a temporary detainment against my will, based on the feedback from a doctor. In this case an emergency hospital doctor who didn’t even treat me. He wouldn’t lift a finger to google WBAN (wireless body area networks), brain subliminals, or anything else. He thought me delusional and that was that. Getting me Baker Acted twice makes me eligible for a permanent bed in a mental facility, where they can have legal access to my body and mind 24/7/365.

MK Ultra never ended and I learned that one can back into the program simply by being a conservative (libertarian) online activist and insisting on not being silenced. I repeat, this is 100% true.

Last night was a new escalation and they told me it would escalate again if I emailed or posted this anywhere online. I believe in America and freedom so here I am, speaking away. May God Bless you all.

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  1. Today I decided to end it. I truly cannot take any more of this abuse. Best wishes to all.

    John Sears
    Fernandina Beach, Florida
    The hub of jackbooted thuggery

  2. It’s real this time Eric.

    The ugliness and extent of the torture is something I can no longer stomach. It’s been a pleasure to have fought this fight together with you. I truly hope you all win.

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