State of the Union (Dr. Allen Barker, TI, 1996, 1997)

State of the Union

Dr. Allen Barker

Constitutional Requirements and the Rule of Law

The Constitution of the United States calls for the president to report each year on the state of the union. Each year the president gives a speech. But the United States Constitution no longer defines the operation of the United States Government, and the president’s speech does not reflect the true state of the union.

Our nation was founded on the notion that government is of, by, and for the people, and that the people have a right to depose a government which violates that social compact. A government which does not follow its own constitution is not a legitimate government. A government whose leaders are above the law, one which treats the people as subjects rather than as full citizens, is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.

Over time, even legitimate, constitutional governments can lose their legitimacy. The government may pretend all its actions are legal by fabricating an elaborate legal pretense for them. Or it may deny its unconstitutional acts altogether. When the actions and interpretations of the government repeatedly and persistently violate the plain language of its constitution, though, the deception is apparent. I have sadly concluded that what I once considered to be bad but constitutional government is in fact illegitimate, unconstitutional government.

I am not asking for anything outrageous or novel. Like the civil rights leaders, and others before them, I am simply asking America to abandon its hypocrisy and live up to its creed. At the least we should describe our society honestly and not mislead yet another generation.

A Government of Lies

The U.S. government today is a government of lies. It reflexively lies. It habitually lies. Its leaders and spokesmen stand before us and sincerely deliver lies. It lies to its own employees. It lies to veterans. It lies to its citizens and to the world.

Americans have a culture of denial, of ignoring realities which might be unpleasant. We constantly hear of political and economic freedom, and of equal rights for all. We profess to cherish our constitution. Everyone knows just the right words to say. The chasm between words and deeds is huge. Many of those who fancy themselves “sophisticated” consider others foolish if they do not know the correct words to say, or not to say, in any situation. At the same time, these “sophisticates” consider others naive if they actually let their spoken words and beliefs influence their actions. Those who fall for their lies are treated with barely concealed contempt.

People who point out the wrong, shameful, and hypocritical aspects of American society soon get the strong message that they should shut up. Only the rosy myths should be expressed. Criticism might lead toward social change, and social change creates uncertainties in the minds of the privileged about whether they would maintain their privileges after the change.

One of the the biggest lies is that the United States is a democracy or a representative republic. You cannot have a democracy when people are not free to exercise the rights of free speech and association without covert harassment and repression. You most certainly cannot have democracy when citizens’ very minds are not free and their thought processes are subject to tampering and monitoring. An oligarchy is a government where a small group exercises control, especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. The United States of America is an oligarchy, and has been for most of its history.

Entrenched Cultures of Privilege

Historically, the U.S. has been controlled by a relatively small, semi-permanent group. I will call this group the controlling elites. These controlling elites have always preached freedom of opportunity, while freely lying and repressing any outside groups they viewed as a threat or from which something of value could be taken. They enslaved millions of Americans. They determined that these slaves would count as three fifths of a human being per person, in a compromise between between two factions. They wrote treaties with Indian tribes, backed by the full prestige of the U.S. government, that they had no intention of actually honoring. They sent Indians on forced death marches in defiance of their own laws. They maintained an apartheid state for years after the supposed emancipation of slaves. They began programs of secret human experimentation the very same year they signed the Nuremburg Code. They have used their military and police forces to both openly and secretly suppress lawful dissent and perceived challenges to their power. The list goes on and on.

Just as slavery has left a lasting mark on the descendants of slaves, it has also left a lasting mark on the literal and spiritual descendants of the slavers. It has left scars of hypocrisy so deep that they are usually taken for granted and not even noticed. It has left a legacy of unspoken cooperation to put down “uppity people” who “don’t know their places.” It has left us with a culture primed to dish out the daily humiliations and degradations necessary to keep people in bondage. It has left far too many mediocre people with a smug sense of superiority. While it is easy to view this as a black and white race issue, and while the controlling elites were historically a subset of the white population, that is no longer necessarily the case. I am white and am ashamed that these people had the same color of skin as me. These days, though, one cannot make assumptions in this regard based on skin color.

Like with colonialism, where small groups of elites controlled large nations by a divide-and-conquer strategy of pitting factions against each other, the controlling elites in the U.S. foster and foment factionalism among the non-elites. This is one reason why a unifying leader among the non-elites is viewed as such a threat to be put down. In addition to racial divisions, envies and economic divisions between the non-elites are exploited. (This is especially ironic coming from the privileged elites.)

This might be dismissed as just history, as harping on past injustices we should finally forget. However you feel about dealing with past injustices, the history helps to understand the present situation. Most importantly, this is not just history. It is still happening.

Consider the population for a moment to be made up of three tiers. This does not begin to capture the true complexity, but begins to show the pattern. The top tier is made up of the controlling elites. The bottom tier is the oppressed group, the group whose lives really do not matter to the controlling elites except as workers or as scapegoats. In between there is the middle tier. (These tiers are not completely correlated with wealth or official titles. For example, many wealthy people and some members of Congress are in what I am calling the middle tier.) The unspoken deal between the middle tier and the elites is basically that members of the middle tier will be allowed to prosper, raise families, and have access to a reasonable level of justice, if only they buy the grand lie. That is, the middle tier gets to live the “American dream” life, provided they do not make trouble for the controlling elites, follow their cues, and pretend everyone is free to achieve just like they are.

The interesting thing is that most members of the middle tier are not even aware of this. They really believe all the rhetoric. People who cannot achieve what they have achieved are thought of as flawed and lazy. They refuse to believe their government could launch a covert terror campaign against its own citizens. Middle tier citizens who get put down by the controlling elites for threatening the grand lie are assumed to have done something (else) to deserve it. This belief system is self-reinforcing, and is reinforced further by the collective scoffing at “kooks” who claim otherwise. These middle tier people include some of the most educated members of our society! People who go through years of schooling, but apparently cannot or choose not to think outside their specialty or for themselves. This is partly because it takes time and effort to see outside of what you are constantly told. Middle tier individuals are typically busy, having to work harder than ever to just maintain their standard of living.

The Secret Police By Any Other Name

Some people might claim that the situation I have just described is, if not ancient history, sour grapes from someone who did not fare well in the meritocracy. But I completely support free enterprise and the ability of citizens to make use of and benefit from their talent, hard work, and luck — provided we also recognize and maintain a basic level of human decency for the less fortunate. The problem with the system today is that, both politically and economically, the deck is stacked, the cards are marked, and if you still manage to win they rob you when you step out the door.

The controlling elites still tightly control the political system and certain aspects of the economy. They try to control the culture and social climate as well. Instead of using the crude tactics of earlier times, though, the philosophy of the late 20th century American controlling elites is to use covert operations, surveillance, secret harassment, and torture to suppress dissent, and the tactics of information warfare and control to sway the opinions of the public (and even what ideas they have access to). While these methods all have their counterparts in earlier times, they have been greatly expanded and institutionalized in modern times. All under the cover of the grand lie that none of it is happening at all and the Bill of Rights is a respected document.

The U.S. government maintains at least twelve separate intelligence agencies. They spend around 30 billion dollars of our tax money each year, in secret, with almost no effective oversight. Even with the cold war over and other defense spending on the decrease, spending on intelligence agencies is rising. The claim that these agencies do not operate domestically is part of the grand lie — they definitely spy on American citizens here in the U.S. Some of these agencies also maintain proprietary companies that interact in the private market. They also maintain close ties with former agents in the civilian sector. In addition to the intelligence agencies, there are numerous federal law enforcement agencies, some of which have secret branches and none of which is particularly accountable for its actions.

That these agencies do some good and necessary work is true; it is also irrelevant. Fascists always point out that Mussolini made the trains run on time (whether he truly did or not). These agencies have, regularly and repeatedly, trampled the rights of American citizens. Beyond this they have committed crimes against humanity — weapons tests on citizens, unconsented experimentation, and mind control — that can only be compared to the sick experiments of Josef Mengele. Apologists for these sadistic crimes should be considered to be volunteering themselves and their families for the next round of torture — though part of the appeal of acting as an apologist is the belief that it minimizes one’s chance of being victimized next.

Comparisons to Nazis are usually hyperbolic, but in this case the shoe fits. This is clear from the acknowledged crimes we know to have been committed, and those crimes are just the tip of the iceberg. The controlling elites in this nation, including many of its highest leaders, do everything in their power to protect their secret thugs from exposure or accountability. The secret thugs in turn neutralize any threat to their power and privilege that might come from outside the standard channels. Even just potential leaders from outside the system are put down as a preventative measure.

The U.S. government holds slaves. It tags, tracks, monitors, and tortures its own citizens (and those of other nations) like animals. It maintains an electronic gulag system whereby the very homes and minds of “dissidents” and experimental guinea pigs are turned into concentration camps. The controlling elites have basically concluded that Hitler was right, but that he should have always acted in secret and with deniability. The American public has been trained into an ignorant brutality and is seemingly incapable of outrage.

The Sad State of the Fourth Estate

The American press has been described as functioning like an essential fourth branch of government since the days of Benjamin Franklin. It is now clear, though, that the mainstream press has become as corrupt as any other branch of government. The press simply will not directly challenge the controlling elites of the oligarchy, because in large measure it is controlled by them. At best some reporters, editors and publishers will indirectly touch on the real issues. Many are in the middle tier and do not want to jeopardize their chance at a “normal life.” Others in the press have basically become mouthpieces for the controlling elites.

The press not only participates in the grand lie, it delivers it to the American public daily. Real issues are seldom openly discussed, but distractions and tawdriness are presented as substantive journalism. The entire national debate is directed toward either the standard hot-button issues or toward irrelevancies, distractions, and official lies. If it ever appears that part of the curtain covering the grand lie might be pulled back, the man in the corner starts banging his tambourine and the press rushes to cover this “event.”

The mainstream press has repeatedly shown its willingness to suppress any information about horrible abuses against American citizens, based only on an invocation of national security. They know the real purpose is to protect the controlling elites and their covert thugs from exposure, embarrassment, and accountability. Many in the mainstream press know all about, for example, American citizens being summarily tagged and tracked like animals. By their silence they give their consent to the practice and to the implicit suspension of the Constitution. It only remains to indoctrinate the public to accept and even “demand” this affront to every norm of civilized behavior.The press has even managed to turn the term patriot into a pejorative term, and to associate anyone who demands government adherence to the Bill of Rights with racists and the like.

Power and Privacy of the People

If you listen to debates and discussions about privacy these days, you generally hear about the needs of businesses to maintain private plans and communications in order to compete effectively, and the desire of governments to be able to monitor any communications channel. What is often missing is any discussion whatsoever of the rights and needs of ordinary citizens to maintain their personal privacy. This is not accidental. The controlling elites no longer recognize that an ordinary citizen has any right to privacy at all. They reserve for themselves the right to invade the privacy of any person or family, and to use the information they glean for any purpose whatsoever. They use this information to profit monetarily, they use it to harass and blackmail individuals they wish to suppress, and they use it to amuse themselves and gossip amongst themselves. They even use it as prurient titillation, turning unwitting American families into involuntary porn actors for their sordid thrills.

Among many in the controlling elites it has even become normal and acceptable to monitor and control people’s very thoughts. They have convinced themselves they are fit to play God with the lives of the lesser, “ordinary,” citizens. This is not some future scenario; it has already happened. They try to keep the technology secret, as that makes it easier to get away with the violations and more terrorizing for the victims of psychological harassment campaigns where the harassers play on the victims’ private thoughts and fears. The secrecy also makes it less likely someone will use the technology against them — in which case they would suddenly discover what a violation and crime against humanity it truly is. They have already crossed this threshold into becoming torturers, and so have no choice but to rationalize away their abuses. That is why there will always be some excuse, no matter how inane, and the collaborators will nod in agreement because of the blood on their own hands. They convince themselves it is OK, that everyone who really matters is doing the same thing. They pretend they are the benevolent protectors of all that is good, when they are nothing but self-serving rapists.

People Never Learn

The pattern repeats itself over and over, but people just do not seem to learn. A common variant of the pattern is as follows. People claim they are being abused, harassed, or experimented on by their government. They are ignored. When they persist in their complaints, they are called liars and crazy. They try to work with the legal system but find — if they can even get a lawyer to take their case — that secrecy and legal obstacles make judicial remedies essentially nonexistent. They often get harassed further for speaking out, perhaps even institutionalized. They are ridiculed and eventually ignored again. After fifty years or so it comes out that yes, in fact, they were shamefully violated by their own government. But — this is how it works — it happened so long ago that it is not really worth worrying about. The present government did not do it, and those who did do it completed their “respectable” careers and have retired and in many cases died. The current government would never, ever do something like that.

Sometimes, due to historical circumstances, irrefutable evidence, or persistent and effective advocates for the victims, it takes less than fifty years for the partial truth to emerge. (Often it never emerges, as documents are destroyed and evidence erased.) In these cases, the government must acknowledge that current officials and agents have participated in horrible crimes. (The fact that top officials approved of the actions is usually still suppressed.) Hearings are held. Promises are made. A few admissions are made and touted as a complete admission of everything. Time passes. There is talk, more talk, and talk about talking. The victims are getting older, the advocates want to get on with their lives, and the official stonewalling has hardly changed at all. More promises are made. Promises are traded for actual actions or inactions. The promises, of course, are complete lies. People talk about reform, but it never happens. Sometimes the abuses are made “legal” (though still unconstitutional) and this further slap in the face of the victims is labeled as “reform.” The agents whine about how they cannot do their jobs if they are going to be second-guessed every time they torture, taunt, and experiment on an American citizen. And the government agents who purposely and maliciously destroyed the lives of innocent Americans? Who abused their authority to commit crimes worse than those committed by most people in our prison system? Nothing at all happens to them. They might get a reprimand.

As a society we act like the person who keeps falling for the same dumb trick again and again — even after being shown how it it done. Agents of the U.S. government, acting with its authority and equipment, are subject to a much higher standard of accountability and responsibility in these actions than are the civilians involved. For example, a law enforcement officer investigating a crime cannot trample the law and act as a criminal himself just because the person he is investigating may later be convicted of a crime. As it works in too many cases, though, the civilian can be smeared and portrayed as a “bad person,” which somehow justifies any hideous abuse of power committed by the agent. Part of the blame for these sorts of abuses must also be shared by those who buy into these stupid “justifications.”

Duty to Speak Out

Some in the controlling elite are probably secretly happy for me to point out these despicable realities in our society. They can always just ignore it or deny it, and those who know it is true might now fear to challenge their plantation state. On the other hand, it is true whether I say it or not, and the harassment is far more effective if it is unexpected. To be cowed into silence just perpetuates the situation. Yet another generation of scientists, activists, idealists, religious thinkers, etc., would have to discover the hard way that free speech which somehow threatens the powerful is suppressed with violence. (Mind control is violence, too.) They would have to slowly see through the grand lie, while their lives are being ruined by dirty tricks, and their primary work goes undone — which is just the point.

I am not sure what advice to give to a young scientist, mathematician, or engineer these days. The politicians talk about science education and how we want the best students. But what is really wanted in practice is good workers who will take orders and produce science on demand and nothing else. The best students are valued as nothing but biological computers, to be exploited, studied, and controlled however the controlling elites see fit. The scientist may not even become aware he has been under surveillance unless he diverges from the standard channels that students are directed into. If a young scientist develops something on his own, it will in all likelihood be stolen from him, and he may be harassed into leaving the field altogether while the thieves exploit his development. This is what the U.S. does to its best students and researchers.

The situation is similar for any sort of activist or unconventional thinker. Potential leaders are especially targeted. If a new political or religious group begins to form or coalesce, provocateurs are sent to disrupt its actions. Its leaders and potential leaders are given the full cointelpro treatment. If the group leaders cannot be controlled that way, then the controlling elites attempt to install their own leaders in the group, who they can control. The goal is to coopt the group and turn it to their own purposes. Even if the cover is blown on their covert agents, they still maintain their grand lie, relying on their larger and louder social megaphones to drown out any voices of dissent, denouncement, or disgust. They also make full use of the many cowardly apologists and collaborators who will sell their souls and principles for some empty promises, the hope that they will not become the next victims, and perhaps a few pieces of silver.

It is young people, more than any others, who will have to live with this new, technological American caste system — if it goes unchallenged. Now that the threshold has been crossed to “justify” violating the very thoughts of scientists and unconventional thinkers, nothing will stop it from being used on the population at large. The technology gets cheaper, better, and easier to emplace or implant every day. Automated monitoring systems allow fewer and fewer people to “supervise” larger and larger groups of citizens. This is not just scare talk, it is here now. Our leaders are indeed spineless, foolish, powerless, or complicit enough to allow things to get even more out of control. The grand lie says the technology does not even exist, and that even if it did exist it would never, ever be used irresponsibly.

Morality Under an Occupying Government

There is a big difference between selling out and making a living — a difference that is productively obfuscated by the controlling elites. Everyone is not doing it, and you do not need to abandon your basic principles to make a living. Do not let anyone tell you what your place is or what you cannot achieve. Sometimes the difficult thing is just to recognize when it is happening: People are slowly, subtly channeled without even realizing it. Then one day they look around themselves and wonder how they ever got to where they are now. Everyone eventually learns something about their own limitations, but that is far different from letting others dictate your limits to you.

If the laws and rules in the U.S. do not apply to the privileged, the powerful, or the secret, then they do not apply to anyone. What could be more clear? Ordinary citizens should feel no moral obligation whatsoever to obey the laws of the current, corrupt American system. They should have their own sense of morals and ethics, which will generally impose a higher standard than the federal laws did anyway. The laws are still in place, of course, as are the enforcement mechanisms. One should still respect individuals engaged in legitimate law enforcement. Protecting the citizens is one of the basic roles of government. Many powerful people have abdicated that responsibility and have taken to exploiting the population under the guise of “protecting” it. Some of this philosophy and permissiveness toward abuses has filtered down through the ranks. There are still many people, though — particularly at the lower levels — who take their responsibility very seriously and work hard within the Constitution to protect Americans.

What Can Be Done?

The obvious answer is to expose the technology and its abuses, and to conduct trials against the people who are essentially peacetime war criminals. At the least to take away their access to the technology and make them stop. These war criminals, though, have holed themselves up in their own private fiefdoms, which get paid tribute money in every national budget. They maintain their positions through phony claims of national defense, intimidation of opponents, and a huge trove of secrets about people and nations. They dole out their secrets on a silver platters here and there — to affect this debate or that one or to support one politician or ruin another one. No one knows where that leak might have come from… They maintain their power and technology by using their surveillance capabilities for theft and blackmail, and by using their secret weapons for intimidation and harassment. Collaborators and profiteers complete the picture.

One of the shallowest excuses for not exposing the abuses is that it would cost too much. The claim is that compensating the many victims would cost too much money and that lawsuits would be filed. This brings people’s greed to the fore, and helps them justify maintaining the sordid secrets. This argument is seen as the phony excuse it is when you realize that not only have they not compensated the victims, they have not even stopped abusing them. They will not even stop their abuses, let alone admit them or apologize. Why not just expose the crimes and let the American people decide on any compensation for the victims? The answer to that question points to the real reasons for the secrecy.

Change will not flow out of Washington. Official Washington has become one of the most morally bankrupt places on the planet. Ordinary Americans barely register there. Even U.S. citizens being literally tortured by American forces are made into political pawns and hostages. Issues of fundamental liberties do not neatly map into the usual conservative-versus-liberal style of political analysis. There are both head-in-the-sand conservatives, who ignore or dismiss any facts they find inconvenient, and don’t-mess-with-the-government liberals, who tend to act as apologists for any government abuses. In both camps there are also men and women with a keen appreciation of the fundamental, inalienable nature of our most basic freedoms. Sadly, there really are powerful anti-human-rights factions at work, though they have the political savvy not to advertise themselves as such.

Traditional human rights groups have, so far, not seriously challenged U.S. human rights abuses. Many of these groups are based at least partly in the U.S. and receive large portions of their funding from U.S. citizens. The workers and volunteers in these groups tend to be firmly middle tier individuals, and many of them still believe the grand lie. In some sense the traditional human rights groups are still fighting the last war. They expect the next incident of repression to look just like the ones we saw in 1944, and in many places of the world there are still people being oppressed by those same techniques and methods. It is important work to speak out for those victims. But to do so while ignoring the human rights abuses in your own nation, to sanctimoniously preach human rights to others while, for whatever reasons, ignoring them at home, is unconscionable. The U.S. has developed and deployed what will likely be the next wave, the new model, for extinguishing free thought. Still the American human rights workers will not speak out or lobby even for the known, acknowledged victims of U.S. covert operations. They do not even call these violations by their right name: human rights abuses.

Once middle tier people realize the true situation, they often do not know what to do. Like the both the direct harassment victims and the members of the bottom tier, they find they are met with a wall of silence. In this situation, people have to figure out for themselves how best to resist the new wave of repression. I recommend speaking out in spite of the official silence. Some people may prefer to work their way within the system. Others may have different strategies. Jurors can use their own consciences. I still recommend voting and contacting legislators, not letting them off the hook for their responsibilities. There is still some chance this might improve things, or at least keep them from worsening. Consider it a subversive act to vote in the elections of the occupying government. Even electing just a few people with backbones could make a difference, since the system relies so heavily on secrecy and conformity. We might begin to take back our government.


The cold war is over, leaving America as the only superpower in the world. Rather than finding ourselves more free, though, we find that our government has become everything we were supposed to have been fighting. The talk about human rights was apparently just cold war propaganda. We should have known that, I guess. Agencies fearing downsizing needed a new enemy, and invented a host of domestic ones to keep themselves employed. The military and espionage technology developed during the cold war is being adapted to control the domestic population. The poor can now become poorer and the powerful can become more repressive with regard to speech, religion, and other rights, since these new technologies of crowd control and individual mind control allow any dissent to be quickly quashed.

The economy, for now, is fairly healthy, keeping the middle tier content with their fuzzy-headed notions of freedom. Rather than the world moving toward the traditional “American” system of economic and political freedom, as is often heard, it is our system that is moving toward a system of economic freedom for the privileged with sharply curtailed political freedom and individual rights. The resulting prosperity for the top tier is then trickled down to the lower tiers in the very minimum amount required to prevent uncontrollable civil unrest. As the infrastructure for controlling the domestic population continues to be developed and deployed, the middle tier will find that the rules of their unspoken deal with the controlling elites begin to shift.

The truth is that some of the “prominent” citizens in our society are torturers. They live in regular neighborhoods, with their families, and probably seem like ordinary people. They make a nice salary from the U.S. government, and have a nice retirement package. They go to work each day and torture innocent American citizens and their families. They rob, they rape, they kill. When they get together with their “buddies,” often armed with the latest secret weapons, they commit some of the most horrible tortures imaginable. Then they go home and teach their children to be good people.

Many, many more of our “prominent” citizens are complicit in the crimes of the torturers. These include some of our top leaders. Some ordered or funded the crimes. Others are as guilty as a town full of Nazi sympathizers who claim they never knew about the death camp down the street (that they supported). The difference is that this is not fifty years ago, this is not a foreign country, and they have not even bothered to shut the death camp down.

Like the embezzler who thinks he is clever for stealing from the employer who trusts him, the controlling elites think they are clever for exploiting and profiting from the general population who trusted them to operate within the Constitution. The cold war institutionalized dirty tricks and the notion of fair play being for suckers. In particular, the arrogant American controlling elites began to assume that no rules applied to them and that the same philosophy should be applied against their fellow citizens. I am not talking about some everyday rules; I mean rules about torturing people, conducting experiments on people without their consent, and destroying people’s lives. What they thought was their cleverness and “worldliness” was really them using up a huge reservoir of public trust and good will toward the government. In many places that reservoir is just about empty now.

About this capture
Update, Nov. 30, 1997

I recently gave public testimony to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission’s Human Subjects Subcommittee. I hope they will act to help curb and expose the abuses that have been taking place. For the time being, though, the politics of covert torture are still in place in the U.S.

The whole system is turned upside-down. First, citizens are subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Then they are investigated and tortured in search of any “wrongdoing.” They are placed under surveillance, and spies freely spread information and disinformation about them — even information gathered by the most sophisticated and violative methods or under torture. If the person actually protests publicly, “trial” proceeds in the media and rumor mill. Innuendo and supposedly damning codewords are repeated with the frequency required to convince the public of the “defendant’s” guilt — at least of being a bad person who deserved the sentence originally carried out against him. People inside the secret elite are given personalized propaganda “slideshows,” which the defendant is not allowed to see, that highlight what a bad person he is. I used to complain that I was not even given a show trial, but now I see that this is how the United States conducts its show trials.

This is the mockery of justice that passes for rule-of-law in the U.S. today. It is based on black bag jobs, secret surveillance, and often based on torture and violations of citizens’ minds. This is liberally peppered with misinformation and lies. A house of cards with a foundation in the work of Josef Mengele and various secret police organizations. The sad thing is how many Americans buy it, or will act as apologists for it.

These are the adults in our society, distinguished citizens. Who does it reflect on, the individuals who get put down, or the society and government that operate in this manner? One of the worst parts of my personal torture, at first, was the cognitive dissonance of knowing my own countrymen were purposely inflicting these horrible abuses on me for seemingly no reason at all — except perhaps that I had the audacity to actually exercise my free speech “rights.” [Part of the torture is the insinuation of various inane reasons and rationalizations for why it happened.] I now know that a significant portion of Americans are Nazis in all but the most outward trappings.

This realization, though sickening, is liberating in a way. For example, I have felt much better after writing and posting State of the Union. Now, whenever another Goebbels-style propaganda wedge is launched I can typically think: “I already wrote about that.” When slurs or attacks are carried out, I know it is just a goon squad doing its “work.” Thugs will be thugs, and will act as thugs. They can harass you, torture you, slander you, even set you up, but they have no more legitimacy than the strong-arming goon squad of a criminal syndicate.

The victims of mind control and other secret experimentation are not going to go away. Nor are the many other people victimized by the government they trusted and often risked their lives for. Some may finally decide they need to leave “the land of the free and the home of the brave” to have any sort of freedom at all. (I always remember that Einstein eventually had to flee the Nazis. Not being Einstein, there is the danger of waiting too long…) A government which summarily tortures and enslaves its own citizens does not have a leg to stand on with regard to legitimacy or human rights.

Americans love to elevate martyrs to fight for everyone’s rights. Then everyone can snicker at the martyr behind his or her back, while risking nothing and maybe retaining some fundamental rights if the martyr is successful. But people who will not fight for their basic rights — which are the same as the rights of the least among us — do not deserve them. The sad thing is the children and young people, who truly deserve to live in the free nation that our orators always talk about. But then you can watch our culture slowly grinding these young people into hateful shits, disillusioned idealists, oblivious ditzes, and so forth.

WATCH HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS! How the selfish inner circles play the public for suckers and fools while enriching themselves and shoring up their own power. How even potential challenges to that power are suppressed with violence, usually taxpayer-funded violence. More than a reign of terror, we are living through a reign of stupidity. This stupidity is indoctrinated and inculcated with propaganda campaigns to support the decreed policies and accompanying repression — as well as to do damage control when the thugs get out of control.

This is not the sort of thing people enjoy hearing, or that I enjoy writing about. But I write what I see, and its importance is clear. I know many others have seen it happening too.

A Personal Note Regarding “State of the Union”

This document consists of conclusions I have reached over the past few years. It is based on officially acknowledged facts, historical events, technical details of weapons systems and technology, my own personal experience, and the similar accounts of many other people. This is not a scientific paper, nor is this the realm of science. Nature does not purposely lie or create deceptions and illusions to fool its investigators. The erection of phony standards of proof — which have been purposely made unreachable, often via abuses of government secrecy — is one of the standard legalistic ploys used to deny citizens their basic human rights while posing as “reasonable.” This is the true state of our political and economic system today.

I cover a lot of ground in these conclusions. I have tried to be succinct. While these conclusions are based on many examples, some of which I have detailed in my other pages, I am perfectly happy to let them rest on my own reputation for uncompromising analysis. As usual, decide for yourself what model fits the known facts. It is startling how many of the conclusions follow from just the officially acknowledged facts alone if one is willing to pursue them to their logical conclusions.

I am not trying to win any popularity contests. The more I speak out, the more attempts there are to smear me. That is the way our government has historically treated any sort of whistleblower, even for revealing the most minor facts embarrassing to the government or contrary to entrenched policy. When I started speaking out, people were still saying the mind control and harassment weapons I was talking about did not exist, and that I was crazy. Thanks to the efforts of some dedicated researchers, it is now clear that the weapons do in fact exist. This has cleared the way for other attempts to smear me. Smearing me does not change the fact that I am telling the truth. Demonizing me cannot rationalize the abuses against me, nor begin to rationalize the abuses committed against thousands and, over the years, millions of other innocent citizens.