STASI-Style Atrocities in European Union, Australia, US and Elsewhere (Joseph Costa letter to EU President & Commissioners, May 8, 2023)

8 May 2023

TO: Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen,
President of the European Commission
AND TO: the rest of the EU Commissioners
European Commission
Rue de la Loi 200
Bruxelles 1049
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Dear Mrs. von der Leyen,


The following, below, I believe, is in the public interest, and much more.

I am writing to expose, to let you know, if unknown to you, that some certain law enforcement agencies (the “Police Agencies”) in the European Union, and elsewhere especially in Nazi Australia, are allegedly using STASI style Cruelties including Gang Stalking and Tortures of Pillory on victims whom they, the Police Agencies, want to destroy, done so in any manner without appearing to be blatant, pre-meditated murder, and extra-judicial killings.

Hopefully, this communication is the first step on the road to identify, prosecute, and bring to justice, the main culprits-criminals involved in today’s STASI style Cruelties, but NOT pursuant to the unjust corrupt Australian laws that are allowing the corrupt Australian Federal Police and NSW Police to be criminals with immunity from prosecution, including allowing them to destroy even exculpatory evidence.

Ideally, all this would patently be a matter for the International Criminal Court as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union to get involved in.

A few brief notes on STASI style Cruelties including Gang Stalking and Tortures of Pillory are as follows:

“First rule of Zersetzung is ‘never admit Zersetzung is real’.


“Zersetzung (German for “decomposition”) is a psychological warfare technique used by the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) to repress political opponents in East Germany during the 1970s and 1980s.

“Zersetzung served to combat alleged and actual dissidents through covert means, using secret methods of abusive control and psychological manipulation to prevent anti-government activities.

“Zersetzung was informally used in East Germany since the 1950s with General Secretary Walter Ulbricht’s use of regular law enforcement and judiciary against dissidents. In 1971, Erich Honecker’s appointment as General Secretary saw reform of “operational procedures” (Operative Vorgänge) away from the overt terror of Ulbricht towards Zersetzung, formalized in 1976 after the issue of Directive No. 1/76 on the Development and Revision of Operational Procedures.

“The Stasi used operational psychology and its extensive network of informal collaborators (inoffizielle Mitarbeiter) to launch personalized psychological attacks against targets to damage their mental health and lower chances of a “hostile action” against the state.

“The use of Zersetzung is well documented due to Stasi files published after East Germany’s Wende, with several thousands or up to 10,000 individuals estimated to have become victims, and 5,000 of whom sustained irreversible damage. Special pensions for restitution have been created for Zersetzung victims.”

In today’s Nazi Australia, where I live under police persecutions, the Police Agencies use Soviet Union style ‘mental issues slander’ tactics to destroy a person’s credibility, with secret Court or Tribunal proceedings without the knowledge or participation of the victim, thereby rendering him to be subjected to vilification, contempt, assaults, and much more as I have been. The eternal fires of Hell await the culprits involved.

I have repeatedly exhorted some Australian Premiers and Australian Prime Ministers to set up a special Nuremberg style Tribunal to identify the culprits involved in the Police Agencies and their accomplices; and to prosecute them for Tortures and for Crimes against Humanity: to date, all to no avail. I’m not important nor an elite to matter.

I have been denied the dignity to be a human being, spat at, denied essential services, hounded like a mongrel dog, persecuted and hounded in a variety of ways, including attempts to verbal me, assaulting me, adulterating my food and water (still ongoing), damaging my personal effects, stealing my money, sabotaging my professional career and the business of my company, putting mud in the radiator of my previous car and destroying it. And much, much, more. The latest persecution was, to put live insects and baby cockroaches in my rice.

Some time back, I prepared two (2) CDs that contained video and other evidence of my being persecuted. I gave both to the NSW Police and they never acknowledged receiving them, despite my request to do so. One NSW Police officer even taunted me risibly, saying, that evidence can easily get lost. I also gave a copy of these two CDs to other superintending government agencies, and they all ignored me or did a “fake news” investigation. Maybe they haven’t stopped laughing yet. As I said above: I’m not important nor an elite to matter.

But I recall a Police Minister once telling me that he could not give me a copy of the secret court orders for me to appeal, because of a problem. He did not specify what that problem was, except that he very quickly resigned as Police Minister. Obviously, he did not want to go to Hell for being seemingly complicit in the ongoing outrageous Tortures and Crimes against Humanity successive Governments and the police – NSW Police and the Australian Federal Police – and some clergy have conspired and committed against me. Hell awaits all the culprits involved, and this is not just a manner of speaking.

Via the internet and other means, I have also identified two EU countries, Denmark and Italy, as having some Police Agencies engaging in STASI style cruelties. There may be more EU countries doing likewise, and the culprits involved ought to be identified and brought to justice, but NOT hanged.

And I would be able to provide some ineluctable evidence.

In principle, I am prepared to testify, with international police protection, before an open international law based Court or Tribunal, in Australia, on condition that I be provided with appropriate non-Australian lawyers all paid for by the Australian Federal Government, in terms already specified long ago.

I have done nothing wrong, except propagate Christianity and the truths worldwide. The Police Agencies in Australia are surreptitiously trying to cancel Christianity and the truths. They – sawdust Caesars – will never succeed, as Jesus, God, will always raise up Christians who will propagate Christianity and the truths, as clearly seen over the last 2000 years or so.

I have wide experience and some tertiary qualifications. An exhibit/affidavit was once prepared on these, but they were secretly removed from the court’s litigation file WITHOUT my knowledge and authority, and sealed. Not being a lawyer, I wasn’t aware of this “sealing” secret scam at the time. At the time, I was unaware that I was being subjected to STASI style Cruelties, until an honest person told me so – may he be blessed, rewarded in Heaven forever – otherwise I would never have known that I was being persecuted, STASI style, to be murdered by the Police Agencies and dressed up as being a suicide. I then commenced to research these persecutions and the psychological warfare that the Police Agencies were waging on me, and still are, hoping to damage my mind and my mental health – STASI style – and so stop me writing and publishing the truths. They failed, thanks to glorious Jesus.

I am under continuous severe repressive 24/7 surveillance, effectively jailed under constructive ‘home detention’ and I think that some spy cameras have been installed inside my home; and I’m also being subjected to ongoing microwave beams attacks. As soon as I exit the front door of my home, the Gang Stalkers immediately swing into action like a pack of rabid dogs, harassing me and trying to sabotage whatever I try to do. They, together with the complicity of some priests and their parishioners, have driven me out of four (4) Catholic Christian churches – contrary to Church Canon Laws – via by making it impossible for me to remain in church. Hell awaits them.

Finally, in addition, allegedly, I also suspect that I could also be an involuntary MK ULTRA victim – mind control experimentation – Australian style modelled on the MK ULTRA of the diabolical C.I.A. – the Central Intelligence Assassins: Satan’s elite satans on earth.

Josephus (cum Jesu Christe) contra omnes diaboli in terra et in inferno.


Joseph Costa
A ‘Targeted Individual’ and
a persecuted Christian residing in Nazi Australia,
persecuted by the Australian Federal Police, the NSW Police,
and by their many civilian operatives because I disseminate the truths,
and because I’m contra devils.

So far as I know, according to my research and knowledge, some law enforcement agencies in the following countries allegedly do STASI style Cruelties, including Gang Stalking and Tortures of Pillory:

Australia, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, and the United States

Incidentally, I’m glad that I was never conscripted to go to Vietnam, and to go there to fight and kill innocent people, and to suffer and die for the US Military-Industrial Complex and for their rich puppet masters who reign and live in splendour and luxury. A famous person once said, that war was a racket. I just can’t remember who the guy was, but he was a much decorated American general who had been involved in many wars of US imperialism. The US has also used Depleted Uranium Munitions. Depleted uranium is not depleted; it’s still radioactive, depending on which isotope of uranium is used. For example, plutonium has a half life of about 250,000 years. And it’s like detonating a ‘dirty nuclear bomb.’

In my opinion, many signs seem to point to the United States splintering in some way, either politically or economically. The so-called US “FED” – where the regulators are owned by the regulated, who in turn are owned by the unregulated from anywhere – is currently under pressure; and Russia has more nuclear weapons than the United States and, according to one source, Russia could easily annihilate the United States in 30 minutes. The United States has NO defence against Russia’s hypersonic nuclear missiles and underwater nuclear drones.

Jesus, Who can never be duped or fooled, says:

“It is I Who give strength to armies. But it is necessary for the armies to be moved for a just reason and not out of cruelty or pride.”

And saint Anthony the Great has allegedly said that:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying:

‘You are mad; you are not like us’.”



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– 47 EU Commissioners;

– Prime Ministers of Australia, Denmark, Italy, and New Zealand;

– the royal households of the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Thailand, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom;

– and others.